Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago, then to London, where I met my British friends Ewan & his business partners (all straight boy lovers but all self-identify as heteros) in a private club where out of the blue, our conversation veered from ancient Greeks towards British actors. Suddenly Oliver said nobody seems to be real man enough to interest him anymore. Richard joked most actors in Britain have always been closets so he'd rather watch art movies from Iran where the Ayatollahs would at least make sure all the men were genuine (Lol). Richard has always been bitchy. But you see, we don't listen to gay singers, we don't watch gay leading men in films. We love to say we are all not into fake Rolex nor fake Louis Vuitton, we certainly won't spend two hours watching a not genuine leading man pretending to be straight on the screen. Ignorance would've been bliss, but the problem is it's a small art world in London, they always know someone who swears he knows certain escapades. But it would be unfair to categorize all British actors as gay. They challenged me to write my take on them for a change. I'm up for the challenge (Don't you notice my Brit friends have too much influence on this blog?). Not athletes but actors today.

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

The hope is they could recreate the relative success of the upper class predilections of the ancient Greeks. By they, I mean some prominent homosexuals who have been sidelined by the dominant masculine heterosexual culture. I say upper class Greeks because the practice only thrived in sectors where prominent pederasts could insinuate themselves into a position of influence, where, by virtue of education or wealth, they could execute their ever sneaky modus operandi of imparting knowledge to the youth in exchange for sex (supposed to be part & parcel of the passion of transmittng knowledge). The receiver or the eromenos in a pederast relationship were actually ridiculed by the common people. Even long before Christianity came, the pederast culture had to fight for its existence. In Plutarch's works, he produced a nice dielectical discussion of the advantages of conjugal love over pederast love & he pointedly put to task the predilection of the pederasts to stay long hours among the naked youths in the gymnasia with the pretext of educating them. It's obvious who instigated the custom that Greek youths had to always be naked when inside the gymnasia. It is a reflection of the current flood of homoerotic images as gays in the modern times try to replicate the tricks of the ancient Greek gays in other myriad ways (See? Who said it's modern?). There was relative success then because most of the ancient Greeks were simple, uneducated & busy with mundane survival, especially if they didn't have the looks, leisure time nor money to be coopted into the pederastic orbit. That sealed the fate of the ancient gays: the common people went on relying on their natural heterosexual desires which perpetuated the heterosexual worldview down to the centuries. The pederasts even then were overwhelmingly outnumbered & they could only corrupt the children of the upper classes (& the goodlooking among the poor) who had the misfortune to be entrusted to them for education. The problem of the pederasts was they lost influence whenever the ruling classses were overthrown by another. Once in Thebes, they managed to form an army all full of lovers (called the Sacred Band) but they were all annihilated after only 40 years, a joke in those times when empires lasted centuries. They have to start corrupting new ones each time, time & again.

Like now. Of course, the modus operandi now includes the magic words "rights" & "equality". The problem is that people aren't mostly peasants now, there's high-technology that could unravel quickly the ruses &, worse, the political & economic landscape is disintegrating that they are more likely to be forced to be on the run again.

You say even the Greek gods were gay? You could almost be sure those salvaged data were the works of ancient gays. It's like a thousand years from now & it happens that the salvaged gay porn might give the impression all-male sex is the prevailing culture today if all the other data were lost. There were just a few hundred documents & few vases saved from ancient Greece. But the surviving ancient gay data were enough to give future homosexuals the blueprints to implement in their new footholds. They naturally gravitated toward the arts & education which they used to entice the upper classes of Europe, just like in ancient Greece. They met a new complication though with the spread of Christianity which forcibly separated passion & sex from learning, disrupting the integrity of a desired erotic Greek education.

