Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Aitor Ocio, Athletic Bilbao, La Liga

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

(Part 1 here)

By 2030, the world could appear like a Hitchcock movie dubbed in a strange language: not only is the Chinese economy predicted then to be twice as wealthy as that of the US. In the US itself, there'll be a major demographic shift: in the same year, the Hispanics will become the predominant ethnicity. So in 2030, not only would the Asians control the world economy, but there's a possibility the Hispanics will most likely have political control over the still would be biggest Western economy then, the US.

Needless to say, history works in cycles. So, you ask, if that's the scenario why have colored minorities been such a noisy point of contention all along if they would have their day in the sun after all? Ah, but Mr. History has a sneaky way of addressing contentious social & political issues, he loves watching political acrobats talk at both sides of their mouths. He would just deadpan, "Perhaps some presumptuous dreamers thought they were forever?" Not everybody could all be privileged Wasps or loud wealthy Texans, so the pretentious ones just have to find self-respect in some other subterfuges. The grand-standers surely wouldn't miss the chance to pretend they are intellectual & modern just so they could forget their own mediocrities. If they couldn't pass themselves off as intellectual or modern, they could always posture as "politically correct" (the easiest psychological defense mechanism if you can't be wise, rich or beautiful). What easier way of feeling superior than by being seen as compassionate over perceived inferiors? The equivalent of what my British friend Ewan call Reverse Racism, a sort of affirmation that at least there's still somebody more inferior (who gets points from the peanut gallery for kissing the asses of the bosses anyway?). Slimy operator, Mr. History really is. He knows he has the last say anyway. Fascist?

Actually, history is just a joker. The Greek debt crisis is supposed to be the punchline. Ok, the Greeks may be soiling their pants nowadays but, hey, don't forget Western democracy & civilization started in Greece. Everybody learned the ropes of rational democratic thinking from the Greeks. The Greeks were the first to be civilized, so they have all the right to shit first. That they might pull down everybody with them to the toilet is beside the point. If you come right down to it, it's because the imitators incorporated so many delusional conceits into the original Greek democratic principles that they created a fertile ground instead for Mr. Mediocrity, masquerading as a glib democrat, to infiltrate & prosper. Financial mediocrity was only one of his dubious feats (social mediocrities, including sexual, were the rest). The travails of a merry democracy which seemed to have been reduced into a mere pretext. The funny thing is the Greeks which introduced the original democracy to the world turned out to be the first victims to be pushed down into the abyss instead.

One minority issue with which Mr. History has always used his head rather than his emotions, thus he always swatted it, is homosexuality. He teases it with brief spells of acceptability but then only to swat it immediately after having his fun. Yeah, at times it seems Mr. History could be thought of as the proverbial bully of hackneyed gay propaganda yore.

The truth is, Mr. History uses homosexuality as a mere epilogue marker in his various novels (or civilizations, if you may). I mentioned in a previous article that the seeming "acceptance" of gays is a marker of the impending demise of a civilization (the end of a novel in historical terms). Swatted by history each time- gays had brief glory days in Sodom, Socrates' Greece, Nero's Roman Empire, etc. just before those civilizations fatally crumbled. Why did civilizations always crumble when gays finally managed to poke their feet through the door? To be fair, they were not the only cause, just the final markers that the end of the novel was near. It appears now history has always been saying being openly gay is so unnatural, thus so unacceptable, that out gays could only be allowed to "join to openly play" if the system has already been fatally compromised- it means so many degenerative elements have already been incorporated earlier into the system (in its present version, all in the guise of being democratic, intellectual, liberated, avantgarde, modern) that for out gays to be "accepted" down the line, the system had to be so weakened that it could only offer token resistance before it entered its terminal death throes & finally crumbled. Shades of Sodom, the Greek Empires, the Roman Empire, etc. Don't wonder why out gays seem to be very visible again now that there are signs of civilization change staring everybody at the face. The impending replacement of the American Century by the Asian Century only means another swatting time is in the offing . No, it's not going to mean being modern, it will simply mean waking up from a foolish daydream...

If the West allowed itself to be undermined by more inane self-defeating wishful thinking, it would only mean another cycle turn...

Quo vadis, Global Village of (Western) democratic ideals?

