Sunday, September 30, 2012

TREATING HOMOSEXUALITY: I Love You 3 Vomits A Day (Sexual Conversion 101b)

John Terry & family
by Dick & Poli

NOTE: This is Part 2 of the preceding article so please read Part 1 for context. Last time, we claimed revulsion to homosexual sex is one of the natural defenses of a straight boy and it is in the derangement of this defense that homosexual feelings are generated. A gay man only has to fully recover that revulsion in order to start reinventing himself as heterosexual. Which apparently a slew of successful sexual converts were able to achieve. We mentioned some exercises done as complementary to the formal reparative therapy program, we have more this week.  Suffice to say, full recovery of revulsion as a tool in sexual conversion was first written in this blog. A bird told us somebody has started designing a little research along this line. Hush-hush because of still sensitive PC considerations. At least, he realized that if gays ever learned they really could have an easy way to be converted, they definitely would prefer being normal than abnormal and political correctness would be moot "in no time". He's right of course, but I just hope he'll be fair with the credits. We won't come out to claim the acclaim, he can have them all, but he should at least mention this blog in his reference. We created the principle and we've been running here the anecdotal proofs which could be easily reproduced. Reproducibilty, the mark of a true scientific principle (We are giving it a formal name: "The Principle of Revulsion Recovery as Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality"). See the great things that could come out from a mere beefcake blog?

Another thing. The exercise I created which I playfully called "Instant Yuck" created a buzz of its own (overheard whispered in a pub: "Have you tried Instant Yuck?"). Let's give it a more formal term before it gets more famous. How about "Revulsion Enhancement for Future Straights" or REFS? Classier, and more macho:"Have you tried REFS?" The kibitzers might think you're talking about pummeling the stupid referee in last night's game.
'Devoted to you'? Lol, that's so yesterday! 'Revolted to you' is more like it. If you love men, why should you settle with less than a man? Respect your stomach, baby!

But that is moot. There really is sexual conversion. In our last post, we featured the surprising stories of Tony & Heinrich. It turned out you can indeed resign from being gay after all. Being gay with a refined stomach who won't swallow his vomit (an A-lister)  is the  perfect position to enjoy all the advantages. We have received more jolting testimonies from friends and we'll share some more below. Each developed their own method to lick their sexual abnormality & won.

You have to be really liberal in its true essence, open to every concept irrespective of the prevailing fashionable thinking or political pretension. Both of the latter are notorious for being fleeting. So it turned out, gays should be revolted with each other instead of gritting their teeth & deluding themselves they were actually falling in love when they should be vomiting. The solution was there lying among gays all along. Gays themselves are the secret to their deliverance from permanent abnormality & misery. As Tony of New York puts it: gays only had to be revolted with each other. Revulsion is the key. Revulsion revolution! The biggest reason why closet gays don't come out is not the fear of society but of  their distaste in joining the outed gay community. Just capitalize on that distaste and remove the closet forever.


How did I discover the potentials of Revulsion as a reparative therapy? I should have been sharper right away from the beginning. I have always been revolted by thoughts of sex with "less than men", I thought it was like eating spoiled food. Often were the times when I was immediately stopped on my tracks in admiring a man just by a mere suspicion of his "dubious sexual ingredients". Perhaps, the start of this blog should have given me the hint of greater things to come but I was still blissfully innocent then. We were on a rained out vacation, trapped in an Oriental hotel room but the beefcake in the web was not a welcome relief from the boredom because our doubts on the sexualities of the models all but destroyed our enthusiasm in enjoying them. We were aware of the campaign to insert gay models in the blogosphere, to con everyone to consider them palatable (LOL, part of the delusional but politically charged activism), something which poisoned web beefcakes for us & that started us drifting away even long before. Thus we thought of starting the blog out of boredom, a temporary diversion, at least we could be assured we're wasting our time on the real straight McCoys while the weather still had tantrums. We thought we could forget it just like that after our vacation. I actually have forgotten it already until the poster reminded me we were actually a hit. In a year's time, it was as big in America as most of the biggest long-running beefcake blogs (5-year old & older blogs). There were many like us out there.

