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Part 2. Sexual Healing, not by Nuke but... PUKE POWER!

By Silvio Merkel

As we mentioned before, all our posts were written under supervision of medical doctors who happened to have been sexually converted themselves. As for using "Silvio" as monicker when the real Silvio has been indicted, I don't consider phony political correctness as filter for my personal idols, that's so outdated. I live in a real world, not in a wannabe utopia.

We will begin a step by step discussion of the management of Homosexual Disease in this post, the second in a series of 5. We will review the scientific literature as we go along and you will be surprised of the "information desert" behind supposedly  hot political issues. If you remember, there was a time when Aids & Cancer were considered incurable. This is the first attempt to document the treatment of Homosexual Disease. Yes, Virginia, it is curable.

This blog has many email ads beside the public one and we didn't have time to reply to all. However, I incorporated the critical points in our discussion.

ATTENTION: Be forewarned we will tackle extreme revulsion as a therapeutic measure.

1. Revoltingness- capacity to elicit revulsion
2. A-lister Gays- gays who can't stomach sex with other gays
3. Kevlarite Gays- gays who can eat anything as if they have Kevlar stomachs
4. Charlatans- read all the post with "Treating" in their title
5. Charlatanic- pertaining to Charlatans
6. Therapeutic Homophobia- sexual conversion modality based on the natural revoltingness of homosexuals.

Most fair-minded gays realize the main problem of homosexuals is their very high capacity to elicit revulsion. Be it a sashay of the hip, a muscle T-shirt, a well-modulated baritone voice or, obviously, a lisp. But we now know,  the natural revoltingness of gays turned out to be their magic weapon which will eventually save them from their disease. It healed me personally. That's the basic principle behind our sexual conversion modality which we now call "Therapeutic Homophobia". Homophobia is a natural reaction to a revolting stimulus and most gays actually feel it themselves.  Lost amidst all the propaganda to push what some activists call as 'gay rights agenda' was the fact that most gays themselves are actually  revolted sexually to other gays. Just a few years back, there's not much debate when one commented negatively why a blatant gay model was unceremoniously mixed in with his all-male porn. The reason was obvious- it's not hard to understand why one should be revolted by a writhing naked gay man in one's own porn collection (I deleted them right away)- but politics suddenly entered the picture and muddled the equation. Can politics turn a revolting factor into a sexy factor? Can politics make the ugly beautiful? Definitely not, so the fact remains, underneath the artificial facade of political correctness, most gays are still revolted sexually to other gays. Like I have always been, like all my A-lister friends still are.

Yes, the revulsion remains, and it will remain because evolution is progressive, not regressive- contrary to the charlatanic delusion that future gays will learn to swallow their revulsion (the proof below). Gag reflex atrophy is regressive, and nature won't allow Gag Reflex to atrophy because the species needs it to guard itself from other revolting stimuli. It just so happened Homophobia was one of the most toxic. But fortunately, there lies salvation- the strong toxicity itself is the cure of Homosexual Disease.

The fact that gays can be converted sexually after all has far-reaching implications. For one, it exposes the dishonest charlatanic machinations that use gullible and mercenary Kevlarite gays for its dark political ends, irregardless of what is good for the gay majority. The fact is, the clamor behind all these political battles on gay disease marriage is a small, puny minority of a minority, which in more intelligent times, should not be worth the social costs and intellectual debasement spent to needlessly kowtow to their pretension. One of the vilest costs is the open insulting of A-lister gays just because the latter are too revolted to invent  interest for all those disease marriage dramas.

Gay Disease Marriage has been on for a decade in the Netherlands  but only 20% of the open Dutch homosexual couples are married. And that is only the open ones, the actual number is far less because the Netherlands, like in all places, has a closet population. As you can see from the table below, after the initial small peak of "marriages", (probably because of the novelty that usually attracts the clueless), it immediately tapered off into a trickle.  For the whole decade, there were only 14,000 gay disease marriage compared to nearly 800,000 heterosexual marriages! 2% of the total! Didn't the gay propaganda say 10% of the population were gay?

(Source: Statistics Netherlands)
2,500 in 2001,
1,800 in 2002,
1,200 in 2004,
1,100 in 2005.

