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TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY: Thank you, Anti-Homosexualytic Agents! (Sexual Conversion 101D)

Tom Brady & family

by Dick & Poli

Bactericidal. Parasiticidal. Homosexualyticidal? Hmm, why not?

How does a cure end up being a cure? A fungus secrete substances with bactericidal properties to produce natural antibiotics, the source of some of the most effective antibiotic medications in the market today. Gays apparently cast a "negative" energy which has revolting properties to most, & as we've described in the past post, so powerfully "toxic" that it could not only render normal heterosexual boys temporarily insane upon exposure to it, but that it could actually "convert" homosexual impulses of gays themselves as well & turn them into neoheterosexuals. Are gays in fact natural anti-homosexualytic agents all along?

Just my point. They are. It turned out that the "revolting" energy emanating from gays which gave discomfort to much of humanity  throughout its history & which became the fodder for latter-day political pretensions are actually the very cure of homosexuality itself. We'll delve more on the anatomy of Therapeutic Revulsion below. This is the fourth in our Sexual Conversion series. We cover the technical matters this time. If you're looking for the practical methodologies, start taking notes in this post.

It should be obvious by now, I didn't initially seek to be converted. The realization that I could be converted came as  events surprisingly unfolded. When I initially noted that  my attraction to straight men was shrinking as my revulsion to gays intensified, I was at a loss. But I quickly recovered. I would be stupid not to have realized the significance of what was evolving. Who would be stupid anyway to remain gay if a way out is being provided to him by a happy convergence of circumstances? Fate was presenting to me the ball of normalization on a silver platter. Well, one thing I could be proud of, I immediately noticed it was one moment I couldn't afford to be stupid so I took the ball & hastily took it into a home run.

So the  neoheterosexual  was born. Happy & alive. An unrepentant heterosexual. That's me now.

The blog was nearly two years old when I noticed my lessening sexual attraction even towards straight men. More & more, my homosexual appetite was being wracked by the ominous feeling of ick whenever I thought that I  might just have been fantasizing all along over some beefcake who would turn out to be mere gay in the end. I actually would suddenly puke many times. I hypothesized then that I was probably undergoing an unrecognized decompensatory process that could have explained why many ex-gays suddenly felt no longer  gay even without formal conversion programs- their revulsion over homosexuals was eventually winning over their homosexuality itself. How about if I helped the process along  to make sure it would proceed to its proper conclusion & ensure that I  myself could convert into completion?

I did just that. And I won. Down below, I will start discussing the various methods I used which I collectively called REFS (Revulsion Enhancement for Future Straights). I have done some supplementary research since then & consulted with experts (I hate that word, it has become cheapened by the many "ignorant" experts who are quoted left & right nowadays). I eventually designed this program, based on the methods I used, effectively using myself &, later, my friends as the initial guinea pigs. The good thing is that there is no side-effect: you're just intensifying the revulsion that is already there, & the revulsion is elicited only when sex appears in the equation. No need for medications or any substances to realize its maximum effects. The most important thing is you don't actually hate anybody, you're merely just too revolted to be sexy with him.

Well, there is a political side-effect. If you noticed, the current gay political culture is promoting just the opposite which, as it turned out, actually prevent gays from converting sexually. It ensures they remain gay. That's the reason I always describe the political context, not for caprice, but I realize this is not just a minor post in a blog- it will run smack into the face of decades-long & billions of dollars-worth of pretensions from political dinosaurs. Well, we know what happened to dinosaurs...

The methodologies are targeted to 3 different populations of conversion candidates:
1) A- listers- gays who can' t stomach sex with other gays
2) B- listers- gays with Kevlar stomachs but without physical & vocal manifestations of their sexual orientation
3) Congenitally Outed Gays- gays with physical & vocal manifestations of homosexuality; some are B- listers but most are actually A- listers

I actually think you can use these methods by themselves to convert your homosexual impulses. But I still joined a formal reparative program upon the invitation of my friend Juan who wanted one before his marriage. So initially, it was just a friendly gesture. But I now recommend it because it completes the transformation: the formal program attunes you to the comprehensive psychological imperatives of a heterosexual. The REFS is more specific: it connects & cements the psycho-sexual circuits required to be one.

