Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BEING MODERN: The Pretensions of a Strong Stomach

Fernando Morrientes on his Wedding day

by Dick & Poli Tico
NOTES: For reasons stated below, we just wanted to rest this month, but out of the blue, my famous American libertarian friend wrote me I should try to write one ASAP, he said my writings are the "most refreshing from all the predictable drivel" around and he and his wife missed the "kick"  given to them each time. Lol.

Writing the last article (HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY) was almost cathartic. Even a paradigm shift, if you may. Suddenly, I was tired of the yucky noise.

In these times of breathless whistling in the dark, somehow it's not as easy to pose with the usual smirk of all-knowing certainty. The online comment we quoted in the last article still intrigues:


Sodom - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Greece - gay galore - DOWNFALL
Rome   - gay galore - DOWNFALL
West - gay galore- China dominates the world economy - DOWNFALL

An Asian culture is society-based, not individual-based. Asian culture doesn't condone the gay agenda, it's almost sure it won't countenance itself being undermined by areas which would have the gall to assume they were still superior when they were already washed-out. Surprisingly, it will have allies within the West itself which will yearn for the morality that made it soar high in the past. So there may be a theoretical harmonization of cultures in the future based on resurgent Morality because the basic spirit running through Asian and traditional Christian values are the same.

...and gays will again hide for centuries like they did after every civilization change. Cycles in history.

Learn from history"

It appears the eventual prominence of gays towards the end of a civilization has always been a perennial indicator of a civilization's approaching downfall. That civilization is so weak it should consider as "having an open mind" or even "deep thinking" to swallow its vomit. (I recommend read the rest of the preceding post).

Well, we'll just let history play its course. Suffice to say, it's getting more and more beneath me harping on the now getting to be more and more "stomach-churning" stuffs. Despite the noisy political pretensions, I consider the delusions already hackneyed.

It was the time of the year anyway when I get the bug to learn a new language. I can understand spoken and written Arabic already but I still can't pretend to claim I am fluent because I haven't tested it yet (extemporaneously, that is) with the natives. That didn't stop me two weeks ago from being curious in learning Norsk (Norwegian Bokmål). I wanted to get an unfiltered ear to the conversations in Northern Europe outside the Euro zone. I already speak German and Dutch (aside from that other Germanic language called English), and it turned out it was easy to learn another Germanic language (Norwegian being one of the Scandinavian languages belonging to the Northern Germanic branch). I was already reading the Norwegian forums and the main newspapers, Aftenposten and Dagbladet, after a week, and it was very "informative" reading about the euro billions flying up to the more financially-stable Nord (something missed by the headlines in lower Western Europe and beyond). Understanding basic Norwegian also means I got the other two major Scandinavian languages tucked under my sleeves as giveaways (the three are mutually intelligible, I am also now reading Danish and Swedish news- surprisingly, with just a fewer than expected grabs for the dictionaries). I've read about the basic grammars, it's just a matter of building up the vocabulary and perfecting the pronounciation from this point on, but it's not really a big challenge because the words are usually just mutations of Dutch & German words (it was just as easy to learn all the other Romance languages after learning Italian, the hardest part was learning the right pronounciation, especially with French). Learning languages are still the ultimate drug. By this time next year, I could plan to travel from Tromsø within the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, down to Malaga in Spain, and it's fun to realize I could speak with the locals along the way without having to resort to English (I could even take the ferry across to Morocco and skirt the Mediterranean eastwards to test my Arabic too).

Poli, our poster, is also multi-lingual, and he just started learning Czech (he already speaks Norsk, among many others). But upon reading the next chapter of the novel, which should have been published the other week yet, Poli suddenly found himself joining the characters: the Inuit President & his Campaign Manager engaged in competing vomiting bouts as they wrestled on how to get campaign money from the gay sponsors in between rushing to puke into the Oval Office toilet, and Poli, as he transcribed my texts, suddenly found himself nauseous likewise. I reread the texts which I wrote a year ago and, perhaps I've really evolved into normalcy, that scene was so "realistic" it did "churn my stomach" now too. I haven't decided yet whether I would tone it down. We'll just suspend the next chapter for the meantime until we can toughen up our stomachs. I thought Poli needed the concentration for his language studies, our common passion. Perhaps we've not yet "evolved" into being "modern intellectuals"- we both have very high IQ's and multiple degrees but that's turning out to be beside the point, modern intellectuals nowadays mainly mean you must have a really strong stomach.

