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THE BEATEN GENERATION: The Dick Principle (Chapter 6)

by Dick & Poli Tico

NOTE: The quotations were culled from current headlines but the novel was written last year yet. I noted some current events mirror some scenes in the novel, I credit that to my informed imagination. You'll notice I withheld a two-paragraph section, it will appear AFTER the Presidential elections in France. I wrote it last year but apparently I was accurate in guessing the protagonists. France is supposed to be where the Great Fall begins because of that election, not Greece, & I don't want to besmirch the candidates before the elections due to my overactive imagination. This novel is followed by my French friends but they support different candidates. Lol. Another thing: I invoked literary license: the Greek government is headed by a Prime Minister but I made him a President instead. I introduced new literary devices here: the multilingual quotations which are a little novel by themselves. I'll introduce a new one today: relating events that will occur in the future in the present time just to remove the growing impression they are the climax of the story (though I withheld a big part due to abovementioned temporary self-regulation). I call it "counter-climactic jump back" (to prevent my friends from asking the ending, I anticipated that). Something more surprising is in store at the end. This novel is the first of "The Beaten Generation" series featuring Tina Ford. Yes, like Mr. Ripley of Patricia Highsmith, she will not die. Captured? Let's see, little suspense. I'm preparing the next one.

Chapter 6: Still More Tales of Highly-evolved Has-beens

“ ...Vous nous ramenez jour après jour à ces idéologies européennes qui ont donné naissance aux camps de concentration...Est-ce que vous considérez que le nazisme était une civilisation ? Est-ce que vous pensez que ce type de pensées-là ne risque pas de nous conduire à ce que nous avons connu avec les camps de concentration?"
Serge Letchimy, French Deputy, Martinique

"Oh I insulted the Queen. How very dare I. #growup"
Matt Zarb-Cousin, secretary, Young Fabians

"L'UE chiede di agire"
Elsa Fornero, Minister of Labor, Italy

"Ik ben geil!"
a horny Dutch

January 20, 2012 Paris, Orly Airport

Hsu liked to call it a "happy coincidence". Whenever homosexuals became very prominent in any civilization, be it in Biblical Sodom, in ancient Greece or in Imperial Rome, that civilization was due for substitution. He was sure the present one which arose from the ashes of the Roman Empire was in for a correction.

He has always been fascinated by the patterns & cycles of nature. Science is nothing but discovering and deciphering those patterns & cycles, and any serious reader of Western history won't miss the signs, Hsu thought. There was no mistaking it, the time of China has come. Its consistent rise was coming at a time when the West was steadily disintegrating. The Western media was filled with bleak reports on the effects of the depression which started lashing at financial markets since 2008. But he thought that was the lesser problem, they were barking at a mere symptom. They preferred not to look at the underlying general unraveling of the system itself. The West simply had no more way of growing competitively & has become an arrogant dinosaur due for extinction. There's a common thread in the fall of civilizations- hubris. When one has his nose in the air, he couldn't see clearly the ground shifting.

He was curious about a recurring theme in Western history: the greater the level of influence of homosexuals in an imperial society, the nearer the downfall of that society. He thought it must be really rotten behind the facade to offer no resistance to the dregs. In that society, everything has been reduced into a game of facades. He suddenly thought of a drag queen. Beautiful & flashy outside but fake & depressed inside. He thought of the many muscular gays clogging the gyms whenever he entered one in the West. Who were they kidding? Then the false glitter of Hollywood! The coopted media events to subliminally control the thoughts of the gullible! All contrived facades. It amused him to discover homosexuals were at the forefront of the current facades of the West.

They are the indicators, he thought.

He's a Buddhist, no longer an atheist, but he was well-read about the Judeo-Christian roots of the adversary. He has been a reluctant admirer, but lately, only one word glimmered in his mind. No, not Sodom. Thebes!

January 20, 2012 Los Angeles

He often read about the presumed prosperity of the decade before the depression of 2008. He didn't quite agree. How about mere impression of prosperity due to easy money flying all around? In short, debts.

Herbert Caldwell II, assessed by Fortune Magazine to be worth $21 billion last year, knew all about money. He knew it took a special kind of people to earn the big money needed to feed the delusion of the politicians. Finance is not one plus one equals two. One plus one could be a million if the right sentiments were at hand. But it required an ideal setup hermetically sealed from the ignoramuses to attain that. Especially the dense political types who love dipping their hands where they had no business doing so.

