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THE BEATEN GENERATION: The Dick Principle (Chapter 4)

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, SOURCES OF QUOTATIONS IN THE NOVEL: Fortune, Time, New York Times, Washington Post; Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Sun, Telegraph; Rue89, Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Liberation, L'Humanite, L'Equipe; De Telegraaf, Volkskrant, Geenstijl; Die Burger (South Africa); Stern, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel; La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, Il Giornale, Libero, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto; Pravda, Novaya Gazeta; El Pais, ABC, Vanguardia; Tages Anzeiger; O Globo; Sidney Morning Herald; Clarin; As-Sharq Al-Awsat; Hongkong Standard; Strait Times; Hindustan Times. All the financial data were from New York, London, Singapore & Zurich finance sources. We used real economic data, or scientifically projected if in the future.

I will release an ebook online after the completion of its serialization before the end of the year. Some chapters will be reconstituted to their longer original form. Donald is translating it into Mandarin & Arabic while I myself will be translating it into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Dutch & possibly Afrikaans (related to Dutch). I've started with the first 3, simultaneously.

Chapter 4: Tales of Highly-Evolved Has-Beens

"Meebesturen doet pijn. We hebben pijnlijke ombuigingen moeten accepteren"
Geert Wilders, Dutch politician, PVV

"... But at the risk of enraging all the feminists the world over, here goes. I want a great love. I want to disappear into the sunset with my soulmate. I want to walk down the aisle again wearing an ivory dress with my knight in shining armor...
Liz Jones, British journalist

"Je préfère mes filles à mes nièces, mes nièces à mes cousines... "
Marine Le Pen, French politician, FN

"...e il momento della concorrenza"
Mario Monti, Prime Minister, Italy

January 15, 2012 Hong Kong

Overthink and you'll find yourself on the moon. There's no way to return to reality but to take the plunge down...

Perhaps, by 3000 AD, the future earthlings would call it the "Western Spring". They will most likely look back almost wistfully to the idealistic innocence & would sigh as if remembering the mischief of forgotten childhood pranks- "They really believed they could outwit their animal genes!"

It's dangerous, he thought, to assume that evolution could only be a straightforward process. Mutations litter the genetic pool at its wake. It is degenerative evolution that creates cancers. Cancers kill. Often, cancer is dealt with denial. What if it's already Stage 3? Irradiation? Surgery? Certainly, chemotherapy won't be enough anymore. How about wishful thinking?


Hsu looked at the breathtaking array of skyscrapers along the harbor. It was audacious, fearless British men who planted the seeds of that spectacular concrete wall. How time flies. What happened... something neutered along the way?

January 15, 2012 Los Angeles

Love trumps them all.

Something shrill within her brain, like a menopausal spinster aunt, was screaming it was terribly wrong but she's just so happy. It couldn't be wrong if she felt like dancing in heaven. No, not heaven, she was supposed to be an atheist, but... Oh, she was just happy, period. Words. Words. Go away, words. Drown me, happiness. Take my soul, my body, my whole being, away into your arms...

All her life, Tina fought for something. She deserved this break. All her life, her mind worked tirelessly to combat life's injustices, but she now only wanted to flow with the tide of sensuous feelings flooding every fiber of her being. She's 50 for Godsakes, she deserved all the love she could still squeeze from life (she actually noticed she used the word "God" there but she was so flowing with good feelings... who cares... ).

Stella was aghast. "You're flushing your principles down the toilet, lady! You're a backward woman! Shame on you!"

"I'm just so happy, Stella!" She was so happy she didn't mind the askew eyelashes of Stella. Probably cheap like always, made in Nigeria?

"How can you lose your head over a man, much less to a younger man. Twenty years older! And he makes you giggly as if you were a little girl! You have no self-respect, you're a shame to all self-respecting women on the earth, you're a degenerate, you just signed your green card to the dumpster, you know that?" Gosh, Stella's shoes was cracking. Didn't she buy that only last week? Obviously cheap again, made in Uganda?

Then Stella regained her cool, sighed, then calmly looked at her."Anyway, we will be busy this week. I bet you'll regain your sanity by Friday." She strode to her desk. Tina saw something awry with the hem of the dress of Stella but she checked herself this time. What for?... happiness should prevail today. She could be the most magnaninous highly evolved person on earth when happy. She already knew her friend was a cheap hick from Omaha. All her political immersions really never lifted her much from the farm. She could never overwrite what was written in her genes. Poor Stella, bad taste forever.

