Friday, September 16, 2011

SEXY THOUGHTS (No, It's Not About The Virtues Of Promoting A Dead Horse, It's Really About Really, Really Sexy Things... )

Sam Warburton, Cardiff Blues, Magners League; captain, Wales, Rugby World Cup 2011

In a way, you could call it guilt. If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you'd notice I didn't visit much nor stayed long in Britain. If not for one of my closest friends, Ewan, who was always inducing me to try the island more (with a ready straight lad with three-day undies, lol), I would've avoided it altogether & just hit it off in the continent. The aura created by its long media gender-bending history gave it an appetite-dampening veneer, that even after the fact, you're still wondering if whom you had sex with was really a real one or a closet variety. An unwelcome but lingering aftertaste of bile, I dare say. I never solicited anybody unless vouched by Ewan who I know is as strict with the heterosexual standards of his men as me. But everything changed when he recently (rather triumphantly) told me about the fact only 1% Britons now are left willing to identify as gay. As if the pink clouds hanging over Britain has automatically disappeared & I could see all the straight lads I've missed. A matter of whole new perception really, a paradigm shift, the queasy edge all but evaporated with the sickening mist. Australia has been my surrogate sexual Britain & I've had exciting times there (thanks to Tom, Ted, etc). But the adventure would've been more complete if I also had equal fun times in the source.

Suddenly Britain is very sexy these days. Things British are making me horny. I'm writing this post while listening to a British singer I just discovered: Newton Faulkner's Rebuilt by Robots.

So, the model of gay media promotion everywhere, especially in America, is Britain, how did it fail? It had all the big name queers, from the early gender-benders (but who now proclaim unconvincingly their heterosexuality, one even lost in the courts) to the still-active old fag reliables like Elton John, George Michael, Boy George, etc. If this stellar cast didn't convince the Brits & instead just made the 9% to burrow deeper, what more promotions could possibly be done after how many decades of trying? Come to think of it, how could you really promote something which has been a flop for centuries? The promotional noise generated might have made the wishful thinkers conclude their wishes were coming true, but in reality the same noise actually just turned off most everyone else. In the end, star power is no match to classy libido. Some underestimated the capacity of the British to preserve their good taste. For a nation which is naturally apologetic (they are always saying sorry), what they are thinking isn't immediately apparent, but when it does come, it astounds. Really, good taste is very British.

Sorry, Ewan, for my presumptuousness.

Now, what is the significance of the British having taste ? Because the same gender-bending script is being duplicated in Hollywood. The same presumption that Americans might not have taste. Really?


Not that it matters really. I'm now into straight women. My girlfriend's mother is British.


I forgot. So was my grandpa. But that would be incest.

Speaking of another delicious British, here's the old reliable Ben Foden. He's part of the England RFU team in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.