Tuesday, January 17, 2012

INTERMISSION: Why Do Gays Always Sashay Noisily Just Before The End of a Civilization?

JJ Engelbrecht

I wrote a novel about a year ago but I almost never got around to finishing it. This blog might have been started as a prank among bored friends, but in writing it, I eventually discovered along the way that I might have some writing skill after all. A belated realization actually (though modesty aside, I suspected it all along, I just never was inspired to develop writing as a profession). So I tried writing a novel almost capriciously on my few spare time. I think I have created a very fascinating (& very original) thriller character, Tina Ford, a human rights fighter cum serial killer, but I was pressed for time then, I almost never got around to see it completed. Until later, suddenly I had lots of free time when I stopped my manhunt expeditions after my sexual conversion into heterosexuality (& a subsequent serious relationship with my present girlfriend). I'm now really a heterosexual, I am now “slightly” (to be diplomatic) repulsed by the gay topics I used to & still have to discuss here, sad to say. But though I've been publishing only once a week now since my sexual conversion nearly a year ago, this blog is still the biggest recourse for lovers of straight men in the web so it would be a waste to throw it away just like that. Many still have the same journey. Many still send pictures just to convince me to publish daily again like in its heyday (I mostly publish Rugby pics as concession to the Brits who sent more than half of those featured here). So I decided we'll just serialize the novel, better so I don't have to think about Muscle Mary's every week. Delilah will take care of the beefcake images. Poli is the publisher & co-author. We're serializing the original novel but I wove over it a satirical take on the current political landscape. It just enhanced the surreal but fascinating adventure of Tina Ford.

Thus, our novel "The Beaten Generation" was born.

There are gay characters, but just like in real life, they play minor roles, just to dress up the story. This is a political thriller which delves on the bigger forces which shape the events of the world in a particular juncture of its evolution, or mutation, if you may. The current gay politics is just a symptom of a bigger malaise that is bedeviling the system. Behind the glitz & the boa (the delusions), it's steadily imploding underneath. If ever, the best metaphor that comes to mind which could best represent the formerly rich Western civilization is a flamboyant aging drag queen who is still sizzling on the spotlight but in reality was on the last ropes of a drug-filled downsliding life. Why do gays always appear very prominent during the end of a civilization be it in Sodom, Greece, Rome? This novel isn't about that but the background where it played out will be similar territory. It isn't anti-anyone, it is anti-delusion. Gays have always been here but when something (or someone) leads them to sashay into delusions, history tends to vomit that particular civilization.

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