Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GODS OF SOCCER: Robin van Persie of Arsenal, Premier League

If you're wondering why we are featuring athlete photosets in our old-style again, don't wonder anymore: a girl reader specifically addressed an email to Delilah complaining why there are too many gays in the novel and "nothing" for women. She twitted Delilah for not fighting that girls should have more "representation" in the blog. She wrote:"At least, you could have posted more pictures of the guys. You post a long novel dominated by gay characters then scrimp on the pictures of the normal guys, what should girls do in your blog? Aren't you wasting a girl in your group?"

Lol, it was a cute letter. Don't worry, Mary (her name), all the gays in the novel (except for one) are now either being killed or sexually converted so you can read all about the normal guys soon. Meanwhile, I allowed Delilah to release some of the photosets we withheld when we stopped publishing daily after my sexual conversion a year ago (we have enough photosets for 500 articles, most of them sent by British, Aussie and German readers, but we'll publish only those that don't look outdated, or at least, those we could update with more current images). We'll try it in the WEEKDAYS but for a LIMITED TIME only, we don't want to clutter the blog with too many beefcakes while the novel is running or our heterosexual "intellectual" male readers will also complain they can't find what they want to read in the haystack of sexy pictures. NOTE that the updates will be inserted below the current weekly novel chapter, the date of publication of which will advance as each update below it is posted. You can also access the novel through the links on the upper left sidebar.

I couldn't be irritated with Mary. She actually wrote she "still enjoyed the novel notwithstanding..., really very funny" and congratulated me. But the last part was what floored me:"The blog set the standards in publishing sexy sport pictures and nobody quite matched your style. Revive it again so everybody is reminded of what they should aspire for." Thanks, Mary! Anyway, except for the novel, it's already practically Poli & Delilah's blog. But they're busy people too, this blog is just a hobby among friends, though we're glad so many were involved no matter if the updates have been spur-of-the-moments lately.

Here's a song from the first Russian group whose album I bought, Korni, which you can listen to while meditating on our athlete of the day (I've featured one of their songs last year). Reread the last chapter (13) of the novel, I just had some corrections made.

КОРНИ  - Лепесток


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Thanks, Jane of Camden (London)