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LOVE & DELUSION: Revulsion Is A Many-Splendored Thing (Sexual Conversion 101a)

Matts Hummels, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga, and German national player, with girl friend

by Dick & Poli

More and more, I am considering this blog as an afterthought but out of the blue, it still could jolt me speechless. Tony of New York suggested we give a separate post to a portion of the preceding article (LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY IT'S REVOLTING) which tackled sexual conversion because it was buried in a long political article which could have masked its all-important  breakthrough- "it just might have been the most relevant writing on modern human sexuality ever", he wrote. "A simple, cost-effective escape". In less than a week, it allegedly gave him a joy he never experienced since he discovered his "not quite normal" sexuality decades ago.

Here it is again:

 EXERCISE 1: Sexual Conversion

 The hope among the delusional was that by sheer political tenacity alone, they could deaden their senses & pretend evolution will lead to a new generation which will adopt delusion as the norm: that is, future young gays will learn it's normal to swallow their vomit. Actually, no need to fantasize about demented future generations: you can use that tactic in reverse, reengineer your sexual reactions yourself. Now. For the better. There are exercises to kill your same-sex attraction. I deviced this one, this can be done at your leisure: the simplest, I call it the "Instant Yuck" maneuver (it will complement your Sexual Conversion therapy program). This is just a reinforcement drill among those who are inherently revolted by the thoughts of having sex with a man who admits he's actually gay, like all my friends (btw, good news, Greg, the famous "Homophobic Chic", has a girl friend). For those with stronger stomachs, it will still work, just a matter of introducing refinement again into your guts.

Consider this as part of your Yoga or any meditation sessions (Ewan likes to call this "The Perez Hilton Maneuver" for whatever reason):

Imagine a naked fairy. Imagine him writhing on a bed & hitting you with this come-hit-him look. I bet you will immediately feel nausea. Don't retreat yet, fight against your mounting revulsion, imagine yourself actually approaching him & really try to look all over his naked writhing body. The revulsion will intensify but let it torture you. If you vomit at this point, stop. The revulsion is imprinted into your defense mechanism. Simple Pavlovian mechanism at work here.

Now, many gays try to appear like knockoffs of real men. They loiter in the gyms. With the lisping mountains of muscle, you instantly spot them and even without thoughts of seduction and sex, just the sight triggers an immediate revulsion (Really, don't they realize this?). It takes a little work to identify the knockoffs the more closet they become. But the body has its memory : the minute it gets the confirmation the muscled "Adonis" is not a "real man", your body will activate its defense mechanism.

Then the "better evolution" will work by itself. There will come a point you will feel the revulsion whenever you think of sex with a man. It's made easier now when you suspect anybody naked in the web to have dubious sexuality because mostly B-lister bloggers have mixed in the gay ones with the straight ones as part of the propaganda. A point will come when you suspect them all as gay and thus elicit revulsion. Actually, in time, the muscular straight-acting gay will be more  revolting because the "gay-muscle" ruse is a natural revulsion trigger.

The body will still retain its libido. If the gate towards guys were blocked, it will find another outlet. Sexual relationships are said to follow a "U curve" where love diminishes after 6 months to 3 years (the downward slope of the U) but it will pick up again later on as other factors in human relationship kicks in. I didn't have any problem with the first part, but if you can't initially trigger things in the first downward slope, just hang on, and you will ride along with the upward slope of the curve and maintain a healthy heterosexual relationship. The body is more intelligent than it was made to appear. More on this in the novel.

Tony, New York City, 37 :"... I was supposed to have a boy friend for a year now but I have to admit I was not so sure it was really love... There were times I had this vague gross feeling about him but I always tried to ignore it. I thought a small price to pay for something bigger. When I read your post, I tried to concentrate on the uncomfortable  feelings for a change. Somehow it became starker, I could feel it getting grosser & grosser by the second. You won't believe it, when I saw him that same night, this overwhelming gross revulsion suddenly took over me and I had to run to the bathroom. I told him it was over after that. I never thought it could be that fast..."

Heinrich, 23, Berlin (translated from German): "Whenever I see a cute straight man, I think of his sperm cells, dancing a cancan chorus singing in a lispy voice. I imagine swallowing the hideous sperm cells coquettishly sashaying down my throat and I immediately feel sick. I have lost interest with any cute man. It has been like that, automatic. I never develop sexy feelings for a man anymore, it makes me sick... The sexual feelings toward a girl strengthened... "

 "Let's gross out each other!"