When the past Greek Socialist Party politicians discovered the financial connections of some monks with the then reigning Conservatives, they tried to score a political point to use in the approaching elections. More often than not, money grew because some people have the savvy, not because of greed. The monks were only trying to raise money to save neglected monasteries, which the then Greek government facilitated by twisting some rules along the way. Another government of another political party would have done so if they were in power. But reason is often not a priority in politics, especially in Greece, where Western democracy, most have forgotten, was born. The Socialists won because of the ensuing scandal, but they drove Greece instead to the abyss. The new Greek President tried to drive the final nail on his political enemies by revealing the financial holes they left behind at a time when financial markets worldwide were being pummeled after the US subprime debacle. He was blissfully innocent of the ramifications of his grandstanding stupidity, Herbert concluded with contempt. Instead of diving in responsibly to contain the ripples, the Greek President announced it to the world & spooked all the already rattled creditors not only of Greece but all the deadbeats of the Euro zone particularly the laid-back Southern part. Now they were all standing over quicksand. High finance would be unnerved when one plus one become two. It would go crazy if they become, like in the case of Greece, negative two.

Herbert sighed. It's more convenient to analyze other people's financial troubles, he thought. It pained him to do so with those of his own country.

He was living right in the financial sinkhole of the US. California.

Paul, his primary financial consultant, mentioned something yesterday which baffled him. He was not particularly superstitious, neither was Paul, but a battle-tested intuition didn't discount anything. After giving him his daily appraisal of the various financial markets, Paul suddenly blurted: "Isn't it curious that in all the big states where gays congregate, those places are heavily indebted? I'm toying with developing a Financial Congregated-Gay Risk Index- financial uncertainty proportionally increases the bigger the congregated gay population of an area is."

"I know they are really a negligible market contrary to their propaganda pretensions to gain leverage, but I should assume they were creating value-added services?"

"That's my presumption too. There must be more to it. There must be already a widening sinkhole in there to tolerate all those gays in the first place. Gays are probably indicators of some not yet evident degradation somewhere."


"Social, political. Intellectual. Anything."

"Like California?"

"Especially California. Much of the money lost in California were scooped up by unions. I wonder if similar forces were at work behind the politicized gay movement too. Very likely, I think."

"The good old Leftists?"

"Most of the gays aren't political. Out of desperation they would just cling to anybody who could provide them hope, attention. I wonder how many really wanted to get married. Nobody even thought of marrying two decades ago. Or how many are foolish enough to even believe they really will ever be treated like any normal boy? Just the feeling of being organized will give them the false sense of empowerment, I think. That's an old leftist tactic. Identify a need, organize a sector, convince them they need it, create the conflicts to rattle the hated society & you have captive fodders for your cannon for your bigger agenda.''

"Which is?"

"I'm a Catholic & gays have the best treatments in Catholic countries. I've gone around. Effeminate gays could be seen on TV from Brazil to Italy for decades. My gay friends said they really have the best sex in Catholic countries. Gays have far better acceptance in Mexico, Brazil, Italy than in America. But why was the Pope so vilified by Leftist-led gay propaganda? It's not enough, true, but no need to encourage impossible expectations. They created this impossible wedge called gay marriage which they know the Church could never give because it would be changing its teachings just to pander to a special few. The impossibility works for them because that will always disappoint gays, making them more pliant for their intended role... pawns to erode religion which is the prime obstacle to the old grand leftist design to social engineer society. "

"I'm familiar with the technique. Everything decided at the top, the flock just have to follow thinking it was for their own good, innocent of the fact they are being used for something else. Just like the California peace officers. They just let the union fight for them as long as they get the money, innocent that the city would be bankrupt in time because of them. Just a socialist corruption of a market competitive maneuver, only it doesn't intend to destroy business competition but a hated society itself."

"Destruction is sought to build their delusion over it. Millions have been killed over that delusion & nowhere near their objective. In their last census, 71% of the British still believe in a Christian god. And with the coming economic step-down in the West, expect people to return to their religion again. After flirting with a brief prosperity & liberalism, the down and out Spaniards flocked to see the Pope. Evangelicals are even now suddenly sprouting in France. They believe America is game because of its high rate of believers. But they will have to fight forever. And gays are reliable bullets as long as somebody promised to fight for them for whatever, and that is forever because they will always be gay."

"Well they could test their religion-free dogmas in the small countries of Eastern Europe. I can't see any utopias there now. The last time I looked, I didn't even want to invest." The trademark Herbert Caldwell guffaw exploded."That reminds me of these militants. Funny they like to think of themselves as intellectuals but I don't seem to see them around where the real intellects are."

"Part of the delusion. That they have more abstract thinking than anybody to sustain their delusions. More compensatory than anything. After all, more ego boost to be seen fighting society than accept your own demons. Like you always say, pretending to be intellectuals to justify to themselves why they are big losers. "

Again, a series of guffaws exploded. "Oh, that's a mouthful. You should be a politician. Republican now?"