But even that drawback eventually became a breakthrough. In Britain, from Oscar Wilde to playwright Tom Stoppard, the tandem of learning and passion has been a persistent theme. The mode of entry of the ancient Greek pederast script into Britain was to try to reinsert into the debate the renaissance of passion in unity with learning. British academia preferred to emphasize the more Enlightenment-based primacy of knowledge over the drive-based pretensions. The poets, playwrights and philosophers (which were called "great" for whatever propaganda value) of ancient Greece were frequently invoked for their celebration of intellect hand in hand with love and passion, and of course, not to forget sex. Then & now, art & education have been convenient foraging grounds. This was more clearly shown when a play entitled HISTORY BOYS was staged some years back. It was about a teacher who fondled his students because, as he said it, "the transmission of knowedge is an erotic act by itself ". Greek erotic education was alive again & it has reared its head in Britain.

The following interview with the two actors who played the protagonists of HISTORY BOYS were instructive on the self-rationalization done by some British on the issue (not as widespread as some would like to make it believed because only 1% of the population actually are potential instigators). Notice they used the word "mature","being on a higher level", "that they have more something to gain" by being fondled by a teacher who is receiving a salary to educate them. DC is Dominic Cooper & SB is Samuel Barnett, both British actors.

DC: It's one of those things that started to happen. It's ridiculous. The boys have something much more bigger to gain. The point of their lives is very, very important. It's one of those I think they deal with it in a very mature way because they're a mature bunch of guys.
SB: They're not damaged by it. They're not screwed up by it. It's inappropriate and completely wrong. It's not illegal. They're all over 16. It's inappropriate because it's teacher-student. It's not pedophilia because they're all over 13. It's abusive and it's wrong but they kind of see it as a rite of passage. .. It's wrong, but that's what it is. And you know we talked about it extensively in rehearsals and we came to the conclusion that these boys are kind of on a higher level as it were and they see it as a right of passage rather than something that will screw them up.
DC: And it happens.
SB: It does happen.
DC: That happened to so many people certainly with people who were at school at that time and they all say the same thing, Yeah, yeah, Mr. so-and-so, he used to get us âround his house and just have his hand on our knee all the time. Yeah, he did. And they realized but they dealt with it. In terms of writing, I think it's genius because you kind of fall in love with this guy and he's wonderful...
SB: Actually, you still end up loving him.
DC: You still end up loving him and, as he says in the film, what does he say? Education is in itself an erotic act.
SB: The passing on of it. Yeah.
Q: It sure makes it very clear that the boys deal with it.
DC: They deal with it very well. It doesn't affect them. You don't see any of them trembling in the corner worried about how to deal with it or what it means to them. They don't care about it.
DC: He (the teacher) does breach trust but it's the way the boys react to it that's important

Meaning, I repeat, the boy would be mature, at a "high level" & he's got more to gain if he lets himself be fondled on his way to his goal & he'll still love the fondler. Very sweet. The ancient Greek erotic education at work again in Britain & it's obvious it has indoctrinated well the two actors above. I wonder if part of the decline of the former British Empire could be attributed to this masochistic shortchanging of one's self-worth which is conveniently rationalized as a higher level of being. What I am certain, from that kind of self-rationalization, one can extract the seed for the persistence of homosexuality among British actors even today. A milieu where homosexual artists bent on copying the methods of ancient Greeks would certainly welcome such "high level" attitudes of the willing boys who will pass through "mature" rites of passage on their way to stardom. It's understandable fondling would be too tame for what would then be conveniently passed of as "experimentations" done to establish credentials. Wasn't buggery called an English disease?

