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REALITY MIMICKING COMEDY: A Horribhilarous World, After All! (Please read this if you're following our novel)

Kris Humphries

by Dick & Poli Tico

I got to reflect on the whole set-up of the serialization of the novel during my recent vacation. The novel is composed of 135 chapters so at the rate we're publishing, it will take us two years. However, I noticed that withholding the French scenes actually made it tighter. How about if all the withheld French scenes were carried into a second book instead? I packed so many subplots into the 135 chapters I have material for three books: in my revision plans, I could allocate 100% for the first one, 40% for the second and  25% for the third one.

Two recent events added to the dilemma. First is the almost deja vu event yesterday. In the novel, a candidate for the American presidency, an Inuit who became President because of anti-incumbent votes and not for his credentials, was forced to seek as last-resort the donations of gay groups because he couldn't raise money for his reelection campaign. It was that desperate decision which started a dark cascade of events in the US (already severely buffeted by contagion triggered by the financial collapse of Europe after the supposed crumbling of France a few weeks after the French Presidential election) which led to the downward spiral described in our Prologue, Chapter 2. The gay financiers figured the Inuit couldn't win anyway (the polls on gay marriage didn't matter much because it was a minor peripheral issue to 99% of the people, even to most gays, who were silently tired of controlling their vomit reflex anyway) but they were willing to pay big for the presumed publicity, which unfortunately incited instead the opposite effect as the depressive backdraft of the European collapse engulfed the US and the angry people sought redemption in a deadly blame game. The gays were the easiest scapegoats for the backlash (the symbolic Sodom & Gomorrha scenes of the novel, a few images of which were described in Chapter 2). I wonder how I would release that part at this time when its premise may mirror a currently evolving event. Talking of coincidences: we'll meet the Inuit President in the next chapter.

Second dilemma was the result of the recent French presidential election. In the novel, the chain of events leading to the Great Fall (the collapse of Western civilization) was triggered by the election of a Socialist President in France. Nobody really liked Sarkozy but Hsu, a Chinese Francophile character in the novel, didn't share the wishful thinking of some quarters who would gamble with a now regressive ideology in a testy environment just so they could arrest its slide into inevitable irrelevance with the dubious pretense to pit austerity vs. growth (remember, his country, communist China, renounced dogma in favor of practicality). Ironically, another real manifestation of what the novel has been harping about: dogma above all. For what? I thought it would be unfair to the French to depict their implosion while they were starting afresh with their hopes. So I decided that I would just feature the French scenes in the second book, which will be published next year yet. I think by that time, it will be ripe: France has been in a steady decline now for some time, even before Sarkozy, I don't think the new one can do anything to arrest it anyway. In real life, the ray of hope in France is that majority of the French Parliament belonged to the Right, only 197 Socialists out of the 577; they  should win in the June legislative elections so a Rightist will cohabit as Prime Minister and check Francois Hollande from deluding too much (The voting in the first round of the last presidential election showed the Rightist parties still predominate, Hollande's vote in the second round was merely anti-Sarkozy (anti-incumbent, like the Inuit above)- a post-election survey showed 55% of his voters voted because they wanted Sarkozy out, only 41% voted for him as the Socialist candidate). German Chancellor Angela Merkel was firm in her position that the European budgetary pact  was non-negotiable, and what could Francois Hollande do considering France has lost much of its economic leverage, it's one of the current deadweights actually. Merkel was a hostage herself of the wishes of the  German people so delusions of deposing her won't change things- Germany is currently growing because the Germans used their heads, not their mouths. And Hollande only has his mouth. In effect, the events in Europe are a metaphor of a passing age- believing that clueless mouths were still paramount and being a deadweight could still be a strength if you babble enough. That pretentious debate of croissance over austerity now, instead of waiting for the right circumstances, is a ghost of the mindset of people clinging to the delusions of an imploded past. As Hsu said,"These people have the gall to gamble Europe just to prevent their impractical politics from sliding into oblivion".

The original draft was working towards the climax as presented in the prologue: see Chapter 1 & 2. I was free to divulge the basic outlines there because what mattered most were the surprising twists which enhanced the hilarity of the situations (this is a comedy, after all). We started with Tina, our heroine, killing somebody in 2020. I decided to just revise the ending and end the first book when she would have killed the first victim in 2012 (though I will henceforth change the year into "mid-2000's"). The first book was more on how the "serial killing" of previous civilizations by history were mirrored on events in the present civilization. In the next two books, Tina herself will do the serial killing in the backdrop of the collapse of both Europe and the formation of NIUS from the US.

Now, we really have a "The Beaten Generation" series. One is practically finished, just needs finetuning; the other two are almost there- one half-done, the other one-fourth. Gay characters are only found in the first book. Again, the novel is a comedy so the annotation of the political collapse will not be depressing but hilarious. The defense mechanism of a dying civilization.

So the serialization of the novel will be irregular for a time while I finetune the revision (in my spare time). At least, with the expected 50-60 chapters of the revised first book, we'll finish publishing it within the year. Meanwhile, to cover for the slack, we'll feature some of the updated photosets from those that were sent to us by readers (mostly from Britain, Australia & Germany) which were withheld after we stopped daily publishing upon my sexual conversion. Photoset updates will be added below the post on Chapter 13.


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