Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Aitor Ocio, Athletic Bilbao, La Liga

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

(Part 1 here)

By 2030, the world could appear like a Hitchcock movie dubbed in a strange language: not only is the Chinese economy predicted then to be twice as wealthy as that of the US. In the US itself, there'll be a major demographic shift: in the same year, the Hispanics will become the predominant ethnicity. So in 2030, not only would the Asians control the world economy, but there's a possibility the Hispanics will most likely have political control over the still would be biggest Western economy then, the US.

Needless to say, history works in cycles. So, you ask, if that's the scenario why have colored minorities been such a noisy point of contention all along if they would have their day in the sun after all? Ah, but Mr. History has a sneaky way of addressing contentious social & political issues, he loves watching political acrobats talk at both sides of their mouths. He would just deadpan, "Perhaps some presumptuous dreamers thought they were forever?" Not everybody could all be privileged Wasps or loud wealthy Texans, so the pretentious ones just have to find self-respect in some other subterfuges. The grand-standers surely wouldn't miss the chance to pretend they are intellectual & modern just so they could forget their own mediocrities. If they couldn't pass themselves off as intellectual or modern, they could always posture as "politically correct" (the easiest psychological defense mechanism if you can't be wise, rich or beautiful). What easier way of feeling superior than by being seen as compassionate over perceived inferiors? The equivalent of what my British friend Ewan call Reverse Racism, a sort of affirmation that at least there's still somebody more inferior (who gets points from the peanut gallery for kissing the asses of the bosses anyway?). Slimy operator, Mr. History really is. He knows he has the last say anyway. Fascist?

Actually, history is just a joker. The Greek debt crisis is supposed to be the punchline. Ok, the Greeks may be soiling their pants nowadays but, hey, don't forget Western democracy & civilization started in Greece. Everybody learned the ropes of rational democratic thinking from the Greeks. The Greeks were the first to be civilized, so they have all the right to shit first. That they might pull down everybody with them to the toilet is beside the point. If you come right down to it, it's because the imitators incorporated so many delusional conceits into the original Greek democratic principles that they created a fertile ground instead for Mr. Mediocrity, masquerading as a glib democrat, to infiltrate & prosper. Financial mediocrity was only one of his dubious feats (social mediocrities, including sexual, were the rest). The travails of a merry democracy which seemed to have been reduced into a mere pretext. The funny thing is the Greeks which introduced the original democracy to the world turned out to be the first victims to be pushed down into the abyss instead.

One minority issue with which Mr. History has always used his head rather than his emotions, thus he always swatted it, is homosexuality. He teases it with brief spells of acceptability but then only to swat it immediately after having his fun. Yeah, at times it seems Mr. History could be thought of as the proverbial bully of hackneyed gay propaganda yore.

The truth is, Mr. History uses homosexuality as a mere epilogue marker in his various novels (or civilizations, if you may). I mentioned in a previous article that the seeming "acceptance" of gays is a marker of the impending demise of a civilization (the end of a novel in historical terms). Swatted by history each time- gays had brief glory days in Sodom, Socrates' Greece, Nero's Roman Empire, etc. just before those civilizations fatally crumbled. Why did civilizations always crumble when gays finally managed to poke their feet through the door? To be fair, they were not the only cause, just the final markers that the end of the novel was near. It appears now history has always been saying being openly gay is so unnatural, thus so unacceptable, that out gays could only be allowed to "join to openly play" if the system has already been fatally compromised- it means so many degenerative elements have already been incorporated earlier into the system (in its present version, all in the guise of being democratic, intellectual, liberated, avantgarde, modern) that for out gays to be "accepted" down the line, the system had to be so weakened that it could only offer token resistance before it entered its terminal death throes & finally crumbled. Shades of Sodom, the Greek Empires, the Roman Empire, etc. Don't wonder why out gays seem to be very visible again now that there are signs of civilization change staring everybody at the face. The impending replacement of the American Century by the Asian Century only means another swatting time is in the offing . No, it's not going to mean being modern, it will simply mean waking up from a foolish daydream...

If the West allowed itself to be undermined by more inane self-defeating wishful thinking, it would only mean another cycle turn...

Quo vadis, Global Village of (Western) democratic ideals?

For most of their histories, the West supported Arab dictators who enforced limited Western principles (albeit very diluted) over conservative Islamic societies in a big part of the Arab world. When the Arab Spring started, you heard the usual suspects in the West dreamily mouthing their hallelujahs on "being in the right side of history". They were wishfully thinking the world wanted to be like them & were blissfully, innocently swallowing their conceit. Then came the reality check. As of today, the Islamists have won the Tunisian elections, Shari'a was just recognized in Libya & the Muslim Brothers are on the wings in Egypt. And that's just right after the revolutions. Do I see the daydreaming grand-standers brimming with money to spend to "nudge" the new democracies back "to the right side of history"? What, more debts? More wishful thinking?

Greg said the Arabs must have been nauseated when they saw the gay soldiers of NATO.

That was supposed to be a joke. But then again, everything lately has been a joke. Wishful thinking could be the most painful joke.

Gay wishful thinking is just the most obvious.