It seems obvious, the solution to homosexual feelings lies on the gays themselves. As Tony puts it "gays could gross each other out. Just replicating the revulsion felt by a normal straight man to homosexual sex. I suspect nature built in that revulsion as defense and it is when the fail-safe revulsion mechanism fails that homosexual feelings appear."

In short, revulsion is the natural heterosexual defense to homosexuality. For a long time now, after a thorough analysis of my sexuality, I had the same conclusion. A homosexual only has to recover that revulsion to reinvent himself as a heterosexual again. Some pretentious people make this intellectually dishonest claim that if they tried sexual conversion, they might just fail and think of suicide because of alleged ensuing depression. It's dumb reasoning actually but, surprisingly, in the pretentiously compassionate trend of the moment, that's actually accepted in "intellectual" circles, revealing the true level (very low) of being intellectual in these days of decline. You won't go to battle just because you fear you'll be depressed and kill yourself afterwards? I have always considered being gay was worse than suicide itself, and look where I am now, I won.

If you're a loser, why expect the future generation to be a loser like you and gamble them for the sake of  your delusion? Is current gay politics, amidst the "glory" of self-righteous altruistic pretension, merely content in being a passive reactionary to an abnormality and in pushing more people into the fire instead? Or is it actually only more interested in another agenda and is just using an abnormal group of people who might just have an escape from misery?

To most closet gays, the greatest reason for not coming out is not  because of fear of society but distaste for joining the outed gay community. They just developed their own modus vivendi with life and who's to say they're not happier that way. That's the perennial problem with political pretensions, it's so easy to lay the blame on anything- poor religion, poor society, etc., but that's the logic of the congenitally outed ones who merely wanted company in misery. Imagining about modernizing the world needs more than simplistic  pretension.

Alas, it turned out, there's even no need for the closet. You can actually burn it and come out free.

Reminder: it is still best to do these exercises as complementary to a sexual conversion program (or what they call reparative therapy). They could tailor the program to the individual. Though you'll discover these exercises will have a big impact, direct on the sexual reaction itself, and they had the same effect on me as on  my friends who mostly consider themselves ex-gays now. I became more accepting of religion when I had my program (I chose a religious-based one, thinking that time, I wanted a thoroughly out of character milieu, the current one then was sapping my sanity and energy anyway). It gave me the peace of mind and humility, the silent courage to battle the odds. Time and again, the proof is in the pudding, not in airy posturing and dishonest intellectualization.


Something became awry in the development of sexuality responses, and you just have to look where and how it became awry and act accordingly. Find another back window where to climb in and do the repairs.

Most gays panic when they don't immediately get erection with a girl so they end up depressed and give up. I never had problems. I noted that my sexual reactions involved "forms". Before, when I saw a cute man, the image of his genitals being stimulated immediately took over and  it seemed some force was transferring the stimulation to my genitals. I noted, however, that when I was immediately distracted and the stimulated genital image had no time to make its effects felt, no sexual desire was generated. Whenever I watched a straight porn, I immediately sensed that a breast of a girl being fondled excited me, though on a weaker spark. But it was still a spark, and a spark could be turned into fires. It was not long before I deduced a protruding body part being sexually stimulated had the same effect on my genitals. Most gays immediately give up when they are not sexually triggered by a vagina. They were using the wrong trigger, you may try the breast initially instead.

One thing I discovered was I only had problem with the trigger. The trigger was a "protruding part" but the sex itself was better on a woman because of the natural fit between a penis and a vagina. As you learn to be triggered by a breast and enjoy the sex with a vagina, in time, the vagina will become the trigger itself- with enough satisfactory sexual history with a vagina to back it up, the bigger and more stimulating mental image then will be the rewards of your penis inside a vagina.

After the sexual conversion, I lost all desire with having sex with a man and the penile image has become gross itself. As Heinrich has said, the effect of the woman eventually strengthens.

For a bisexual, the attraction to a woman is already there so it's a matter of cautherizing the effects of a man. For a totally homosexual one, it's more work but it has been done.

More details in the novel.


Surprisingly, it's the easiest thing in the world when the parts fit. When planets align, there is love.


Let's talk about the girl. This is the number one song in Russia now, from the sexiest singer in the world today.

Нюша – Воспоминание

Nyusha- Remembrance