Friday, March 2, 2012

INTERMISSION: The Hilarious Tale of the Dude Who Went to Social Engineer the World but discovered he forgot to take his Brains with him

Let's have a "laugh-in" break. The next chapters are bloody so a breather just might help us collect our wits for the next surprises . How would America react to the anally "impaled" American commander in the frontline? That's next. Meanwhile, it may be time to reread the first 8 chapters, restitutions have been made. This novel was written on Thinkfree Android app, it is opened in Microsoft Word by the poster & it should be a simple copy & paste operation but extraneous kilometric codes of font appear in the Blogger editor which give askew look to the posted texts if uncorrected (likely bug in the Thinkfree-Word-Blogger compatibility). It is in editing those html codes when errors would appear, sometimes lines & words of the texts were mistakenly deleted in clearing out the codes & were not optimally rectified: whole lines still missing, wrong words ("were" becoming "was","n'est-ce pas" becoming "ce n'est pas", for instance), wrong spelling ("seated" to "sitted", lol), no punctuations especially in the other European languages, etc. It takes more than an hour now to post a chapter (compared to 5 minutes pre-novel) & require a lot of post-publishing editing. We didn't bother with single words or punctuations anymore but made sure the sense of each sentence was restored.

I received interesting reactions for my portrayal of the various clinical forms of Homophobia in the novel. I repeat, the campaign against Homophobia is stupid: Homophobia is a medical term, & if you misuse it, you're denouncing people who are victims themselves of a clinical condition. People have a right to have phobias like they have a right to catch cold & nobody has a right to condemn them for having those phobias. How do you know before condemning somebody who doesn't want to do anything with a gay man that he wasn't just pushed by his innate phobia because his symptoms were making him uncomfortable the longer the gay man stayed in front of him? What, people now are forbidden to have symptoms just because of some MORE special people? It appears that way because people are now insulted just for having the temerity to have symptoms. Condemn the crime if ever there was one but not the condition itself. That goes to show you the low quality of the minds who designed this campaign (have you heard a campaign against agoraphobia in public?). That gives you also a hint as to the gullibilty of so-called intellectual people, which includes public personalities, politicians & even judges (who even decided strange cases against it) who readily joined this hare-brained charade unquestioningly. Not that I blame them totally, I did too until I was inundated by insults for having the temerity to describe my symptoms in this blog & it dawned on me some clowns thought themselves master of my body. What's their politics got to do with the fact I was only attracted to straight men because gay men revolted me sexually? And these clowns have the nerve to politically blackmail me to submit to their delusions. Swallow my vomit for them? Did I hear somebody shout we were taken for mere herds of simpletons? To think this has been a big-ticket campaign in the West & so many "intellectuals" were caught displaying the lazy processing power of their brains & their low regard for basic ethics & justice. If the basic issues were not even understood, how sure were the clowns that they know what they were doing, much less where they were going?

Wonder now why the West is declining?

Lol (ok, let's laugh our heads off at this point. I told you, laugh-in break this week).

Here's another: they actually planned to social engineer the world. Believe it or not. Imagine a world of Keystone cops.

Ok, another big LOL here.

Actually, all those who were too free to use that term to condemn anybody who unknowingly might have had real phobic symptoms are liable legally, especially those ignorant judges who deserve to be removed from their posts or they will just create more damages because of their low level of basic appreciation of the nuances of a simple definition. Was an action because of religious belief or just a "misunderstood" phobia by an ignorant defendant which they or he himself inadvertedly attributed to his religion? Was he given a medical clearance in court? Of course, if they are still concerned of their credibility, those public personalities & politicians who have been guilty of the same should hide forever unless they have no shame in pretending they have not been a party in the spread of ignorance & callous injustice. So how can this campaign have moral footing if it's blanketly offending vulnerable people right from the start even if they did it with the pretext of helping other vulnerable people? If they're sharp, they should know the complexion of the beast has already changed. We'll tackle more of that in future chapters of the novel, some of the more interesting & "intellectual" scenes.

I personally feel homophobia & other phobias are just part of the continuum of man's defense to protect himself from unwanted stimuli. The spectrum of symptoms could range from mild discomfort to nausea to violent vomiting. You can not condemn somebody who wanna puke from seeing ugly people, same with somebody who gets nauseous dealing with gay people. Now, if the gay activists were wiser, they should have borrowed more brain cells before pretending to be quack doctors & embarking in their dubious battle. The wisest thing to do is preventive: advise gay men they can never be good stimuli everytime, that the politics of equality is a delusion (by now, that is obvious) & be realistic because somebody might never realize what hit him when he suddenly feel this overwhelming gross feeling when he's confronted with a gay man that his first impulse (REFLEX, meaning unconsciously) is to get rid of the offending stimulus, like swatting REFLEXIVELY a pesky fly. Justice is a two-way street, let's not forget if we pretend we're civilized.

It's not a question of being liberal just to be different from the conservatives. It's having a working brain. The sad part was this was a part of the effort to supposedly "modernize" the world. Knowing now what we know, I wonder what kind of world. I wonder less now though why everything seems to be in decline even now.

Really, enough of amateur time. The world has more real problems.

In researching for the novel's basic premise of a "beaten generation", I posed a question to myself: could I conceive situations where the present civilization could collapse? It turned out I could, but of course, we would not delve into them. Enough that we delineate some of the forces at work. It is in the vortex of such forces where unfolds our story which I think is very interesting & very original. Why "comedy"? I didn't plan it that way initially. But after analysing the times during which it was to take place, I suddenly found it unsuitable, hilarious even, to make it serious & forboding like the usual thrillers. It supposed to happen at a time when all the noisy claims of modernity by so-called progressives (which included me before I had the insight) are made amidst growing signs of obvious decline. So I had this mental image of a people in a floundering ship who were noisily breast-thumping they were "too modern" to sink but which might sink anytime anyway or be forced to turn back to where they came from because the boat was taking in water. Circular forces pervade history & all that modernization hoopla just got hit by an undertow. Alleged social justice & progress amidst decline... if that's not comedy, what is? In effect, things suddenly became pretentious, that explains the prevailing theme. You get the sense we are at a certain "juncture" in history where all these hot debates or political events would be irrelevant shortly because different sets of parameters might suddenly be operative. Nowadays you have this thick "whistling in the dark" edge in the air.

Is the novel leftist or rightist? Outdated question. Really modern intelligent people don't box in their minds. The multilingual quotations in the novel are 70% from leftist newspapers &/or European, while 70% of the characters in the novel are rightist &/or American. We barely scratched the surface. This novel is not the usual tight thriller good for one afternoon. It's an epic thriller which is, lest anybody forget it, a comedy. The victims here are civilizations. So can I pull it off? So far it's good, like a journalist friend of mine said "it's the first silent bestseller, nobody would be caught reading it but they just have to read it anyway". Lol. Fine by me.

Actually, I'm glad of the reception from the most unlikely quarters which led to fresh discussions about new ways to look at democracy itself & even religion.

Tina Ford has many fans already. A girl wrote I shouldn't make her kill again, she's "too cute" to be a killer. Hmm, really?

I have readers who are always asking for my music. We didn't publish last week. I'm on my German phase now. The best metal rock is produced in Germany. My current playlist includes my favorite Medieval-Metal rocker Subway to Sally & the two Industrial Metal stalwarts, Oomp! & Rammstein. I was listening to the album "Schwarz in Schwarz" by Subway to Sally while writing the above post.