"Still nominally a Democrat but it's more a tradition, just because my father was an immigrant. But most Latinos aren't necessarily voting Democrats anymore. I myself don't want to paint myself in a box. That old categorizing is outdated. I am against war but I believe in free markets like you."

"You don't believe in gay marriage?"

"I don't think you have to call it as such. Science uses specific terms for everything just to keep order. Same sex union shouldn't be a special case. It should have its own clear terminology. No need to muddle the neat order just because of capricious politics. You want gays to be treated like everybody else but you push them to be a special case instead, inviting resistance & setting him up for possible backlash in the process. Gays could be cute but you turned them into villains. You need goodwill, no need to be smart-aleck."

"I agree. Gays will be gays forever anyway. A sense of balance & reality have been lost somewhere."

"Balance & reality are not part of the delusion. I've gone to Holland. They had had gay marriage there for ten years. But gays there are treated like any other gays in other educated countries. Educated people anywhere won't hassle you as long as you don't make yourself a nuisance. They will still pummel you if you do. But gays in their daily lives are better treated in Brazil or Thailand where they don't allow gay marriage. Treated like other normal boys? Not by a long shot. Heterosexual boys simply have their own culture & gays are out of place there, no matter what their delusions would say. All the political revolutions & hallucinations in the world simply won't change that."

"Man couldn't be guinea pigs to delusions. But you seem to know a lot about gays..."

"Latinos are good Catholics. We grow up treating gays like human beings. Basic Christian teaching. But if you want my opinion, I also know about feminists who'll never become a man so they will shrivel up alone because their husbands will rather put up with a younger one than with their rigid political prescriptions, not to mention their wrinkles, of course."

Herbert was allergic to the topic of feminism. He had the same wife for 50 years. "I never thought you were religious..."

"I returned to it. It filled a void my own delusions couldn't fill."

Herbert himself was agnostic but he respected the believers, he found them to give stability to the American heartland. They were the bedrock why America became the wealthiest country on earth & it was not a coincidence that the floundering parts were where those who mock them lived. Like floundering California. More often than not, those he found mocking them were those who needed religion to straighten themselves up in the first place.

His underlings knew Herbert Caldwell II was homophobic. Not the political kind but the clinical one. He had real pathologic phobia on gays. He developed nausea, even vomiting, just in the presence of one. All the 100,000 employees working in his business concerns were confirmed heterosexuals (complete with background checks) as a matter of necessity. All his close business contacts were already aware of his "strictness". They always sent their most heterosexual emissaries when dealing with Herbert Caldwell II. But he didn't hate gays: he built a foundation that gave scholarships to deserving gay students. But as a preventive measure, he never got to meet anyone of them.

"Regarding your Financial Congregated-Gay Risk Index...Make a formal report on that one. I mean exhaustive. We don't want to be caught flat-footed now, do we?"

Then he remembered something. "Isn't Herman Schonberg gay?" he suddenly asked.

"The film mogul? As far as I know, he has a wife. I heard stories but..."

Of course, Herbert knew the truth. He just got the confirmation that morning. He was just testing the reaction of Paul. Herbert Caldwell II ultimately knew everything.

"I have my usual get-together with Herman tomorrow," he said gravely.

That was yesterday. He came early for their meeting. He would have liked to cancel it but he knew he had to hold the line this last time around. He wanted to clear some things first before finally cutting off forever. He knew Herman was on his way in his sports car. Let Herman Schonberg have his last dramatic entrance.

He took two 500 mg. capsules of Plasil (Metoclopramide, anti-vomiting) as precaution.

Then he remembered his last question to Paul yesterday. "Your father was not a police or fireman?"

"No, he was a laborer. He was never used as an unwitting pawn to any delusion."

Was it a concidence that the Thebans were in California?

January 20, 2012 Paris

When he arrived in Paris that morning from Hongkong, Hsu immediately saw a bunch of sashaying queens but he didn't have the slightest inkling of the great cataclysm that would befall his favorite European city just a few months later.

Everybody was expecting Greece would be the trigger. Surprisingly (to the delight of the Britons before the backdraft reached them two years later), France will turn out to be the epicenter of the Great Financial Fall of 2012. Did anybody even believe French democracy was forever? On his way from the airport, as Hsu watched from the taxi window the noisy electoral supporters loiter the streets of Paris, never did it cross his mind that it would only take one day for the new dictator to take over the whole country just a few months after the coming Presidential elections.


The new French dictator Alain Belmondo will adopt the same mocking tone on his initial speech: "My fellow French who all turned into folles! You didn't even give me the pleasure of sweating a bit in becoming a dictateur. I never thought becoming a dictator could be so boring! What fraternite? It's sororite! You are all Franggots!"

