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HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY: The Judgmental and the Pretentious

Billy Slater, Melbourne Storm, AFL, with wife Nicole
by Dick, Donald & Poli Tico

NOTE: This article was written after consulting both my Western and Asian friends, just to give it a more realistic tone. This comes as a foreword to the coming chapters of the novel: we're about to start tackling that two hot subjects, Religion and gay marriage, and this post will give a peek to just where I am coming from in dissecting the issues. The coming chapters will be controversial, but very hilarious. I had fun writing the next 4/5 of the novel.

Gianroberto Casaleggio, said to be the brains behind Beppe Grillo, the comedian driving force of Movimento 5 Stelle (Italy's political movement formed amidst that country's economic nightmare), was reported to have said that in 2018, the world will be divided into two: the West which will have free access to the Internet and the other one with no free access, the "tricidal" China-Russia- Middle East, leading to war which will culminate in a world government controlled by one group. Unfortunately, wars are too fantastic for our taste. In our novel, there will be no war. It's just a simple economic and subsequent cultural collapse of one group.

Imagination is wild during "transitory" times. Even that word "transitory" could be subversive to some, but most may prefer that over "times of wishful thinking", or worse,"times of being in denial". Whatever, any intelligent person with his feet on the ground can not fail to detect the signs. I prefer not to cross my fingers like the usual Leftist suspects and hope "it's just the 1930's repeating itself", "we'll still make it if we fake our way and use the argument of growth over austerity as Trojan horse to return to relevance", etc. (not hate the Left, but I've outgrown most of the redundant drivel- in the new world ahead, it's obvious it will be a ghost of its previous assumptions). Well, the leeway for the pretentious are certainly constricting. In the 1930's, Argentina was the 7th wealthiest in the world, but the last time I checked, it was still categorized as a developing country lurching from boom to bust vice versa ad nauseam. Meaning, all bets are on the table. For everybody in the stricken part of the world. What makes it more ominous is the fact that resource-rich countries are not only breathing down their necks but overtaking them.

Suffice to say, economic prosperity in the West gave the confidence (literally paved the way) to adopt the cultural changes that ensued. Are they permanent? Or will it prove just part of a Western Spring romanticized by historians in 3000 AD?

We're in the part of the novel where the characters will start taking about "gay domestic partnerships" (or gay marriage to a few). I tried to cover all its aspects, both hilarious and not so. I don't think so much of this issue actually, I think it's one of the fleeting pretentious issues which will be ditched off as new realities unfold. As a matter of course. My attitude is let the dramas proceed, it will still kick as a last ditch effort by still-to-be-punctured delusions but it has nowhere to go, other events are overtaking it. I am more interested to see how the few areas that recognized it will be reversed in time (the Netherlands, etc). As historical necessity. Apparently, some got the drift. Poli found a comment in an online forum which turned out to encapsulate the very point of the novel on that issue (we edited and added to the comment but basically the point was preserved):


Sodom - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Greece - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Rome   - gay galore - DOWNFALL
West - gay galore- China dominates the world economy - DOWNFALL

An Asian culture is society-based, not individual-based. Asian culture doesn't condone the gay agenda, it's almost sure it won't countenance itself being undermined by areas which would have the gall to assume they were still superior when they were already washed-out. Surprisingly, it will have allies within the West itself which will yearn for the morality that made it soar high in the past. So there may be a theoretical harmonization of cultures in the future based on resurgent Morality because the basic spirit running through Asian and traditional Christian values are the same.

...and gays will again hide for centuries like they did after every civilization change. Cycles in history.

Learn from history"

It appears the eventual prominence of gays towards the end of a civilization has always been a perennial indicator of a civilization's approaching downfall. That civilization is so weak it should consider as "having an open mind" or even "deep thinking" to swallow its own vomit. The eternal historical pattern of a gay's inevitable ominous role in civilization change is still valid. If the West loses its economic primacy, it will lose its cultural pretensions eventually. The "anti-morality" part specifically- that includes gay marriage. The "pro-morality" forces in the West will be strengthened by the nascent "pro-morality" Asian value system (the former fed by the resolve not to have more of the same pretensions that led to the ignominy in the first place so we can say the present "losing" operative values may not be valid then anymore). Imagine the convergence of forces when the latter becomes dominant if the West continues to falter economically (even now, its "soft power" to influence cultures have been exposed as weakened as the resurgent Islamism post-Arab Spring has shown).

The novel will also start tackling religion. A big part of the hand behind gay activism is to "combat" religion. Behind are the usual ultra-rationalists aka pretentious bunch. This will be the most hilarious part of the novel because the basic premise of the "combat" is ridiculous: homophobia exists even in most animist cultures, and to assume that most people will swallow their vomit just to kowtow to the gay agenda and "ridicule" religion instead is delusional. Even gays prefer a Mormon missionary than another gay because at least the Mormon doesn't give them discomfort. All this secularist pseudo-intellectuallism does is the opposite: it strengthens religion instead. At least, the latter supports the delicious things in life and the abnormal can never be delicious however pretentious politics would spin it. Especially during these times when the proof how far ultra-rationality could and would actually modernize the world has been put into disrepute. It will become a joke shortly.

So who says a judgmental moralist is less modern than a fading abnormal, ironically-judgmental (over the religious) pseudo-intellectual?

Not me. I can say I started to look more favorably  towards religion again as a direct influence of my research for the novel.

I did not think much of morality before, but everybody grows, I see it now as essential for a civilization to survive. The pages of this blog is a testament to the changes that occurred within me. I decided not to censor now the earlier pages so it will be plain to everybody the road I've taken.

 I've decided  moral "judgmental" people are more valuable than pretentious judgmental ones in the end. At least, they prevail over their defects. Like me.


A friend asked why I don't feature French songs. I don't hate the French but their contemporary musical scene doesn't do it for me compared to those of Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany or the UK. Still, I featured a few before (like Christophe Mae, Calogero, etc.). Mostly the current ones are simply not in the league (I check them regularly to be fair). But since they really have a nice language, let's feature it instead. A language is a mirror of the soul, so let's see how the French really see their homosexual countrymen beneath the "manhandled" (by gays in the PR industry) political propaganda. Out of the 8 languages that I speak, French has the most "derogatory" contemporary words on gays :

Amateur de terre jaune
Bouffeur de camelote
Brioche maudite ou brioche infernale
Chevalier de la rosette
Défoncer la pastèque
 En être
En filer
En refilé
Etre à voile et à vapeur ou être jazz-tango (les bi)
Etre de la bottine
 Etre de la cale
Etre de la jaquette
Etre en coquine
Filer du chouette
Folle ou folle perdue
Frégate ou frégaton
 Giron ou giton
Honteux ou honteuse
 Jaquette flottante
Marquis de la manchette
Mignard ou Minot ou Môme
Onduler du valseur
Pédé ou pède
Pédoque Persilleuse
Pétanqueur Pointeur
Prout prout ou Prout prout ma chère
Putain de galère
Razdep ou rasdep
Refiler de la jaquette
Schbeb / Schebeb / Chbeb
Sentir l'ail (ou encore manger de l'ail)
Sodomites ou sodomistes
Sœur de charité
 Suceur de bites
Travelo / Travelot / Trave
Tremper la soupe (avoir une relation homosexuelle)

That's why I don't hate the French, real French men take seriously their being real men. And real men don't mince their words. That's the way things should be.

I really love languages. I'm learning Arabic right now, my 9th, and it turned out the Arabs create really good music.

 نانسى عجرم - أخاصمك آه

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