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Treating Homosexuality: COME ON, BABY, GET DOWN & LET'S DO THE REVULSION ... Yeah, THERAPEUTIC REVULSION ! (Not a Dance Craze, we're supposed to treat gays: SEXUAL CONVERSION 101-E)

Peyton Manning & his hot wife
by Dick & Poli

This post was written under the  supervision of Medical Doctors. They were among the first sexual converts.
You will notice I no longer bother with contemporary gay politics, it's outdated  (though it's blissfully unaware yet)

1. A-lister homosexual man- a gay man who can't stomach sex with another gay man
2. B-lister or "Kevlarite"- gay man with a Kevlar stomach  (We'll use "Kevlarite" from now on to avoid the low class connotations of the term "B-lister").

We'll start tackling the main puzzle in everybody's mind: in the sexual conversion of a gay man, when does heterosexual desire come in?  For the pure homosexuals, it is not as impossible as you think. As Science has proved time and again, nature loves puzzles but it provides a trapdoor. Locating it is just a matter of time, even luck, as in our case, when I accidentally discovered how to convert my sexuality (please read it in the preceding post of the series). For bisexuals, heterosexual desire would come out as a purer force after the first phase of the therapy, which basically involves turning off the homosexual impulses (only pure homosexuals need the second phase). Most bisexuals who are now mainly heterosexual actually just do simple willpower to not act on their homosexual impulses, but that's not conversion, they're still in fact mostly bisexuals. Curiously, most of the so- called vocal "intellectuals" nowadays are actually mere closet versions of the latter, they mostly want to sneakily pass themselves off as normal as well, as we'll explain later below (what I call "polluted expertise" which became the toxic basis of today's pretentious politics). Sexual conversion should have been a simple process: unfortunately, political delusions got in the way.  Present gay politics, compromised as it is by other militant pretensions, actually wants gays to remain gay because gays (obviously Kevlarites) have a crucial role to play in its outdated political scripts. (We'll tackle throughout the series the role of gays in the sexist and patriarchal ideologies which militants use to underpin their equality-cum-modernization pretensions). My British friend said the situation actually has a Keystone cop flavor to it, so I told him, no wonder, a fart could be a gem of wisdom in times of decline. It’s a matter of faith, he replied. Then he added sottovoce: The sacred road to Equaland, ask Forrest Gump.

We have an upbeat title because we are happy. How can we not be happy when we are not gay anymore? Really, is anybody actually happy, much less proud, being gay? To my muscular "sisters" with 6-packs still languishing with the revolting disease, don't despair. Welcome to the future. No need to be revolting anymore, being gay is so yesterday.

I wrote in the preceding post that it was actually easy converting from gay to straight. That's the first surprise. Here's the second one: it is actually fast. It took me only four months, & that was when the method was at it's crudest because I was the first one. The longest among my friends was my neighbor Greg who actually started as a Kevlarite but later decided to become A-lister because he never found among gays the ecstasy he was seeking. It took him more than a year, about 16 months.

The third surprise is that the result is not dependent on the "manly" appearance of the subject, it mainly depends on the level of his revulsion to homosexuals particularly. So an A-lister fairy has a faster chance to convert than a Kevlarite Muscle Mary.

The fourth is the most surprising: anybody who has attended a Science class will be familiar to the order beneath the chaos of nature, as if creation was accomplished using well-tested formulas & equations. There's logic in the chaos, Sexual Conversion is like that. As your homosexual revulsion reaches its crescendo and your attraction to straight men plummets, your libido seems to lose the cobwebs, and slowly laid bare, as if forgotten by time, is- voila!- a barely-alive, gasping for breath, struggling desire!  Flickering, tentative, as if it couldn't quite believe it was kidnapped & shackled for an eternity. Marvel at the mysteries of life. It's heterosexual desire!

If there's a Holy Grail, you just woke it up. The second phase of the therapy is to resuscitate it and give it freedom to bloom. Marvel at the ignorance of delusional politics. If you didn't use your head, you would still be gay.


