Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TREATMENT OF HOMOSEXUAL DISEASE: Congratulations, My Neoheterosexual Friends!

By Silvio Merkel 

Part 3. Sexual Healing, not by Nuke, but Puke Power  

1. Revoltingness- capacity to elicit revulsion 
2. A-lister Gays- gays who can't stomach sex with other gays
3. Kevlarite Gays- gays who can eat anything as if they have Kevlar stomachs 
4. Charlatans- read all the post with "Treating" in their title 5. Charlatanic- pertaining to Charlatans 
6. Therapeutic Homophobia- sexual conversion modality based on the natural revoltingness of homosexuals. 
7. False Flag- false event presented as true to serve a certain dark agenda  

This is the third in our series on the treatment of Homosexual Disease. We'll start discussing in detail the treatment here (discuss this with your therapist). A detailed therapeutic session- a guide on how to go about it more formally- is described below. An A-lister homosexual, he who can't stomach sex with other homosexuals, can immediately dive in. But we'll also start suggesting measures on how a Kevlarite can start chipping on their hitherto formidable sexual taste. A more extensive discussion on that will be presented in the last post, the culmination of the series, (the ultimate liberating process which we call "Dekevlarization"). I helped design one for a particular actor which, unknown to him, had all along all the ingredients needed to cure his disease and finally be free from revulsion.

According to quacks: Be happy you're gay because "it's modern anyway". Be honest now, is anybody really happy being gay... forever?

Freedom? You are supposed to be happy because you are free to shout you're gay. Gays have been shouting they were gay for millions of years- but voila! they are still gay. Will political and social change really give meaningful improvement on the lives of gay men? Try transferring a piece of shit over a marble surface and you will see it will still be shit. Try changing the marble into diamond and it will still be shit. What if the shit is the one turned into diamond instead? What if you can actually stop being gay? How about freedom from Homosexual Disease?  

How can one even pretend he's free if his choice is just limited to remaining diseased and abnormal forever?

After all the political pretensions have lost their novelty-just like after the election of a Black president revealed Blacks are still mostly poor, and are getting poorer- the gay man will still be gay. After a few women executives broke the gender ceiling, the vast majority of women will still prefer their traditional roles, and gay will still be gay. Some gay celebrities will earn vast sums of money as charlatanic incentive to come out publicly (so be used politically) but gays will still be gay. A-listers will still puke when seduced by a Kevlarite, and I just pray most Kevlarites will regain sanity earlier or they will get old repressing their revulsion.

 To think, a gay man need not have been gay more than necessary after all. Most times, politics fool you you are getting something, and this one is the biggest con. But small mercies are only for simpletons.

Or was everything just a distraction so as not to see the real, bigger muck? It was a shock, then hilarious, seeing nobody believed the mainstream charlatanic press in the recent Syria WMD sitcom. Welcome to the "cool" Smoke & Mirrors set, baby! It was from these propaganda mouthpieces that you read homosexuality was not a disease and was incurable. Good to know we're not the only ones who recognized the pretensions of these quacks. It's sad, deception and ignorance have become the final currency in these times of normalized decline.

 After I turned neoheterosexual, though I had a far more privileged sex life than most, I was surprised I suddenly felt as if I escaped from hell. Frankly, the present deception on gays is one of the false flags which contributed to the current normalized generalized decline. However, we can see a better future.

 There are game-changing implications of the treatment of Homosexual Disease:

1) The conversion of the homosexual RESPONSE ultimately means homosexuality as a disease can be eliminated, BUT there may be residual abnormal PHYSICAL manifestations in neoheterosexuals so additional therapy is needed for the lisps, the swaying hips & all the other "revolting" stuffs (which we should thank, by the way, because they helped stoke our revulsion which greatly facilitated the therapy from the start).