For most of their histories, the West supported Arab dictators who enforced limited Western principles (albeit very diluted) over conservative Islamic societies in a big part of the Arab world. When the Arab Spring started, you heard the usual suspects in the West dreamily mouthing their hallelujahs on "being in the right side of history". They were wishfully thinking the world wanted to be like them & were blissfully, innocently swallowing their conceit. Then came the reality check. As of today, the Islamists have won the Tunisian elections, Shari'a was just recognized in Libya & the Muslim Brothers are on the wings in Egypt. And that's just right after the revolutions. Do I see the daydreaming grand-standers brimming with money to spend to "nudge" the new democracies back "to the right side of history"? What, more debts? More wishful thinking?

Greg said the Arabs must have been nauseated when they saw the gay soldiers of NATO.

That was supposed to be a joke. But then again, everything lately has been a joke. Wishful thinking could be the most painful joke.

Gay wishful thinking is just the most obvious.

Monday, October 17, 2011


David Pocock, Wallabies, Australia

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Alternative Title: Nausea (Nothing to do with Jean-Paul Sartre's novel, we just borrowed the title)

In my grandfather's time, Oscar Wilde wrote in The Portrait of Dorian Gray "to reveal the art & to conceal the artist is art's aim". So very true then, still true now especially among B-lister gays. What my British friend Ewan called the "alienation dealt by fate" helped create miracles because their crippled socialization gave them surplus time & deep emotions to conjure masterpieces. They compensated for their anguish & sublimated them all to produce great works of art. Very dramatic catharsis, great beauty emanating from the fetid depths. The straights are too busy to enjoy their relatively humdrum lives they won't have time or inspiration to compensate for anything, only the alienated among them, mostly the physically compromised & the dorks, do so. Following Oscar Wilde's logic (& mine too, may I add strongly), it's best to let the world enjoy the art, but the artists shouldn't mar the view. They may only degrade the art by their prescence.

Oscar Wilde might have suffered for his sexual proclivities, but it was pretty clear he wasn't into wishful thinking. He had the HUMILITY to accept his condition & he'd rather he's sorrounded by the really beautiful than being forced to endure his nausea & suffer more as a result. Fate was harsh but he couldn't afford to be harsher to himself & make things worse. A great work of art should be true to be beautiful, it shouldn't be fake or diluted. A bare naked muscular male body is a work of art that has been admired for centuries. But what if it actually sashays when it moves? What if it lisps when it speaks? What if it is less than pure? Another British friend, Pete, took me once to this amateur strip show in London. I find nothing wrong with beautiful transvestites (they love straight men too, they are A-listers), it's not them that I'm wary of, but in a show of naked beautiful men, where do you draw the line? The one real man we saw was art, but how low the world could get when they destroy the sexy feeling by allowing sashaying muscular sissies to compete & remove their briefs onstage? Mixing compassion & sex is simply an appetite depressant if you just want to have a good time. Would knowing that Shakespeare was gay, Franklin Roosevelt was a closet queen or Marilyn Monroe was bisexual make those gyrating naked atrocities less unpalatable? I bet Oscar Wilde would have been apoplectic. Pete said as we hurriedly left, the place is fit only for the "untouchables" (he's into Indian caste histories). I don't wonder why only 1% now of the British consider themselves gay.

You wonder if discrimination is so bad after all.

Just to preserve the true & the beautiful.

NOTE: This post is the first of a series. I wanted to paint the canvas where I'm coming from. You may call this blog "a post-delusional look on delicious sexuality". I don't hide the fact I see the latter parts of current gay politics as exercises in delusion. My friends agree it is enough same-sex sex isn't illegal. You only have to look at history to see gays had only brief spells of acceptance but were immediately swatted back to their proper place each time. You can hear the fatigue of exhausted arguments seeping in. Things are put into focus by the clouds lurking in the horizon. The current economic & political situation of the world isn't suitable for wishful thinking: if it doesn't play its cards right, will the democracy of personal rights hold if the West loses the economic power to support it? Some say it has exhausted its options & has met a dead-end in its vaunted track record of rational thinking which is now hobbled by its contrived rigid parameters of political correctness. The case of the "indignados" of Puerta del Sol, Wall Street & the other cities just highlighted it: what other kind of democracy are they looking for, them to run it so everybody will be equally as destitute as them? The weakened press with its falling subscriptions can't even create a credible bandwagon to give a semblance of previous mass actions. All that while the democracies favoring communal over personal rights are gaining at the other side of the globe. Who do you think would follow a fallen model in the end? True, it's not over until it's over, but then, you can feel it in your bones another major swatting time is in the offing ...

