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Treating Homosexuality: MARCHING DOWN THE AISLE TOWARDS THE TOILET BOWL (Sexual Conversion 101c)

Melbourne Storm rugger Brett White & family

by Dick & Poli

NOTE: Ok, the election season has ended. We held back a bit earlier, I wanted to elevate the forthcoming articles about our discovery of a reparative treatment for homosexuality above the heated ideological battles to a more timeless level because this could have real revolutionary effects on future generations & civilizations. I initially planned to divulge it in the novel where I dramatized in detail the psychological dynamics involved. Alas, the novel serialization was overtaken by the confession of Tony of New York that he finally freed himself after recognizing the repressed revulsion he felt for the boyfriend he'd been having sex with almost every night for one year. So much for self-deception & delusions. Revulsion, the silent weapon for a definitive sexual conversion. This is Part 3 of our Sexual Conversion series. Read on.

 It turned out life is fair after all. It only has a naughty sense of humor. At first, it looked as if it gave gays an unsolvable problem. But all along it wisely inserted the code for the solution. The treatment for gays turned out to be, voila- not despite, but because of their vaunted  "revolting" properties... gays themselves are the cure!

 Science is as relevant as its latest discovery. Now we know there is sexual conversion. Being gay doesn't have to be forever. It appears it was a blessing that most gays themselves would consider other gays as really  inherently "revolting" (especially those who had the gall to politically demand to be treated as sex objects; it's not "self-hatred" to be revolted as the dishonest propaganda goes- it's plain simple reaction to a clear, present & very obvious uncomfortable stimulus). The "repulsive" energy emanating from gays which gagged humanity throughout its history was meant all along to be harnessed to treat homosexuality itself. To think, the historical natural reaction, revulsion, was branded by that 21st century phenomenon, ignorant  intellectuals, as "oppression". The modern worldview, according to the wise men of decline hiding behind pretentious culture wars at the height of their delusional glory. We'll talk more about these comedians throughout our series of discussions.

We'll try to describe the psychodynamics involved in a series of articles, starting with this one. We'll go somewhat academic for a while & discuss the basic principles, which you'll read also dramatized in the novel & analyzed more deeply in the coming articles. This also signals the Neo-Heterosexual  (no longer Ex-Gay) phase of the blog. The pictures will still cater to readers who are still negotiating their journey towards a more normalized sexuality but the texts will start folding in heterosexual issues of new converts. In short, the women, children & families in their lives. About time. In the 3 1/2 years of the blog, most of our friends from the starting gun, who all became privy along the way to the existence of the "silent weapon"  & used it to help transform themselves, have already gotten married with beautiful women. And yes, some already have beautiful children. New sexualities, new realities. Science & faith over political delusions.

Winners we all are because of this blog. Needless to say, it's infinitely better to be normal than abnormal.


Following the publication of the last post (I LOVE YOU 3 VOMITS A DAY), you must have noticed the sudden sprouting of  newspaper accounts & TV documentaries tackling sexual conversion. They apparently had an orchestrated common line:  the sexual converts were still gay because they were still attracted to the same-sex, they just chose not to act on it.

Above is the proof behind the hemorrhaging red-ink in their balance sheets, they were engaged in cheap propaganda. What happens after full sexual conversion using the REFS method we mentioned in the last post is you will appreciate beauty whatever the gender, but would you still feel sexual attraction to the same-sex? No. The impending ick associated with male seduction (generated from the REFS therapy) precludes that. What you will feel is revulsion, just like what any straight boy would when confronted with the same stimulus. Ergo, no longer gay. We'll describe the basic mechanics down below.

The swift propaganda conducted in the media is proof we hit the spot. Dishonest attempts to prop up a political line which would not modernize anything anyway. That insults the very science that they claim guide their intellectual pretensions. What will happen is that outside the bubble created in the delusional parts of the mainstream media which is fast shrinking in credibility & patronage anyway, the negative ramifications will be starker than the benefits realized from the initial objectives: the number of out gays ultimately doesn't matter- revulsion is not political, it's physiological & psychological. The increase in the number of revolting stimuli will only compound the degree of the revulsion felt by the vulnerable ones.