2) The physical deficits can then be categorized as MERE DISABILITY, an entirely different political animal altogether, thus a lisping neoheterosexual can still be "altruistic" targets by mercenary activists so they have somebody to pretend to help and not lose the propaganda money. But they no longer have to wade into sexual waters where their ignorance has caused great damage. A converted queen with residual feminine manifestations can then become a mere cross-dresser, for example. (But time to chase criminally those activists who gave hormones because they did great damage to people who trusted their compassionate ignorance).

There are already many laws targetting disabled persons, they should only be reinforced. Homosexuality should be declared a public health hazard. This will be apparent as we go deeper in our discussion..


This is true compassion, offering something that solves a problem, not merely cosmetic changes to the sorrounding.

Be forewarned this therapeutic modality is based on revulsion. If you're gay, this will be the most important document in your life. We're still discussing the "Induction of Revulsion Responses", the first part of the Therapeutic Homophobia program.

 This program was based on our analysis of my spontaneous sexual conversion (Please refer to the preceding article). My heightened revulsion to the proliferation of gays in the gym & in beefcake references (the initial triggers) set off a chain of events that, though it tortured me then, accidentally created the conducive circumstances that led to my eventual sexual conversion. Spontaneously. In the beginning, I was aware I became highly revolted but I was totally unaware that I actually became like a highly-charged, highly-volatile atom which zoomed headlong into sexuality-changing reactions. I only realized what was happening when I noted one day that I suddenly developed bisexual reactions. That's the time I sought help from my friends to develop this program and I eventually succeeded in pushing the conversion into complete neo-heterosexualization. We found out that you can duplicate the process on others by artificially creating the situations that could trigger the chain of reactions which lead direct to conversion.

To therapists: The therapy should be tailored to what revolts the patient about gays the most. Some can be more revolted by effeminate gays (like my British friend Ewan), but I was mostly revolted by muscular straight-looking gays (connected to my personality: I hate fakes in everything, including charlatans). What we are discussing here, therefore, is just a guide for the therapist. The important thing is the pathway: the sexual revulsion to a gay man (existing in A-listers, induced in Kevlarites) will be relentlessly stoked to be transformed into a generalized sexual revulsion to all men, all the time centering the focus on the specific target for conversion : the loss of one's sexual attraction to all men. In other words, losing one's homosexual reactions. In short, neo-heterosexualixation.

You can see there the best feature of this program: it is very specific on its aims & effects. No unnecessary collateral aggravation as typical in a charlatanic-designed operation. First, we'll give you a response map of where we're headed.

 BASIC RESPONSE MECHANISMS IN "THERAPEUTIC HOMOPHOBIA' FOR A-LISTERS: Needless to say, when we say "gay" here, it means closet. An A-lister won't have sex with an obvious gay man, not even to openly bisexual or manly gays.

1. High revulsion to gays-

Naturally, this is true of an A-lister and a dekevlarized Kevlarite
For lesbians, the same revulsion spectrum is operative. I talked to woman friends who identify as heterosexual (not bisexual, I was convinced they were straight) but experimented in their youth. They now feel revulsion, mild to severe, when memories of what they did come back to them just by looking at a lesbian. But I'll focus on gay men in this series, it's best to tackle the women separately later because it will be mere research. With the men, it was based on my personal history.

2. Present fear of being fooled into having sex with a gay man.

This greatly reinforces the preexisting generalized feeling of revulsion which automatically kicks into a higher gear when you are confronted by a sexual situation with any man: is he, or isn't he? Yuck, what if he is? Yuck! Bleech!

3. Lingering fear of actually having been fooled in the past into having sex with a gay man- 

I was sure I was never fooled but a dark voice was always insisting I was actually fooled & that greatly heightened the psychic discomfort. The suspicion that I might have swallowed some "toxin" would send sudden shudders of disgust every now & then, unbidden. Sometimes, I actually just vomited, unbidden. Yuck, what if...? Yiiihhh!

3. Generalized doubt that the guy who just attracted you might just be gay 

You start triggering avoidance reactions to sexual situations with a men. Yuck, he's gotta be gay, Yuck!

4. Generalized doubt on the sexuality of all men

Even more avoidance reactions to decrease the psychic pain created by the apprehension of being duped. Oh, they all are gay! Yuck! Bleecchh!

