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REVOLTICATIONIST' DIARY: Utopia Charlatanica Moderna

I. ESSAY: Charlatanisms
II. SHORT STORY: "Utopia Charlatanica Moderna" by Silvio Merkel

1. B-listers or Kevlarites- homosexuals who have Kevlar stomachs ( eat everything, puke nothing), as opposed to A-Listers, who are homosexuals who can't stomach sex with other homosexuals.
2. Revoltications- science of revulsion; study of revolting things & people, like study of Homosexual Disease & Intellectual Charlatans
3. Intellectual Charlatans- please read the two preceding articles

How can you simply accept somebody or something that revolts you? You don't, and you shouldn't. You'll just vomit. So severely you might even be admitted to a hospital.

Well, that is precisely what you get when deadbeat governments, clueless before "charlatanic" lobbies, start pushing people deeper into their disease and be content babbling a la Forrest Gump... Well, folks, it's modernization! He-he-he!

The two biggest mass actions in French history in 30 years happened this year, spearheaded by the same group which is fighting gay marriage in France. The said mass actions were primarily led by Catholic groups in supposedly secular France, assisted by Muslims and other religious and civic groups. The first one in January attracted one million, the last one in March attracting 1,300,000. You don't get those figures in mass actions in the West anymore, and they spoke volumes. In the 1980's, the then Socialist President of France Francois Mitterrand said that a million Frenchmen on the streets meant the fall of the government. But that happens only when true democracy is working. The Post-Sartre France (Jean-Paul Sartre was the last French intellectual I had the patience to read, all the recent and present ones are not worth the bother) is a shadow of its former grand self. France, under the thumb of charlatan cliques for some time now, has been on a steady decline, from Medieval powerhouse to the next Euro comedy routine. But it's nice to know there are still sane forces left for a probable renaissance in the future. The damage to the French brand might have been irreversibly fatal though. My friend Greg, the original homophobic chic, and the first fairy to claim having been converted into a heterosexual, actually has started his own private crusade: seeing how infected by Kevlarites the "made in France" high-end brands are, he decided that he better ditch them altogether because they suddenly started making him "itchy" (his diplomatese for "nauseous"). The original charlatan pretension was supposed to promote "inclusion" but it's easy to see how all these charlatanisms have led into separate social bubbles that it's doubtful if a more inclusive market was even the goal. You can't promote "inclusion" by politically blackmailing everybody to swallow their revulsion- sooner or later they will vomit all over your market.

Mostly, charlatanism has been heavy in areas already declining into irrelevance (mostly Western European & in other highly-indebted parts where Charlatanism & Debt seemed symbiotic). At a time when the previous laggards of the world were growing, suddenly giving the dim reality a comical overlay: the Europeans can not now even claim they are crucial in the scheme of things because all the still-growing countries merely traded with each other, confirming the growing suspicion that they were no longer inevitable constants in the equation. Well, decline (economic and inevitably, political because the two, as it's becoming clear, are ultimately not separate) was never a pretty model of modernization.

And this is the part where Revoltications as a science gets very interesting. Fortunately, American exceptionalism may have been a saving grace for America until now. Future events may yet give it an unbidden boost: in about two years, the reality of a Homosexual Disease may yet lead to illegalization of public homosexuality itself and woe to those who endorsed a disease on the people. All Constitutions guarantee the protection of public health, would parties that endorsed a disease- fighting even for a special marriage to perpetuate the disease of its diseased minorities- still have the legal standing to be a political party if they were ultimately proven to be endorsing a disease? The hopefuls of the Democratic Party for the next Presidential elections all endorsed gay marriage. Will there even be a Democratic Party in two years time when all these confidential researches will finally have been published and a critical mass of converts will have decimated the ranks of the delusionals? Could a one-party America resetting itself to its rightful place be too far-fetched? What about those European countries who were too quick to legalize disease-specific marriage to their unwitting people? Can they be brought to the International Court of Justice for "incompetence as countries" so they should be absorbed by Germany or Russia because they are a danger to their own people'?

Hmm, Revoltications as a science has arrived indeed.

CHARLATANISM # 1:"If Religion is too concerned about sex, let's give it Pornography. If it fights for human life, let's give it abortion. If it fights for the family, let's give it gay families!"