*It tapered off immediately after the third year.
*Just 20 percent of open Dutch homosexual couples are "married", while 80% of the other open gay couples didn't bother. Note: those are only the "open", It doesn't include the closet. I know more closet Dutch than open. It should also be clear that not all couples are sexual: The late Gore Vidal had a so-called lover but he declared publicly they never had sex, and there are many who form couples for non-sexual  companionship.
* 80 percent of heterosexual couples are married
* GOOD NEWS:The charlatans are wrong, gays won't evolve to learn to swallow their revulsion. They regain their sanity instead, as confirmed by the tapering off of the number .

So the big question: If there is a poor demand for gay disease marriage, where are all the political brouhaha coming from?

You guess it, the charlatans. This is not a demand from the majority of gays, it's a contrived demand from the charlatanic media and groups to advance their agenda. They rely on their adage  "they can" (We'll see below why they can). Well, fortunately, events are aligning they won't for long.

The cheapening of a great societal institution like marriage (and I mean heterosexual marriage) is stupid if we only have to kowtow to the caprices of these few mercenaries. I have always ignored this charade because I know homosexuality is a disease and it's bound to be cured like AIDS or Cancer. It was indeed cured. We don't even have to talk about my resentment on the harassment done to drag down my delicate taste.. My greatest reason for reacting was actually compassion, pity. For the life of me, looking at the pictures, it pained me to see how they could even "marry" each other. Seriously, I really cringe thinking how they could even stomach kissing each other! I know, people adapt to the most debasing conditions, like living in stinky slums and they learn to fool themselves they are happy. But we pity them and we intervene to elevate their economic condition. But how about those living in "emotional slums"- those simpletons who concoct icky "marriages" that even make most gays puke. How can you let people live in a way that makes you puke? Yeah, I have a conscience, I can't stand seeing people living repressing their revulsion.

But I don't have to start an NGO to help them, that would be too mercenary. I give them "Therapeutic Homophobia".


It came out almost silly reviewing the scientific literature on sexuality. Coming from a background of intense sexual gratification (more than 600 men, 200 women  and two sexual orientations, exclusive each time, within a 12-year span), I can very well see a lot of it were merely born out of a theoreticians's mind  with, suspiciously, not much actual practical sexual experience to back up its "erudity".  Sexuality is an intellectual marshland- admitted or not, a scientific investigator is not really that much of an authority figure that he could appear out of the blue just like that and suddenly be able to coax you to pour out your innermost sexual secrets to him. You could be selective with your replies, and chances are, judging from the studies, he won't be the wiser.

Curiously, there was almost a total dominance of the straight male worship in the long history of gay pornography but there is a sore lack of credible investigation why that was so (you tend to get more the shallow opinions from pompous characters who rely on their narrow clique-based "reputations" for some measure of credibility). More baffling, the presence of gays who couldn't stomach sex with other gays, doesn't appear prominent in the literature when this group was one of the major historical forces that could explain the abovementioned "curiosity". Denied like the Holocaust? Or prohibited just like the discussion of Holocaust in supposed free European societies? Or just part of the self-delusion because it was much easier to  swallow simplistic "intellectualism" like Patriarchy, etc. than accepting what was disgusting to one's eyes in the mirror?

(In a way, it is really hard to penetrate the bigger part of the homosexual world because it is mostly secret. These third-rate investigators must have realized that they were only working on visible, or coaxable, variables, but unfortunately, they still extracted conclusions from their meager sample, which were then stupidly swallowed by ignorant activists, resulting in contretemps like when this blog resisted the machinations of a few clowns. Feeling empowered by being suckers to  charlatanic schemes, they had the nerve to  politically harass the more delicate to align  to their revolting taste. If they had developed more research on revulsion, they would have known they won't suceed).

There was no clearcut association of vomiting with sex in the literature but there were some reports of complaints of nausea after sex or  nausea born out of an inhibited sex. We thought the scanty data may infer that somehow the circuits of vomiting and sexual desire could overlap. Could the basic mechanism of revulsion to a certain kind of sex be found in those circuits? The meager scientific data means the presence of revulsion doesn't figure in political calculations (that is, assuming independent scientific data, not the charlatanically massaged ones, even figure in political calculations in these times of decline).

