Thursday, November 24, 2011

RIGHT TO PROTECTION FROM NAUSEA: The Politics of Strong Stomachs

Ben Foden & Una Healy

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

I said it's all a delusion. It really puzzles me how supposed-to-be serious intelligent men kept a straight face during the drama. The FAIR Education Act of California was supposed to change the world view of the young kids, make them aware of the achievements of past homosexuals (who didn't publicly identify as homosexuals btw, just from accounts of some ancient authors & activists who were most likely gays themselves), so that, as the wishful thinking goes, all gays will be seen in a new light & pronto all prejudice will be gone forever. Ah, and Hollywood will try to help along their fellow gays- let the world know Alexander is bisexual so the world will learn not only heterosexuals are strong. But what's this? The film ALEXANDER bombed! Ah, the gay wishful thinkers resolved, let's try again, let's hint Captain America is gay so gays could be superheroes & voila- oh, but what's this again? The film didn't recoup its big budget despite the gargantuan advertisement outlay & Brandon Routh, on the verge of superstardom, disappeared as a result into the gloom. But hey, there are still many superheroes who certainly could turn gay any minute now... wishful thinking forever...

Really now! Did you hear what happened in a California classroom when a lispy Muscle Mary sashayed in? Ah, little Greg was curious, was Alexander the Great a Muscle Mary too? Little Greg, as expected in a child with an overly active mind, tried to check if lispy Muscle Mary was capable of building an empire like the Great Macedonian. But what's this, why did Muscle Mary cry when he taunted him to show his war-like prowess? Then, horrors, why did all these old Muscle Mary's descend on the campus to harass imaginative Little Greg? Alas, Little Greg grew up to be a good-looking dude. Yes, William Shakespeare might have been gay but what did it matter when the muscular high-school jock, William Grant, was always eyeing his dick in the shower, that really made Little Greg want to puke. Michaelangelo might have been gay but William Grant made a pass at adolescent Little Greg so the latter punched him though Leonardo da Vinci might have been gay too. Abraham Lincoln might have been gay but the delicate headmaster was caught peeping at a boy student in a toilet stall. Yes, Captain America might have been gay & Teacher Lily just looked on at what was happening in her school with a deadpan, but she feared she couldn't contain her laughter anymore. Clint Eastwood might be gay but it's no wonder California is nearing bankruptcy, the low quality of imagination & expectations going around really boggles the mind. Really, I just hope the feeble minds of wishful thinking won't infect the national scene or the US is really history.

Really now, how can you even expect it's possible to manipulate history to elevate a "looked-down" group whose clear & present (& perpetual) reality is just reinforcing the usual prejudice? Alexander may be bi, Hoover may be gay or Greta Garbo may be a lesbian but will an atrociously funny view before your eyes ever stop being a comedy? Ban comedy just to be politically correct? Or will history be degraded into a hilarious tragedy instead?

Woe to the supposed-to-be serious intelligent people. It surprises you how many among those who like to pretend to be of a "higher level" turned out to be mere suckers after all. In the end, plain affectations mostly to distract themselves from accepting their own mediocrity. Once, they dreamed there would be economic equality, they even killed millions for it- there'll be no rich or poor, ha!-, but not only is poverty as ubiquitous as ever, but is in danger now of engulfing everybody else. Ah, never mind the poor, how about sexuality. If we could no longer pretend as modern economically, we can always pretend we are "modern" sexually- that won't be too hard, is it? So they now have the gall to expect everybody should swallow their vomits because it's of being on a "higher level" to do so. It's politically correct to swallow your vomits, folks! But what do you really expect would happen? Not everybody could pretend like they do after all. They may have strong stomachs, but unfortunately, most people don't. I certainly don't, I have a low vomit level so excuse me...

It's easy to whistle in the dark & pretend the wishful thinking goes on as it has always been, but the story cracked sometime in the 1980's yet, when most developed economies started deficit spending to lull their citizens with the feeling of prosperity & fed them illusions about unlimited rights which would undo them eventually. The debts only accumulated & eventually settled accounts with reality, while the political demands went beyond practical & incrementally compromised the capacity of the system to respond adequately. The usual grandstanders come forth with their usual "wise" analysis pointing to this, pointing to that, but you wonder if they were any bigger than mere paycheck pushers or just blind archers in the air trying to impress certain delusional cliques while the more sensible majority finally got bored & just tuned out. I have a feeling events on the ground have long ago left behind the self-styled experts who were innocently trapped juggling outdated theories in their ideological cages. Impractical theories which caught up with reality but unfortunately only after they have undermined already the developed world in the last half century. The other side of the world is still skyrocketing to economic surplus despite the world malaise while the deadbeats in France are still debating if Socialist spittle might be better off than the conservative piss of Sarkozy. Even in America, some nitwits still bother chanting Down with Capitalism as if the Left-Right dichotomy could still provide answers after the havoc produced by the ideological wars in the last half century. Has it occurred to anybody it may not even matter? The truth is the world has already turned a new page but Western politics was caught self-importantly napping, so the conversation got stuck in wishful whistling in the darkness of outdated ideological nonsense.

Does it matter really if some believed in Creation when you feel like puking just thinking you have to have sex with a Muscle Mary? Does it matter really if you're a conservative Wasp or a liberal Jew when the ground is imploding beneath both of your feet? Does it matter really if some believed in their God when you feel like running to puke in the toilet when you see a muscular sissy gyrating naked on a stage instead of a delicious straight boy?

Simply, some don't have the right to make you puke when all you wanted was a good view or just to have a good time. Even Civilization thinks so. Throughout history it balked, so whenever malignant gays got too visible, there was civilization change just so they return to their burrows again. Visible malignant gays have been the constant markers of civilization change throughout history. Just like in Sodom. Just like in Thebes. Just like in Sparta. (Just like in London? My British friend Ewan claims the British Empire imploded with its many homosexual aristocrats, LOL), Just like in Rome, etc.

If the delusion continues... Just like now...