Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Brock Lesnar, US

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Nobody gets horny out of sympathy. If you're ugly, you really won't fight so that all uglies shouldn't be discriminated against for their looks because you yourself would suffer from the resulting bad scenery. So you enjoy the beautiful view just like everybody else. And it's your luck if by some miracle you could hook one of the beautiful ones, at least your child won't inherit all the ugly genes. But the most important thing about being ugly is nobody would be sending you condemnation letters for not sticking it out with a fellow ugly.

In the early days of the blog, imagine my surprise when I first received an email (that was before the deluge that shortly came later) telling me "you shouldn't be writing that blog... a gay man should only adore another gay man because they should marry...". Then there were plenty of curses, foremost were the famous hackneyed words "f__k you, homophobe". Same hicky venom found in the following flood of just as presumptuous emails. Just because of somebody's desire to "marry" ickily, I am expected to swallow my vomit & sacrifice my own desire to the altar of somebody else's delusion so he could wallow in his bad taste & just let him drag me down with him into the toilet septic tank in the process. What, democracy now meaning equal bad taste for everyone? "In vomit we trust"? Note the current trendy penchant to abuse anybody who can see through this alleged fight for rights for what it really is, which is actually just a blatant attempt to lower the sexual standards of everybody else just so a delusional few could impose their taste.

I love to say I was never into fake Rolex or fake Louis Vuitton because no way would I have had sex with a not genuine man, much less marry him. For me, a genuine man could only be straight- the vintage wine, most precious & delicious if not diluted or contaminated just one bit in any way. I always maintained my high standards in all the aspects of my life, my wine & sex life especially. Just like pure gold, I pay premium for the most pure.

If before I was a lover of straight men, now, after my sexual conversion, I can only be a lover of straight women. High quality control all the way, the mantra of my sex life. I see sexuality, whether homosexual or heterosexual, not from the frameworks of the contrived political issues of the moment, but from its eternal raison d'etre- it should be delicious or forget it. An ugly person isn't expected to martyr himself & just settle with another ugly being, why should a gay man have sex with another gay man, worse marry one, if doing so would only make him puke? That's why I was never interested in the gay movements because sexuality is a battle for the delicious, & B-lister gays are best out of the picture. Just look at all the pictures of gays rallying & sex is clearly farthest from your mind though all their issues ultimately involve sex. The funny thing is, it's one of the most common misconceptions (or, wishful thinking, delusions, pick what you like) that publishing those pictures will win them popularity points. But as has been shown in Britain, where gay superstars ruled the media for decades & where gay propaganda was ubiquitous, all the wishful thinking just promoted the opposite. The noise with which the wishful thinkers believed they were succeeding was the same noise which turned off everybody else instead in the end. In a census last year, only 1% now of the population were left willing to identify as gay. Time & again, it simply won't sell, just as has been proven for centuries when gays in Sodom, Alexander's Greece, the Roman Empire, etc. were routinely swatted by history whenever they reared their heads & had enjoyed brief spells of open cruising. Politics rely on wishful thinking, but unfortunately, sex doesn't.

I see creation as divided into a spectrum of opposing polarity of negative or positive attributes, & I have the normal senses to verify & the humility to accept being gay is as negative as being ugly or hicky. Being straight, beautiful & classy are on the opposite positive pole. When you reject an ugly actor for a part, it's not hatred or discrimination, but why should it be "hatred or discrimination" when a gay is involved? Something makes a gay person more a special kind of human being than the ugly ones? The ugly person was also "born this way", wasn't he? (The ugly ones also commit suicide, btw). The current gay movement, as my British friend Ewan loves to say, is an attempt to abuse the political system to block other people to correctly perceive what the B-lister gays really are in actuality, to deceitfully makeover them into something they will never be, to make it "politically incorrect" for people to uphold their good taste. A loser proposition, destroying what is beautiful & delicious in sex by taking advantage of an exhausted, even moribund political system.

Don't wonder if even in the so-called most gender-sensitive countries of the world, even now, a decade after making gay marriage legal, being gay still means being hilarious who could be "mentally dismissed" anytime while everybody else were smiling self-consciously outwards. What made my Dutch friend Jan try to reinvent himself as a bisexual even after being an exclusive homosexual for 32 years (marrying & divorcing a muscled Kate Moss look-alike at that)? Simple, he never really felt belonging outside the gay circuit. The overcompensating good-natured patronizing among heteros only underlined the very obvious fact that he was different, & that ultimately led to self-pity & depression, something which he wanted to avoid when he first came out. And the sad truth is, if one really loves men, being stuck mainly socializing with gays is actually one of the most repulsive things that could befall anybody with a modicum of good taste for testosterone. He couldn't live merely deadening himself with drugs or more indiscriminate sex. He wondered if it's even wise he came out. The congenitally outed gay men were happy they had additional company in misery. But it turned out my friend has always hated the new company. He didn't expect accepting himself sexually publicly (when he was yet a teenager) would mean accepting existence in a milieu which disgusted him eventually. Meanwhile, my neighbor Greg has always wondered why his pleasure has to become so degraded when all this gay hoopla has started. He goes to a gay bar & a muscled dancer more coquettish than his hairdresser is sashaying in his briefs on stage. He watches alpha men having sex in DVD then he sees them being interviewed online with a voice more shrill than his manicurist, with matching raised plucked eyebrows & well-contoured 3-day beard to boot. True, he loved men, but what are these types of men doing in the sexy parts of his life? He was supposed to be "homophobic" if he didn't suppress his nausea. Is being gay a punishment? You innocently fight for your so-called rights, but in the end when you expect to finally enjoy sex, you end up puking in the toilet instead...

There comes a point when one realizes there's simply more to life than slogans & delusions. You see the problem: for the world to be inclusive of even the things that make it gag, you have to degrade so much the sexual ecosystem just to fit every freaky variations & in such a way you yourself would be nauseous with the result. Promote them by making them rock stars? Well, as the British showed, don't underestimate people who just want to preserve their good taste. Compassion, liberalism, democracy, or any of those pretensions have nothing to do with it. In the end, poor taste is poor taste, & people with self-respect will simply not swallow their vomits. To let 1% make you do that isn't justice, it's stupidity.

And as has been shown by history in Sodom, Socrates' Greece, Alexander's Empire, Roman Empire, etc., only a dying civilization will be that stupid.