The role of revulsion in sex is virgin territory in the scientific literature. Believe it or not.

Revulsion was seen by Charles Darwin as an effort by the species to "immunize" itself from unwanted stimuli. I go further than that: revulsion can be used by the species to heal its diseased sexuality.

I have to admit I actually allowed myself  to be a sucker  at one point, in the spirit of then solidarity, and tried for a time if I could feel something sexual on other gays following the charlatanic script. The effect was reverse: within a week, revulsion got so intense instead that I actually avoided eating in restaurants with obvious gay waiters, a habit which remained up to this day. I avoid gays in anything related to sex or food (actually, in anything which needs intense stimulation of the senses, like music because I can't tolerate gay singers either, but the effect is most acute on food and sex because the two normally stimulate me the most). The food association is more common than you think. Just recently, I attended a small get together of mostly former A-lister friends. One girl brought a gay friend who instantly dominated the conversation talking about sex with his boyfriend (a muscular fairy like him). He was so engrossed he probably didn't notice nobody among those in front of him was eating. I was actually fighting not to throw up. Until the host stood up, apparently to get a big bowl of sauce but he stumbled, splashing the sauce on the fairy. The fairy offered to wash up but the host screamed that he leave quick because the carpet would be messed up. There was no carpet. Then we all finally could eat, silently, but all understood what happened.

The host later told me he did it because he didn't want to embarrass the fairy. He was just about to throw up and that would have been more humiliating.


On a previous post, I wrote that gay prominence has been a consistent indicator for every civilization change in recent history.

Biblical Times-  Gay Prominence- Downfall ( Sodom & Gommorrha)
Ancient Greece-  Gay Prominence- Downfall (Chaeronia)
Roman Times-     Gay Prominence- Downfall
Westerm Civilization- Gay Galore  - Downfall?

I wonder if the persistent signs interpreted by some authors as  "Western decline" are the equivalent of a nascent modern Sodom & Gommorrha.

World's Top Economies 2013

Rank Country Purchasing Power Parity   External Debts
1 United States $15.6 trillion                      $ 16,737,246,099,998
2 China $12.4 trillion                      $      710,700,000,000
3 India $4.8 trillion                        $      390,000,000,000
4 Japan $4.5 trillion                        $   2,719,000,000,000
5 Russia $3.4 trillion                        $      455,200,000,000
6 Germany $3.3 trillion                        $   5,624,000,000,000
7 Brazil $2.4 trillion                        $      405,300,000,000
8 France $2.4 trillion                        $   5,633,000,000,000
9 United Kingdom $2.3 trillion                        $   9,836,000,000,000  
10 Mexico $2.0 trillion                        $     217,700,000,000

Source of PPP data: World Bank
Source of Exterbnal Debt: As compiled by from data of IMF & World Bank

Above is a snapshot of decline.  Reflection of the headlong generalized degradation while the noise for charlatanic modernization was curiously at its height. If they were so successful on their modernization pretension, why were all the indicators pointing south? The political and intellectual decoupling from economic or the poor economic just reflecting the degenerative political and ignorant intellectual? Modernize to decline, the new modern?

 From the destruction arises the Phoenix. More like a duck arising instead. Quack, quack! If it's quack-quack, it means the charlatans were at it again.

If you noticed,  there's a common feature among the countries where the charlatans are most active. Very high external debts. That means these countries are vulnerable to financial manipulations and ultimately control from outside. And it need not be governments. The implication: the more likely the chance that a gay disease marriage is passed in a major country, the weaker the financial footing of that country. Practically a hostage, all for a dark private agenda. Imagine the collateral cost: millions suffering.

The only way out of the decline above is the trick of smoke and mirrors. Create bubbles floating in the air. The trendy European socialistic strangling of the rich discourages them to be creative where their wealth can be held hostage. So they turn destructive and just rely on the financial market where they fall into the thumbs of the charlatans. That's how utopic Europe has become a hostage (lesser for financial heavyweight like Germany). Are they safe? No, because they were only recruited into a bubble. America doesn't have to rely on bubbles, it became rich without them, and no need to be hostage to any quack.