We should understand that these methods which are variations of the usual aversion therapy are a breakthrough. The politically correct dramas in vogue during these "whiny times" probably stymied innovations along this direction so right there we can see the toxic effects of pretentious politics. Anyway, with this development, researchers now know where to attack the problem so we can, more or less, confidently expect exponential breakthroughs from hereon. Politicians should just take a backseat. That's the ultimate purpose of this presentation: to light the entrance to a tunnel that everyone avoided because it was so, literally & figuratively, revolting.

I still have one revelation to make. It was intentional that I initially divulged my discovery to friends who were physicians to get their feedback.  The first converts using this method were mostly doctors of medicine.

All consider themselves now as heterosexuals.


You thought this is only applicable to gay men? Nope, even to lesbians. But we'll tackle that after the men.
Suffice to remember for now, revulsion has no gender.


If it could be treated, we're back to  square one.

Homosexuality is a disease. A sane society doesn't treat disease as a lifestyle choice because it could affect the health & productivity of its citizens. Public health is protected by laws. We'll prove in the coming articles that it is actually a bane to public health.

So what about this current political brouhaha about irrelevant things  like gay marriage & all those non-issues? They've just become passé. Outdated passions, outdated noise. History is at a juncture where whiny politics has just about run its course. Tail-ends of playtime for the meantime,  history is about to make everybody realize the game has changed for all time.


Did I always realize I was attracted to the same sex? What is my personal history with regards to homosexuality?

My earliest encounter with a fag was when I was in kindergarten. The teacher was the motherly type, & probably one of the earliest self-proclaimed  progressives  because we had this classmate who at an early age was already obviously queeny & the teacher, perhaps feeling protective, would carry him while she' s talking to the class & she often would induce us to play with him, remind us not bully him, etc. I  couldn't understand it then but that's my earliest recollection of being revolted at a sight. The innocent altruism of the teacher inadvertently triggered dark demons: I developed this vague persistent nauseous feeling, suddenly I had problem eating, prompting my mother to seek consultations with doctors who subjected me to medication & food  regimens which produced no results because nobody made a connection to the presence of a psychological toxin causing havoc within me. I lost so much weight, which made my mother decide that I stop attending classes so she could watch me eat at home. In a week's time, I was back at my normal eating habits. Away from the offending stimulus, I quickly bounced back to my happy self (extrapolate this to what could be  happening psychologically to a susceptible child with daily exposure to two fag parents: How would one know if a child was revolted or not? If  a so-called enlightened "expert" censure physical slapping of a child as a violation of the latter's rights, would he condone in the same breath the more insidious psychological assault on a child's developing psyche?  Recently, a young sportsman entered gay porn after his father came out as gay & subjected himself to extreme forms of public gay sex like sperm swallowing, double penetration, etc. while still  maintaining a girlfriend in his private life. One morning, he was found dead in his room, apparently of drug overdose. Suicide or not, you can almost taste the psychological scars he was bearing: he looked blank, almost numb, while being doubly-penetrated. Did he even have to be publicly doubly- penetrated? Frankly, I would have preferred the father to be the one who committed suicide instead).

My next encounter with a fag was when I was about ten or so, my mother took me to her fag hairdresser & he was to be my regular barber for years. The revulsion promptly returned but it was only once a month so I learned to be in suspended animation for half an hour while sitting in his chair then just tried to spit off the revulsion afterwards. With unforeseen consequences: bottled up revulsion becomes manifested in many ways. My earliest rock idols was a group called Matchbox Twenty. Me &  my childhood  friend would listen for hours. Until one day, he said he heard Rob Thomas, the singer, "swung both ways, he loved cocks!". Usually, I would listen to Matchbox Twenty in my room, but that night, I felt as if my fag hairdresser was singing to me in my earphones instead. But he had now the face of Rob Thomas & before I knew it, I puked. The very first time I puked because of revulsion. The very next morning, I threw away all the Matchbox CD's into the thrash can.

At 17-18,  after a hard drinking session, my bodybuilder classmate who turned out to be a closet case tried to kiss me. I puked all over his face.

