Thursday, December 15, 2011


by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

I always write here I consider gays as sisters & I've never been into incest. I only socialize mostly with straight people though I have gay friends who should only be sexual A-listers. I can only stomach sex with heterosexuals- men before, girls now. I was never into half measures, I was never into knockoffs. There is no equality in sex- either you have it or you don't. To the last one belong the ugly ones, the hicks, the bad breath, the old ones & the B-lister gays

Sex & music are feasts of the senses so the sexual orientation of the singer matters. The singer must radiate the right stimuli. If your skin hairs stand up when a B-lister fag touches you, your skin will stand up when he croons into your earphone. As if you gave him access to "violate" you while you're relaxing in your private sanctuary. The rest can have their politics, no need to pretend one is avant-garde, liberal or intellectual when celebrating a musical sensual feast. The sensations should be real, true & of the right kind for you to enjoy the experience. No need to challenge your stomach if all you wanted was a sensual feast.

We have a special post on contemporary music today. Funny, a big portion of the emails are "queries" about my music. Well, it's obvious, music is as important to me as sex, & naturally, my taste on music reflects my taste on sex. Pure gold. No fake Rolex, no fake Louis Vuitton. I turn off as soon as I get the first whiff of substandard testosterone or estrogen, the hairs on my skin automatically just stand up. The first singer I deleted from my collection wasn't even proven, just a suspicion. One of my favorites when I was a teenager was a group called Matchbox 20 but a time came when the singer was rumored among my friends as heavily into swinging both ways on the road. I was really hot on rock then & to me, rock should be full-strength testosterone. Well, one day, I just felt while listening to the singer, Rob Thomas, that as if I was listening to my gay Muscle Mary hairdresser & I was letting the latter to croon to me in my own room. Suddenly when that thought popped up in my mind, I actually tasted the bile rose up my throat. I've thrown away already all my records of the band even long before the gossips appeared later on claiming him making out with Adam Levine & Tom Cruise. But I don't necessarily believe the rumors per se. It ultimately depends on the vibes that you get from the singer. I've been into revival recently & I can say I'm a converted fan of the 60's. The Doors have been getting a lot of airplay in my music player lately, I just love the sound of Jim Morrison, the lead singer. There were stories he's bisexual & I actually read 3 of the biographies about him (from where the claim originated) just to check it out but I came out of that unconvinced (I'll discuss this on a coming separate article). Of course, if they come out later with a more convincing proof, there's no telling how I would react. He's a Rimbaudian character, there's a lot of that in the now-I-can-say "ironically ignorant" 60's. Meanwhile, I've deleted all those of REM, even my early favorite "Losing My Religion" now makes my skin crawl. I threw away records I inherited from my father of Rolling Stones (because of Mick Jagger), Peter Townshend, etc. No, I don't miss them, I have a 273 GB music collection in 8 languages & I buy at least 10 digital albums a week so my music appreciation is on a perpetual headlong rush, I leave the trash behind. I buy by albums- if I love a song, I buy the whole album. If I love a singer, I buy the whole discography. I listen to a singer I like days on end. There are so many good songs & singers anyway. My rule is simple: look at the gay advocacy of a singer (or actor, if in the movies). The gay market is miniscule, so if a singer risks alienating the straight-loving crowd which include a lot of wealthy gays who actually buy, he inevitably gives off this "closet" vibe- more likely, his determination comes from actually fighting for himself. Shock tactics don't work for me, mere flashes in the pan. No need to swallow vomits if you just want to enjoy one of life's real sensual feasts- music. The singer shouldn't be the sour note.