Curiously, the latest economic crisis, when the 1% stumbled (human as they are), has exposed the ruses of charlatinism. That without the 1% as cover for progress, the charlatans are left in the open and exposed as mere deadweights.


It's heartening to see the clear-eyed are fighting back in France. After a decade of so-called gay marriage, you certainly can't see that Dutch or Canadian Kevlarites are as respected now as the Brazilians who can't marry, and as expected, only a small portion (2%) of the 10% gay population (at least, in their propaganda), have chosen to join the charade and made a fool of themselves. What were all those noise for then, you may ask? Well, the Kevlarites have their uses- all these gay marriage intramurals are seen by keener observers as actually just a fight against the Christian religion, the centuries-old nemesis of the charlatans (My British friend Ewan has this interesting insight that there's a common thread from Galileo to the Argentinian & Canadian financial crisis up to the present one. Guess...). How can the Christian Religion have anything to do with the revulsion on gays when homophobia is still the norm in present and former atheistic communist states? I have been an agnostic in my early life but I was always revolted. Even in non-Christian countries, far-removed from Christian influence, they are also revolted. Curious why in every discussion in America or in Europe about Homosexuality, especially those conducted by a certain type of self-styled intellectuals, a leery finger is always pointed to the Christian religion as if it was the main culprit of everybody's sexual deficits when the same existing revulsion is present in other countries with or without Christian beliefs, even in officially atheist ones. Who cares if they condemn people to their diseases anyway? Gays, of course, are ready fools to be used. Who cares if a few A-lister gays would be openly insulted if they can't stomach having sex with another gay man, much less marry him, they only need a few gullible Kevlarites to use anyway so they can put one up over their anti-religious obsessions. This deliberate heaping of hatred to Christian Religion, despite the collateral damage to innocent people who only want to live their lives their way, is invoked in every turn, and while I was never a religious person throughout my life then, I always knew intellectual dishonesty when I saw one. That hatred, of course, has been the dominant badge of European charlatinism since the Inquisition. But, was the pretension even worth it? Christianity is a coping mechanism for many people from life's many challenges, but what's good fighting it for the most charlatanic reasons? (For freer sex? Lol, read below). Another dupe, of course, is the ultra-feminist movement. And, what do you know, the anti-religious obsession, the constant in the charlatanic struggle and its true objective from rousing all these sectoral wars,  is very prominent here too. You often read certain pseudo-intellectual feminists write that they stopped attending masses because the priest was a pedophile, love pomp & pageantry too much, etc. Very shallow interpretation of faith: if you embrace Religion just for the priest, then you should join a teen idol fan club instead. True to form, these shallow minds are even published in newspapers and applauded by their fellow charlatans as intellectuals.


I love sex- do I need these do-gooders rooting for me from the sidelines, that they all support me, that they will ensure I will allegedly be free to do what I want in bed (as if anybody hasn't actually always been free to do anything in his own bed), etc.? Well, trust the do-gooder to find a social or political reason to compensate for his personal irrelevance. But really, sex is not much good when there are other kibitzers. Then, here's the caveat, sex is more delicious with Religion and the moralists making noise outside the bedroom.

The alternative is the boring utopia of the charlatans. Sex is something so delicious that man will find a way to enjoy it, be it in a totalitarian or religious state (I enjoyed it in both, each adding a different shade of pleasure), and you really don't need political babying to enjoy something which is better done in private anyway. I find it political opportunism that some of these jokers would arrogate to themselves a part where they just degrade a delicious thing in the guise of altruism. I find no advantage in making sex banal as self-styled secular activists of sexual liberation would put it. Everybody should be free to do what they enjoy best- if they want sex, do it, but if somebody wants to be judgmental, so be it. The imorals need the moralists to give them balance because reality eventually gives each his own comeuppance anyway. The danger of charlatan pretension is that in order to create their utopia, they would pretend to fight for victimization dramas in every nook & cranny, but only to create more victims instead in some other nook & cranny, and before they knew it, all they have to show is the lowered sex drive of the population. There are no figures in the West but perhaps we can glean something from some statistics from Japan, which copied some of the latter Western developments like porn, becoming the second biggest pornographic market in the world, and suffered the unintended consequences as a result. There is now a disconnect: the sales may make them appear horny but in reality, 70% of single Japanese men have no girlfriends and 36% of them have no interest in sex (contributory to its falling birth rates, a common feature of all developed countries). Don't say its due to feminism because Japan has the widest gender gap in the developed world, same figures as in many macho lands. The nerves, when constantly bombarded by stimuli, become refractory in no time. Could constant overstimulation render an organism so refractory that it could lose its libido? Highly likely, & that may be called "banalisation" among charlatan circles, but they just made sex less exciting and life less worth living. And, voila, there are actually serious unintended self-defeating consequences which could even endanger the survival itself of a nation because of the consequent shrinking and aging population... contributed in a major part by ignorant activism and an artificially-induced refractory libido! (There is an increasing single population in the US, how much of that is related to pornography?)