Finally, the right things are moving. There are four confirmed researches that are underway- one in China, another in Russia, one in the US and another in an Arab country. There are 6 others which apparently have no intention of informing us but we have caught whiff anyway (learned even the devious reasons why). If anybody else is planning, we would appreciate it very much if you at least inform us (we honor confidentiality, we understand the security concerns). Let's see if the real experts among you can refine the methodologies that I will present here, or introduce standardized revulsion-inducing drugs perhaps as pharmacologic component of the therapeutic regimen in order to accelerate the process (actually, one of the doctor-converts incorporated a certain drug into his therapy & claimed accelerated Revulsion-induced Conversion as a result, we'll describe that later in the series). Our best hope is to find preventive & corrective measures that could be instituted right in childhood long before the full symptomatology flares up. My belief is, like most disease, that the earlier the intervention is instituted, the better. Well, only lack of imagination & outdated politics can set up roadblocks. But at last, things are gearing now, I can see the most progressive areas going forward will be those with less gays. In the modern future just up ahead, the presence of even a single case of homosexual disease will be a public health emergency.

Needless to say, the rules of the game have changed. We're not only talking about declining countries anymore (read Western European) which are fast becoming irrelevant anyway (though they will eventually knock some sense on their heads as they plummet downwards, no doubt about that). I'm not oblivious of the fact that the discovery of a working well-codified sexual conversion program is one of the biggest achievements of man. It will not only impact on gays but it will have untold effects on human society now and in future generations and civilizations. As my British friend Ewan would say, "this is Newtonian in proportion, of Nobel dimensions". But awards and prizes will not be enough reason to come out now that I'm normal. The successful treatment of gays means a totally homophobic future. So just do your research, mention the blog as reference and you can all have the Nobels of this world all by yourselves (though with the prevalence of political “kink” nowadays in the Western intellectual classes, that would be too far-fetched. Now, if only they actually use the program and be converted themselves).


I received an email from a supposedly well-decorated anthropologist (not confirmed) in which he voiced his support for gay marriage, saying that 'Homosexuality is not a disease" so humanity can evolve into whatever, marriage included. No need to bother with his arguments because the main pillar is already wrong, which makes the rest as mere magical thinking (We'll explain later why certain people have to keep repeating that line "homosexuality is not a disease" like Goebbels, but suffice to say for now, that's the cornerstone of their politics and they can never backtrack because their entire agenda will crumble). Gay marriage is nothing but condemning people to wallow further into their disease. Treat them & I bet they will vomit seeing each other's face. This anthropologist is another one of those "ignorant" intellectuals who leveraged supposed high  credentials to peddle his  flighty ideas: Science is not static, don't say "not a disease" until a scientific procedure has confirmed it's really not a disease. You don't even know fully well what Homosexuality is, much less what caused it, and you primp authoritatively, gurgling dishonestly that it isn't a disease?  (Anthropology is not exactly a popular field, I doubt it attracted the best minds. I usually only read their field data but I rely on my own interpretation & conclusion). Note that many of these  academics are closet B-lister gay themselves (I'll explain why I know later), & their main model is ancient Greece, when the ignorant ancients were easily "convinced" by gays in the upper classes who were able to maneuver themselves into positions of influence. Like now, when they are crawling in the very visible but relatively wimpy fields, like the media & academe, which ironically aren't attractive to many straight men, who prefer the silent but deep manly realm. It should have been easy, but unfortunately for them, there is a higher level of education now compared to that of Ancient Greece. The sad thing is that  society has differentiated now into so many separate bubbles that despite the noise of the former in tandem with their cohorts (especially the militant feminists), the critical audience, the real men (excluding the wimps), have tuned off, so the clowns were left merely convincing each other like backwoods slapstick comedians. A fool's game. The top television program bandied as proof of their success merely had 12,000,000 viewers at its most watched episode. In a country of 313,000,000, how many have bothered? Not even all the estimated 18% liberal bothered to watch it. Oh, the viewership soars when the NFL games are on the cards and top all the ratings. It's obvious the real men ignored again the latest "intellectual" drivel designed to "make them think" and all those tedious pretensions. Mostly, the pretentious exist only in some circumscribed parts of the media and society, which if you ignore entirely considering the variety of options, you won't even notice they exist. I doubt if most men even bother to snort some bored acknowledgement.

