Monday, October 17, 2011


David Pocock, Wallabies, Australia

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Alternative Title: Nausea (Nothing to do with Jean-Paul Sartre's novel, we just borrowed the title)

In my grandfather's time, Oscar Wilde wrote in The Portrait of Dorian Gray "to reveal the art & to conceal the artist is art's aim". So very true then, still true now especially among B-lister gays. What my British friend Ewan called the "alienation dealt by fate" helped create miracles because their crippled socialization gave them surplus time & deep emotions to conjure masterpieces. They compensated for their anguish & sublimated them all to produce great works of art. Very dramatic catharsis, great beauty emanating from the fetid depths. The straights are too busy to enjoy their relatively humdrum lives they won't have time or inspiration to compensate for anything, only the alienated among them, mostly the physically compromised & the dorks, do so. Following Oscar Wilde's logic (& mine too, may I add strongly), it's best to let the world enjoy the art, but the artists shouldn't mar the view. They may only degrade the art by their prescence.

Oscar Wilde might have suffered for his sexual proclivities, but it was pretty clear he wasn't into wishful thinking. He had the HUMILITY to accept his condition & he'd rather he's sorrounded by the really beautiful than being forced to endure his nausea & suffer more as a result. Fate was harsh but he couldn't afford to be harsher to himself & make things worse. A great work of art should be true to be beautiful, it shouldn't be fake or diluted. A bare naked muscular male body is a work of art that has been admired for centuries. But what if it actually sashays when it moves? What if it lisps when it speaks? What if it is less than pure? Another British friend, Pete, took me once to this amateur strip show in London. I find nothing wrong with beautiful transvestites (they love straight men too, they are A-listers), it's not them that I'm wary of, but in a show of naked beautiful men, where do you draw the line? The one real man we saw was art, but how low the world could get when they destroy the sexy feeling by allowing sashaying muscular sissies to compete & remove their briefs onstage? Mixing compassion & sex is simply an appetite depressant if you just want to have a good time. Would knowing that Shakespeare was gay, Franklin Roosevelt was a closet queen or Marilyn Monroe was bisexual make those gyrating naked atrocities less unpalatable? I bet Oscar Wilde would have been apoplectic. Pete said as we hurriedly left, the place is fit only for the "untouchables" (he's into Indian caste histories). I don't wonder why only 1% now of the British consider themselves gay.

You wonder if discrimination is so bad after all.

Just to preserve the true & the beautiful.

NOTE: This post is the first of a series. I wanted to paint the canvas where I'm coming from. You may call this blog "a post-delusional look on delicious sexuality". I don't hide the fact I see the latter parts of current gay politics as exercises in delusion. My friends agree it is enough same-sex sex isn't illegal. You only have to look at history to see gays had only brief spells of acceptance but were immediately swatted back to their proper place each time. You can hear the fatigue of exhausted arguments seeping in. Things are put into focus by the clouds lurking in the horizon. The current economic & political situation of the world isn't suitable for wishful thinking: if it doesn't play its cards right, will the democracy of personal rights hold if the West loses the economic power to support it? Some say it has exhausted its options & has met a dead-end in its vaunted track record of rational thinking which is now hobbled by its contrived rigid parameters of political correctness. The case of the "indignados" of Puerta del Sol, Wall Street & the other cities just highlighted it: what other kind of democracy are they looking for, them to run it so everybody will be equally as destitute as them? The weakened press with its falling subscriptions can't even create a credible bandwagon to give a semblance of previous mass actions. All that while the democracies favoring communal over personal rights are gaining at the other side of the globe. Who do you think would follow a fallen model in the end? True, it's not over until it's over, but then, you can feel it in your bones another major swatting time is in the offing ...

At least, this time, there would be plenty of all-male porn stocked in the hard drive to wait out for the next opportunity for delusion. Beats the vases of the ancient Greeks.

Surprisingly even among the Greeks of more than 2000 years ago, all the discussions between homosexuality (pederasty) & heterosexuality (conjugal love) we're hearing now have been exhaustively tackled. If you have the patience to read them all, which I did, you don't have to rely on the sound bites fed by the pushers of narrow selfish agenda. I don't think the current hoopla is being modern, I am sure it's stepping back 2000 years into the rejected past. We'll discuss this in our coming post.

Why is it time to be frank? Gay propaganda in its present episode simply has run its course. The season is almost up. Gays are best as artists, & artists are best concealed. Back to the real task. The modern thing is to make the world beautiful, not degrade it.