Saturday, September 1, 2012

Love Means Never Having To Say It's Revolting

Danny Cipriani and former girl friend, Kelly Brooks
by Silvio Merkel

This is the third part of our "Nausea" series of articles (Part 1, Part 2), inspired by the online quotes below which we have featured in the last two posts:


Sodom - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Greece - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Rome   - gay galore - DOWNFALL
West - gay galore- China dominates the world economy - DOWNFALL

An Asian culture is society-based, not individual-based. Asian culture doesn't condone the gay agenda, it's almost sure it won't countenance itself being undermined by areas which would have the gall to assume they were still superior when they were already washed-out. Surprisingly, it will have allies within the West itself which will yearn for the morality that made it soar high in the past. So there may be a theoretical harmonization of cultures in the future based on resurgent Morality because the basic spirit running through Asian and traditional Christian values are the same.

...and gays will again hide for centuries like they did after every civilization change. Cycles in history.

Learn from history

It appears the eventual prominence of gays towards the end of a civilization has always been a perennial indicator of a civilization's approaching downfall. That civilization is so weak it should consider as "having an open mind" or even "deep thinking" to swallow its vomit.

Post-Delusionalism is blowing in the wind. Great. I end our self-imposed silence there. I guess, we'll still  try to squeak every now and then. I tried to just have a month of rest but my stomach still kept on "churning" each time I tried to write again. It turned out our silence lasted for 3 months eventually. I became used to the good feeling, I'm just so happy I'm now normal. But my friends kept on urging me, we still have to complete the serialization of our "future classic novels". Okay, I guess I just have to grit my teeth for this one (a couple of Metoclopramide capsules for good measure).

My political evolution from the Left to my current Post-Delusional worldview came about when I heard Herman Cain heckle the Occupy Wall Street rallyists that, in effect, they should have worked harder instead of blaming anybody for their plight. My instant reaction was knee-jerk outrage, but my doubts, which have been simmering for a long time, boiled over to the surface inevitably. The main reason why people didn't bite the Occupy delusion was they already have tasted the fruits of a wealthy society, & they saw simple people like them who became wealthy & made something out of their lives. Who could begrudge these people? The usual agitators who had nothing to show but their mouths? No, the tired "equality" rhetoric is amiss here, it's outdated already. People are basically fair, and intellectually dishonest activism eventually crumbles from simple insight. Who ever really believed the world would be liveable when "each one would just give what he can & just get what he needs" but the most intellectually dishonest or desperately sad? Just to compensate for a low-esteem, it's enough to pretend to be intellectual, modern & all that jazz and impose one's delusions on others?  At a time when the richest countries of the world are the "undemocratic" Qatar & Singapore, you'd wonder how much delusional politics have figured in the current decline's equation (To add to the surrealism: authoritarian Qatar is a primover of democracy in the Arab Spring).

 The past events proved only 1% of the population was needed to produce wealth. Every delusion introduced into society seemed progressive when times were rich. All the pseudointellectuals could even pretend they contributed to the progress, credits are free in a free society. But what if the 1% stumbled, like what happened in 2008? Europe is a nice exhibit of what happens when the wealthy cover unmasked the political & social delusions beneath. In times of obvious decline, pretentions of modernity are best seen as they actually are- ridiculous. The good thing is when the cover disappears, the pretentious becomes obvious. Look at France. After the initial gloating with the election of Socialist Francois Hollande as President, where was the growth rhetoric now by the way, is it synonymous now with "austerity"? When the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy did his budget cuts to "save Spain for the future", did you feel sympathy for those old employees who protested violently and gave a chaotic picture of the country, worsening the economic prospects & unnerving investments instead? Needless to say, some tactics, and political theories, have become outdated. Like so many other pretensions eventually.