"We have to write that Australian athlete. She used the word Faggot in her twitter. Ray from the Gay Glorification League called our help." Stella immediately assumed her "in serious business" look.

"Isn't her twitter her private affair?" Tina was fair when she was happy. Her usual knee-jerk anti-oppression mechanism would lose the code for "pretentious" from its program.

"Tina, we determine what is private or not. If we let our guard down, all the backward people of the world won't get civilized! We seek them out in their holes if we have to!"

"Can't the Aussies do it themselves?"

"You know, Aussies are provincials. They would be so honored to receive anything from the States that they won't even notice it was a reprimand, they'd just feel so blessed they would follow suggestions immediately. It would be a letter from God to them."

"Do we have to pressure the company too? What if they discover we only have a sword of Damocles but our swords are their ignorance & gullibility? "

" It's their fault they are ignorant & gullible. We are not. If low-lifes were not inflicted with real damage, they won't learn the lesson. They will only lose big money anyway, unlike during the Inquisition when they would have been burned at the stake. We are a kinder, highly-evolved beings now, you see, no longer the barbarians in the Middle Ages. We still judge unilaterally, we still punish unilaterally, but we don't burn even their shoes!" Stella was on a roll. She now stood & walked to & fro in front of her desk unmindful of her askew eyelash, her cracked shoes, the ... God, she was really a hick! "We employ the same heartless arbitrary methods, true, but we are on a higher moral ground. We define ourselves what is a high moral ground, of course, & nobody has a right to question that! We are intellectuals, we are the good guys, they just have to accept that! Imagine, the Inquisition barbarians were doing it for a God which couldn't have possibly even existed. We're doing it for compassion, for the betterment of man... so that men could evolve properly. That uncivilized athlete will only lose a million but she should thank us for civilizing her. We're the guardians of civilization, as if the Australians didn't already know that!"

She thought, if only the Aussies could have seen Stella looked no better than a kangaroo. A letter not from God but from Queen Roo. Oh God, the askew eyelash fell off & Stella didn't even notice, so engrossed with her declamation. God, help me I don't laugh, I don't want to humiliate my friend.

"Let's humiliate all the lowly-evolved men on the face of the earth. Let's shame them so they have no recourse but to choose evolution, our evolution. I just contacted Charlie at CNN to help, Ray can't contact him because they have a spat."

"What happened?" she forgot the disappearing act of Tina's eyelashes. If truth be told, she loved gossip more than her political theories.

"They pulled each other's hair over a waiter."

She was at a loss on what to laugh at- what Stella said or her glaring eyelash-free eye.

"I told Ray he was a lowly-evolved insect. But in a sweet way. Gays are still handy. They are a lost cause, of course, but we need them as scarecrows to the Right. Besides their money, of course! The Right just couldn't stomach them & how I love to see their faces when we taunt them with our scarecrows. "

Tina tuned out right there. Tony told her a secret: Stella's old husband made a pass at him when the boys both got stoned at a party the other night. She pitied her friend so much so she just let Stella rant while she congratulated herself with her luck. A real man... a young real man, at that! She just wanted to be alone with her good feelings. She only wanted to think of Tony's face. That heart-rendingly beautiful face with the achingly lonely eyes. She found him lurching from relationship to relationship & it's taking its toll to his soul, to his body. He didn't have to seek solace from drugs & alcohol anymore. She was there now to take care of him. She'll restore him again to the dashing knight of shining armor that he should be. All the drugs & alcohol have deranged his sexual capacity but she's up to the challenge. When you love someone, you have to love all his imperfections. When she found Tony, she found her greatest mission. She just bought the sexiest negligee, it cost one-fourth of her salary. She will buy the most expensive perfume later this afternoon, she just borrowed from her sister Peggy.

Her fingers had a mind of their own. She read what they just wrote in her cellphone. I love you baby! She pressed SEND.

January 15, 2012 Los Angeles

Everybody inside the office was surprised when they saw Tony suddenly run towards the toilet as if chased by a hungry ghost. The retches echoed down the corridors.