I never thought I could be healed through this blog. Even when we were publishing daily, we relied on submissions by readers who guaranteed us the sexuality of the athletes. But I never developed interests on other blogs, the lingering suspicion and nagging undercurrents of revulsion all but eradicated my desire to appreciate their models. We could use the word revolted. There came a time I suddenly felt my interest in men was contracting because the scene was so degraded by political maneuverings to dilute the sexual environment with the contrived prominence of gays in all-male sex. More often than not, instead of becoming horny, I would be revolted.

It was not long before I got the insight: my increasing revulsion with the persistent gay dilution was actually destroying my interest in men. It was  just a matter of connecting the dots afterwards. Gays themselves, because of their inherent high revulsion coefficient values (especially to an A-lister), could kill homosexual desires.

The rest is history. Sexual conversion turned out to be easy. And I  fueled it with my intensifying revulsion.

I was sorry I couldn't continue publishing daily but becoming normal melts the steel in one's stomach. I've given all the rights of the blog to the poster, we have hundreds of unpublished submitted pictures, but he himself hasn't decided what to do with them. Or with the blog. As I've narrated in one article before, he himself vomited once in transcribing some of our posts.


Let's review "REFS" (the former "Instant Yuck"):

Consider this as part of your Yoga or any meditation sessions:

Imagine a naked fairy. Imagine him writhing on a bed & hitting you with this come-hit-him look. I bet you will immediately feel nausea. Don't retreat yet, fight against your mounting revulsion, imagine yourself actually approaching him & really try to look all over his naked writhing body. The revulsion will intensify but let it torture you. If you vomit at this point, stop. The revulsion is imprinted into your defense mechanism. Simple Pavlovian mechanism at work here.

Now, many gays try to appear like knockoffs of real men. They loiter in the gyms. With the lisping mountains of muscle, you instantly spot them and even without thoughts of seduction and sex, just the sight triggers an immediate revulsion (Really, don't they realize this?). It takes a little work to identify the knockoffs the more closet they become. But the body has its memory : the minute it gets the confirmation the muscled "Adonis" is not a "real man", your body will activate its defense mechanism.

Then the "better evolution" will work by itself. There will come a point you will feel the revulsion whenever you think of sex with a man. It's made easier now when you suspect anybody naked in the web to have dubious sexuality because mostly B-lister bloggers have mixed in the gay ones with the straight ones as part of the propaganda. A point will come when you suspect them all as gay and thus elicit revulsion. Actually, in time, the muscular straight-acting gay will be more  revolting because the "gay-muscle" ruse is a natural revulsion trigger.

The body will still retain its libido. If the gate towards guys were blocked, it will find another outlet. Sexual relationships are said to follow a "U curve" where love diminishes after 6 months to 3 years (the downward slope of the U) but it will pick up again later on as other factors in human relationship kicks in. I didn't have any problem with the first part, but if you can't initially trigger things in the first downward slope, just hang on, and you will ride along with the upward slope of the curve and maintain a healthy heterosexual relationship. The body is more intelligent than it was made to appear.

Let's analyze some of the anecdotes, including the two in the previous post.

1. Tony, 37, New York:
"... I was supposed to have a boy friend for a year now but I have to admit I was not so sure it was really love... There were times I had this vague gross feeling about him but I always tried to ignore it. I thought a small price to pay for something bigger. When I read your post, I tried to concentrate on the uncomfortable  feelings for a change. Somehow it became starker, I could feel it getting grosser & grosser by the second. You won't believe it, when I saw him that same night, this overwhelming gross revulsion suddenly took over me and I had to run to the bathroom. I told him it was over after that. I never thought it could be that fast..."

You see here that as if a dam has exploded. One nick and the whole shebang collapsed. Like most gays, Tony was taken with the idea of being in love and he tried to suppress his innate revulsion just to go through the motions of being in a romantic relationship with a man. But dams built on substandard materials will inevitably break in time. Pretentious politics can never be a magic wand to turn sand into stone. What will happen is that everybody, just like Tony, will eventually get the flash of insight at some point, and let's hope not simultaneously, or all the suckers will vomit at the same time and flood us with the bile of their wrecked delusions. 