In a world where the political and intellectual spaces are shrinking & becoming less credible by the day, you get your own answer. I read 30 newspapers in 10 languages now but more often than not I couldn't say I was convinced by the commentaries 90% most of the time. The Occupy in LA all but packed up but never once when it was raging hard had it been mentioned among my friends who all tended to be more on the liberal side of politics. That's how wisened up (or even indifferent) most educated people are considering the present state of world developments. Being liberal now doesn't mean you have to assume the whole political package or be straitjacketed by a political stance (I considered myself liberal for one because I didn't believe suicide was foolhardy, for instance: I was in awe of gays who had the guts to kill themselves, they probably felt useless with just the prospect of having to exist with & make do with somebody who revolted them, something which the contemporary gay activism seemed to promote, and as it's getting obvious, nothing to do with heterosexual oppression at all).

All things eventually fell into place. It's not so much as becoming conservative but becoming post-delusional. Being modern shouldn't be an excuse to resort to delusions. The current gay agenda is delusional. I never felt oppressed by heterosexuals even when I was active in all-male sex, straight jocks were too delicious for that. What oppressed me was having to survive the seduction of a lisping fag. Perhaps if I were ugly, I wouldn't have a problem. But oppression is a two-way street: when I punched a Muscle Mary hassling me in a urinal, it's to revolt from his oppression which prevented me from having a relaxed pee (Why do they discriminate, why don't they hassle the ugly ones instead?) Punching him meant I wanted to stop him before vomiting because I really felt worse vomiting over anybody's face (though, that may prove a manna from heaven with those with vomit fetishes, like the one in Berghrain in Berlin who jerked off more frantically instead when the vomitus flowed over his face. I vomited a second time & he sighed contentedly, I never knew if he had orgasm because I left then immediately).

 It's really only common sense why I finally decided I don't take gay marriage seriously. If they could stomach living with each other, good, but call it any other name. Nature & Science so arranged & ordered everything that each variable in the order of things had its own taxonomic value. Spare me the political pretensions of Equality, etc. At its most simplest, it's for convenience: when you say "Johnny married", why should you be bothered to issue a second statement to clarify that he married another guy because he's gay. Why not just use one sentence: "Johnny doggified" for instance (the Inuit President privately used the word "doggify" in lieu of gay marriage in the novel), no need to encumber yourself clarifying he married a man just because some gays who had super stomachs had delusions. As for the more pretentious reasons, well, there are six chapters devoted to the topic in the novel. 6 chapters: the first 3 when the Inuit President & his Campaign Manager discussed how to get the money from fag sponsors and the next 3 when they had to actually negotiate with the gays ( The world economy would start tottering here when investors started noticing the frequent hospital admissions of the President due to a mysterious gastric condition which caused "mysterious" persistent vomiting). Our poster, Poli, finally admitted he actually vomited when he first tried to transcribe them. Should I edit them? Apparently, with normality, you lose the steel of your stomach. If they challenge my delicate stomach now, what about my A-lister friends who dutifully follow my blog- are their stomachs durable enough (A-listers are homosexuals who couldn't stomach having sex with another homosexual; B-listers are those with super stomachs)? What about the many heterosexual journalists from many countries who follow us? Declaring an International Day of Vomiting was never a part of my plan.

As I've written, I am not in favor of using the word "marriage" for gays. No need for it. Mostly, the countries debating it heatedly are the declining ones anyway. Well, no surprise, what do you expect, they are just being consistent with their downward trajectory. Perhaps, they will still be able to delude themselves they will still be "modern" down in the pits, I couldn't see many wanting to join them down there (But I suspect, the eventual backlash will take into account all the pretentious politics taken during their freefall and let's just hope it won't be violent). But one thing is sure, those left progressive will be left standing laughing down at them. I doubt if they could pretend being "modern" at  that point.

There's no limit to delusion, that's very evident in the increasingly discredited ways of contemporary politics. It's underscoring the weakness, not the strength of democracy: that so ridiculous a set of political pretensions could come so far should have been a hint something was wrong, not some modernization (lol) was going on. It doesn't speak well of democracy when a puny group could divide the populace for such delusional expectations. More and more, it is becoming a proof of the ongoing decline.