At least, this time, there would be plenty of all-male porn stocked in the hard drive to wait out for the next opportunity for delusion. Beats the vases of the ancient Greeks.

Surprisingly even among the Greeks of more than 2000 years ago, all the discussions between homosexuality (pederasty) & heterosexuality (conjugal love) we're hearing now have been exhaustively tackled. If you have the patience to read them all, which I did, you don't have to rely on the sound bites fed by the pushers of narrow selfish agenda. I don't think the current hoopla is being modern, I am sure it's stepping back 2000 years into the rejected past. We'll discuss this in our coming post.

Why is it time to be frank? Gay propaganda in its present episode simply has run its course. The season is almost up. Gays are best as artists, & artists are best concealed. Back to the real task. The modern thing is to make the world beautiful, not degrade it.

SEXY OZ: Hot Forever

David Pocock, Wallabies

Australia may not figure in the final Championship game in the current Rugby World Cup in New Zealand (it's gonna be New Zealand vs. France) but no matter, they're still sexy, as can be seen in these photos as they try to cool off the disappointments dealt them by the competition.

Adam Ashley-Cooper

Luke Burgess, Tatafu Polota-Nau

David Pocock with Nathan Sharpe

Thanks, Tom

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Brock Lesnar, US

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Nobody gets horny out of sympathy. If you're ugly, you really won't fight so that all uglies shouldn't be discriminated against for their looks because you yourself would suffer from the resulting bad scenery. So you enjoy the beautiful view just like everybody else. And it's your luck if by some miracle you could hook one of the beautiful ones, at least your child won't inherit all the ugly genes. But the most important thing about being ugly is nobody would be sending you condemnation letters for not sticking it out with a fellow ugly.

In the early days of the blog, imagine my surprise when I first received an email (that was before the deluge that shortly came later) telling me "you shouldn't be writing that blog... a gay man should only adore another gay man because they should marry...". Then there were plenty of curses, foremost were the famous hackneyed words "f__k you, homophobe". Same hicky venom found in the following flood of just as presumptuous emails. Just because of somebody's desire to "marry" ickily, I am expected to swallow my vomit & sacrifice my own desire to the altar of somebody else's delusion so he could wallow in his bad taste & just let him drag me down with him into the toilet septic tank in the process. What, democracy now meaning equal bad taste for everyone? "In vomit we trust"? Note the current trendy penchant to abuse anybody who can see through this alleged fight for rights for what it really is, which is actually just a blatant attempt to lower the sexual standards of everybody else just so a delusional few could impose their taste.

I love to say I was never into fake Rolex or fake Louis Vuitton because no way would I have had sex with a not genuine man, much less marry him. For me, a genuine man could only be straight- the vintage wine, most precious & delicious if not diluted or contaminated just one bit in any way. I always maintained my high standards in all the aspects of my life, my wine & sex life especially. Just like pure gold, I pay premium for the most pure.

If before I was a lover of straight men, now, after my sexual conversion, I can only be a lover of straight women. High quality control all the way, the mantra of my sex life. I see sexuality, whether homosexual or heterosexual, not from the frameworks of the contrived political issues of the moment, but from its eternal raison d'etre- it should be delicious or forget it. An ugly person isn't expected to martyr himself & just settle with another ugly being, why should a gay man have sex with another gay man, worse marry one, if doing so would only make him puke? That's why I was never interested in the gay movements because sexuality is a battle for the delicious, & B-lister gays are best out of the picture. Just look at all the pictures of gays rallying & sex is clearly farthest from your mind though all their issues ultimately involve sex. The funny thing is, it's one of the most common misconceptions (or, wishful thinking, delusions, pick what you like) that publishing those pictures will win them popularity points. But as has been shown in Britain, where gay superstars ruled the media for decades & where gay propaganda was ubiquitous, all the wishful thinking just promoted the opposite. The noise with which the wishful thinkers believed they were succeeding was the same noise which turned off everybody else instead in the end. In a census last year, only 1% now of the population were left willing to identify as gay. Time & again, it simply won't sell, just as has been proven for centuries when gays in Sodom, Alexander's Greece, the Roman Empire, etc. were routinely swatted by history whenever they reared their heads & had enjoyed brief spells of open cruising. Politics rely on wishful thinking, but unfortunately, sex doesn't.

