Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TASTE CRIMES: Love In The Times of Severe Dehydration Due To Severe Vomiting

Nacer Chadli, FC Twente

As I wrote many times before, I never entertained overtures from any of the gay male readers of the blog (you can't begin to imagine how many tried). Well, I respect them so much I treat them all, even the most manly-looking among them, as "sisters" (the daddies as my "grandmas") & I'm totally not into "incest", I'd vomit just thinking about it, but I did have sex with two readers who were real girls like my real sisters. This came early this year during my sexual conversion program. Sexual adventures which stopped when I learned they were both bisexuals. I could pass it off if done for physical entertainment to excite the men but I draw the line when a girl enters into romantic flings with the same sex, which they both did. They were beautiful, but probably only beautiful bisexual girls would pursue a (then) trying hard to be heterosexual boy (the others didn't know my secret, the virtue of not coming-out, they didn't even know I have this blog). Most likely, an ugly girl would take anybody, even gay boys, just to feel how to have somebody to love, but just like my A-lister friends, I see ugly girls & gay boys as both sharing the same corner in the sexual desirability scale. I found out, just like with boys, the attraction was inversely proportional to the karat of her deviant sexuality, no matter how beautiful she was. For me, sex is a matter of taste, it's a personal psychological & physiological distillation of the high standards with which I lead my life, & I'm just not into diluted Pinot Noir or fake Rolex. Purity of gold has always been the holy grail. The problem was one fell in love & she kept pursuing me. The sex was good but I dreaded I might fall in love so I cut her off. I hated imagining time might come when I would see the future mother of my children in bed with the housemaid in the servant's quarter while the kids were playing Playstation. I won't really be angry to her then, but I worried I might die of dehydration due to excessive vomiting.

Contrary to cheap politics, hate crime is not the main problem in the sexuality wars. Taste crime is. Most people just don't have strong stomachs & it's the height of artificiality to use pretentious politics to campaign that the majority should swallow their vomitus. It's not bigotry, sir, it's just inborn refined sensibilities ("born this way") tired of running to the toilet lest they scatter their breakfasts on the rare Persian carpet.

I live in a very liberal place where some publicly identified heterosexual couples are actually bisexuals. They were active bisexuals when they were young but since they knew each other's secrets, they probably forgave each other, promised to just love each other & presented a public heterosexual face when they got married. But I grew up pursued by the fathers of friends when I did sleepovers since I became a 6-footer 15 year old (I always rebuffed them, & I actually attribute these incidents as some of the reasons I'm easily disgusted now by flirting macho but not-quite-straight men). My neighbor Greg says, if you want the formula to identify a bisexual man, read this: find out who he married. If she had a history of a romantic fling with another woman, that's the surest indication he also did or was still doing it with other men. That's verified, according to Greg- at least among celebrities in the neighborhood.

Sexual orientation doesn't matter? It does, because it gives clarity on how people play the game. It's not cool eating something which you thought was an apple but which would turn out to be a zucchini disguised as an apple after all.

Marrying age is actually one of the critical points in sexuality. Some cheap gay propagandists have always been agog about gay-for-pays but it appears now they might just have bigger aggravations: some famous actively gay all-male porn actors came out recently as having girlfriends &, horrors, expressed plans to get married. The gay propaganda in Britain stuttered because most men who are into men like Ewan later thought they were better off marrying a woman & have a normal family instead. There's now a fatigue living with all the propaganda, they simply opted they were better off with a more normal life. So how about the young ones innocently coming out now but changing their minds later on when they would be more capable charting their own lives seriously? Well, just read the story of my friend Greg (here). Actually their main problem will be those they'll leave behind because those will try to hysterically pull them back in. Understandably, it's lonely down there, they want company in misery. Don't wonder why Ex-gays are vilified instead of being seen as winners capable of annihilating anything & come out on top. There's a problem with the standards of the world when winners are ridiculed & losers are given undeserved mileage. The world was a better place when the high standards of winners were intact. Look where it's headed now when apologists were allowed to strut their pretentious stuffs.

The good news is, actually, there are more winners than losers. In Britain, 9% won & opted out. Only 1% lost. Again, I don't think Americans have less taste than the British. Winners will always be winners in the end.