Social democrat haven? Look at Sweden: after progressive legislations to "release the potential" of its people, not only is it losing  Volvo, Saab, etc. but it has become a non-Socialist poodle to run after Assange, etc. Might as well be, comeuppance like they say.

Btw, all those countries are all Christians. Dark agenda, remember?

So what now,  fall of the utopian? There is no counterpart of Utopianism in Asian culture, even in the original Christian religion which is actually Asian to begin with. Can Confucianism eventually take root in Europe? If Christianity, whose morality is same as Confucianism, did it, can another Eastern philosophy do it? The good thing is "utopia" isn't found on the Asian political consciousness. The "charlatanic" (or "utopic" if you may) will lose oxygen in a Confucian landscape. Confucianist "Harmony" or Charlatanic "Equality"?

In Asia, Utopia is a Western conceit. On its pivot to Asia, America is better off seeking Shangrila. There will be less ducks there. They will try but my Singaporean friend said there will be crocodiles at the gate.


How much disgust can we take? Be warned this will be uncomfortable to some. I will discuss the use of revulsion as a treatment modality, and grade the revoltingness accordingly. I will grade this post Grade I, just mild. Next post is Grade 2, and so on, until we reach the Super YUCK! level. The latter is for Dekevlarization, the conversion of a Kevlarite to an A-lister.

Take a deep breath. I assure you, you will thank Homophobia in the end. For therapists who may be curious of the method, I will make this free-flowing. I divided the presentation into three parts: 1) Induction of the Revulsion Response, 2) Conversion Proper, 3) Dekevlarization.

To fully understand our discussion, I suggest you read all the articles with title "Treating Homosexuality" & this series, "Treating Homosexual Disease". The former are mostly disorganized musings but some contain background info on what I'll write here so I will just be very concise. I don't release arguments at the same time because we are fought with counterpropaganda at each turn, & we do this only part-time. Still, we are sure, truth will always eventually prevail.

You'll be surprised Therapeutic Homophobia is more straightforward than the typical management of Psychotic diseases where the therapist has to calibrate different modalities to achieve results and that could take years. Well, you couldn't make political hay out of insane people because they can't be turned into "intellectual" pawns for certain political agenda. (At least, with that, the charlatans have shown they have some glimmer of sense of humor).

In fighting Homosexual Disease, you only need to calibrate your revulsion.

I discovered Therapeutic Homophobia accidentally. About four years ago, we started noting that more and more, gay models were mixed in into the usual beefcake as part of the gay agenda and that turned us off. On one rainy vacation when we were marooned into boredom, we discovered we couldn't even look at the usual beefcake anymore because we weren't sure if they were sisters or not (at this point, I have actually  started thinking all muscular men were sisters unless proven otherwise because of the many muscular gays chasing me in the gym, which so turned me off I built my own home gym). So we developed this blog, originally just to tide over the boredom. But it clicked so we expanded it. It became my sole beefcake reference for a while. But later on, I became conscious that the nascent revulsion to the creeping gay presence just about anywhere won't go away. The then low-grade generalized revulsion started to color my perception of men. After a year, I was sure my revulsion & delight with men have more or less equalized. Then revulsion quickly took over. More and more, the revulsion I initially felt only for gays became high-grade generalized revulsion to all men. When I fully understood what was happening, it suddenly occurred  to me, a spontaneous sexual conversion was actually happening. My only intervention was to make it reach completion.

I opened up to friends, mostly A-lister closet medical doctors and we improvised our program. Initially for our own use, the initial guinea pigs. It only took four more months after my intervention, then I concluded I was free. All are now functioning neoheterosexuals, most with heterosexual families.

The primary question now is how do you develop heterosexual desire? You don't, it just appears along the process. The homosexual desire is a barnacle covering it, and you just remove the barnacle, heterosexual desire will be there. You only need to resuscitate it. The barnacle has no chance with the extreme revulsion ranged against it.