January 15, 2012 Hong Kong

They thought they would fly up forever. Blind compassion could be a carcinogenic pretension.

Hsu sighed. Men go out of the house or they would go crazy with the tattle of the women. What if the women wanted to take their tattle outside to the men? The men should be sensitive to their tattle, some wise persons who loved to tattle told them they have a right to insist to tattle anywhere. But then they thought, wouldn't it be better if they just tried to be men themselves instead? Something must be done with nature's injustice. Human was a special animal because he had brains after all. And a mouth capable of spitting rapidfire intelligible words. If they couldn't be all physically strong, wouldn't it be more fair if they just all tattle merrily every time instead? What were the words again? Ah, equality! Modern civilization! Words can't kill, everybody could evolve into a higher evolutional form if they all touched their supersensitive feminine side at the same time & just tattle to each other, men, women, everyone. A softer society won't think of wars. Ergo, Modern Man should, by default, be soft?

He snorted.

The ancient Greek gays only had their gift of gab to have their way with the ruling class. The "great philosophers" had to be wise talkers to engineer requiring all the beautiful Greek youths to be naked in the gymnasium where they could pretend to "civilize" the boys. Plutarch twitted them, argued conjugal love was better for society than pederast love. But it was cool if they just argued, words couldn't kill, let them talk, they could continue pretending "civilizing" the naked youths anyway & thus have their way. But alas, even before Christianity arrived, a stronger army occupied them & all the pretenders were all swept away. Later Europeans (most were probably gay, he suspected) discovered Greek democracy could be promising to their designs. No, there's going to be no supreme power of the people, to them they simply were higher forms who should be vigilant over the the lower ones, be they be the voter or the voted. Let's form a higher civilization. The world needs intellectuals but they should be like us to count. Let's call them Our Intellectuals those who could duplicate the feat of the ancient tattlers. If before they only had mouths, now we have media, Hollywood, political organizations, high-technology... Let's form an elite dictatorship of intellectual & political correctness so we could control the tattle! There is no equality in the use of brains, you see. The unwashed & the brutes would never learn to appreciate the delicate Poetry of a Word, much less the fragile sophistication of Art. We are the light. High civilization would be ours! We, the Our Intellectual tattlers will be the vigilant power behind the thrones. Because we are real intellectuals, see?

But what if their saliva dried out & they suddenly found out they became poor subsidizing lubrication for their mouths? Pretend they were civilized anyway? But here's the dilemma: how could a higher-evolved civilized being pretend now if he's relegated to play the second lead to barbarians?

In a gathering, an American Leftist told him it would be better if America ceased being a world power so real democracy could prosper. Hsu again snorted. How people who consider themselves intelligent could be so naive: they try to fit the world to their rhetorics & wishful thinking, he concluded. If America lost its economic predominance, Western democracy would lose its "face" forever. Straight into the scrap heap of history. They will be shamed into self-immolation by the mocking laughter around their bunkers. People respect winners. What's the term again? Has-been. Who takes a previously arrogant "has-been" seriously anyway? If they were any intelligent, would they want more of the same after all the degradation? Any human endeavor, worthwhile or delusional, is temporary. Only two people were killed in Ohio State to stop the counterculture. But no, China won't have to attack anybody. Everybody would be drawn to China instead. This was not a Communism vs. Capitalism battle of the Cold War, the West would be beaten on its own game. It was a battle for the viable form of Capitalism.

And the right society to go with it.

Left, Center, Right? Lol. That's a Western concept. How about China going back to its roots?

He heard from his godfather, the richest man in Hongkong, that some wily big American capitalists financed leftist organizations so the big mouths could get caught up in their breast-thumping little squabbles while the big minds be left to do the bigger thing of ensuring the prosperity of a society where everybody were free to tattle. Never did they expect to slip with the ensuing flood of saliva. Mere tattle could knock out a softened civilization.

Emasculation for the price of a delusion are for losers, and he was sure the Chinese were winners. They've waited for a thousand years and practically won except for the in-denial tattling. That's evolution.

Once again he looked at the spectacular concrete wall beside the harbor & felt sad about some really audacious British men in the not so distant past.

I apologize, my friends... high civilization would be ours...

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A cuore scalzo- Max Gazze (Italia)

Un giorni credi - Edoardo Bennato (Italia)