 Long-held medical concepts are always being updated and, for obvious reasons, medical textbooks continually evolve into newer and newer editions. Psychological issues, especially psycho-sexual, are the most likely to be not cast in stone (your variables are mostly subjective, seldom objective- do you really believe a person would open up fully to a mere researcher in a delicate personal issue like this?). Even now, an atom, something that can be physically detected, therefore verifiable with certainty, is still shedding its secrets as we speak. The old principle of sexual orientation was, at best, merely theoretically conceived through dated deduction, it's time for a complete overhaul. As it's turning out now, the sexual orientation of an individual can change and could be indicative of an underlying pathology. Sexual orientation, when not heterosexual, is a sign and symptom of a disease.  Scientists are always careful to challenge long-held beliefs no matter how tenuous its foundation if they have no viable counter-argument. Well, I have- my own sexual conversion and those of my friends (all of whom are as highly-educated in science as the original researchers were- btw, most are even doctors of medicine, and they surely have better credentials in this regard than mere anthropologists). Science is not ivory tower theorizing, as if mere concepts are divine laws. It's ultimately about proving. Can they actually prove sexual orientation can't change? Never them, but I already did it can. Not a few are already currently living the benefits of the proof, as you'll read them in this series. And anybody can replicate them by following the methods we're describing here, the ultimate vindication of any true scientific principle.

This will be bloody: so many political & intellectual pretensions which shaped contemporary, mostly liberal, thought & politics in recent times will be exposed as based on a shabby superstition,  especially during these Whiny Age when some pretentious elements  try to supposedly modernize the world with what turned out to be snake oil (I wonder if this lapse was widespread: is that why there is decline? Is it coincidental that the decline afflicts most severely the areas which embraced this "modern superstition" like certain countries in Europe?). It seems to me the upside down modern version of Galileo challenging supposedly unscientific church teachings circa 2012. This time, it's the noisy headwind of the self-styled "intellectuals" which play the role of the ancient prelates who would declare sacrilege to anybody who questions their "science" (if it doesn't fit their agenda, no way is it science? ). With the gay issue, they were caught in cahoots with a disease. This will actually undermine outright the credibility of their agenda (the ideological foundation of which we'll discuss below), that it has been a project of intellectual charlatans all along, so we expect vigorous (but eventually pointless) resistance for some time to come. But they obviously have different motives, so we can just go on right ahead.

Finally, something really good for gays. No mere pawns for political comedians. Gays don't need compassion, they only need to be normal like everybody else. Compassion has become the new superstition. Because the truth is, no matter what esoteric political theory one hangs on to, that won't solve his problem. He will still be gay, and no, it will never become banal because to most people, even to most gays, being gay forever means forever be revolting (you'll learn why in the next section).

The only viable salvation is actually not more politics but  sexual conversion. No reason to be revolting anymore. Kevlar stomachs will be history. Long live, gag reflex!


It may interest you to know there are mental changes when you become a real heterosexual man. Suddenly, ideas pour forth all at once. While before, it had a more "feminine" cadence- gays, like females, like to talk a lot because ideas come forth more linearly: they babble about one topic to exhaustion,  then the next one pops out and they babble again ad nauseam, etc. This probably explains why straight men (most billionaires identify as straight), though relatively silent, will eventually succeed lopsidedly in the big leagues, becoming the richest, the most powerful, etc. (note the sexist  & homophobic implications, rendering obvious the futility of pandering too much to these political ideologies, as I'll tackle later on in other posts). There is a drawback to me as a writer, however: ideas rush out so profusely that my pieces keep getting longer now compared to before my pre-heterosexual days. The article you usually read here is oftentimes only a tenth of the original draft written in one hour. That much has been edited out.

Another heterosexual change is I don't relish plunging into frequent long-winding polemics anymore, that partly explains the less frequent articles since I converted (that also explains why women, gays & wimps have dominated the ambient media noise because the real men just shrugged their shoulders and took refuge into their bubble where they go their business the "manly" way, leading to such dimwit conclusions like End of Man, etc ).

So what happened anatomically when I turned heterosexual? Were the changes the result of biochemical adjustments (hormonal, enzymatic) that came with the sexual conversion? How? What were the morphological and biochemical changes when the natural revulsion to homosexuality was restored to its appropriate calibration? Were there dormant receptors that were activated? In what part of the system? So many questions, the new researchers will surely come handy.