5. Generalized revulsion to all men, intially low-grade to straight men but steadily intensify .

You start losing sexual attraction even to straight men. Early in this phase, you start noticing that women are not mere meat anymore. As your revulsion to straight men increases, you feel a nascent bisexuality growing. I had my first sex encounter with a woman, a trio with another man at this phase, but I still haven't fully realized then that I was already converted into a bisexual. But I eventually did shortly after that, leading to my conference with medical doctor friends who helped me with an intervention program. We became the initial guinea pigs. YUCK YUCK! BLEECCCHHHH!

6. Generalized avoidance of everything sexual about men 

You've lost total sexual attraction to all men. You don't have to be assisted with your erection with a woman here. On the fourth month since the start of my intervention program (after I discovered I was already bisexual), I was sure my homosexual life was past history . No need to say "Yuck" here.

7. Neoheterosexual

 Congratulations! You're dating a girl! (Tips: Play with the naughty one, marry the respectable one! Pretend Cool is just hiding a psychological deficit which will surface sooner or later! )

 It's clear that in the final stage, there was no longer revulsion. It was merely the catalyst. By the time you're healed, your avoidance of anything sexual about men will be automatic, precluding you from ever finding yourself in a revolting situation again. The sexual connections to a man degenerated, atrophied & became fibrotic, redirected by an avoidance reflex that sidestepped the homosexual pathways altogether. You can face a man but no sexual attraction whatsoever. Yes, Homosexual Disease can be healed.

That is my problem in writing this article. I have to dig up all the closed pathways & I actually feel revulsion welling up when writing this so I keep postponing completing it. When I reviewed the initial draft of the series, I found that I rushed writing it to get past the revulsion as soon as possible and I missed out many important things. I'll take my time with the rewrite so as not to miss out anything that might have been shielded by avoidance defense mechanisms somewhere.

We'll clarify some things about the previous post:

 a. I was totally homosexual when the process started. By the time I recognized the spontaneous conversion going on, I was surprised to discover I was already bisexual. By the time it ended, assisted by an artificial intervention in a 4-month period, I was fully heterosexual. Looking back, I can now recall that at the point when I realized I was responding to women, I was already not responding to many good-looking men who attracted me before. This might indicate that sexual response could actually be generated from one anatomical locus, that a bisexual response involves two entities representing two responses that were jammed in a locus intended for one, so not all responses were generated because the excess parts didn't have access to the response pathway. Does this mean there's an anatomic component to sexuality? I'm leaving that to first-rate researchers. To the usual third-rate, don't even dare, you've done enough damage.

b.I wrote before that my friend Greg once had sex with what he thought was straight but only to learn the next day that the guy turned out to be a closet sister. He puked for days, he complained just the thought of the dreaded cum on his tounge jolted his stomach crazy, sending him to violent fits of extreme revulsion. I wrote he was admitted to a hospital for dehydration. I was corrected by his doctor. It was not simple dehydration. The vomiting was so severe there was also electrolyte imbalance which precipitated cardiac arrhythmias at some point. It could have been fatal, all because of a revolting cum..


If you study again my sexual history from a previous post, I was first revolted to a gay boy when I was in kindergarten. The revulsion was reinforced by exposure to my gay barber (the hairdresser of my mother ). For years, I had to be in suspended animation while he cut my hair and I just had to spit out my revulsion afterwards. This clearly means, the earlier the induction of revulsion, the better. This can be artificially triggered, & I believe it should be induced as early as possible. A preventive program can be instituted as early as early childhood. The parent, when he suspects his son may be gay, can start working on inducing the revulsion response early on (e.g. by reinforcing negative impressions on a twirling queen, for instance, making it clear that it was a situation that invited revulsion, etc.). The importance of early induction becomes even greater if the boy would turn out to be a Kevlarite: he can dekevlarize the boy early. Help him develop a revolting response to gay men so that by the time he starts developing sexual interest at adolescence, he would be primed-up for the Therapeutic Homophobia program intervention.