I see creation as divided into a spectrum of opposing polarity of negative or positive attributes, & I have the normal senses to verify & the humility to accept being gay is as negative as being ugly or hicky. Being straight, beautiful & classy are on the opposite positive pole. When you reject an ugly actor for a part, it's not hatred or discrimination, but why should it be "hatred or discrimination" when a gay is involved? Something makes a gay person more a special kind of human being than the ugly ones? The ugly person was also "born this way", wasn't he? (The ugly ones also commit suicide, btw). The current gay movement, as my British friend Ewan loves to say, is an attempt to abuse the political system to block other people to correctly perceive what the B-lister gays really are in actuality, to deceitfully makeover them into something they will never be, to make it "politically incorrect" for people to uphold their good taste. A loser proposition, destroying what is beautiful & delicious in sex by taking advantage of an exhausted, even moribund political system.

Don't wonder if even in the so-called most gender-sensitive countries of the world, even now, a decade after making gay marriage legal, being gay still means being hilarious who could be "mentally dismissed" anytime while everybody else were smiling self-consciously outwards. What made my Dutch friend Jan try to reinvent himself as a bisexual even after being an exclusive homosexual for 32 years (marrying & divorcing a muscled Kate Moss look-alike at that)? Simple, he never really felt belonging outside the gay circuit. The overcompensating good-natured patronizing among heteros only underlined the very obvious fact that he was different, & that ultimately led to self-pity & depression, something which he wanted to avoid when he first came out. And the sad truth is, if one really loves men, being stuck mainly socializing with gays is actually one of the most repulsive things that could befall anybody with a modicum of good taste for testosterone. He couldn't live merely deadening himself with drugs or more indiscriminate sex. He wondered if it's even wise he came out. The congenitally outed gay men were happy they had additional company in misery. But it turned out my friend has always hated the new company. He didn't expect accepting himself sexually publicly (when he was yet a teenager) would mean accepting existence in a milieu which disgusted him eventually. Meanwhile, my neighbor Greg has always wondered why his pleasure has to become so degraded when all this gay hoopla has started. He goes to a gay bar & a muscled dancer more coquettish than his hairdresser is sashaying in his briefs on stage. He watches alpha men having sex in DVD then he sees them being interviewed online with a voice more shrill than his manicurist, with matching raised plucked eyebrows & well-contoured 3-day beard to boot. True, he loved men, but what are these types of men doing in the sexy parts of his life? He was supposed to be "homophobic" if he didn't suppress his nausea. Is being gay a punishment? You innocently fight for your so-called rights, but in the end when you expect to finally enjoy sex, you end up puking in the toilet instead...

There comes a point when one realizes there's simply more to life than slogans & delusions. You see the problem: for the world to be inclusive of even the things that make it gag, you have to degrade so much the sexual ecosystem just to fit every freaky variations & in such a way you yourself would be nauseous with the result. Promote them by making them rock stars? Well, as the British showed, don't underestimate people who just want to preserve their good taste. Compassion, liberalism, democracy, or any of those pretensions have nothing to do with it. In the end, poor taste is poor taste, & people with self-respect will simply not swallow their vomits. To let 1% make you do that isn't justice, it's stupidity.

And as has been shown by history in Sodom, Socrates' Greece, Alexander's Empire, Roman Empire, etc., only a dying civilization will be that stupid.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