Nobody will understand the word. All the educated French who knew English will all evacuate themselves after the cluster bomb explosion so those left behind will never know the etymology of the word. Moreover it will be pronounced with a silent "ts". But the French will find it cute so they will start calling themselves "Les frangots".

By 2015, Paris will be called the "Pyongyang of Europe" because of its dramatic funerals. They will choose the most beautiful girls from around the country & train them to the techniques of the correct way of wailing a la Pyongyang during state funerals as meticulous as they would teach chefs in French cooking schools. By 2011, in a poll taken by Lonely Planet, French cooking was already judged only the tenth in terms of preference among a sample of travellers, way below Vietnamese & Italian. It will be the thirtieth most preferred by 2015 so somebody will have the practical idea to just apply the precise vintage cooking techniques to the proper way of wailing a la Pyongyang: ... Now, mademoiselle, think of an onion, punch it, cut it brusquely then imagine the vapors stinging your eyes, then wail...

Today, Hsu was still unaware of those future events. He was in Paris as representative of the Chinese government on a conference called "Final Evolution of Man". He never bothered to read the documents emailed to him. He has become jaded from this kinds of conferences. He sensed he won't have to put up for long.

He met at the hotel lobby some of the participants of the event. Same faces, he thought. It will start the next day yet but already, an effeminate 60-year old white-haired man from Spain was speaking as if declaiming on a podium, "... I have already been married to my husband for twenty years but our evolution is not yet finished because there is no real equality in two men being married to each other if they excluded women from their sexual lives. In order to have final equality, we must all be bisexuals, & through time, if we are really serious in becoming equal to each other, then we will be equal. We were still unable to get it up with women but we expect to do so when we reach the age of 70 or 80. Hopefully, before we die. Everybody can do that if we can control politically the factors that could condition & reprogram society, & ultimately, man, even his sexuality. We should submit to the programs of modern evolutionary imperatives..."

Hsu snorted. I'm already normal now, why should I want to be abnormal just to be equal with this marginalised delusional fag? Just as he thought, another pretentiously intellectual wacko gathering. The Chinese have done more to experiment with equality, killing millions in the process, but they have long ago outgrown it, it was just a futile exercise in stoking man's natural crab mentality. Western intellectuals refused to learn from China's experience thinking they were always of a higher breed, defeating their hypocritic egalitarian pretentions right at the gate. They refused to heed the signs around them... well, let them self-destruct with their delusions. It's too easy to pretend superiority when one is compensating for an unacceptable reality. Yes, he thought, economics & politics go hand in hand... weaken one & you weaken both. Who would bother listening to these idiots if they came from Bhutan? Well, that's their future. China helped the unfortunate but they shouldn't be the reason to weigh down the whole society. The dregs shouldn't blackmail morality & civilization. This Spaniard probably thought the final evolution of man is for everybody to be mutated into a wasp, he concluded. But no, you can't even program a wasp. The delusional Spanish model was a human clay.

The next day after France will have become a dictatorship, Spain will likewise turn into one. In ten minutes. No casualty whatsoever. After the unemployment will have hit 50%, the people will collectively decide as if by divine national epiphany that they should just stop pretending they were "modern" once & for all. They will chase the pretentious with bulls. They were rulers of the world when they were supposedly backwards, one smart-aleck unemployed garbageman will say to anybody who would listen to him at Puerta del Sol. They will declare a National Day of Siesta, then immediately following it, a National Week of Fiesta. The new dictator will be called Franco Segundo, in honor of the last dictator General Franco. He was the garbageman.

There will be heavy betting among bookies in London that the other Latin deadbeat, Italy, will fall within 5 minutes. Not advisable to underestimate Italian food, they will all be wrong.

January 20, 2012 Los Angeles

Tina held her breath. She just drove past the needle-like Schonberg Thebes Tower. She thought it was the car of Tony which turned left inside a courtyard just across the road. Sweet Dreams Motel.

January 20, 2012 Los Angeles

Herman Schonberg strode majestically into the room. He just came from a month-long vacation in his island near Madagascar & his teeth were sparkling bulbs over his deep-tan as he smiled widely when he saw his old friend. Herbert was the 12th, but Herman was the 22nd richest man in America &, between them, they have a net value bigger than that of a middle-income South American country. They've been close friends since they started their "Clash of the Titans games" five years ago. Their differences in politics were no obstacle to their friendship. Brothers, they started calling themselves.

Then yesterday, Herbert received the package. It contained an external hard drive containing about a hundred videos showing Herman having sex with various actors.

When he clasped the offered hands of Herman, Herbert knew the Plasil was useless. He could feel his stomach upwelling. The next thing he knew, his breakfast was all over the white suit of his erstwhile friend.

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