Overall, it has been proven time and again, B-lister gays are a hard-sell: in 2005, 6% of the UK population identified as gay, but despite the steady multi-platform propaganda, in 2010, only 1% were left willing to identify as one. If Elton John couldn't do anything to degrade the standards of the Britons, who would be cheap enough to be swayed by the small-time celebrities who came out so far in America? Have you seen a rush of anybody who came out lately which you didn't already suspect all along? I know more in the closet (even ex-gays) than out but most of them are happily married with their families now and the gay issue is furthest from their mind. Since I started this blog, have you seen a rush of famous gay athletes who came out despite the campaigns done (allegedly to purposely counteract the effects of this blog, according to an insider, so millions have been used- to no avail)? Why do you think, despite all the political blackmails and other campaigns, is all-male porn still dominated by gay-for-pay actors if it was true every homosexual now has a strong stomach?

Contrived pretentious noises were really just a weak buzz in the forest. After a decade, in the Netherlands, in a country with declining rates of heterosexual marriages, only 2% are homosexual (both genders). But even now, I can't see Dutch gay men better treated than their Thai or Brazilian counterparts though the last two couldn't marry. In the homosexual community, how many really would want to marry? Only 1 out of 6 British gay men remained willing to be out so we could infer a lop-sided majority surely had gay marriage out of their mind, but the question is, out of the one remaining 1%, how many could even stomach having sex with another gay man enough to marry one? We're talking of decimal places here. Generally, a well-adjusted gay man would wonder why somebody who revolted him sexually had to fight for him and even wanted him to live with his revulsion. An ugly man tries his best to win a beautiful woman, to assuage his own misery and to spare his child from  similar misery. Why should a sane gay man settle for another gay man and jump into the septic tank when he could live in a classy flat otherwise? Being born gay is already unfortunate as it is but you don't have to make yourself more miserable by accepting that you have to swallow your vomit just to live.

But things are looking up. Angela Merkel just indicated her position. The Russians are, as Greg says "really hellbent on being delicious". America, even nearly bankrupt California, is still delicious.

Let's keep the world delicious.


It seems the most "intriguing" character in the novel so far is Margarita Beaumont. My friends mainly urged me to restart the novel because they wanted to know what happened to her. Well, there were much suspense that were left hanging but I guess, I can reveal this one.
She's alive. She'll be one of the main characters as she avenges the assassination attempt on her. She'll do away with her "Muhammad Ali" shorts and start wearing gowns with deep slits so she could recover easily the Ninja darts hidden in her Jockey low-rise briefs.

EXERCISE 1: Sexual Conversion

 The hope among the delusional was that by sheer political tenacity alone, they could deaden their senses & pretend evolution will lead to a new generation which will adopt delusion as the norm: that is, future young gays will learn it's normal to swallow their vomit. Actually, no need to fantasize about demented future generations: you can use that tactic in reverse, reengineer your sexual reactions yourself. Now. For the better. There are exercises to kill your same-sex attraction. I deviced this one, this can be done at your leisure: the simplest, I call it the "Instant Yuck" maneuver (it will complement your Sexual Conversion therapy program). This is just a reinforcement drill among those who are inherently revolted by the thoughts of having sex with a man who admits he's actually gay, like all my friends (btw, good news, Greg, the famous "Homophobic Chic", has a girl friend). For those with stronger stomachs, it will still work, just a matter of introducing refinement again into your guts.

Consider this as part of your Yoga or any meditation sessions (Ewan likes to call this "The Perez Hilton Maneuver" for whatever reason):

Imagine a naked fairy. Imagine him writhing on a bed & hitting you with this come-hit-him look. I bet you will immediately feel nausea. Don't retreat yet, fight against your mounting revulsion, imagine yourself actually approaching him & really try to look all over his naked writhing body. The revulsion will intensify but let it torture you. If you vomit at this point, stop. The revulsion is imprinted into your defense mechanism. Simple Pavlovian mechanism at work here.

Now, many gays try to appear like knockoffs of real men. They loiter in the gyms. With the lisping mountains of muscle, you instantly spot them and even without thoughts of seduction and sex, just the sight triggers an immediate revulsion (Really, don't they realize this?). It takes a little work to identify the knockoffs the more closet they become. But the body has its memory : the minute it gets the confirmation the muscled "Adonis" is not a "real man", your body will activate its defense mechanism.