Ultimately, it would depend if the singer projected the right note of good taste. I used to like Lady Gaga but when I saw her with this bunch of dancing Muscle Mary's in one of her videos , my mental image of her now is virtually that of a Muscle Mary herself who assaults my not too strong stomach too & I have since ignored her. There's just something cheap with blatant gay tones every time & it's the cheapness which principally turns off. Physically manifested gays should be behind the scenes (except perhaps in comedy, they are natural comedians by default). The fact that decades of gay superstars & intensive propaganda in Britain turned off eventually the population that only 1% of the population now are willing to self-identify as gay just proves the futility of making them attractive. As I wrote before: It had all the big name queers, from the early gender-benders (but who now proclaim unconvincingly their heterosexuality, one even lost in the courts) to the still-active old fag reliables like Elton John, George Michael, Boy George, etc. If this stellar cast didn't convince the Brits & instead just made the 9% to burrow deeper, what more promotions could possibly be done after how many decades of trying? Come to think of it,how could you really promote something which has been a flop for centuries? The promotional noise generated might have made the wishful thinkers conclude their wishes were coming true, but in reality the same noise actually just turned off most everyone else. In the end, star power is no match to classy libido. Compassion is a pretentious excuse to degrade a product meant primarily to stimulate sensual good feelings.

Same with ugly heterosexuals. I won't bother listening too to somebody who looks or sounds cheap even though he may be a hetero. When I first hang out with Ewan in London, he was hot about this certain band (though I never liked them). But later on my return visit, I was surprised he suddenly dumped them & he said they were just "bloody cheap rent boys". Ewan likes only straight boys but he doesn't stoop to hiring professional rent boys who could be had by anyone "cheaply" (like eating left-overs, he said). The sin of the band? According to him, "they were too cheap (besides being suspicious sexually too)" for disrobing publicly first in front of gays in a gay bar. Ewan explained it thus: Gays who love straight guys (& are willing to pay big money for them) don't really prefer demonstrably gay-friendly ones because that dampens their manly appeal (it only invites suspicion on their real sexuality too). Do you have to do it cheaply to do shock tactics? Or being cheap the shock? There is only 1% gay in Britain so new markets couldn't be the reason so what was the "real" reason especially to a band which is already famous? The band later made up by appearing naked everywhere, this time to women too, but their first slip might have revealed something of their true colors & Ewan has never forgotten his initial disgust so he just moved on (I remember the time when my Aussie friends heckled me for featuring an Aussie athlete model who bared in a gay magazine saying only a "closet" case would do so & he didn't deserve to be in a straight guy blog). Ignorance is bliss, as long as you don't know the real score, the singer is safe but he'll be deleted as soon as you discover the truth. And you'll hate him then for duping you. You remember the times you wasted time swooning & you can't help but puke. Nausea will be your constant Pavlovian reaction the next time you encounter that singer. The relatively less famous acts give greater comfort. One of my favorite albums for the year is Beirut's Riptide but I refrain from reading anything about them. I just enjoy listening to their sound. If by chance they suddenly had the idea to cheapen everything by announcing they're gay, I will simply delete them.

My favorite album for the year is UK's Charlie Simpson's Young Pilgrim. All great songs. My top American act is- surprise- The Doors from 1967. For two months now, I've been on a revival Jim Morrison diet so they better not come out with definitive proof he's less than what I think he is or I'll vomit big-time.

Below are my favorites as the year is about to end. As you can see, a mix of old & new. I haven't reached the tail-end of my fascination with Spanish rock-flamenco. I became a fan of Spanish sounds because of my frequent trips to Spain with my girl friend & my close Spanish friend whom I call Coño (vagina slang in Spanish though he looks more like a clitoris). American & British acts dominate, & surprisingly, my taste is evolving. I'm past the trance music fascination, my rock music is giving way to a more eclectic, mellower mix.

My Favorite Albums for 2011:

1. Charlie Simpson, UK- Young Pilgrim

2. The Doors, US- The Doors, Morrison Hotel, LA Woman

3. Beirut, US- The Rip Tide

4. Kings of Leon, US- Only By The Night

5. Matt Kearney, US- City of Black & Blue, Nothing Left To Lose

6. Kasabian, UK- Velociraptor

7. Deftones, US- Diamond Eyes

8. Dani Martin, Spain- Pequeno

9. Arcade Fire, Canada- The Suburb

10. Ryan Adams, US- Ashes & Rain

11. Adele, UK- 21 (my girlfriend's favorite)

Favorite Songs

I turned 30 this year; I myself was surprised I was suddenly into mellower sounds this year. Getting old? Nope, my having fallen in love with my very straight girlfriend has more to do with it. All these emotions suddenly became more intense. Generally, I play by albums but I created a playlist, the first time (& only one), composed of the songs below.

