Wednesday, August 26, 2015


OK, so we publish again. The world is at a flux and it has swung to the extreme end in recent years, it's almost sure it will swing back to restore the right equilibrium. I really found it corny engaging in the trendy sexuality polemics, the arguments felt so contrived. I never really identified to a particular camp, one can be liberal and conservative at the same time. like I was. I felt I was intelligent and well-informed enough to filter the irrelevant voices, I never bought the choices offered by an obviously artificial socio-political script. As I mentioned before we took our sabbatical, revulsion will win in the end. Most gays are revolted to each other sexually and it really felt a waste of time joining a debate about non-sense. I am only pro-human and sexuality is just a part of being a man. One can not construct one's world from a variable which nobody can't even fathom properly despite the phony politics created out of it. I have always been revolted by the thought of having sex with another gay man. In fact, the revulsion was so strong I got cured out of the urge to even do it with any man. I have no sympathy to those who swallow their revulsion.

Being gay is a disease, and I got cured out of it. Period.

So why are we publishing again? Current events signal it's time. The economic bubbles are starting to burst and the expected subsequent worldwide economic depressions will usher in a new world where the socio-political equilibrium will try to restore itself.

It's the proper time to join the debate. It's best we make sure the right pieces will be picked when it's time to do the reconstruction.

Monday, March 23, 2015

HE LOVES ME, Yeah, Yeah... YUCK?

I'm amazed at the staying power of this blog. We've practically neglected it for a couple of years now. We only published 3 posts last year but we still had nearly 3 million hits. Almost a million per post (though of course, it was mostly our voluminous collection of hot pics that got the hits)- anyway, that got me thinking that perhaps I gave up on this blog too easily. No other sport beefcake blog was able to fill in in its niche, it is still the "go-to" site for the genre. I started neglecting it at its height, the time of my neo-heterosexual conversion. I may have now a new world, a new sexuality even, but does that mean I should give up on so many friends along my travels too?

Hmm, I'm still thinking. Surely, there is life beyond the yucky topics?