Monday, March 23, 2015

HE LOVES ME, Yeah, Yeah... YUCK?

I'm amazed at the staying power of this blog. We've practically neglected it for a couple of years now. We only published 3 posts last year but we still had nearly 3 million hits. Almost a million per post (though of course, it was mostly our voluminous collection of hot pics that got the hits)- anyway, that got me thinking that perhaps I gave up on this blog too easily. No other sport beefcake blog was able to fill in in its niche, it is still the "go-to" site for the genre. I started neglecting it at its height, the time of my neo-heterosexual conversion. I may have now a new world, a new sexuality even, but does that mean I should give up on so many friends along my travels too?

Hmm, I'm still thinking. Surely, there is life beyond the yucky topics?