The human organism only needs proper equilibration to function normally. The changes above bely the common belief that the "software" of being a normal heterosexual man were mainly a result of external conditioning and can be modified to fit certain exigencies, like political demands to attain equality, for example. Every man inherits a basic blueprint which governs on what he basically is (the Genotype) which will interact with the environment to create the final expression of how he will turn out to be (Phenotype). But the capacity of the external environment to edit the basic blueprint is not as strong and encompassing as they make it out to be. The commands of the genotype will prevail and environment will discover it's read-only in most areas. Listening to these "intellectuals", you get the impression they actually believe they can overwrite it with their delusions. We call that severe wishful thinking, unfortunately very popular among "intellectuals" in this age of decline.

Most things are really natural, like your low threshold for revulsion, for instance. This colors all your perception, and that includes sexual. Any change done to the environment to elicit a targeted response from you (to lessen your revulsion to gays, to name one) shouldn't surpass that threshold or you'll still puke and they will lose you. Like what happened to me. Their effort to force indiscriminately the acceptance of gays as sex objects tripped all the alarms in my pleasure defense mechanisms that my counter-reaction was so violent I scared out Homosexuality itself away from me. They tried to force their version of a gay utopia, I discovered sexual conversion instead.

Sometimes, you'll be amazed at the simplistic approach. The stigma of being called "homophobic" will force anybody to just grin and bear it? Who's fearful of stigma nowadays anyway? If you can't be ashamed of being gay anymore, how can you expect anybody now to be ashamed of anything else, much less from just being called "homophobic"? You'll be surprised that word hasn't exactly seeped in much outside the militant sectors and some politicized media outlets.  Here's a test: remove all the people who use the word "homophobia" from your social life and you'll see the tremendous improvement. You will lose the pretentious and the Kevlarites, which are just a handful anyway, and be left with the delicious. I actually use this as a standard in filtering my social circles and I totally have lost the aggravations.

Of course, that's old stuff. Now that we have reliable sexual conversion programs, no doubt about it, total homophobia is the expected norm of the future.

(This section I will expand in the next article, tackling the pathogenesis of A-lister & Kevlarite Homosexuality and the facets of the phenotype where Sexual Conversion can come in. It will be long and technical. Suffice to say for now we believe revulsion to same-sex sex is in the genotype, it is in the base command, and a Default Heterosexuality is protected by innate defense mechanisms, one of them is your level of revulsion. The disease comes in with the derangement of these defense mechanisms due to some factors (this explains the presence of sexual deviance among mammals, which also have DNA and are also prone to mutations). Luckily for us, the expression of the code for revulsion is one of the few areas of the genotype which could be "influenced" from the outside, and that forms the basis of our sexual conversion programs.

We will tie everything with other militant  –isms which try to use the same methods to force its politics. This is important because that's the very objective of all these trendy obfuscation of definitions which are primarily done to assuage political tensions arising from alleged discrimination, etc. The reason for the recent predilection of some "intellectual" sectors to muddle the definitions of words like "marriage" is, of course, obvious- they want to write their own reality. Which makes it ridiculous considering they couldn't even recognize a disease when they see one, what kind of reality are they capable of building? More often than not, the natural realities are willed to buckle down through simple political delusions. A keener mind will know right away delusions will still be delusions in the end.)


I wrote before that the favorite self- compensatory ruse for the inadequate is to posture as intellectual. None more clearer than  in gay issues. I always write gays are mere pawns in a dark political drama. Read on. You'll learn why sexual conversion will always be anathema to these people.

I remember this quote from a former Professor:

... To keep sexuality secret is to
reinforce sexual, racist & imperialist hierarchies by not challenging the core issues of sexism which are supported by homophobic & patriarchial ideologies... Blah... Blah...

 I actually laughed when I heard that in a lecture from my professor, & it was made funnier because he said it complete with a grave manly facial expression & just as grave manly voice (deeply modulated to sound macho), as if he was lecturing on the most sacred secret of the world. Actually, he was a closet himself, that's his sacred secret: he tried to solicit me in the urinal of a bar outside the campus in my first week in college. His son was my classmate. But even if he was really straight, it sounded as more like a pretentiously intellectual BS to me then. Now that I've seen the turns of the world, I find it simplistic. But that line is supposed to form part of the intellectual DNA of a liberal, modern civilization steeped in Equality, etc. At least, according to some self-styled intellectuals. And closet Kevralites.