Then the "better evolution" will work by itself. There will come a point you will feel the revulsion whenever you think of sex with a man. It's made easier now when you suspect anybody naked in the web to have dubious sexuality because mostly B-lister bloggers have mixed in the gay ones with the straight ones as part of the propaganda. A point will come when you suspect them all as gay and thus elicit revulsion. Actually, in time, the muscular straight-acting gay will be more  revolting because the "gay-muscle" ruse is a natural revulsion trigger.

The body will still retain its libido. If the gate towards guys were blocked, it will find another outlet. Romantic relationships are said to follow a "U curve" where love diminishes after 6 months to 3 years (the downward slope of the U) but it will pick up again later on as other factors in human relationship kick in. I didn't have any problem with the first part, but if you can't initially trigger things in the first downward slope, just hang on, and you will ride along with the upward slope of the curve and maintain a healthy heterosexual relationship. The body is more intelligent than it was made to appear. More on this in the novel.


An Asian reader argued he had to put up with the gay issue to strengthen the idea of tolerance. Wrong. No need. Just let history do its work: just in the horizon, the Asians are becoming the engines of the world. What's better anti-racism instrument than that fact? The anti-racism rhetorics in the West were mainly superficial and mere fodder for political arguments by the pretentious: what's better political argument against racism than the fact that another race is actually proving it is equally capable in creating a progressive society as the previously dominant one? The changes in attitudes will occur in a more normal fashion. No need to divide society because the realization of the fact is being felt and digested by everybody as they see and feel reality unfolds, not through mere grandstanding political posturing. No need to be sidetracked by mere pretensions.

The gay issue is simply not on the same boat as the racism issue.After all, as Greg said, Tony Parker is definitely delicious but never in his entire life could he stomach another gay man, therefore, never delicious..


Our new monicker. Just a tribute to my new political idols. Merkel for being the best housewife model: she trounces all the political opposition (look how she outclassed Hollande's pretensions) but she still finds time to prepare her husband's breakfast. Silvio Berlusconi has become my idol since he shouted "Imbecile" to a reporter who had the ridiculous gall to try to keep him politically correct.


St. Petersburg in Russia. Already a masterpiece of a city, it just got more delicious. They banned homosexual propaganda. No need to have strong stomachs there.


Greg says Paul Ryan looked like "the sexiest walking erection in the world". Greg is incorrigible.

Kaizers Orchestra - Hjerteknuser

(This was written in the Western Norwegian dialect of the composer-singer, Jove Ottesen, so a few words differ from the more mainstream language prevalent in the Oslo area: e.g. "Eg" for "Jeg", Norsk for "I"; "e" for "er", meaning "is/are"; "ikkje" for "ikke", meaning "not").

Du og meg e like som et par dråper vann
I hvert fall hvis du tør og spør han
Eg pleier å sette på ei plate som du for meg sang
Heilt til eg sovne i ditt fang

Før såg eg ingenting og det eg såg forsvant
Men nå ser eg alt det som du ser
På min finger har eg ringen din og på ringen står det blankt
At du er min hjerteknuser

Lure på om du finst der ute nå
Sende eg mine tanker kjenne du de då?
Send meg eit hint så skal du få

Sjøl om han forteller lite og minnene e få
Fins ting han aldri kan ta meg i frå
Som då me sprang øve plantasjen eg gjemte meg i strå
Du telte til hundre eg vett at du såg

Lure på om du finnes der ute nå
Sende eg mine tanker kjenner du de då?
Send meg eit hint så skal du få
Eg vanner mine planter og pleie det eg sår
Sekundene tikker, minuttene går
Og det går dager og det går år
Og den som lever, får sjå

Kanskje du ikkje fins lenger kanskje det e håp
Kanskje du ikkje tenker på meg heller
Men eg venter på den dagen at me e ute og går
Du bøyer deg ner og eg står på tå

Lure på om du finnes der ute nå
Send eg mine tanker kjenner du de då
Send meg eit hint så skal du få
Eg vanner mine planter og pleie det eg sår
Sekundene tikker, minuttene går
Og det går dager og det går år
Og den som lever, får sjå