My non-Western friends would say, the truth is that the gay situation in the West is very "backward" compared to some parts of the world where they have gained far more acceptance, like in Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. Even gays in Muslim countries are more fulfilled because they are substitute women to a male populace starved of women so they don't have to grit their teeth & make do by having sex with each other. Thoughts of marriage with each other would make them puke. Ten years after gaining gay marriage, are gays in the Netherlands more respected than the gays in Brazil, Thailand & the Philippines? Are they even happier than those in Saudi Arabia? One would say those countries are not "serious", countries that have been too poor for too long. Serious countries are rich & advanced. Is it a coincidence then that now that the West is no longer "serious" & all these gays sashay more openly in your face, it is in decline?

(Curiously, as Brazil of the BRIC fame becomes richer, its sports celebrities are no longer willing to  bare frontal in gay magazines just like before. It appears economic ascendancy is inversely related to less "seriousness" when it comes to gay matters. Economic decline, like what is happening in the West, points to the opposite direction. Again, proof of our previous claim that gay ascendancy in a civilization is an indicator of decline because of the lowered standards & expectations. There was gay prominence just before the downfall of Biblical Sodom, secular Greece & orgiastic Rome. Now we're seeing the confirmation again. Some say the young are winning a certain culture war- would they be happy to learn they're actually fighting to share in the meager loot of decline? Wait til they found out. More on the political context below.)


 Not all gays can stomach sex with other gays. In fact, I dare say, most can't (I call them "A-listers", the term coined by Christopher Isherwood to denote gays who wanted nothing to do with obvious gays. In our blog, I narrowed the definition: gays who can't stomach sex with all gays). B-listers are those with teflon stomachs.

I wrote before I have always been revolted by thoughts of sex with another gay man. I thought it was like eating spoiled food while my British friend Ewan would say it was like having sex with a decomposing fish. Out of left field, there was suddenly this alleged clamor for gay marriage. I didn't know personally anyone who could stomach one. Obviously, some comedians had this hallucination it was supposed to be modern. How modern would marrying a decomposing fish be? How many would be dim-witted enough to eat spoiled food? In the Netherlands, after ten years, only 2% of the marriages were of the same sex (both genders). Didn't they say 10% of the population were gay ten years ago? So the 8%, the overwhelming majority, were repelled by saying "I do" to a decomposing fish? So how come this bogus clamor suddenly became a major political issue when the majority of the affected population are holding up their gag reflexes? Well, in times of decline, comedians rule. Their contrived culture wars need warm bodies for their agenda. Gays are available sheeps, & like the usual, the dim-witted among them will easily be hoodwinked to work against his real interest. To the extent he'll believe as progress his swallowing his own vomit. For what?

 Will gays stop being perceived as revolting after they marry? Or would revulsion just be doubled because the negative stimulus would become plural?

Will the expected benefits be commensurate to the wounds & divisions inflicted on a society already in decline? Since when did a sane man modernize just to decline?

The current economic depression in Europe is actually a corrective phase to filter out the "modernizations" initiated by the same comedians in previous socio-politico-economic wars which gave the mirage of temporary comfort constructed from debt but poisoned the economic viability of the various countries instead. How soon will we bear the collateral ravages & eventually correct the poison unleashed this time by this supposed-to-be culture wars which were concocted, no wonder, by the same comedians? A baffling cultural food for thought: Has anybody thought why there are more women heads of state in countries with no disruptive feminist movements? In conservative Muslim Bangladesh, only two women dance the musical chairs of power, for instance. If you look closer, gays are more accepted in countries with no noisy gay movements. Take Brazil, Thailand & the Philippines. Then a more startling food for thought: circa 2012, why are the richest countries of the world "undemocratic"- Qatar & Singapore? So with the source of most of the world's current growth- Asians have elections as facade but they are virtual feudal states. And we're not even talking of China, a one-party state, already almost as wealthy per PPP as the US. What, modern times?