As obvious from above, there really is Spontaneous Sexual Conversion. But I was worried then I might get stuck up to bisexuality only, why not go all the way? It turned out, I could. I did it.


A. THE MAIN REQUIREMENT: High Baseline Revulsion Level

For an A-lister, Homophobia is already very powerful so he already meets the baseline revulsion level to start the therapy.  For a Kevlarite, he has to learn big-size revulsion.

To an A-lister, a gay man is  a sexual non-entity. So an A-lister is only homosexual in the sense that he is only attracted to a presumed or actual straight man. If the presumption is proven wrong, the reaction would be extreme revulsion. You immediately sense here the inadequacy of current homosexual literature. It's primary error was in assuming that the logical parameters for an abnormal sexuality is the same for the normal heterosexual one. That if you are not heterosexual, and you are attracted to the same sex, you should be homosexual and it's only logical that you should hit it up with another homosexual (the basis for all the harassment of A-listers by Kevlarites for their gay disease marriage delusion). But that erroneous presumption on abnormal sexuality is only the first error, there's a series of errors actually, as we'll see in the discussions in this series.

Nature was so designed to perpetuate the species that outside the optimal male-female intercourse, logical rules were discarded. We can see here the problems posed by the presumption that all those who are attracted to the same sex have to act in a prescribed politically correct way. Again, that's the basis for the political harassment of A-lister homosexuals who stuck to what they really felt. So it's clear here that the arguments used to promote marriage based on a diseased sexuality is not concerned with the actual reality of gays, but were only mindful that some gays, obviously Kevlarites, can be used for their political designs.


1. Greg-Heinrich Maneuver-

This is one of the most effective inducers. I wrote before that my friend Greg once had sex with what he thought was straight but he learned the day after that the guy turned out to be a closet sister. Greg loves swallowing so imagine his extreme revulsion when he learned he inadvertently swallowed the hideous cum. He kept puking for days, complaining just  the thought of the icky cum on his tounge sent his gut frantically reverting itself out. He was eventually admitted to a hospital for dehydration.

This incident happened even before this blog opened so I've forgotten it already until an avid German reader reacted on my first post on my new sexual conversion nearly two years ago. He said he could kill his sexual desire to a man just by thinking about the cum of a fairy "sashaying a la can-can singing in a lispy voice" while it glides down his throat. That brought him so strong a revulsion which killed instantly his homosexual desire. To him, the cum of everyman is a fairy's cum, and the revulsion generated alone could stop his arousal immediately (Arousal is the first stage of sexual reaction as I'll explain in the next chapter). Heinrich's was initially just capricious but he became systematic later on in his method until he pronounced he wasn't interested on same-sex sex anymore.

Greg and Heinrich showed the power of a swallowed gay cum to an A-lister. It is a part of the revolting stimulus that you let enter your system. The revulsion generated is so intense it shortcircuits the system.

From my experience with friends, this is consistently one of the strongest inducers- the thought of a gay cum managing to reach their tounge.

2. Induced Generalized Homophobia

Remove political correctness for a while and be conscious of all the revolting aspects of gay men around you. The twirling buttocks. The laugh. The lisp. The big muscles with sashaying hips. Feel, focus alone on the disgust. For an A-lister, the revulsion generated is intensified.

One of the curious aspects of this modality is that the mere intensification of the revulsion actually leads to the same direction- there comes a point it doesn't distinguish the sexual orientation of the subject anymore. A man is simply revolting, the thought of his cum sending revulsion instead of the usual sexual attraction. How? I am only saying the result for now. The fact that it converted some only means the circuits of sexual attraction are not as sacrosanct as presumed. They are manipulable.

More detailed procedures on the induction of Revulsion next on Part 3

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Part 1:  Sexual Healing, not by Nuke but... PUKE Power!
by Silvio Merkel

1. Revoltingnes- capacity to elicit revulsion
2. A-lister gays- homosexuals who can't stomach sex with other gay men
3. Kevlarite gays- homosexuals with Kevlar-like stomachs- eat everything, puke nothing

4. Charlatans- please read the preceding 4 articles
5. Charlatanic- pertaining to the Chartlatans

Finally, we'll discuss the treatment proper of Homosexual Disease. It is based on the manipulation of the  revulsion commonly elicited by homosexuals & homosexuality on most people. Even among  majority of homosexuals themselves, most effectively among those gays who can't stomach sex with other gays (the so-called A-listers). As it turned out, nature always loves irony: the revolting power of gays is not a curse, it is actually a blessing. Properly harnessed, it could heal them.