Clearly, no need to wait for the passive development of revulsion and just wish it will appear on its own. Pro-activity is better in all aspects of life, even in sexual conversion. I'll tackle preventive measures more widely in a next post.

 Important: You should be wary of the external influences of gay role models to the child. If he was Kevlarite, turn the gay role model into a false flag- the opposite of what he was, make it clear that the model was actually revolting. The danger is greater if the child was A-lister: he may actually internalize that the revulsion he felt when seeing gay men who were supposed to be in love were the norm, and he would grow up believing that feeling revolted is normal (the bad effect of current gay propaganda, & toxic proof of its ignorance). You can see here that current gay politics is actually dangerous. Ignorance, especially if dressed as expert altruism, is the most dangerous.

The lesson here is abnormal can never be normal. And politics has no place meddling to reinforce abnormal situations, nobody wants the freedom to be abnormal when he could be normal. As very obvious now, nature always provides solutions: if you can't find it, you're a fool, don't even dare to call yourself intellectual much less an activist. Better, a mercenary.

3.  INDUCTION: Jumpstarting Sexual Conversion

 1. Greg-Heinrich Maneuver 
 a. Refer to preceding post for definition

b. SWITCHING ON: The point of attack is the gastrointestinal tract from where all the most aggravating symptoms of revulsion emanate. A part of the revolting stimulus (a gay man, which an A-lister won't otherwise touch sexually with a ten-foot pole) is imagined to have reached the mouth of the patient: it could be the cum, the strongest revulsion inducer, at least, among my friends. Just the thought of gay cum reaching their mouth would send great electric shocks of revulsion to A-listers. To the suscepticle, this could be a switch to take the baseline of revulsion up the roof. This is to jumpstart the simulation of the heigthened revulsion which kicked off a chain of reactions that ultimately led to my sexual conversion. The high level of revulsion should then be sustained by the "Induction of Generalized Homophobia" (see next item).

A Kevlarite can still be helped by this maneuver- the switch to the core of the Dekevlarization process which we'll discuss in the last part. A Kevlarite is expected to have already swallowed a lot of gay cum. An Australian (I mentioned his name somewhere but asked me not to anymore) actually solved the puzzle how to dekevlarize a Kevlarite. That swallowed cum is the key: if you're a Kevlarite, you can still taste it, you can still smell it, right? Not associating the smell & the taste to a particular person, imagine it now in your tounge. Go on... taste... smell... Then look at look at a gay man who mostly revolted you (though they can have sex with some gays , Kevlarites are still revolted by certain type of gays, for obvious reasons). Believe deeply that the cum belongs to him... Believe... then taste it again... Hmmm.... smell it again... What do you feel? Heaven? Or did you feel the shudder? The heave?

But we'll leave that there. There's more. Just a teaser, just to show, even Kevlarites can convert sexually. Meaning, all gays can convert their homosexual reactions.

C. Induced Generalized Homophobia- QE (Quantitative Easing) of Revulsion

After the initial revulsion take-off (initial rocket thrust, if you may, because we are in a lofty journey anyway) with the Greg-Heinrich maneuver, one can maintain the background revulsion through the reinforcements provided by scattered revolting stimuli all around. Political correctness is a big no-no here. Bare your most savage revolted reactions here.

1. If it revolts you, feel it to your bones, grimace, curse, feel the acid in your stomach scour your being, feel the bile welling up your throat, feel the shudder slowly creep, feel it yuckily enveloping into its disgusting arms your whole body... Yihhh... Bleeeechhh...

2. Again, this is the background maintainance of the revulsion, it should be sustained in all the phases of the program. It will only stop when you've developed avoidance reactions to all men (see Reaction Map above). In the next step of the program, we'll tackle the Conversion proper, where we'll discuss the thrust ignitions that will send the revulsion level to the roof as needed (The Conversion Proper is where we calibrate the Sexual Conversion Process).

