Monday, December 22, 2014


By Silvio

1. Revoltingness- capacity to elicit revulsion 
2. A-lister Gays- gays who can't stomach sex with other gays
3. Simpletonite Gays (formerly Kevlarite Gays- gays who can eat anything as if they have Kevlar stomachs; formerly B-lister Gays, for their low-class taste in sex )
4. Charlatans- read all the post with "Treating" in their title 
5. Charlatanic- pertaining to Charlatans 
6. Therapeutic Homophobia- sexual conversion modality based on the natural revoltingness of homosexuals.

Yuck, time to write again.


We have many "editors" who proofread what we post here after the fact so you must have noticed we often corrected what we've posted (some glaring grammatical errors, at least). The previous post attracted many suggestions again. But the grammatical errors (mixing singular nouns with plural pronouns) were not really critical so we thought, what the heck, just leave it. The post was about revulsion and the writer was just too revolted with the topic he rushed through the writing, not caring about rereading what he wrote just so he could get past through the revulsion.

 So we thought those grammatical errors were actually symbolic of everything we've been harping on here. We didn't bother changing them. It's just English, already passe. For two years now, I actually think in Russian or Italian anyway. My favorite languages (I actually speak with my British friend in French, believe it or not!)


I often receive "advice" notes that I should write more. Mostly, most are urging me so our point of view won't disappear  in the debate. I actually don't find  it crucial that I have to do so more than necessary. Reality is different from what you read from the media-driven dynamics especially if that media has lost its credibility and is not actually penetrating in the main body politic. The usual tactic is to use groups to subvert the conversation, just like a Nazi group used to create a coup d'etat to execute regime change (the Ukraine coup d'etat comes to mind  where the far right fanatics were used to ambush a legitimate protest movement and topple an elected President). That won't work if the Nazi group, while easily manipulated, is too revolting. It won't last. Same with the gay movement. They thought they were able to subvert and control the conversation but you can't create a trend out of revulsion for long. Look at the declining  number of gay marriages, look at the declining patronage of gay porn after the promotion of gay models, etc.

The truth here is that the gay movement is not really the main aim here, it is just an accidental bonus to an ulterior motive.Political tool, in short. Can gay marriage remove the revulsion by most gays to sex with other gays? Can shouting Homophobia force you not to puke when just imagining kissing a swishing queen? The gay movement is just a vehicle for another control mechanism altogether. Fortunately, that supra-control is on its ropes because of the bankruptcy of the backers and other factors beyond the scope of our post. I just mentioned that in passing to make my point.

Look at all the social earthquakes done in the past. Equality, remember? Well, the poor are back with a vengeance.  The early feminists have wrinkles now so look where their new-found power has taken them. When you go to Thailand, for instance, you notice these old Caucasian men with young Asian women  carrying their half-breed  sons. Then you notice these throngs of solo middle-aged women who would try to catch your eyes in a cafe, and if you accidentally lock, you would mistake it was motherly caring but then you realize she was actually seducing you. But then sex was farthest from your mind, you never once had imagined having sex with an aunt, no matter all the MILF brainwash, so you look away. And she would just nurse her wound by reading her pocketbook. They always do, they read a book. ("I use my head, let's think.. so let's debate"). As if you can debate with your dick to get up. Treating older women "with more sensitivity" (the propaganda line) will not make you horny either.

The trouble with women is that men have to have an erection. Women just lie there and they can fake it. A man can't. So the woman loses her leverage when she reaches a certain age. I treat 35 year old women as aunts. I may kiss their forehead as sign of respect but definitely not for lust ( I actually heard that from my "liberated" uncle, I must have his genes).

The truth is, you can't turn shit into anything else even if you can debate and indeed confirm it's just metabolic products and some bacteria which might not even be pathogenic. It is still shit. One can debate all night one should not discriminate shit but sure as the sun rising in the morning, you will still puke in the end. There goes that "Discrimination" bla bla.

So, just like the poor returning eventually with a vengeance now that the West has maxed out on its credit cards,  most gay men will still puke just imagining they have sex with other gay men.


As I wrote before, it's okay if one comes out so we know who is gay and who is not. We would know immediately who to avoid having sex with so the great trouble of deciphering who is and who isn't is eliminated.

But that doesn't mean I would have come out. It's better to just leave that to the imagination. If you socialize with intelligent people, everybody knows their boundaries anyway. Less simple people need their prejudices as defense mechanism and actually, its better to give them that defense. Publicly blackmailing them to lose that defense is oppressing them, a total injustice. I believe in seeking one's own niche, the world is wider than what a pretentious media makes it appear to be, especially a media which nobody reads anyway (the punk who punched a gay man who tried to fondle him probably never even opened a newspaper, much less browsed a website, in his life). Nor are self-righteous NGO's, who are only mercenary political tools, more credible.  We are preaching to the wrong choir. As I wrote before, being gay is like being ugly or even dumb in school. If somebody can admit he's ugly or dumb, why can't a gay man? If somebody is not admitted in a job just because he's dumb and ugly, why not a gay man? Suicide? How many ugly people committed suicide just because their faces turned off the love of their lives?

It doesn't change the fact I'm revolted by the thought of having sex with other gay men.

To me saying publicly you're gay is same as announcing publicly you are revolting. I actually find those muscular sisters who say they are proud of being gay as the most revolting.

But those are outdated arguments:  we now know, that through Therapeutic Homophobia, you don't have to be revolting. One can actually use  revulsion to get rid of the revolting. Homosexuality is a revolting disease & can be cured.


It should just have been part of the maturation process, one should not be given unnecessary favoritism just so the political process could be co-opted for maximum control by charlatanic forces. There was this hope that the next big savior of the failing system is a supposed Creative industry with the gay people as the main protagonists. Well, a gay bar can't even last because - really now- just how many gay men can actually tolerate for long  being in a room full of other gay men?  Well, that creative industry might just end up as a puke factory where one can join to puke. The final collapse of the system, in short.


Hey, it's near Christmas. I would have wanted to start writing exercises on how to intensify our revulsion as part of our Therapeutic Homophobia program but let's do that next time.

Merry Christmas everybody!