To a good-looking male student, college is virtually a homosexual obstacle course with closet professors. Plainer-looking students may not be aware of it, but  a great part of the aggravations in the life of the handsomer ones is parrying sexual advances from revolting old men. It got so bad I had a contest with another handsome classmate as to who punched more professors between us (they can't report because we would report them if they did). 70% of the male staff in my college were closet but all of them had families with children mostly my own age then. One professor was also a columnist in a local paper. Once, he was invited to a TV show for an interview & he brought me as an aide (this before I knew his secret). Two hulky TV types, one of whom was the manager, lost no time in hitting on me in the urinal. Unluckily  for them, I have a Blackbelt in Karate. And that's only the beginning: a handsome face pulls out all the skunks from their holes. We don't even have to talk about showbiz people. So if ever you need proof that sexual deviance increases as you get nearer the less manly professions, like the academe and media, you don't need to go far. You begin to wonder, how many of those apparently straight people posturing as "enlightened" and professing to fight for gays are really there fighting to validate themselves? Is it a big wonder that the noise is loudest from those sectors? (there is a big Congenitally Outed gay population in them, but there is a bigger closet population). Do they think that's the only way to validate themselves? This private battle to validate one's disease as normal by political subterfuge is regressive. No, Ancient Greece is ancient, it will never return. But there is hope, sisters ( or is it "grandmas"?). Look at the therapeutic schema for Sexual Conversion below. There is a better way to be validated, but the most important thing is you will be cured of your disease. Your grandchildren will be prouder of you.

It's easy to understand why one needs a thorough background check (especially sexual history) of the authors of the scientific papers on sexuality (Homosexuality, particularly) where one would base his opinions from. So with the peers who validated them. Dishonest collusions? Polluted expertise? Politics reign everywhere, and unfortunately, Science is not exempted.

Gay politics has been recruited by militant feminist politics into its struggles against men. Sexism & Homophobia against Patriarchy. Little did they know they merely constructed an elaborate philosophical underpinning for what we now know as a mere disease. In their minds, they interconnected homosexuality and feminism as part of a struggle- women vs. men, gays vs. straight,old-style family vs. their modern family, etc., (in tandem with the perennially stalled Rich vs. Poor script elsewhere which is now obvious will get nowhere, the Super Rich merely rocketed away while the masses, including them, are on the verge of the precipice, reduced to fantasizing about grand options which won't come). These sectoral wars originally prescribed by Marx would give them, the chosen "intellectual" ones, the chance to design (and I'll lend them this imagery) the Phoenix which will rise from the ashes of  the subsequent destruction of the old. More like a script of a Harrison Ford movie to me. Unfortunately, I don't believe we'll see a Phoenix rise; what will see emerge is more likely a duck.

But suspense for the meantime. I will tackle the "duck" more exhaustively in a future article of its own or it will eat up our present article. While I understand why some women feel oppressed, I still want to say something that can help everybody. Suffice to understand for now three things. First, where these "intellectual" pretensions are coming from (The supposed Patriarchy, stupid!). Second, to finally understand the stupidity of gays to fight delicious straight men and have to settle with another fag when your own stomach is hysterically telling you not to, all for the sake of a pretentious ideology (the Patriarch is delicious, stupid!). And third, also to tie into the picture my present inclinations. I am more interested now with women so I have lots to say. It's nearly two years since my sexual conversion. 600  men in a decade, 200 women in nearly two years. Yeah, I have lots to say.

Did you know it was my sexual escapades  with women after my sexual conversion which started me on the way back to Religion? More on that later.


In my gay days, I actually preferred that gays would come out so I would know who to avoid having sex with. The most revolting part of being an A-lister gay is to discover you inadvertently had sex with another gay. I was never fooled, but Greg was, and he puked for days. He actually got admitted in a hospital due to dehydration. So you see, gays can be health hazards too.