Then a few months afterwards, I saw the naked picture of a sportsman. He was straight. I didn' t puke, nor did I even feel nauseous. But I had a hard-on. I didn't have those dramas you read in queer literature. So were, as I soon found out, the other A-lister friends I got to meet later on. We just did what we had to do. You can read the rest of my sexual history in the early pages of this blog. I used money. I avoided men you could have sex with for free. I am tall & good-looking so I know immediately the type who would want to have sex with me for free: they are gay. Unfortunately, I didn't consider vomiting as orgasm.

I didn't see homosexuality as a problem throughout my gay period. As long as it was with somebody I was sexually attracted with. Which, as it must be clear by now, definitely shouldn't be homosexual.


Lol, experts. One time, they advised countries to incur big debts because no country would allegedly  turn bankrupt. It turned out they eventually did, with terrible consequences to the people. These nuggets of incompetent expertise might not be enough to precipitate instant destruction, but the damages could accumulate. In the same vein, political delusions can inject toxins into a system which may not be able to metabolize them fast enough, paving the way for toxicity to add up & reach the politico- economical equivalent of what toxicologists would call lethal dose. The current economic crisis in Europe is a stark example. The effects of the New York debacle wouldn't have been so prolonged if the fundamentals of the local economies were not poisoned by delusional politics which injected just as delusional toxins into local systems. Gay politics fits this toxic pattern. It is not a question of compassionate politics or even of modernization. It is the injection of a social toxin the end-stage effect of which we can already foresee but so far, blurred by political delusions. Symbolic?

During much of the Whiny Period (recent times),  symbolism was frequently invoked to highlight supposed political milestones. Propagandists may get what they are not asking for. In a way, the result of the last US Presidential elections was appropriate for its point in history. Come 2016, when the US is no longer the richest country in the world as predicted by the OECD, the President of the US will still be Obama. How more symbolic can you get?

Of course, if the Conservatives push the right buttons, they will reap the benefits for a long time. But let us not be sidetracked by party political discourse. I always try to paint the political context because the world is not a vacuum, & it so happened gay issues have been hijacked to pursue agendas which gays really don't care about. It's the right time to speak freely because credibility has become in short supply in this age of decline. When the dust settles, it's usually those with sense who remain standing. It's easy to pretend one is an activist or even an intellectual, the favorite self-compensatory ruse of the inadequate, and you wonder, where have all the noisy experts gone that there is a decline. But game-changing reality shocks usually force everyone to draw their last ounce of clarity to see the light. History has a way of dealing with delusions: the delusions poison civilizations so they disappear.Lethal dose.


How to wax poetic over dogshit? We can call it rights, equality, modernization, etc. but it will still be dogshit.

Perhaps there was logic in the sequential treatment of political issues in a civilization. Gay issues have always been prominent markers just before the end of previous civilizations. As I wrote before, "be it in Biblical Sodom, secular Greece or orgiastic Rome", gay prominence just before downfall was a marker of the end of civilizations. It appears, so with this one. It will take a book to fully describe the full ramifications but we'll zero in on one- a political dogshit.

You always hear this political line: "for the sake of the young fag". Swallow your vomit, for the sake of the next generation of fags. Why, will the young fag be not revolting anymore? Won't most of them know anymore how it is to be revolted? How sure are you they will lose their gag reflex? (I didn't lose mine despite the propaganda since childhood). You make him feel special when he is young & he might think he' s special until somebody can't tolerate anymore the discomfort of his presence.

Fair is fair. If somebody is revolting, shouldn't there be somebody revolted? What if somebody felt revolted but he's told he should swallow his revulsion because the revolting stimuli has a right to revolt him but he had no right to be revolted? Equality is implied to be relative, that was supposed to be modern. But would it be taken seriously for long?

Nature was so constructed a stimulus should elicit a reaction. The revolted could react in many forms. Pity me, I was passive, I lost weight unilaterally when I was exposed to the "revolting" stimulus that was the young queen. But not everybody can just take strikes passively as they come without a fight. Some child won't understand why they feel so uncomfortable in the presence of an offending stimulus. It is instinctive, no need for cerebral processing, when one swats an offending fly. A few minutes after the teacher had told the class to be kind to "dear Peter"( not his real name), the child beside Peter still probably couldn't stand the discomfort anymore & would just suddenly smack him.