I can hear my British friend Ewan laughing:"It's not in the brain, folks, it's in the stomach, stupid!"

Enough of being rational? Poli joked:"Perhaps that will be the real cause for the collapse of Western civilization. There will come a point when the supposedly highly-evolved people, exhausted from being socially manipulated to accept nauseous political prescriptions for their alleged modernization, will just let go of their artificially controlled vomit reflexes & vomit until they collapse due to dehydration."

Wars had been waged by hungry stomachs to modernize man's economic situation but it appears now there are still more poor than ever. Delusional societal issues are just as subject to harsh reality as the economic ones. Delusions would just as soon crumble like a vampire when exposed to the sun. So mock not the stomach. The future of societal modernization will still be ultimately decided by the stomach. For an entirely different, even hilarious, reason.

To foster alleged modern human evolution, pretentious political hype has been used so constantly in the recent post-ideological past to make even the most revolting things to appear sleek  that the poor stomachs will become so aggravated by the cheap state of being "modern" they will just suddenly throw up.

I'm sure the world could save itself a lot of trouble by just listening to its stomach.

In the novel, we call that reaching a limit. A cathartic reaawakening from all the delusion and pretense. 

We have a new article expounding on this coming up. Next post.


Czech is a hard language (it has 7 cases, just like most of the other Slavic languages) and I wouldn't want to destroy Poli's good disposition now. I actually started learning Czech midway my Russian lessons two years ago but I decided to postpone it when I learned that it was almost the same language as Slovak (which was closely related to Polish, the latter is just more consonant-rich). I wanted to learn the three (Czech, Slovak & Polish) at the same time at a later less-congested schedule (more practical to learn closely-related ones in a language family at the same time after you've learned the major one- in this case, Russian). Though I've already learned the basic grammar & the most common vocabulary of Czech when I temporarily stopped (to just focus on Russian, and later Arabic).

The best way to start learning a language is through its songs. Learn the lyrics of a catchy one and that will be your foundation- the seed- for that language.

The two songs below were among my first Czech words. I can still remember them. That reminds me that it's about time I should pick up where I left off. The Scandinavian languages aren't really hard work. I am sure, I will be finally practicing my Czech, Slovak and Polish soon. I wonder if I would schedule a trip next year from Trom to Malaga which could easily have a midway detour to Prague, Bratislava, Krakow & Moscow before doubling back southwards. It would be the ultimate evolution if wouldn't need to resort to English at any point along the way and speak with the locals at their level. No need for political pretensions, just little conversations from the heart.

I still have to look up what is the equivalent of "strong stomach" in 6 of the 15 languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Polish) that I just might be speaking, hopefully all fluently, by this time next year.

Here's the most famous Czech rock acts in a duet.

Janek Ledecky & Petr Nagy - Někdy, je smích a někdy plač

Janek Ledecky- Proklínám

Text písně (Lyrics): Proklínám (Curse)

 Prázdnej byt je jako past
kde růže uvadnou
po tisící čtu tvůj dopis
na rozloučenou

Píšeš že odcházíš
když den se s nocí střídá
vodu z vína udělá
kdo dobře nehlídá

Píšeš: Proklínám
ty tvoje ústa proklínám
tvoje oči ledový
v srdci jen sníh
sám a sám
ať nikdy úsvit nespatříš
na ústa mříž oči oslepnou
ať do smrti seš sám

Tvoje oči jsou jak stín
a tvář den když se stmívá
stromy rostou čím dál výš
a pak je čeká pád

Sám s hlavou skloněnou
všechny lásky budou zdání
po tisící čtu tvůj dopis
na rozloučenou

Píšeš: Proklínám..