 Kevlarite groups and their pretentious cohorts define homophobia as irrational hatred or intolerance of homosexuals. There's no hatred or intolerance, and definitely nothing irrational to it, it is perfectly logical. Everybody has a right to develop phobic reactions against anything or anybody they reject, phobia being a natural phenomenon. What they don't have the right is if they act on those phobic reactions to violate laws against the person of anybody. Homophobia is simply revulsion and  there are plenty of reasons why people, including most gays (A-listers) are revolted over gays. Don't compare gay politics with racial politics: skin color is just visual, but gays bombard with multi-sensual attacks- visual, aural, ambiental, sexual, the whole shebang. And you wonder why anybody should even be logically revolted? Neither is the revulsion due to social conditioning either. Why, did somebody condition you to be revolted with feces? Some actually eat it as a fetish, does that make it not politically correct to be revolted with it? Homophobia is a live reaction to an offending stimulus. If you look again at the Abridged Sexual History I presented in the last post, my earliest recollection of being revolted was when I saw the little queen in our Kindergarten class. I had a gay-friendly teacher & mother who pushed gays into my face since I was young but I still grew up to be an A-lister, nauseous just with the idea of sex with gays. Don't kid yourself, the revulsion is natural.

But that's perfect for our purpose. Actually, we need the strongest homophobic reaction so that homosexual disease will scamper away and gays be finally treated. Homophobia, distilled to its most toxic concentration, is the very armament  to treat homosexuality itself.

So it's clear now how recent gay politics has pushed gays deeper into their disease. It  actually condemned the very treatment that could save gays from the eternal dumpster.

But that may be moot. Now that there is sexual conversion, homophobia should be seen in a new light and, in some respects, encouraged to facilitate the process. There are criminal laws that can protect gays anyway while they are in the process of treatment so they don't need the "homophobia" bogey anymore. It's obvious now: with the expected successful conversion of all gays, the future will be totally homophobic.

Options have changed, so is reality. The real progress. Good for us all.


Therapeutic Schema for Sexual Conversion (for both gay men & lesbians):

A. A-lister Homosexuals, without physical or vocal manifestations of their sexual orientation
1. Primary Phase- Revulsion Enchancement for future straights (REFS)
2. Secondary Phase- Heterosexual Desire Resuscitation (HDR)

B. Kevlarites, without physical or vocal manifestations of their sexual orientation
1. Dekevlarization- conversion of a Kevlarite into an A-lister
3. HDR

C. Bisexuals
C1. If he is A-lister
1. If he is mostly heterosexual, then it's only REFS
2. If he is more on the Homosexual side, then HDR is needed as well

C2. If B-lister
1. Dekevlarization
2. 1&2 of C1

C3. If they have physical or vocal manifestations, refer to D

D. Congenitally Outed Gays
1. A& B, depending if they are either A-lister or Kevlarite
2. Physical & Speech therapy
3. Surgery, mostly Plastic


1. It is advisable that you take the usual reparative therapeutic program because it has more general goals aside from the psycho-sexual development of a heterosexual man. REFS is more specific, targeted mainly on your sexual response, so even if you have lost your homosexual desire, you still have the tendency to act your usual ways. Fairies have a tendency to pull each other's hair when fighting, & that's exactly what happened to Greg when he was still newly-converted. When they had a fight, he pulled his girl's hair with both hands as if she was one of the bitchy fairies he had encounters against in the past (Hey, Former Sister, don't forget, you're supposed to be a macho already!)

2. You can incorporate your Faith into the program. The religious usually have a lower threshhold for revulsion so they easily respond.  One of the early converts was religious (a doctor), he incorporated it into his program and we discussed his view that it was an improvement over the secular original. I actually was convinced . I will do a separate article on this one.

You have above the blueprint for freedom. We'll tackle each one by one in the coming posts.

Next: Time to become Straight

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MANIF POUR TOUS: My Respect For France Has Returned

My respect for France has returned. On this page, you will see the biggest mass action in France in 30 years- a million-strong protested against Gay Marriage in Paris last Sunday (Paris time). The French are against backwardness. Well, we already know that there is Sexual Conversion, so Gay Marriage is a step backwards if you can treat gays anyway. The French people have shown they are a modern people, and they won't allow themselves to be pushed into the Dark Ages of eternal disease, phony coolness and revulsion galore.

It may interest you to know, the religious groups, led mainly by the Catholic Church, supported by Muslims, etc., spearheaded this movement. So we thought Religion has become an insignificant force in lay France? Hmm, I've been a hedonist throughout my whole life, but I'm really thinking a more spiritual life is really cool. I've healed my sexuality, time to take care of my spirituality... Life is good!