We don't presume that we discovered sexual conversion and ours is the only modality. There have been many incidents where other people claimed conversion- be it religious, medical, etc. Suffice to say, it only proves there is indeed sexual conversion, and there are many ways to achieve it. The sad thing is these conquerors are turned into villains by the charlatanic section of the media, when instead, they should be applauded for their success seemingly against all odds. We licked the most vile enemy, one so mighty that a charlatan, despite his delusions of being "intellectual", can't summon enough common sense to imagine its demise. One thing was always clear, there has never been any definitive confirmation that the enemy couldn't be defeated. The failure of the outed ones, which dark charlatan forces are manipulating to suit their devious political agenda, doesn't invalidate the success of the victors. Unfortunately, Homosexual Disease is an embarrassing disease so success is something you won't see the victors bragging about. They will just be too happy to live silently their normal heterosexual lives.

Homosexual Disease still has many victims. We should help them heal instead of patronizing them with political pretensions which don't offer real salvation but just allow charlatans, in their effort to convince themselves they are above their pretensions, to play with everybody else, leading to cultural degradation and even generalized  decline. The delusion proposed by charlatans is that through evolution, even the most revolting will eventually become acceptable. They should pray for a mutation because even reality turns finicky when faced with revulsion. Look around because we don't have to guess: Gay disease marriage has been on for a decade but you can't see the few suckers evolving exponentially in their numbers relative to the total gay population in those ignorant countries that adopted it. Neither are the gays in those declining areas  more respected now than gays in more compassionate religious countries like Brazil or the Philippines (both countries are staunchly Catholic, btw, but in real everyday lives, they are First World in gay acceptance compared to the supposed secular West which is virtually still the Third World whose noisy "progress" lives mainly in the recitation of revulsion-defying political mantras). After a decade of gay disease marriage in the Netherlands, they had a campaign to urge gay soccer players to come out because nobody was coming out, but still -not a surprise- nobody bothered.  Why should they? It doesn't mean just because one is gay, he is automatically a fool, or that he has lost his gag reflex  In fact, despite all the noise, I can still see most of those I know to be comfortable in the closet. One incredible thing happened though: those on the know are now neoheterosexuals.

In this era of second-rate parliaments and courts,  one should trust one's own common sense in navigating going forward. How much really is the say of gays in this morass of pretentious politics? You know this one came from the same suspects because of the familiar script of the charlatanic contrived sectoral wars, which is also the one used to degrade  -voila- the  feminist struggle. Is it really mainly a problem of Homosexuals vs. Heterosexuals to bolster the simplistic "anti-Patriarchial" politics used to hoodwink second-rate intellectuals to become pawns for simplistic culture wars? I was silently celebrating straight guys in this blog when suddenly, here came these ghosts telling me the correct way to desire. To think these were the types who sexually disgusted me all along & they had the gall to politically harrass me to swallow my revulsion and consider them sexual objects. You know, one should just be honest. No, the problems of gays are not due to high-fallutin' Patriarchy, Religion, Heteronormativity and other self-deluding  mumbo-jumbo but plain revoltingness which one's senses can easily validate. Muscle mountains hungrily  looking at your organ in the urinal? An old man in leather hot pants seductively staring at you hoping you have a steel stomach? The knack of charlatans to mumble "Equality" mantras doesn't change what is rumbling in your gut. In the end, the final victims will be gays who will be forced to swallow their vomit all on the pretense that it is progressive to swallow one's vomit.