Extrapolate this scene into the slightly higher levels. The alleged fight against gay bullying among the young in its present form will always be a fight used by the pretentious to get media mileage because it isn't  addressing the real problem. If the revolting stimulus will always be there, so will be the consequent revulsion, with its many cathartic but unfortunately relatively violent manifestations. It won't do that you condone that one party should wallow in discomfort, especially to still immature children who by their nature are still focused on their own selfish well-being.

So it's a constant propaganda manna for the do-gooders which they never fail to use. When the news of the confirmation of sexual conversion was first made in this blog, was it a coincidence that there was a sudden call to raise the usual alarm of gay bullying for the nth time (even websites previously uninvolved were doing the call)? Consolidating forces against what? What's so threatening about the prospect that gays can become not gay after all?

With the discovery of an effective sexual conversion program, LGBT groups are poised to become superfluous. They should retool to expand the research program instead. If they exist in their present form, what will happen is they will actually fight progress just to stay in business. Well, jobs are scarce, but I wish them luck.

Personally, I think congenitally outed gays, those with pronounced gay facies & mannerisms since birth, should be educated in private, away from the general population, at least up to high school. That is for the protection of everybody. A child who suddenly was presented a constant revolting stimuli won't really know how to react, not understanding this constant discomfort which won't leave him. The extreme discomfort he may innocently presume could be swatted off just like that, like a fly, creating situations interpreted by whiny but just as ignorant activists as bullying. Or if he is not provided with an outlet, he may bottle up his psychological scars only to become manifested later on into self-destructive, even anti-social, coping mechanisms. Or, worse, even into sexual derangement like homosexuality itself perhaps? The funny thing is, who really knows? The "experts"? Whose "experts"?


How much revulsion is needed to shake down homosexual impulses so that one can finally be normal?

In the next section, we'll try to distill the most revolting aspects of a gay man which we'll use to gross out homosexuality itself out of our systems. So be forewarned that if you have Kevlar stomachs, this is the place to learn how to be squeamish.

We know an A-lister would rather puke than have sex with a gay man so revulsion is already built-in. How about a B- lister, can he learn to teach refinement to his Kevlar stomach? A-listers only have leaks in their revulsion defenses so it's relatively easier to manage them, they need less time to convert. B- listers need more work but fortunately, we found a way- nature made homosexuality so grotesque there are ample sources  of revulsion even from those who were happy deceiving themselves.

Diseases have different sets of symptoms, but usually they have common etiological pathways (Acute Appendicitis may be presented as right upper abdominal quadrant pain but not in all cases, it could also present as epigastric pain which doctors would erroneously diagnose initially as Acute Gastritis, but all the symptoms arose from a common pathology- inflamed appendix). If revulsion is commonly felt by normal straight boys & A- lister homosexuals, and A-listers could convert enhancing their revulsion, then you know where to help a B-lister. The common pathway of intervention is revulsion. Sometimes, the big conundrums of life would turn out to be really simple all along.

The big question again: how revolting must revolting be?

Below is a list of how me & my A- lister friends described how we felt about having sex with other gay men:

Me: "it's like eating spoiled food"
Ewan: "it's like having sex with a decomposing fish"
Yves:'it's like having sex with a decomposed British" (Yves is French, & said that without hearing what Ewan said, who is British)
Tom: "like eating your own feces" ( Tom is from Sydney)
Greg ( my neighbor): "just eeeeeew"
( he told me to get out of his sight, that I was destroying his morning)

Etc. You get the drift.

So the first step toward your goal is to know just how revolted you are when you find yourself in a sexy situation with a gay man. The end goal is that there will come a point when you will feel  that revulsion whenever presented with a similarly sexy situation with any man, gay or straight.

As first step of the actual therapy, try to think of the most revolting aspect of a gay man to you. It could be his voice, his walk, etc. Or if you're B-lister, it could be the expression of his face when he comes.  My friend Greg had a strange experience when he just came out during his teens after much prodding from a fairy  classmate. In his first sexual experience, he happened to have kept his eyes open, & when he saw the facial expression of his fairy partner who came first, he was so revolted by what he saw that he  puked & forgot to come. Why, what goes on on a fag's face when he comes? Tell me. That will be your baseline. You'll calibrate the degree of revulsion as you go along.

Hard? You' ll be surprised it's actually easy to be converted from being gay to becoming a straight man.

That's the first surprise. Many to come.

Next: Sexual Conversion of an A- Lister Homosexual Man

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