Three weeks ago, the future was laid bare: a lady Japanese parliamentarian, Noda Seiko, declared the wisdom of banning abortion as a critical measure to stem the falling population of the third biggest economy in the world. All developed societies are saddled, in varying degrees, by an aging population (besides declining living standards, of course) as a result of meticulous population control measures initiated decades earlier (and now abetted by a warped libido as described above). Charlatan-co-opted ultra-feminist propaganda ardently advocated right from the beginning the need for birth control, including abortion, so women can allegedly enter the workforce. So, at a time when curious legislations were made where an employer was prohibited from asking the pregnancy plans of future female employees even in shrinking markets battered by high youth unemployment (lol, guess in what countries?), you now have a situation where reality forces you to revisit common sense and start ticking off from the same list of ticked delusions. Abortion? Checked? Uncheck!!


What were the noise about gay marriage, free sex & abortion for then? Here is charlatanic modernization for you now: A disease, a lowered sex drive, re-illegalization of abortion ( yup, life affirmation in the end, lol!), aging population & economic decline.

Reality seems to be knocking too early for charlatan dreamers? Curious, so after all the high-fallutin' intellectual pretensions, Religion was right after all in matters of life, marriage and sex?

Now you know why our novel is a comedy.


To be fair, there are uses for the charlatans. Charlatans are handy in creating noises that could be interpreted as promoting democracy. But like in every situation when you use anybody dubious, there are bound to be hitches, and they just might bring down democracy instead. How?


What's the common denominator among these: a writhing naked fag trying to seduce you, a nearly 60- year old singer showing her wrinkled breast before her nauseous audience or a porno actress who tries to kiss you after watching her gangbanged by a football team?

They were supposed to be epitomes of "charlatanic modernisms", but of course, you're right, they are actually all revolting!

And that revulsion could be directed at their sponsor. Now that color revolutions have been checked and armed intervention is ultimately imperative, built-in charlatanic infiltrations are now mostly seen as mercenaries, loonies, or worse, revolting. In a world where the richest per capita countries are undemocratic like Qatar & Singapore and the soon wealthiest is a one-party but very rational state, it won't serve to be seen as mere protector of charlatans, therefore, revulsion.

Revulsion doesn't only heal homosexual disease. More importantly, it heals civilizations.


I extracted this from Chapter 1 of the novel. Another peep into "Charlatanic Modern" worlds.

2020 Los Angeles

The shoes cost too much, almost half her monthly salary. She will just have to borrow from her sister Peggy, she could even not repay her like many times before. Just served her right for marrying that rich dork. How could Peggy be having good sex with that garlic-breath buffon? At least, he's good at earning millions but did he even care women had to have orgasms too? Pity her backward sister, she was easily contented with living in a twenty million-dollar mansion, but at what cost? She remained a slave of her selfish husband just like their mother & all the sad women in her ancestry who never had the courage to fight for their dignity & rights. Well, she was her own master. Always has been. Always will be. She's almost sixty & not once was she under the thumb of any man. Marriage is sexist & no way would she allow herself to be oppressed. She didn't have to wed Alfie's father, she could raise her child herself & she did. It was too bad Alfie rebelled against the poverty but at least, they had their pride intact. But her child inherited his father's lack of pride. He ran away, he's now living in his father's ten million-dollar yatch & won't call her. Poor Alfie, he got his father's fascist genes. She could feel her beloved child will become as sexist as his miserable father. Well, no need to feel guilty, her life was dedicated to serving mankind & damned him if her own son won't appreciate her bigger sacrifices.