Just a few days after the US Presidential election, the OECD released a report that the US will no longer be the richest nation by total income in 2016. It came at a time the multi-trillion dollar funds ($40-120 depending on your propaganda designs) floating in the market no longer have a nationality, they belong to whoever can provide   security & profit. I bet it won't seek shelter in a port coopted by comedians.

Might us well. These comedians are actually stuck in the Middle Ages: they still think they are little Galileos battling an Inquisitorial church so their critical badge for intellectualism is to posture as if they're fighting the same enemy for centuries. Their much-ballyhoed culture wars. But hey, have you noticed sex is infinitely more delicious in Italy with all its moral contradictions than in Sweden where the sexual sparks feel colorless, mechanical & cold? Despite its progressive pretensions which "unleashed all the potentials of its people" by rigorously implementing such measures as state-watch on childrearing & breastfeeding, gender neutrality, etc., it is fast losing its jewels- Volvo, Saab, etc. Where were the modern Swedes with "released potential"? Who needs a boring world when modernization would mean decline anyway? 

And the poor fag had to swallow his vomit just to play the pawn in the comedy of decline. Here's the final punchline of the joke: And when decline comes, you bet the "enemy" will rebound & prosper. For nearly a century, the Bolsheviks enforced atheism in Russia, bombing churches & persecuting the clergy. You would have thought it disappeared. After the 1990's Russian recessions, the Orthodox church shot out of nowhere & today 79% of the formerly atheist Russians declare themselves as believers. The basic gist of history. Meaning, in your effort to prevent another Holocaust, you are just be preparing the  ground for another one.

And despite swallowing his vomit, all that didn't make poor old fag less revolting.

When harnessed, the power of revulsion should not be underestimated. It is so powerful it was proved time & again it could so gross out normal heterosexual boys that they would become temporarily insane when exposed to it. Two recent murders of gay men who used their power to ensnare normal good-looking heterosexual young boys to have sex with them, in exchange for favors which they probably couldn't deliver, again highlighted this fact. The boys could simply just have killed the two fags but no, the power of revulsion has already taken over. In the Philippines, a young waiter aspiring to enter showbiz eventually killed his ticket, the victim who worked in an entertainment concern. But he was not content with just killing him, he just got to burn the dead fag too (this happened in a country which is probably the most tolerant of its gay & women, making more vivid the fact that the power of the revulsion is NATURAL, NOT CULTURAL). In Portugal, a 61 year-old gay TV personality made contact with a 21 year-old young college basketball player of the most  prestigious university in Coimbra, Portugal's Oxford, in the latter's Facebook account, then using dubious inroads into Portugal's fashion & entertainment industry as bait, hooked him into an alleged romantic relationship (incredibly, it was claimed by the friends of the old queen that the boy who had a girl friend at the time was supposedly in love also with the old man). Their incredible "affair" was well-documented by the Portuguese- language press, including the original Facebook overture by the old queen. The latter, who was not really that rich, took the boy to London (where the boy allegedly earned 1000 Euros for a fake photographic session), Madrid & eventually to New York, where awaited no modelling contracts contrary to expectations excitedly relayed beforehand to the mother, & where the boy eventually snapped after only two  months: he didn't only kill the old queen, he had to mutilate the old queen's cadaver & even attempted suicide.

These are just two examples, many came before them: heretofore ordinary heterosexual boys becoming murderously insane after their encounters with the revulsive powers of gays. They could be powerful arguments why gays should just swallow their revulsion & have sex exclusively with each other. Swallowing one's vomit is supposed to be less messy than being burned or mutilated. But that would be tantamount to a pig's life, living beatifically with one's own feces. Is there no other choice fit for a self-respecting human?