2. Heinrich, 23, Berlin (translated from German):
 "Whenever I see a cute straight man, I think of his sperm cells, dancing a cancan chorus singing in a lispy voice. I imagine swallowing the hideous sperm cells coquettishly sashaying down my throat and I immediately feel sick. I have lost interest with any cute man. It has been like that, automatic. I never develop sexy feelings for a man anymore, it makes me sick... The sexual feelings toward a girl strengthened... "

Simple but effective. You really don't have to vomit, just get this sense of impending ick and your pleasure mechanism will break down. You see an attractive man but before your cerebrum truly synthesises all the stimuli, your subconscious would have revolted already all the neural synapses that you will not produce a pleasure response.

3. Ricky, 21, Sydney:
 "You're bound to unknowingly have sex with a closet case... somebody must have slipped through your filters, convince yourself somebody did, believe that you've had sex with him & you'll surely feel this incredible revulsion. This lingering revulsion will color your perception of any man. You'll shudder each time you see an attractive man, your subconconscious will always be shouting in your head he's definitely a revolting gay man..."

4. Jack, 25, Shoreditch, London:
"Like you, I also consider muscular straight-acting gays are the most revolting so I used this once famous Latin singer who used to  swing his hips to seduce the screaming girls as the club to curb my homosexual impulses. The memory of that scene really gives me the creeps & just overhearing that song gives me  horrors. Gays pumping in the gym too... Eventually thoughts of seduction & men gave me the creeps..."

5.  Maarten, 20, Rotterdam, Netherlands (translated from Dutch):
"Think of the swishing grandpa who was wearing pink leather hot pants in the last canal gay pride parade in Amsterdam. When you meet an attractive man, picture him wearing those pink hot pants, sure eww, you won't even notice he's got great blue eyes..."

The first part is just to enhance your existing revulsion, use that revulsion to eventually block the seductive effects of  men on you so you can free up the libido which would have no other resort but to flow to the course of lower resistance. The destruction of the homosexual impulses is the critical part and that could be accomplished by a nuclear bomb conjured from harnessed innate revulsive mechanisms. It's relatively easier to develop the heterosexual connections. There are many revulsion-enhancing procedures: choose the gay aspect which most revolted you then start from there. Straight boys have intact revulsion defenses. A-listers have a greater chance to succeed because parts of their revulsion defenses were still existing, they only have to be reinforced. B-listers need more work but it has been done.

There are more exercises. We'll feature the others in our next posts. Pick the one that suits you.(Reminder: these exercises are best when complementary to a regular Reparative Therapy program but they are very important by themselves as revulsion reinforcement drills because they zero on direct to the sexual response). 


In a practical sense, we have to slow down in feeding the articles, they just might be caught in the pretentious heat of intellectually dishonest politics and the important things overlooked as a result. We have stumbled into something historic here, the abnormality could indeed be managed & has been managed. Gay issues have been coopted by politicians & professional "intellectuals" for their own purposes, not necessarily for the gays themselves who would only want to enjoy their sexuality in their own way & not reduced to playing some other people's pretentious scripts which would become irrelevant shortly anyway as the planet's  scheme of things evolve going forward. Noisy equality brouhaha is superfluous if you cease being gay altogether. It's infinitely nicer to be truly equal in its true sense: be a real man yourself.

The politicians should just find less pretentious crusades.


I now speak 10 languages fluently. Russian was the 8th that I've learned but it has become one of my favorites. And I found the Russians did not only have a beautiful language. They have the most beautiful girls as well. My British friend Ewan says the Scandinavians are "probably 15% pretty but the rest are mostly dumpy, the better ones surely have migrated to Minnessota and the very best to Russia" (don't you love brutal British honesty?). Compared to the other Nordics, the Russian girls are the most proportional and the most "statuesque". You'll have more possibility of spotting model-types in the streets of St. Petersburg than anywhere else. I don't know what the final genetic concoction through the centuries was (Ewan says "Polish Slavs tend to look edematous")  but the Russian end-product is definitely sexy.

The most useful Russian opening lines:

Ты сексуальна, Я настоящий полковник! Я мечтаю о твоем теле. Я вся горю.  Ты вся мокрая? Давай займёмся любовью! Давай потрахаемся!

 (Learn the last four sentences and you'll enjoy your stay in Russia, where you'll see more  real beauties per square meter than anywhere else).

Нюша- БОльно

Nyusha- Painfully