3. Make a list of the aspects of gays, whom you usually encounter in your daily life, that really revolt you. Whenever you encounter that revolting aspect anytime of the day, focus on the revulsion, feel the disgust it elicited take full effect on you.

Some revolting stimuli that you usually encounter:

 a. On the streets, office: twirling buttocks, sashaying hips, muscular queens, shrieking lisps, deep modulation on a cellphone by a muscleman stealthily staring at your face, an old man in hot pants, a muscular closet man with his arms around his girl but looking hungrily at you, etc.

b. In a gay disco- There is concentrated revulsion here. In fact, a disco can even be used as a thruster of revulsion (Conversion proper) because the concentration of revolting stimuli could really be overpowering at certain hours. Anyway, when the background revulsion lags, it's nice to peep into one. Just hearing the background buzz or smelling the air could give you the revolting buzz, then you get out. But if you're only seeking a background homophobia, don't go at midnight when you might see inebriated muscular queens who are twirling one minute then suddenly kissing each other hungrily the next. That's a guaranteed wallop to your stomach. I actually raced with my British friend Ewan to the toilet to puke. I won. That's the only time I entered a gay disco longer than 5 minutes.

Obviously, there are many more. The hazard of being a blogger: I actually felt revolted just writing the disco scene above.

Just to recapitulate the Induction Phase: we jumpstarted the sexual conversion process by blowing the level of revulsion up the roof, then ensured its level won't slack by making sure that the revolting stimuli that a patient would normally encounter in his daily life will play their part. Needless to say, the patient should refrain from their usual homosexual sex life during the therapy.

I guess you must have realized by now we've found the Holy Grail. We'll discuss Conversion Proper next. Yes, dude, you don't have to be abnormal forever.


 We save the comedy for last.  

(Source: Statistics Netherlands)
2,500 in 2001,
1,800 in 2002,
1,200 in 2004,
1,100 in 2005.

*It tapered off immediately after the third year.
*Just 20 percent of open Dutch homosexual couples are "married", while 80% of the other open gay couples didn't bother. Note: those are only the "open", It doesn't include the closet. I know more closet Dutch than open. It should also be clear that not all couples are sexual: The late Gore Vidal had a so-called lover but he declared publicly they never had sex, and there are many who form couples for non-sexual  companionship.
* 80 percent of heterosexual couples are married
* GOOD NEWS:The charlatans are wrong, gays won't evolve to learn to swallow their revulsion. They regain their sanity instead, as confirmed by the tapering off of the number .

Last week I showed the statistics from the Netherlands that there is actually a tapering off of the number of gay disease marriage there, contrary to the gay propaganda that the young will be "engineered" to act accordingly by propaganda (Do you remember the gay propaganda that the young will follow the revolting software that these ignorant intellectuals will upload to their brains, as if the world is an antiseptic laboratory petri dish where their destructive ignorance will prevail over more sane reality all around?) As expected, they were wrong. The young in 2001 in the Netherlands are now past marrying age- why is there still no rush, it's tapering instead? What's more hilarious is that the hilarity is true in all the ignorant places that adopted the gay disease marriage pseudo-clamor- they have poor demand everywhere in disproportion to the supposed noise which is only present in the charlatanic media anyway (I'll present more complete stats per country next post for more detailed discussion). The most hilarious is France, where after all the political storms & other brouhaha, there were still few takers after all. After we divulged the actual poor demand for this pretend political clamor (a certified false flag) in the last article, the French propaganda machine immediately went into pretense gear: my French friend Yves sent me a LOL message where he brought my attention to the spin by a charlatanic mouthpiece pretending as an intellectual paper (somebody should tell this one it regularly dishes shallow analysis, just reflecting how low the current French intelligentia has become, confirming their decline). The latter spinned the low count as due to gays just being "discrete". Lol! Why, are they also discrete outside France because there are still few takers everywhere... even after a decade?

 Its no surprise, France is in decline. Like the rest of the charlatanic-contaminated bunch. Admit it, the decline is a reflection of intellectual ignorance and deception, both to themselves & to the public. It would have been hilarious were it not so sad.