To say I was surprised was an understatement. I received an email from a respected liberal figure in America. That he dared to use his real identity I took it as unvarnished proof of his best intentions. He is a heterosexual but he admitted he'd been reading my weekly articles the last couple of months now after it was referred to him by his wife. He said my article "Shooting A Sexy Afghan" is one of the most "wickedly relevant" documents in liberalism in the recent times, if not the most thought-provoking, because "it caught by the horns" like no one else did the present "evolutionary mutant incarnation" of the thing- it has forgotten what it's all about & presently "just running amuck self-importantly in a precarious world". A "beautiful impertinence", something no one dared "until you defiantly rode into the night " (The email was almost poetic). "The first two paragraphs should be added to the Constitution" (LOL). He commented, perhaps if I just refrained from using words like "corny", it could even be a "classic" in rational liberalism because it's a "trailblazer", just like a "true classic of its time" should be. He's also a multi-lingual reader like me & he provided links to various respectable publications in many countries which he believed was triggered by the article. He wrote they probably won't admit what gave them inspiration because they won't be caught linking to a (former) NSFW gay blog but it's not a coincidence when something "untouchable" before suddenly became dissected simultaneously across geographical lines. It is "truly relevant to its time", the very attribute of all the "great works" that affected history one way or the other. "It's a beautiful development because it's timely". No way knowing where these initial forays into self-criticisms would lead, that's how "revolutionary" the article has become in these early days. They couldn't help it because it's about time to take a closer look at all the "complacent dinosaurs" in this world in the light of the new realities. "Nothing should be sacred, the very essence of liberalism was stunted by the very dictatorship of political correctness imposed by a few self-appointed arbiters who point to liberal democracy as the God who gave them the authority to wallow in hubris just so they could safeguard their narrow viewpoints and interests". He added: "You dared open the forbidden door. .. It also means you have found the intellectual crowd your works deserved". He suggested I concentrate on the more intellectual "bent" of the blog & control the "excessive" beefcakes which just distract from the "brilliant rupture of a free intellect & imagination". He was referring to the sudden upsurge of nude pictures since the start of the month, something which we controlled since my sexual conversion, but readopted as we covered the recent release of the French calendar DIEUX DU STADE 2012. Actually, it was a circumstantial indulgence. I am, & still is, on vacation, & I gave free rein to Delilah & Poli, a dry-run when we update daily again next year. The calendar is a yearly tradition among friends of the genre

He said my articles are being taken seriously by my intellectual readers, some were inspired enough to do their own soul-searching & it would be sad if people were put off looking for the more serious articles in a sea of purely sensual images ("just cut down to one or two sexy posts between the articles"). He asked for forgiveness if he sounded like my "unsolicited editor-in-chief" but that's just to show he cared "very much". He advised I shouldn't tire of my "beautiful impertinence". His last sentence:" You just sparked something in the world, did you know that?"

Thank you, Sir. I don't expect glory in writing this blog, the writer will remain anonymous forever because I've already buried him with my former sexual past. He only comes alive in these pages. I have no need for his accolades, it's his alone. I was only writing thru his ghost about basic taste & common sense. I live in a real world, & true to form, I shy away from all wishful thinking & delusions.

Having said those, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't admit I congratulated myself there. Actually, I'm so happy all our athletes are wearing their best suits in this post. Very serious celebration, eh?


The first two paragraphs of "Shooting A Sexy Afghan":
Being liberal doesn't mean you don't have taste. Diversity doesn't mean you swallow everything. When you say don't judge, it doesn't mean you're not capable of nausea. When something makes one vomit, even a simple-minded liberal shouldn't swallow it.

Foremost, being liberal doesn't mean you should be simple-minded, content in trying to impress innocently with all the hackneyed dogmas-of-the-moment just to be "in".


For guidance, all the serious articles have links in the left sidebar & the sexy ones on the right.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Dan Carter, New Zealand All-Blacks, Rugby World Cup 2011

by Dick of All Dicks & Poli Tico

Being liberal doesn't mean you don't have taste. Diversity doesn't mean you swallow everything. When you say don't judge, it doesn't mean you're not capable of nausea. When something makes one vomit, even a simple-minded liberal shouldn't swallow it.

Foremost, being liberal doesn't mean you should be simple-minded, content in trying to impress innocently with all the hackneyed dogmas-of-the-moment just to be "in".

I spend an average of not even an hour per week with this blog. Thirty to forty minutes to write & send the article to the poster, then five minutes maximum to check the blog a few days later when it's already posted (the poster takes only 15 minutes to post). Then I forget about it until I'm reminded again. Just a perfunctory less than an hour-long semi-psychological confrontation session packaged as sport beefcake, a seemingly simple but actually a tri-continental effort of friends. I'm mostly writing about a receding world & forgotten tastes, totally irrelevant from my current & future realities. A world overtaken (& ultimately could be overwritten) by political, economic & cultural realities which would be Greek today to one prone to wishful thinking (I've written about all these before, & also about wishful thinking). In times of sectoral revolutions, all the sacrifices are, by necessity, glorious. Sex with a B-lister gay could be delicious if seen from the prism of supreme sacrifice. Could even be a beautiful delusion. But I was never into swallowing my vomit even with the pretext of supreme sacrifice, much less delusion. No need to wage revolutions when I enjoyed all the straight guys I had sex with. Been there, done that. Now ahead are the best parts of my heterosexual life.