The politics of the charlatans are outdated. My resistance is not a push-back to their modernization pretension, but a jump over and above their outdated delusion. In a dawning era of more frenetic competing modernities (we'll borrow that term from British author Martin Jacques), the charlatanic  is a throwback to the heydey of the now declining pretensions (which will be quickly ignored like any has-been. Wishing otherwise is, as history perennially confirms, a delusion: the gay Greek delusionals were annihilated at Cheronea, lest we forget.). As we keep on repeating, nature loves ironies: when the Euroland became the richest part of the planet, that's the time they tottered instead. The charlatans will finally swallow their tounges, at their noisiest. It just means, modernity is not one-way, there are better superhighways. And you'll find that the modernity that preserves revulsion is the least preferable one. The latter is the option presented by the charlatans: gays should live with their revulsion. Gay disease marriage will ensure they do. Gag Reflex atrophy, charlatanic modernization for you.

I consider the charlatans the new terrorists. They've fostered a culture of smoke and mirrors, where you suddenly find you have been duped by their experts one day, then swallowing your vomit the next. Not only in economics, mind you. Well, at a time when experts are dime a dozen, it's not safe to be a victim. The charlatans are always on the lookout for supposed victims as props for the political dramas where they can advance their dark agenda. Everybody is actually a victim. The nice old lady who politely keeps a straight face while  nicely talking to a Muscle Mary  doesn't want to humiliate him but in her efforts to keep a jolly face, she might have lost already her appetite for lunch. The gays are, of course, victims of fate, but all those who deal with them are effectively victims themselves because they could well be fighting their own stomachs. Who victimized who?

Everybody is a victim of the charlatans who just have to sneak in their "Equality" mantra at all cost or they will be forced to face the fact that they are as simplistic as their contrived slogans. Revolted is equal to revolting?  How? By forcing the revolted to swallow his vomit and let the revolting freely spread his revoltingness?


Ultimately this blog is about freedom. If anybody has a right to revolt you and is encouraged to be free to flaunt it, then others have a right to be revolted and be free to express it. Nature is a Stimulus-Reaction phenomenon but recent human rights pretensions have actually violated your capacity to react because you are straitjacketed by simplistic political correctness, hypocritical victimization dramas and other hare-brained "intellectualisms". What do you think will happen to the bottled up revulsion? It's not hate that inflicts the most damage because hatred needs immediate resolution, it easily dissipates some of its lethal energy through a knee-jerk recourse like revolutions. Revulsion mostly stays in the background but it can steadily simmer like a volcano for a longer time until it just has to puke and explode and it will be more lethal because of the stronger pent-up pressure. Could it be that revulsion, not hatred, created the most ghastly political catasthrophes like the Holocaust? If people were really hated, they would have been immediately annihilated. The fact that some were allowed to co-exist for a long time all but  bottled up the  sour  stomachs until they just had to finally heave out with a more deadly explosive force?

When you have to puke, you don't have time to control it by reciting political mantras. You just puke.

Meanwhile, we wait for the revulsion to steadily collect force...


I was totally a hedonist before, the earlier editions of this blog are proof. But just because you dealt with the way of the flesh before, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't evolve from there. There's life outside the orgasms, and there's more to life than the charlatanic interpretation of life on this earth. A reader asked when will I finally write about my newfound faith. I found Faith when I was already a neoheterosexual and three women started me on my way. They were all originally secular feminists. I met many of them because if was easier to have sex with them after my conversion. But women, feminist or not, are prone to fatal attraction. I was after the sex but they fell in love. The fact that they eventually tried to use Religion to win me made me curious. But I will tackle that later on after our discourse on the treatment of Homosexual Disease.

Suffice to say again, Religion doesn't have anything to do with Homophobia. Homophobia is normal, it is simply revulsion to  gross stimuli. I discussed this in a previous article, I'll touch it again down below.


Can a heterosexual turn gay? For the last 18 months, we have been silently conducting an experiment. We almost believed it is really only one way because our volunteer subject claimed he was never stimulated by any of the nude videos of the Caucasian models we have arrayed for him for more than a year. Then there was a blip. A few months ago, he noted he was fascinated watching the nude Japanese male  (with noticeable changes in his vital signs like increased heart rate, etc.). His preference for women was Asian. The Japanese male was smooth and more beautiful than handsome. Was his libido tricked by the visuals that the normal stimulus-reaction went haywire? However, that turned out to be isolated, he had no reaction the next time, but still, we determined that we expand the experiment. He has been downloading Japanese GV (gay videos) for the last few months ever since but I am beginning to suspect cold feet (Lol). He claimed he hadn't found the time to fully watch one, just scanned them,  but he proposed to start a new blog instead where he could feature the real personas of the Japanese AV (adult video) stars (incredibly, he was able to trace 40% of the models just using the internet, and many of them are now married and have families). He can speak Japanese, & it is this sudden interest on the Japanese that infected me to join in and learn it. We'll try to continue but others can do it too following the initial lead provided above. Some volunteers somewhere may be willing to take the full risk.

