Sunday, January 1, 2012


Bruno Senna, Brazil

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

NOTE: From now on, when I use the word "gay" in a critical way, I'm referring to B-lister gay. The definition is found on the left sidebar.


This is not supposed to be hilarious.

So, we have another new year. The Western world, touched by supposedly "modern, avant-garde" thinking & replete with liberal intellectuals who are supposedly really compassionate & very determined-to-social-engineer-the-world to their vision of a better one, must be advancing to a future of equality, sophistication & greatness. Right?

Wrong. Must be the latter-day version of the Peter Principle (I call it the Dick Principle): just like with professional competency, there's a limit to acceptable delusions.

The world doesn't stop turning. Reality reasserts itself always no matter how flamboyant or hypocritically well-meaning the delusions of those inhabiting it: at the end of the last year, five of the ten richest countries in the world are no longer Western economies (based only on nominal GDP, it's more depressing if we use GDP by PPP). Brazil just dislodged the UK as the 6th largest economy, after the US, China, Japan, Germany & France. Britain is only ahead of Italy, Russia & India. Two of the Top 10 are considered authoritarian by Western standards while two are nominally democratic because they conduct elections but are de facto feudal societies (which most of the world actually are outside the Western liberal democracies so expect feudalism to remove its Western democratic facade as the West recedes in influence). Japan, as observed on how it conducted itself during the tsunami that ravaged it early last year, relies more in Asian style consensus-building for the common good, unlike the contentious Western predilection of highlighting the personal over the communal rights. But here's the meat: all the 5 Western countries in the list are drowning in debts while the supposedly undemocratic China & Russia are drowning in cash. Ten years from now, it is predicted that only one Western economy will be at the top five (US, China, Japan, Russia, India). In 2030, the biggest economy then, China, will be twice as large as the second, the US. More or less, you have a clear idea there might be a very different world indeed.

If that comes to pass, it's a no-brainer there will be new politics.

The recent economic free fall in the West occurred during a period when all the sensitivity campaigns in order to supposedly intensify the "modernization" of men were at their strongest. A self-appointed elite even had the gall to arbitrarily enforce a dictatorship of political correctness outside the "dreaded" elected governments in pursuit of their own sectoral vision (or was it delusion?). Isn't it curious that at a time when the verbal acrobatics for those "modernizations" were at their loudest, the real lives of real people in the real world were instead fast degenerating? The funny thing is that all the degradation came at a time when the lives & prospects of supposedly "repressed" people, who were supposed-to-be unable to fight for their own good, were zipping past & leaving everybody behind instead. Anybody left in the West who is still tough enough to face up to life's real challenges after all the sensitivity sessions prescribed for his "modernization" by supposedly touching base with his feminine side? The previously audacious West must be so soft, therefore modern (?), by now- but, curious, why is his lifestyle degraded & his options bleaker instead? Mere coincidence?

The current economic troubles didn't appear out of a vacuum. Nobody really ever missed a chance to grandstand so blame goes around. A fatal quirk in the system was simply exposed. It always allow that a political urgency could be conjured for even the most delusional pretension. The more discerning could only buy themselves time. Nobody among the Top Ten richest countries of the world recognizes gay marriage, the personal right du jour of the pretentious in the recent past. The only relatively well-off country before which recognizes it, Spain, was so pretentiously "modern" it was dislodged by India out of the Top 10. Now, it's not only on the verge of financial collapse, but the past Spanish government proved themselves to be "so modern" at social engineering they managed to make nearly half of the Spanish youth population out of work (43-46 %). Lamentably, the system allows any incompetent to conveniently appropriate the political noise of the moment to deviate the attention from the economic damage he has wrought before the suckers (or in political parlance, the supposedly powerful people) could realize they've been had. As soon as hard reality sunk in, the incompetent, who had the gall to pretend as modern, avant-garde & liberal, was booted out of office. But unfortunately, the damage has been done. And some dense deadbeats question now why politics have become secondary to economics in the twilight days of the formerly progressive Western civilization?

If supposedly undemocratic countries like China & Russia are skyrocketing before your eyes & your people are realizing they have lesser options than their supposedly backward parents, until when could you pretend your politics is worth your saliva? What, more intensified "sensitivity" building? More "modernizing" pretension? More "intellectual, avant-garde, liberal" posturing?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now the pudding has maggots.

Economics, like sex, could only be real. Politics could subsist on wishful thinking. 2011 was a year when the art of political wishful thinking became the drug of choice to deny delusionary tendencies. The Hollywood gays must have been rendered perennially stoned by the constant doses of foiled wishful thinking. The latest attempt, the film which should have inculcated in everybody's mind that Hoover was gay, bombed as usual. It was the lowest earning in a Clint Eastwood-directed & Leonardo de Carpio-starred movie, beaten soundly in the box-office by a movie starred in by actors suspected as gays but who refused to heed the clamor by gays to identify themselves as gay (one even outed himself years ago but has now a girl friend; one had a two-year relationship before with a gay male singer but is now a ladies' man; the others have girls but are gossiped as bisexuals at least). This followed a familiar trail of carcasses of burned delusions: who can forget the disappearance into oblivion of a nascent superstar, Brandon Routh, when the big-budgeted film he starred in, which supposed to have lent superhero patina to gays, also failed to recoup its investment in "Superman Returns". Brandon promptly married a girl afterwards but to no avail, the gay deadweight proved too heavy. This in turn followed the disappearance into irrelevance of the then very hot Colin Farrell after he was made to publicize the bisexuality of an empire builder in "Alexander", which expectedly flopped despite the costly wishful thinking. Not even the release of a sex tape to underscore his heterosexuality showing him having sex with a girlfriend erased the poison dealt to his career by a B-lister gay delusion. It's obvious, after seeing the results, Leonardo de Caprio won't ever consider now the suggestion he should out himself just like what the gay gallery has been clamoring him to do. Clint Eastwood must be wondering how he got himself embroiled into the project late in his career. Not only was his past of being a boytoy of a gay writer dredged, he's now managed to include himself in the much-gossiped lists of Hollywood closet gays among gays themselves. Everybody loves to kid themselves gays are hot nowadays. Really? But as my Singaporean friend described it, they just developed bubbles where they could kid themselves but the "suggestible" part of the media which should have hyped that bubble is powerless because it is struggling for attention itself. The world would rather play "Angry Birds" than be sucker to delusions. Reality bites in the end.

Reality check for 2012.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Belated but I thought we all deserved our vacations.

My friend Greg will have his sexual conversion therapy next week. His fourth try. He has a modest target: just to be a bisexual. But he resolved he'll start self-identifying as "straight" starting this year. He's straight because he only loves straight men anyway.