Friday, December 2, 2011

A CELEBRATION OF GOOD TASTE, A NEW DAWN : Beautiful Russia (красивая России)

Andrei Arshavin, Russia

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Oscar Wilde: "Show the art but conceal the artist"
The Who: "Trust the art but not the artist".

Most men who are into men grew up without all the drama found in malignant B-lister gay propaganda. That "malignant B-lister gay" qualification is relevant because that refers to the part gripped by delusional politics- in Britain, it could only be 1% of the population (very likely, lesser in more relatively conservative areas like the US & Australia). They don't speak for the other 9% who do actually enjoy their lives & prosper in their own way, like they have always done through the centuries. But they do find the 1% tend to use & abuse them with their delusions. Fortunately, after putting up with the sickening delusional noise comes a ray of sunlight. Almost cathartic, as if a disgusting load struggling to escape from their intestines have finally been evacuated. Bliss, finally.

Greg, my neighbor who is still active with all-male sex, is preparing for a manhunt in Russia. The news that St. Petersburg has an anti-gay propaganda legislation in the offing is making him really excited. Ironically, the news is wonderful because that would mean there won't be too much pedestrian gay color to destroy the ambiance (like it destroyed WeHo) so he'll have the feast of his life with real straight Russian men galore. He says that's a very wise move on the part of the Russians, it will discourage small-time gay tour groups which are only looking for bargain men & fun anyway. That will also mean tacky Russian fags would not be loitering in the streets. Imagine all the cheapness & the whiney noise which plague Castro & WeHo, just not worth it. The sexy straight Russian men deserve a far more sophisticated fan club. Greg is not "homophobic chic" for nothing.

Class & luxury are built on authenticity. If you love men, the more authentic the men the better, & all the authentic men gathered in one place is heaven. St. Petersburg will be a full-strength testosterone heaven in no time.

Needless to say, I fully support the Russian move, gay tones only annihilate the sexual mood anyway. You can't legislate against gays themselves, that's not the aim, but you can prevent them from physically degrading the landscape. Most men who are into men actually prefer to ogle real pure men anyway, just like gold prospectors preferring real pure gold. It's really heartening the Russians have learned from the pretentious nonsense that degraded the West (including, unfortunately, California) in the recent past. Allowing one pretentious nonsense just invite more delusional nonsense & that could infect in many ways- it eventually undermines the system- so don't wonder why the West is reeling nowadays (& California near bankruptcy ). If they did that last year, I would've postponed my sexual conversion just so I could have celebrated in St. Petersburg, lol. It should be adopted in America. There is a right to protection from nausea. You never lose on the side of good taste.

The Russians are definitely showing fine taste & wisdom in preserving the delicious resources of their country. Malignant B-lister gays already lost the luck of the draw when they were born, why make their lot more atrocious by allowing the view around them to be sullied by letting themselves trample all over it. They themselves will suffer from the nauseous ambiance they caused in the end. Oscar Wilde wrote "Show the art but conceal the artist". The Who sung "Trust the art but not the artist". Gays create beautiful art from the angst of their misfortune but they should have the humility to physically step out of the picture so their art could shine with all its purity unsullied by their fetid origins. The St. Petersburg resolution just aims to preserve that greatest Russian work of art- the sexy straight Russian men at their most genuine. True art at its sexiest.

If they can't stay in a closet, Russian malignant B-lister gays should just stay in the shadows. Nobody wins if a cross-eyed lady insists on joining a beauty contest though she has all the right to insist. Just like nobody wins if a malignant B-lister gay insists in sashaying in front of a bunch of really sexy straight dudes... really, no need to mar the view, sisters! Humility will serve everybody in the end. Their selfless sacrifice will mean a more beautiful world. Anyway, they are just so lucky they will get to behold a daily parade of real men. At least, life would be worth living & not wasted swallowing when they should be vomiting.

Ah, Greg is swooning already, full-strength testosterone reigns in Russia.

If ever I would have a relapse, I have a feeling it will be in St. Petersburg...

I can see this Russian move as a harbinger of things to come. A new golden dawn. It came earlier than I expected, good taste is much-needed in these times of underachievement & over-delusion. All my friends just can't wait. Greg is perennially excited. Ewan & his partners may just visit Russia finally. The others are all smiles with sexy expectations. If you felt a celebratory undercurrent to the post, you're not dreaming. I'm actually humming a Russian pop song by the sexy Russian group Korni while writing this...

Russia now, Spain restored any day now, California soon. And that's good. Sanity, it's called. Western civilization might yet be saved...