I made it so I have no appetite for insincere political excuses, much more to self-righteous compassion. I never had sex out of mercy. Nobody in his right mind does. You just have to deal with life squarely, & not pretend - worse, impose - when you're lacking. The world is reeling as it is from accommodating more than what it could chew. Frankly, the Western part is about to do some vomiting of its own in no time as a result.

I write about what first comes to mind the moment I sipped my first espresso in my desk. I have 30 news apps in 8 languages in my tablet (the 8th is Russian, I learned it faster than Arabic, my future 9th language). The germ of an idea I would pick from the language of the day. Azzuri day. I picked out our first topic for today from Turin's La Stampa & Milan's Corriere della Sera.

In Italy, a gay group has publicly "outed" online ten supposedly homosexual politicians who helped defeat an anti-homophobia measure in the Italian Parliament. The list was allegedly posted from California (hmm, exporting bad taste...). Where did they get the idea that just because one loves fellatio, he should identify with them & he is one of them? For a long time, I've often read reams of claims from various gay groups that such & such historical figures were gay & they instantly became fodders to gay propaganda. So? If Shakespeare was gay, the fairy hairdresser is sexy? For all they know, these politicians & historical figures only loved straight guys & would vomit just imagining any part of the gay anatomy, & in no way wanted to identify with any gay. When Merv Griffin died & it was gossiped he was a closet case, he was condemned posthumously for allegedly not coming out & not fighting for gays who claimed him immediately as their own even without his ghost's permission. Funny, but how about some people having some humility, accept what they could never be, not fantasize on how they would never be & not aggravate those who just wanted to maintain the high quality of their sex lives. There are millions of ugly people, many of them commit suicide because of depression about their unsightly fate & face, but they don't harangue ugly movie producers when only the beautiful ones are chosen for the leading parts. What makes being a sexual deviant who couldn't hide his deviance be an excuse for politically blackmailing others to throw away their usual high standards of taste &, worse, identify as one with poor taste? I only find homophobia wrong if it is used for unprovoked aggression but sexually, it's another matter, everybody actually has a right to preserve his good taste. I might have loved sex with straight guys in the past but I've punched more than a hundred gays trying to take advantage. I was never into fake Rolex or fake Louis Vuitton, no way would I have had sex with a not genuine man. I actually vomited all over his face when one tried to get too close in seducing me. Religion or bigotry isn't the prime reason why B-lister gays have been sidelined for thousands of years- it's basic good taste & sensibility. As my British friend Ewan said, just like the ugly ones, they really aren't comfortable in the first place to be with, much less have sex with, so why all these artificial efforts to abuse the political system to turn them into something they could never be? Stonewall is ancient history & it was a different battlefield altogether. Now, most are no longer fighting for the right to have sex, but the right to have DELICIOUS sex & a nice view to go with it. Perhaps it's only 'revolutionary' fervor which benumbed the senses of some & gave them the strong stomachs to tolerate each other. Otherwise, just like the Soviets, who for a long time deluded themselves that tightening their belts was utopia, they would eventually get tired fooling themselves, regain their sanity in time & finally eat right.

You simply don't force food into the mouths of people when all they wanted was to vomit. Laws couldn't do that. If people get confused at a particularly low point, saner climes will reverse it anyway. Or the foolish civilization could simply be swept away by wiser & classier ones. History already did that many times for thousands of years.