What would happen if gays regain instead the capacity to be revolted with other gays, just like normal straight boys do?

Believe it or not, they become straight boys too.

NB. Those sensible ones in the Left may suspect they are alluded to as "the comedians" above. Not necessarily. Only the delusional ones, who were actually mere pawns themselves by bigger forces which are the real comedians. What makes it funny is that the latter aren't even Leftists. Lol.

The Principle of Revulsion Recovery as Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality


The goal of the therapy is to recover one of the normal defenses of a normal straight boy against homosexuality: full revulsion. A-lister gays only have leaks in their defenses so it's just a matter of plugging them & reinforcing the defense walls. For B-listers, it takes more effort but it has been done.

The revulsion reinforcement drills we've been enumerating in the past two posts are meant to modify your reaction to a stimulus- your sexual attraction to a male, to be exact. In the last post, I recounted how I finally realized that my attraction to males shrinked as my revulsion to the contamination by gays of the all-male sexual environment intensified. As I wrote before, I  was aware of the campaign to insert gay models in the blogosphere, to con everyone to consider them palatable (LOL, part of the delusional but politically charged activism), something which poisoned web beefcakes for me. I developed this blog precisely so I can have a recourse where I would be certain the guys are really straight. It was not long before I got the insight: my increasing revulsion with the persistent gay dilution was actually destroying my interest on men. It was  just a matter of connecting the dots afterwards. Gays themselves could kill homosexual desires.
 Which eventually led me to the final realization: by intentionally intensifying my revulsion, I could approximate the revulsion felt by a straight boy against homosexuality itsef & overwrite it.

It turned out to be easy. I was converted  more than year ago, right when I decided to stop publishing daily & just write articles occasionally. I had many moments to reflect on things. I'm sure, I'm done with delusions.

Thus was born the "Principle of Revulsion Recovery in the Reparative Trestment of Homosexuality". Aversion therapy procedures in the usual reparative therapy programs were not radical enough, they were too PC. I saw something which could zero on head-on against the Stimulus-Reaction circuits. It turned out simple but effective. You really don't have to vomit, just get this sense of impending ick and your pleasure mechanism will break down. You see an attractive man but before your cerebrum truly synthesizes all the stimuli, your subconscious would have revolted already all the neural synapses that you will not produce a pleasure response.


I received many congratulations from my Aussie friends when the Australian Parliament recently rejected the gay marriage bill. They allegedly picked up some of the arguments from the blog to fight for good taste in Australia. They were being humble, I picked the ideas from them.

Australia is a good example where Leftists are really sensible. The Prime Minister is leftist but she has a mind of her own. She voted against gay marriage. Now, that is a woman with big balls.

Australia is straight men & lovers of straight men territory. For a small market, they have 4 websites glorifying straight boys. The Aussies almost monopolize the forums on sport beefcake &  you can read the focus of the hots are on the straight ruggers. The political noise, just like in Britain, are mostly on the forces using them rather than from them personally. In Britain, we remember that in a study in 2005, 6% of the British were willing to admit being gay, but as more gays boldly sashayed before their eyes, most recoiled from the resulting view & in 2010, only 1% was left willing to join the out crowd. (Promoting gays create the opposite reaction. Wait til the Glee kids grow up, they will grow up with well-formed revulsion).


 In the end, all the political pretensions are moot: we found you don't have to be gay forever after all. One can be serious & happy at the same time. Anywhere in the world.

NEXT: Revulsion Reinforcement Drills Against Homosexual Impulses


This song from the sexy Ukrainian singers Nikita became one of the biggest hits in the Russian-speaking world a few years back. Please watch the video in its entirety: the first mainstream music video where the singer bared in almost its entirety but lapped up by a market which has newly rediscovered its faith. Remember, they really don't care about the script of the culture wars of the comedians over there. Change comes naturally. The contradiction  just made it more delicious.

The song is in Russian.

Никита - Верёвки