Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MANIF POUR TOUS: My Respect For France Has Returned

My respect for France has returned. On this page, you will see the biggest mass action in France in 30 years- a million-strong protested against Gay Marriage in Paris last Sunday (Paris time). The French are against backwardness. Well, we already know that there is Sexual Conversion, so Gay Marriage is a step backwards if you can treat gays anyway. The French people have shown they are a modern people, and they won't allow themselves to be pushed into the Dark Ages of eternal disease, phony coolness and revulsion galore.

It may interest you to know, the religious groups, led mainly by the Catholic Church, supported by Muslims, etc., spearheaded this movement. So we thought Religion has become an insignificant force in lay France? Hmm, I've been a hedonist throughout my whole life, but I'm really thinking a more spiritual life is really cool. I've healed my sexuality, time to take care of my spirituality... Life is good!