Don't use the young ones as pretext. They are supposed to be being given role models. Note, most of these "models" did it when they were about to retire, after they've won their contests, after they have their hit, after they have become Supreme Court justices, etc. Give ideas of "coming out" to an innocent even before he reached anything & he won't reach anything, ending up as just another fag in the neighborhood. If ever, the recent result in the British census that only 1% of the British now identify as gay even after decades of lapping up gay superstars & losing billions on out gay soldier-reinforced platoons which couldn't beat mere guerrillas in Afghanistan, is a prime portrait of the stark reality on the ground. Whoever invented this hare-brained idea of "coming out" of those who could otherwise hack it just to validate the existence of those who couldn't? It turned out now it was just to sacrifice those who could for those who couldn't, while degrading the taste & sensibilities of everyone else. Will they ever, ever be validated anyway in the first place? Where are the other 9%? Has it occurred to any propagandist they might have just made it, are happy, contented, & are even more successful than any of those role models. Merv Griffin made it. X made it, so has Y, so has Z. Ewan made it.

I made it.

It's best to just write-off the noise. Correction, amplified whine. What is needed is just a localized charity case & not one where you have to degrade the quality of the culture just to pamper anyone, & provide opportunistic platforms to hypocrite grandstanders so they could pretend being modern & compassionate to prevent themselves from staring at their own deficiencies (note the compensatory personalities involved). 1% of the population shouldn't be in the business of diluting the taste of the 99%. Most men into men know how to enjoy their sex lives even without swallowing their vomits or weakening their world. Britain recently upheld its good taste. As history shows, taste eventually prevails despite intervening corny episodes. Things are again finally looking up, but still, we can't escape from more pressing questions: we are at a juncture when civilizations could change, how can NATO win over China when they couldn't even be decisive in Afghanistan? Note, these countries controlled the world when they didn't speak the word "gay" in the same sentence with "military". Coincidence? Of course, gays have always been in the military, that's where the boys are after all (Hillcrest in San Diego has always thrived). But what happens to the psyche of those involved when something "anathema"(to use an uncontroversial word) to a prevailing close culture is brought out into the open as part of the system? Was it a concidence the Dutch soldiers balked from preventing a massacre in Bosnia, the Talibans running rings around the hi-tech equipments of NATO, the Europeans taking 7 months & still not succeeding to neutralize Qaddaffi, etc? Something in the current military culture makes them weak at the knees seeing all those sexy swarthy Afghan men that they couldn't shoot right?

Or just another residual of the culture of blind acceptance of the fantasies of supposed-to-be-modern enlightened minds that at one time enthralled adulating sheeps AKA mouth-agape believers with the power of other so-called revolutionizing modern ideas like Communism, Hippie, derivatives, leveraged mortgages, Eurozone ... in short, magical thinking?

Meanwhile, the New York economist Nouriel Robbini, the so-called "Dr. Doom" who predicted the 2008 recession, just pronounced the "double-dip" recession in the West has already started its second dip. At the same time, China grew 10% in the last quarter, its income in PPP terms is already 75% that of the US (it was puny just a decade ago), it holds nearly $4 trillion in reserves while the US has $13 trillion in debts. In Europe, more red ink & uncertainty, & they're still debating what to do. Mere recession? Not the usual when the alternative to the system & culture is growing steadily to overwhelming proportions. In 2030, it is expected to be double that of the US. Who would believe all the democratic pretensions if the West loses out despite all the nicely written theories? It would take only a wily political operator to say:"Look where democracy brought us!"

The last resort. War?

You hear in gay propaganda there were gays even in Alexander's army. There were even gay emperors in the Roman Empire. Precisely. They eventually lost, & now they're history.

Don't judge the article now. Save it & read it again after ten years.


There's a friendly competition with our poster, he now also speaks English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French, & he's now also learning Russian, lol. I have to hurry up my Arabic. Nobody wants to be beaten in the group, intellectually or sexually. We have plans to publish daily again. I'm just waiting for the result of the next sexual conversion therapy of my friend Greg (Homophobic Chic) which may start January, 2012. We'd like to convert him at least to bisexuality before we pump up the engine. We don't want him to be outgrown by the blog. Our poster, Poli, with his frequently hacked email ads & bots in his tablet (LOL, he's not hiding, folks), has prepared a plan where we'll be more bisexually focused, a celebration of straight sexy sports of both sexes, with likely versions in French, Italian & Spanish (though more on male because Delilah now controls the pictures). It won't be a mere scrapbook blog anymore. We'll be publishing original materials. All in hi-res. For free. You'll see.

So, Greg. Toughen up, dude! Be a man!

Henry Chavancy, Maxime Mermoz, Aurelien Rougerie, Alexis Palisson, Thierry Dusautoir