Once more, she checked her make-up in the rear-view mirror then she got out as sophisticated as she could from her car. She was wearing her new 3-inch stiletto heels which she was sure was the most expensive on the road that very moment in a hundred-mile radius. She knew she still walked like a model so she imagined herself sashaying in a fashion ramp as she trudged along the dirty gravel paths leading to the rundown bungalow. How could a famous singer live in a dump like that? She guessed this one must be perennially stoned, he probably never noticed rattlesnakes would want to move in with him anytime soon.

Well, it appeared this one needed some lessons. Big-time. She pushed the doorbell daintily, making sure the angle of her elbow to her index finger was just right, convinced that was how a queen would do it.

The singer himself opened the door. She was right, the idiot was clearly stoned.
"Good morning, Mr. Crawford. I'm Tina Ford from the Human Rights Protection Monitor." She didn't bother to hold out her hand, the human trash before her was dumpster personified.
"Can... I... help... you?"
"We sent you a letter about your holding a concert in Burma, a dictatorial country which doesn't respect human rights, we need your public apology." She tried her best to sound very formal (like a queen, she was sure) but the guy's breath really stank, it took all her might not to puke."You know we could complicate matters for you if you continue to offend the sensibilities of civilized people." She decided to lay down her cards right away there, she needed to get away fast.
"Burma? But I did no concert there recently?"
"Don't confuse me, Mr. Crawford," She raised her right eyebrow as high as she could, thinking that was how a billionaire's wife would do it to a particularly hicky underling."You did!"
"September 10, 2012." She smirked sure that was how that British croak Margaret Thatcher did it." You were paid a million dollars to sing in the inauguration of the new dictator."
Suddenly, the singer looked as if the effects of the drugs evaporated away & stared at her sure she was crazy.
"It would be for the interest of everybody if you return the money, or give it to charity," she smugly persisted, pointing her gnarled nose into the air, feeling she was indeed a queen." Just to atone for your cavalier disregard for a civilized society's sensibility."
"You're really crazy, aren't you?"
"No need to be impertinent, Mr. Crawford." Again, the Thatcherite smirk. She's loving it.
"I remember you sent me a letter the minute I returned from Burma in 2012 yet & I told you to spare me your politics. That money was mine. Why return here again now? The Burmese are very big investors in Hollywood these days. Didn't I hear all the human rights organizations have been disbanded already five years ago? So what brought you here? You're nuts. You came straight from the asylum, didn't you?"

The brute was laughing at her face. This one won't ever learn how to respect the sensibility of civilized people. When she's angry, really angry, she would lose control of her hand. She felt it grip the cold knife inside the front pocket of her skirt. But she could understand the principle. Some people needed to be taught the proper way to respect.

The next thing she knew, the knife was already stuck deep in the singer's heart. Justice, she smiled sweetly feeling like an angel.


NOTE: Why is the title "Utopia Charlatanica Moderna"? Well, because Tina is insane, she is in her own utopia. You get the drift.


I'm almost done memorizing Japanese Kanji characters. I can understand Japanese web 70% most of the time already. A Singaporean friend advised me to might as well learn Mandarin because those same characters are used (with slight modification to some). What do you know? You think Mandarin is hard? I was always rebuffed by the tonal sounds but given the right coach, it turned out to be one of the simplest to learn. I barely had two lessons but I am confident, before the year is through, I'll be fluent in Mandarin too. I decided to ditch my original plan of learning the other European languages like Slovak & Polish. In fact, I've dropped plans of mastering the Scandinavian languages altogether. I was disheartened after reading all those "progressive legislations" in their original versions. Charlatanic manga, I would say (Legislated breastfeeding? Released potential? Lol!). Goodbye to all that, thank you!

For the record, out of the 12 languages that I speak fluently, my favorites are Italian, Russian and now I include Nippongo.


YUI- Tokyo 

Yui is the most popular Japanese singer among those who appeared in the 2000's

Regine Velasquez (PHILIPPINES) & Jacky Cheung (HONGKONG/CHINA)- In Love With You

A duet between the two biggest superstars in their respective countries, later covered by Mariah Carey

 Below is an HD version, from a show of the two in Tokyo

Regine Velasquez- My Love Emotion
Jacky Cheung & Regine Velasquez - In Love With You