1.Touch Me- The Doors (US)

2. El cielo de los perros- Dani Martin (Spain)

3. The Rip Tide- Beirut (US)

4. If I Lose It- Charlie Simpson (UK)

5. No Me Arrepiento- Tete (Argentina)

6. Riverbanks- Charlie Simpson (UK)

7. A Man of Simple Pleasures- Kasabian (UK)

8. Nothing Left To Lose- Matt Kearney (US)

Touch Me- The Doors (US)

No Me Arrepiento- Tete (Argentina)

If I Lose It- Charlie Simpson (UK)

December 16, 2011
Pity, Delilah couldn't find a video for If I Lose It showing the face of Charlie, he happens to be the best-looking singer in the world today so here he is again with Down Down Down

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico


This is almost a manifesto, if you have to read anything in this blog, start with this one

In the end, the crux of the matter is not homosexuality. It's cheapness. Will you be contented drinking diluted wine when you craved for vintage all along? Men who are into men are expected to be more discriminating because they will be the ones who will do the actual consumption, not the demagogues & grand-standers who only seek self-serving sustainance on the issue. If they wanted only genuine leather for a mere belt, why should they not respond only to a genuine man? What if they actually puke just imagining sex with a mere gay man, how could they even think of marrying one? Should they be subjected to political blackmails just because they are not stupid enough to lower their taste & swallow their own vomit for somebody else's delusion? Wishing that the next generation will settle for a weaker taste is not only foolhardy but very arrogant. I grew up with elder gay generations wishing my generation will be the one with the poor taste but unfortunately, I, nor my friends, simply don't have the stomach for their delusions. It's unfair to expect, much less wish, the young to wallow in bad taste. Have you noticed that while everybody is wishfully dreaming everybody else to lower their taste, the Western standard of living is at the same time declining? If they get any lower, everybody will be at the bottom.

The lower the taste, the poorer the people? In various ways. I totally changed my mind on gay activism when I started writing this blog because I was exposed (I never expected it) to the extent of the hypocrisy of people in pretending they know better what to do with your sexual life in the guise of compassion, for them, their way. Compassion has become a double-edged sword, a poison, now it could be blackmail, an oppression tool. I never had problems with my sexuality, my bedroom is my own business anyway. But some had the caprice to flaunt it & the world better accept it their way or they will have major tantrums. The world must change for them, even if that means destroying the standards that made it excel & beautiful, the world should degrade itself for them, a mere 1% of the population. Now, you have to get horny with them too, they should be beautiful too, because by virtue of their logic, they have been opppressed by fate, it's only just that everybody shares the oppression, equality of misery for everyone. 99% of the people must readapt their lives & tastes because reality is not what it is, reality is what the 1% say, so nobody has a right to puke because the world should lower its taste & standard even more... more & more... even as basic a physiological reaction like puking is forbidden now, natural laws should be tailor-adapted for the gays' contentment. Do I have to be cursed for saying I am not attracted to a gay man? Is it even hard to see why? Since when anybody had the right to even abuse somebody for his sexual taste, isn't that what they're fighting for? They want everybody to function their way, for their sake. Classic oppression now by the oppressed, & who do you think would be too stupid to stoop to that kind of cheap game? To think I didn't even seek sexual conversion, I just accompanied my friend Juan, joined the therapy by chance & I got sexually converted, & they would rather toy with the world with their newfound "powers" than seek real change. Well, their "powers" have not made my urge to vomit with their antics disappear. Their "powers" can never make them the standards of beauty even if they organise to eternity. The fact is they will only be happy if they are no longer gay. And if they proved malignant & incurable, they should learn to be mature & not degrade the world to their unfortunate fate. Equality doesn't mean a degraded world.

Does anybody even believe claiming William Shakespeare or Clint Eastwood is gay will ever redeem gays? In the end, Shakespeare & Eastwood, both not self-identifying as homosexual, will become laughing-stocks instead. All this wishful thinking will not validate gays in the end but it will only cheapen everyone & everything, past or present. Pure gold is simply too valuable, too attractive. No use pandering to outdated delusions, it's obvious by now there is/will be no equality- there are cheap people who could stuff anything into their iron-clad stomachs & there are those with refined ones. Sorry, folks, I don't have a strong stomach & I won't swallow anyone's delusion if it makes me puke!

Needless to say, I don't take gay politics seriously. With the current bleak world situation, the limits of democracy are becoming clearer & clearer except to those prone to wishful thinking. Everything in democracy, even democracy itself, is reversible. It appears the current political system isn't the end-stage form, it is still evolving, it will continue to evolve & humans haven't exactly escaped from a world ominously described by George Orwell & Aldous Huxley. I'm afraid, instead of expanding, there will be a retreat in the entitlement dramas in no time. Endless carping about rights finally caught up with reality, I can see in the short term that the eternal battle between duty & rights will tip towards the former as the latter will eventually be the ultimate casualty of the current troubles. Democracies can't forever subsist on debt & saliva just to pander to abstract demagoguery, it would rather just self-destruct. That's why civilizations have come & gone. That's the proverbial brickwall facing political delusions, including the gay one, and the latter has gotten used to facing brickwalls throughout history anyway since the time of Sodom, Greece, Rome, etc. After my successful sexual conversion, the more I saw gay politics as nothing but exercises in delusion. If any of these activists were so concerned about the welfare of gays, they should have been running sexual conversion camps to help those who could still be saved instead of forcing the issue to the gagging throats of everybody else. At least, just doing the motions of ferreting out & saving the benigns if they couldn't find the honesty to do the real thing. Treating everybody as malignants expecting them to have the same options & expectations like the end-stage cases is not only a great injustice, it's cruel stupidity. But no, they just wanted to use them for their own political ends. They wanted to grand-stand because they couldn't face their own mediocre lives so they scrape barrels for conjured special civil rights just so they could amplify their narrow theories (their only hold to presumed greatness) & in the process feed their puny self-importance. At the expense of the simple-minded gay who will grasp at any imagined salvation unaware he had other options aside from being gay, that he didn't have to swallow his vomit & that he should not be reduced instead into a mere poster child for another political sound bite which would soon be muffled anyway by an inevitable wall of revulsion. Luckless existence, especially now when big money has realized there's really only a miniscule gay market to speak of, it turned out the far bigger part didn't march to the same music as the tiny noisy pariah bunch all along. Unfortunately, current events are certainly knocking some sense into delusional aspirations. It's never wise to exert a strong effort even if you're merely shouting "I want my phantom special Civil Rights" while you're standing over a quicksand. I'm sure, the quicksand will also assert its right & quite rightly you'll be swallowed up.

Cheap tactics, cheap tastes?

One wrote the Malignant B-lister gays should be supported in order to fight the Creationists. Why should you even choose between the two? Why should fringes dictate your options? The delusional 1% of gay politics is as much a fringe as the Ultra-Rightist. Why not just ignore all the fringes (though Greg prefers even an Ultra-Right thug if he's cute, he'll even buy him a condo; I actually had a fetish for religious straight guys before when I was still active so B-lister gays will be the last option in every way)? There is a pervasive presumption among the pretentious that a penchant for weepy melodramas is enough credential to be a liberal, avant-garde or intellectual. I had my fill of brushes with that liberal stereotype who escaped from a farm who, upon reaching the city, try to posture as "gay-friendly" even to the most gawdy Muscle Mary thinking that that is her ticket to "being in" despite her bad makeup & low IQ. No, that's just the proof she's got a strong stomach, that she came from a farm & she is as clueless as her cheap eyeliner. Revulsion or compassion? What is the best way to seek compasssion from someone trying to control his puke? Pray he's a sucker & remind him it's being liberal & intellectual to swallow his puke? Chasing a Theory, a phantom special civil right dream, when all you wanted was to puke is the perfect metaphor for what infected the formerly progressive Western civilization. I don't think that's being a liberal democrat, that's called scraping-the-barrel cheap.

Sadly, in the end, it's much ado about nothing. You can't bargain on the purity of the wine. Despite the wishful dreaming & the dishonest grand-standing, a weak diluted wine simply won't do & things will eventually fall into their proper places like in a perfect blocking of a perpetual plot line. History has always made sure that's inevitable & the current historical narrative in the currently reeling West can't be mistaken, the usual redemptive mechanisms are finally kicking in. A dying bull will still make a final effort to kick just to bluster it is alive & strong but it is fatally doomed. Like it has always been. Like Sodom. Like Greece. Like Rome...

Frankly, it's time to ignore the noise of the malignant B-lister gays. The world has been a better place. I never had problems with my sexuality because I never made myself a nuisance. Everybody should be honest with his self-worth & not pretend he's rated 10 when he's a mere 0.0000000000001.

The Democrats shouldn't rely too much from scraping the barrel for support, they may just scrape shit. If they want to be taken seriously, they shouldn't condone the B-lister gay activists in contaminating the conversation with their tasteless propaganda: no, it's not being modern, it's being cheap. Revulsion will always win over forced compassion in the end. It's not wise presuming all Democrats have strong stomachs, they might just puke & pass out due to dehydration before they could even vote. They voted before because of a bad economy, now the economy is still bad & let's see if they like now the idea to be protected suddenly by a gay soldier at a time when there may be a strong enemy, they didn't vote for that. That's the danger of pandering to the fringes, for scraping the barrel, the desperate last resort of a hanging-by-the-tips-of-his-fingers liberal democrat. The Republicans certainly couldn't stomach them either. Let them form their own party- may I suggest they name it The Cheapest Loser Party. Cheapness can only be sophisticated to losers.

My British friend Pete referred me to a news account on Obama making gay rights as criterion for allocation of US aid. Lol, the top recipients include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq & Egypt. Who is he kidding anyway? How much could the US afford nowadays, btw? To think China invested $10 billion in Obama's ancestral home Kenya & it's keeping its mouth shut humbly. China spent in Kenya alone what the US almost spent in the top ten recipients of its aid & Obama has the gall to gloat as if his kind of money still shocks & awes! It is these kinds of cheap bluster that could destroy US image in no time. For what? To pander for a paltry electoral contribution from some Muscle Mary's from California? It's good it was mentioned in the same article that Mitt Romney won't make the same stupid linking of aid funds, at least not all Americans would appear cheap. My Singaporean friend already laughed his head off when the French Foreign Minister threatened to withhold funds that it doesn't have to any country that doesn't respect human rights, now comes Obama blustering cheaply like a growling cat. Just gets more hilarious. Better call a pirouetting Muscle Mary for maximum punchline.

Obama is caught scraping the barrel there first hand. Fits our title.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A CELEBRATION OF GOOD TASTE, A NEW DAWN : Beautiful Russia (красивая России)

Andrei Arshavin, Russia

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Oscar Wilde: "Show the art but conceal the artist"
The Who: "Trust the art but not the artist".

Most men who are into men grew up without all the drama found in malignant B-lister gay propaganda. That "malignant B-lister gay" qualification is relevant because that refers to the part gripped by delusional politics- in Britain, it could only be 1% of the population (very likely, lesser in more relatively conservative areas like the US & Australia). They don't speak for the other 9% who do actually enjoy their lives & prosper in their own way, like they have always done through the centuries. But they do find the 1% tend to use & abuse them with their delusions. Fortunately, after putting up with the sickening delusional noise comes a ray of sunlight. Almost cathartic, as if a disgusting load struggling to escape from their intestines have finally been evacuated. Bliss, finally.

Greg, my neighbor who is still active with all-male sex, is preparing for a manhunt in Russia. The news that St. Petersburg has an anti-gay propaganda legislation in the offing is making him really excited. Ironically, the news is wonderful because that would mean there won't be too much pedestrian gay color to destroy the ambiance (like it destroyed WeHo) so he'll have the feast of his life with real straight Russian men galore. He says that's a very wise move on the part of the Russians, it will discourage small-time gay tour groups which are only looking for bargain men & fun anyway. That will also mean tacky Russian fags would not be loitering in the streets. Imagine all the cheapness & the whiney noise which plague Castro & WeHo, just not worth it. The sexy straight Russian men deserve a far more sophisticated fan club. Greg is not "homophobic chic" for nothing.

Class & luxury are built on authenticity. If you love men, the more authentic the men the better, & all the authentic men gathered in one place is heaven. St. Petersburg will be a full-strength testosterone heaven in no time.

Needless to say, I fully support the Russian move, gay tones only annihilate the sexual mood anyway. You can't legislate against gays themselves, that's not the aim, but you can prevent them from physically degrading the landscape. Most men who are into men actually prefer to ogle real pure men anyway, just like gold prospectors preferring real pure gold. It's really heartening the Russians have learned from the pretentious nonsense that degraded the West (including, unfortunately, California) in the recent past. Allowing one pretentious nonsense just invite more delusional nonsense & that could infect in many ways- it eventually undermines the system- so don't wonder why the West is reeling nowadays (& California near bankruptcy ). If they did that last year, I would've postponed my sexual conversion just so I could have celebrated in St. Petersburg, lol. It should be adopted in America. There is a right to protection from nausea. You never lose on the side of good taste.

The Russians are definitely showing fine taste & wisdom in preserving the delicious resources of their country. Malignant B-lister gays already lost the luck of the draw when they were born, why make their lot more atrocious by allowing the view around them to be sullied by letting themselves trample all over it. They themselves will suffer from the nauseous ambiance they caused in the end. Oscar Wilde wrote "Show the art but conceal the artist". The Who sung "Trust the art but not the artist". Gays create beautiful art from the angst of their misfortune but they should have the humility to physically step out of the picture so their art could shine with all its purity unsullied by their fetid origins. The St. Petersburg resolution just aims to preserve that greatest Russian work of art- the sexy straight Russian men at their most genuine. True art at its sexiest.

If they can't stay in a closet, Russian malignant B-lister gays should just stay in the shadows. Nobody wins if a cross-eyed lady insists on joining a beauty contest though she has all the right to insist. Just like nobody wins if a malignant B-lister gay insists in sashaying in front of a bunch of really sexy straight dudes... really, no need to mar the view, sisters! Humility will serve everybody in the end. Their selfless sacrifice will mean a more beautiful world. Anyway, they are just so lucky they will get to behold a daily parade of real men. At least, life would be worth living & not wasted swallowing when they should be vomiting.

Ah, Greg is swooning already, full-strength testosterone reigns in Russia.

If ever I would have a relapse, I have a feeling it will be in St. Petersburg...

I can see this Russian move as a harbinger of things to come. A new golden dawn. It came earlier than I expected, good taste is much-needed in these times of underachievement & over-delusion. All my friends just can't wait. Greg is perennially excited. Ewan & his partners may just visit Russia finally. The others are all smiles with sexy expectations. If you felt a celebratory undercurrent to the post, you're not dreaming. I'm actually humming a Russian pop song by the sexy Russian group Korni while writing this...

Russia now, Spain restored any day now, California soon. And that's good. Sanity, it's called. Western civilization might yet be saved...

SEXY SOUTH AFRICA: Pierre Spies of Springboks & Vodacom Bulls, Super 14