Meanwhile, I checked again if my sexual desires have reverted to its diseased homosexual state. In a certain country, it was still easy to hook up straight athletes, and I did it easily, but this time, I drank with them without asking for sex. I am free.

I will never forget though what my homophobic chic friend Greg once said, "Gays were born to ensure no sexy straight guys will have money problems. There's a continuous supply for a gay man to help (lol,  with Greg, ridiculous are the Gay vs. Straight dramas, the cornerstone of the charlatanic script) The world will be a better place if no sexy straight guy would have money problems, no gay deceiving himself he was better off swallowing his vomit and all gays revelling amidst nights of full-strength, totally undiluted, heterosexual testosterone".

That is, until he is cured.


A. Therapeutic Schema for Sexual Conversion (for both gay men & lesbians):
A. A-lister Homosexuals, without physical or vocal manifestations of their sexual orientation
1. Primary Phase- Revulsion Enchancement for future straights (REFS)
2. Secondary Phase- Heterosexual Desire Resuscitation (HDR)
B. Kevlarites, without physical or vocal manifestations of their sexual orientation
1. Dekevlarization- conversion of a Kevlarite into an A-lister
3. HDR
C. Bisexuals
C1. If he is A-lister
1. If he is mostly heterosexual, then it's only REFS
2. If he is more on the Homosexual side, then HDR is needed as well
C2. If B-lister
1. Dekevlarization
2. 1&2 of C1
C3. If they have physical or vocal manifestations, refer to D
D. Congenitally Outed Gays
1. A& B, depending if they are either A-lister or Kevlarite
2. Physical & Speech therapy
3. Surgery, mostly Plastic


I wrote before the most revolting part of being an A-lister is if you mistakenly had sex with a closet sister. Even now, despite the noisy declarations of those who allegedly "came out", most of the closet sisters remained closet and they would feign they were straight up until they couldn't fake it anymore on the bed. I dreaded the "toilet moments"- that is,'re eyeing what you thought was straight in a party but, whoa, he would suddenly stare back... seductively,... and, there goes the realization... he was a sister... and  you really would want to run and puke into the toilet. But what if you actually mistakenly had sex with one and you suddenly realized he was gay after you've already swallowed his cum?

I was never fooled but my former sister Greg was, and what do you know, he kept puking for days. He said he kept imagining the sashaying cum in his mouth and gut and he would immediately just puke. He was admitted in a hospital for dehydration.

We can call his reaction Homophobia. So what should he do, swallow his puke just so he won't be called homophobic? I say call black "black" and white "white". There are such things called maturity and common sense and the offense and emotional distress suffered by so-called "victims" according to the charlatans are actually suffered by everybody if they don't learn to be mature and be accepting of  what they really are beyond the convenient political mantras. We are all victims before revulsion.

Ironically, homophobia, or revulsion, is actually our friend. It is our treatment.

To an A-lister, Therapeutic Homophobia is simple. Sometimes, you have sex with a supposedly guaranteed straight but you won't repeat anymore with him when you are suddenly nagged by suspicions he may not be "that straight" after all just because he readily consented to be anally penetrated, etc. Or you lose interest to a straight boy just because you learned he had oral sex with a particularly revolting (at least to you) fag and you develop this sense the boy became icky after being "contaminated" by the latter. Those are simple capricious perceptions but they are enough to lose your sexual attraction to a straight boy. If they are so, how much more the really revolting processes?

The really revolting things next.

Keep an open mind. You'll be surprised. Next on Part 2 of a 5-part series on the treatment of Homosexual Disease.