Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PHOENIX RISING: Bravo Manif Pour Tous, Civitas & Printemps francais

by Silvio Merkel 

You know claims of democracy are hypocritical when you see scenes like this of people exercising their rights and being harassed by an intolerant and worse, incompetent government elected to grow up an economy but went into triple-dip recession instead. If it is incompetent to achieve what it was voted for, how can you expect it to be competent in making a pretentious law which was very peripheral in the campaign in the first place?  The approval of a delusional law made by intellectually bogus politicians doesn't stop with the legislature, any citizen with common sense has a right to fight it & have it repealed. That's supposed to be very basic, but apparently, a declining France has sunk so low it has forgotten already what basic decent democracy means.

History doesn't stop just because the intellectual charlatans were able to hoodwink second-rate politicians at a vulnerable point. The oppositors to the law allowing marriage built around Homosexual Disease gathered millions in three separate rallies, the last one last Sunday. That shows you the extent of the emotions involved, & you don't see that large a crowd anywhere in Europe anymore. These are significant signs: as charlatanic France falls into the abyss, we now have a glimmer of the Phoenix that will rise on its place.

.To think, there were kids there...

VERY BAD PEOPLE INDEED: Charlatanic gay delusions are not cost-effective. The pics of the kids above are the costs of delusional politics. Just because a few intellectual charlatans who can't accept their irrelevance have to find fulfillment in bigger things out of their depths- change civilization, lol!  So a handful of Kevlarite gays can enjoy their fetish of swallowing their vomit by pretending they "marry" each other? Gay disease marriage has been on for a decade but only a measly 2% out of the 10% gays in those ignorant countries were stupid enough to swallow their vomit and pretend they "marry". So tell me, was it worth it? What were the stupid noise for when majority of gays don't want to be mere suckers of delusional clowns who try to compensate for their being inadequate by messing around with everybody so they won't get around to accepting that they really don't have it ?

Most gays repel each other, they have normal senses like everybody else, and they themselves can feel the revolting property of other gays. It takes great maturity to accept that and there's no need to resort to delusions. This charade concocted by intellectual charlatans, so that they can recruit the gullible among gays to be pawns in their ridiculous wars, will not give respect nor acceptance to gays, nor will it remove the revulsion. Neither will it prevent suicide. I knew two gay men who committed suicide and it's because they were depressed at the prospect that the only men who could love them were gay themselves, and they chose death instead. They were A-listers, they couldn't even stomach sex with gay men, how much more in "marrying" them? Now we have these "do-gooding" clowns pushing more into depression by politically blackmailing them to swallow their revulsion. Politics is not a physiological event, it can never be a cure for revulsion.

1. Kevlarite Gays- gays who can stomach sex with other gays, as opposed to A-lister gays who, even in their worst nightmares, won't ever find the wherewithal to have sex with other gays
2. Intellectual Charlatans- read the 3 preceding posts)

Here are pictures from an alleged progressive democracy with all the tolerance and civility that go with it. Don't laugh: