Thursday, November 10, 2011

SPENT FORCES: Just Let The Children Play (with our sincerest apologies to Hollywood director Brett Ratner)

Adil Rami, FC Valencia, La Liga

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

When I read the news, the words of a noted American liberal figure came to mind: dictatorship of political correctness (see it here). Big Brother is here. When former Oscar producer/movie director Brett Ratner allegedly used the word "Faggot" without obvious intention of frontally hurting anybody in particular, he had all the right to express himself. I don't find the word offensive, I still regularly use it instead of "dude" in addressing Greg, my straight boy-loving neighbor. Just the thought of somebody overhearing your casual remarks & creating an artificial scandal actually bothered me more- what, the "politically correct" position now is to live under the glare of CCTV & other recording instruments so the Gestapo squeals can run your life? The cool position now is to act like a child holding your tounge so Mother won't slap you if you muttered something in the corner? Everybody has a right to think low of anybody he thinks is below his standards & he has a right to mutter his opinion as long as he doesn't blurt it at the face of anybody with the frank intention of hurting him. Freedom of expression is greater than the pretension or fantasies of anybody.

What do you think happened why the West skidded recently? Curious, but has it not surprised anybody that the descent came at a time when all the posturing of "political correctness" became vogue in Western political & social circles? If everybody is being considerate of everybody now by arbitrarily censuring the political correctness of each other, why isn't life improving? Why is the West declining instead? Is it part & parcel of being politically correct to have a bleaker future? Or could this misplaced hypersensitivity have "compromised" unnecessarily the priorities & agility of the system itself?

Could the bogus plea of leeway just for reasons of being a minority or other politically hurt party so degraded the underlying mechanism that it couldn't apply anymore its usual stringent standard operating procedures because it had to accommodate many unrealistic, even delusional, political caprices? If it is so affected & compromised, would the system still be as robustly viable in a world slowly but surely slipping from its control?

Writing for this blog unexpectedly gave me more independent insights. You really won't expect the mainstream media to explore beyond a particular ideological line or they won't get their checks. They really can't get away from the now increasingly tired principles & are forced to hew their thinking or they would be pariah to their not as imaginative but equally just as confined cliques. I am increasingly finding myself thinking outside the usual drivel. For a person who can speak 8 languages & read 9, I have access to a whole lot more interpretations of what's going on in the world. Besides, I'm a very international person, I have close friends, mostly belonging to the ruling classes, around the world.

One thing I found out, you can't run the world by presuming everybody should have strong stomachs. How do things appear elsewhere? I asked Poli to distill the views of my friend Donald, a Singaporean-Chinese who was educated in Oxford, England, a classmate of my British friend Ewan. He is an ex-gay, he dabbled in England, but is now married happily with a woman in Singapore, the most productive country in the world despite being a semi-democracy according to Western standards. Here are important excerpts from Poli's notes:

"... The resistance to gays are infinitely greater than against the Blacks. With the Blacks, it was only fear, but against gays are the whole gamut- fear, taste, religion, family, tradition, normality. The fear is infinitely greater with gays because every parent wants his child to become straight, they already know their child won't become Black so the horror of being gay is a real pervasive fear shared in the society. Forget the posturings of the alleged intellectuals in the West regarding this issue, there'll be a new intellectual culture. By historical necessity, they will be marginalized at best...

...The expected backlash within America as they search for reasons why they sunk will zero in on one of the most readily available scapegoats - the very visible gays. They will most likely be driven underground again just like in the past because I don't think the Western Bill of Rights will still be tenable when countries with supposed to be less democratic aspirations have beaten the system. The likely winner, the Chinese model, will be the golden standard. No need for military conquests, the practical forces in the West themselves will do the proper resets just to protect the remaining assets. The American Constitution is outdated anyway, no way would a bunch of old men two-hundred years ago in the past could have imagined present realities...

..Human rights? Not as the West sees them. When they gave a Nobel to Ai Wei Wei, all the so-called democratic countries close to China boycotted the proceedings in Oslo despite protests by human right organizations. Did anything happen to them?

... Spent forces. There's ideological exhaustion everywhere anyway. The Occupy New York, as expected, fizzled. The Arab Spring will ultimately usher in the default Islamic societies of the areas because Western values are simply anathema to the local cultures. Even France is expected to go to financial skids shortly while Alain Juppe, the foreign minister, still have the illusion to bluster that it will withhold funds that it doesn't have to any country not respecting human rights (that nearly killed me laughing). The West simply doesn't have the resources & credibility to impose anymore. To an astute mind, history is inevitable. That's why Plan A of all big Western companies are projecting a market dominated by Asia in the very near future. Even the Western media is fighting for attention now while before, it dominated so Western culture is inevitably losing its appeal. Frankly, it would be a relief from the outdated babbling of the smart-alecks.

... Hollywood is a business. The gay agenda is a trend there for the meantime but as business in the emerging countries gets bigger, they eventually won't allow their impractical fantasies to get in the way. It already knows it has no carte blanche to proselytize. Sharon Stone was forced to keep quiet her criticisms when China threatened to ban her films. China simply banned the songs of Lady Gaga & what do you know, her publicists are coincidentally now drumming up her relationship with a man when she just did a propaganda clip in Paris saying she's more attracted to women. Just imagine the picture ten years from now when the Chinese entertainment market would be bigger than the Western market as a whole. Aside from small sectors in the West largely magnified by the media, nobody really is biting the gay agenda. They just developed their own bubble where they could kid each other. People would rather play Wii than read newspapers anyway... Just let the children play for the meantime...

Btw, you were right, gays are markers of civilization change..."

This blog is more a journal of my views at the time it was written. What keeps me going is the thought I'm interpreting history as it develops & it will be good reading when I turn forty a decade from now. Propaganda is not the primary objective or we would have pasted links to the articles everywhere. We post, we forget it. I know I have a select core audience anyway. I don't have to do active propaganda against the current gay agenda, you would be stupid to think it will realize its dreams of equality & no prejudice anyway. It is not realistic, just like Communism, it is a delusion. Not all men who are into men are delusional, they can find happiness & fulfillment without destroying their worlds. The innate defense mechanism of a human being to protect his self-respect is to think of himself as better than another (thus if you can't be beautiful, rich or a best-selling author, you can always delude yourself to have ascendancy just by posturing as "politically correct" so you can look down at anybody who, to you, are unsophisticated). For a straight, not being gay is a ready reason to feel uplifted so the gay one, by default, is, from the start, already subconsciously "slurred". You don't have to be very wise to realize the obvious. Homophobia, like poverty, is forever.