A true heterosexual actor may have a lesser chance to break through in such a system. If you still need to experiment, then you're not really heterosexual (I know it's hard to lose the label, but if they still have to experiment, it only means they themselves weren't convinced, there was no fulfillment, so they just had to have orgasm with another boy). As I've written before in our private study on the guys we had sex with, a true heterosexual guy felt "indignity" even if you paid him $5000 just for simple oral sex lasting ten minutes & tend to delete it as soon as possible from his consciousness. Those who loved it will "metamorphose" & were seen active in all-male sex later on on their own, all the while proclaiming themselves "heterosexual" & displaying girlfriends (some have the gall to be cocky with their self-denial when cornered: "It's only sex!" As if everybody was born yesterday. Labels are important to the unwitting prospective victim. And to those with refined taste). You can determine those who metamorphosed not only by their actions but by their mindset, & therefore, their words. The two actors above weren't goodlooking enough for the taste of the group so nobody bothered to confirm their sexual preferences & histories. But with such mindsets to guide them by, we have a clue. A simple check on the works of British actors could provide snapshots of their passage. With such accepting opinions about rites of passage, an actor could go full naked onstage just after drama school in a play of mostly homosexual theme, cast & crew. Not an issue in itself in the Theater where the word "artistic" could acquire the "high level" pretensions of an ancient Greek education.

The real problems arise when they aim bigger & they have to start marketing themselves to gain acceptance, this time not from small time educators & artists who just wanted to score free despite the elaborate high-fallutin' pretensions, but to an intelligent & of more refined taste audience whose patronage could turn them into millionaires. Would simply self-identifying as heterosexual be enough to hoodwink everyone just like in the low-tech times of John Gielgud & Lawrence Olivier? In a modern culture that demands authenticity from all the labels that is sold in the grocery, are fantasies exempted? If you love straights, would you be thrilled to fantasize on gays? In Argentina, a TV program outed wealthy actor Ricardo Fort who was paying actresses to beard for him. The reason given: he's not respecting the people by blatantly fooling them with his duplicity.

Simply, there should be honesty in the marketplace. That's how the West has come to rule the world. And Art, if it wants to earn money, should not be exempted. Basic justice, simple respect.

The ancient Greek erotic educational system which favors not quite heterosexual actors is viable only in a setting with an ignorant, low-tech population and an entertainment establishment that doesn't respect its market. And in a society where only 1% of the population self-identify as gay, respect has been replaced by pretentious I'm-of-higher-level-than-you wishful thinking. Does anyone even realized the new realities of the more high-tech times? In the Information age where every info is at the click of a mouse, it isn't easy for an aspiring screen idol to go Greek & just keep on pretending as if he was Gielgud or Olivier with double lives. More a charlatan selling snake oil.

In 2002, a British stage actor innocently outed himself & his declaration was preserved online forever:
I knew that even though my part was a straight character, everybody knew me as a gay man and, in my life in London, I never tried to hide it. I knew I was going to have to do interviews with gay magazines, so I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to have to be open’. It’s who I am. And if people don’t like it, then I don’t want their jobs. I’ve never been a very good liar

During the first half of the 2000's, caught up in the ardor of a radicalized gay movement, many British actors publicly outed themselves. The big leading men types promptly disappeared while an unknown stage actor surfaced later on, now poised as a new action star in Hollywood. But surprise, he's now identified as heterosexual complete with a girl friend. I sympathize with him because he was naive enough to be fooled by that useless propaganda of coming out just to validate the fantasies of those who will never be validated anyway. He is now the subject of many attacks from the gay press for turning his back. But I won't join them, I won't name him for the simplest reason I don't care to join the chorus of nailing him by those very people who fooled his simple mind with their propaganda in the first place. I know it doesn't pay to be a sucker to delusions.

Still, this actor may be guilty of false advertising. He could be the British version of Ricardo Fort. I wish him luck but I won't waste my time watching an action movie with him in the lead. Comedy, maybe, but even that I'm not so sure.

As an intelligent consumer, one must be conscious of high quality everytime. You make sure the ingredients of the corned beef are as real as indicated in the label for your physical health. You should be concerned of the quality of your fantasies for your psychic & sexual health.

Whoever would believe for long it is of a "higher level" to swallow one's vomit in the first place?

NEXT PROJECT: We'll have our take on Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy & the Irish actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyer. Surprisingly only two of them passed our heterosexual criteria & you'll be surprised who didn't quite make the grade. James is definitely a hetero, who is the other one?