Tuesday, October 4, 2011


To say I was surprised was an understatement. I received an email from a respected liberal figure in America. That he dared to use his real identity I took it as unvarnished proof of his best intentions. He is a heterosexual but he admitted he'd been reading my weekly articles the last couple of months now after it was referred to him by his wife. He said my article "Shooting A Sexy Afghan" is one of the most "wickedly relevant" documents in liberalism in the recent times, if not the most thought-provoking, because "it caught by the horns" like no one else did the present "evolutionary mutant incarnation" of the thing- it has forgotten what it's all about & presently "just running amuck self-importantly in a precarious world". A "beautiful impertinence", something no one dared "until you defiantly rode into the night " (The email was almost poetic). "The first two paragraphs should be added to the Constitution" (LOL). He commented, perhaps if I just refrained from using words like "corny", it could even be a "classic" in rational liberalism because it's a "trailblazer", just like a "true classic of its time" should be. He's also a multi-lingual reader like me & he provided links to various respectable publications in many countries which he believed was triggered by the article. He wrote they probably won't admit what gave them inspiration because they won't be caught linking to a (former) NSFW gay blog but it's not a coincidence when something "untouchable" before suddenly became dissected simultaneously across geographical lines. It is "truly relevant to its time", the very attribute of all the "great works" that affected history one way or the other. "It's a beautiful development because it's timely". No way knowing where these initial forays into self-criticisms would lead, that's how "revolutionary" the article has become in these early days. They couldn't help it because it's about time to take a closer look at all the "complacent dinosaurs" in this world in the light of the new realities. "Nothing should be sacred, the very essence of liberalism was stunted by the very dictatorship of political correctness imposed by a few self-appointed arbiters who point to liberal democracy as the God who gave them the authority to wallow in hubris just so they could safeguard their narrow viewpoints and interests". He added: "You dared open the forbidden door. .. It also means you have found the intellectual crowd your works deserved". He suggested I concentrate on the more intellectual "bent" of the blog & control the "excessive" beefcakes which just distract from the "brilliant rupture of a free intellect & imagination". He was referring to the sudden upsurge of nude pictures since the start of the month, something which we controlled since my sexual conversion, but readopted as we covered the recent release of the French calendar DIEUX DU STADE 2012. Actually, it was a circumstantial indulgence. I am, & still is, on vacation, & I gave free rein to Delilah & Poli, a dry-run when we update daily again next year. The calendar is a yearly tradition among friends of the genre

He said my articles are being taken seriously by my intellectual readers, some were inspired enough to do their own soul-searching & it would be sad if people were put off looking for the more serious articles in a sea of purely sensual images ("just cut down to one or two sexy posts between the articles"). He asked for forgiveness if he sounded like my "unsolicited editor-in-chief" but that's just to show he cared "very much". He advised I shouldn't tire of my "beautiful impertinence". His last sentence:" You just sparked something in the world, did you know that?"

Thank you, Sir. I don't expect glory in writing this blog, the writer will remain anonymous forever because I've already buried him with my former sexual past. He only comes alive in these pages. I have no need for his accolades, it's his alone. I was only writing thru his ghost about basic taste & common sense. I live in a real world, & true to form, I shy away from all wishful thinking & delusions.

Having said those, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't admit I congratulated myself there. Actually, I'm so happy all our athletes are wearing their best suits in this post. Very serious celebration, eh?


The first two paragraphs of "Shooting A Sexy Afghan":
Being liberal doesn't mean you don't have taste. Diversity doesn't mean you swallow everything. When you say don't judge, it doesn't mean you're not capable of nausea. When something makes one vomit, even a simple-minded liberal shouldn't swallow it.

Foremost, being liberal doesn't mean you should be simple-minded, content in trying to impress innocently with all the hackneyed dogmas-of-the-moment just to be "in".


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