Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SEXY BRITAIN, After The Hard-Sell of Wishful Thinking

Conventional wisdom is, well, another straw to clutch on in the winds of wishful thinking. One of the big fantasies in gay propaganda is that society is unaware of the gays so massive promotions must be done. But who has lived in any neighborhood without gay people & those gossiped as suspects? Who has gone to any school without a gay professor, gay classmate & those gossiped as suspects? Who doesn't have a delicate co-worker who always suddenly appear beside you whenever you are in the urinal & again others gossiped as suspects? The expectation was if gays were exposed & treated like rock stars in primetime, they will be accepted like one in time. It turned out, quite the opposite. In Britain (suddenly a very sexy place these days), they did a census last year & it turned out only 1% now are actually willing to label themselves as gay in the wake of the great gay promotions. It rebuffed, instead of recruiting for the cause (some gay groups are actually scaling down the 10% they used in their propaganda to save face). What's remarkable was it happened in a society which is the most liberal sexually in the English-speaking world & whose media was virtually saturated by gay propaganda for decades. Something amiss why it didn't click? It appears now it's like promoting a product that won't sell. One wonders if B-lister gays were better off left to sashay all they wanted in the shadows instead.

I learned of the survey results when Ewan suddenly called up very cheerfully one day. My British friend Ewan is 6'3", blue eyes & looks like a young aristocrat cross between Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan. He publicly identifies as straight, intends to marry a woman & form a normal family eventually but he loves sucking straight lads ONLY for the meantime (he discovered delicious cocks in Oxford). He finds it laughable, like I did, that he has to come out & identify with people who just happened to share his love for sucking a cock but which he isn't even comfortable socializing with, much less defining his life with. The bottomline for him is people just be given the space to do their thing sexually- something which men who are into men enjoy now (even better if enjoyed far from known gay hang-outs because the gay tones just destroy the illusion). But for these people to be bestowed with inappropriate cultural visibility is an entirely different thing because they really aren't comfortable to be with in the first place & it's the height of artificiality to impose social & cultural codes of behavior around them & make them into something more physically & emotionally "acceptable" than they really are. For Ewan, their effects are better when only the fruits of their imaginations are seen because their real selves aren't quite as comfortably spectacular as the products of their alienation despite the gym & the skin cleansers. Ewan, like me, see it more as similar to the case of a handsome guy who avoids an ugly girl. Do you think he'll kiss the girl just because she screams "Bigot" or "Ugli-phobic" to him? There's something icky when the negative antonyms (gays & ugly girls as opposed to straight men & beautiful girls) are forced, thru political actions, to be converted ridiculously into something they could never be. Just because Ewan sucks cocks doesn't mean he'll suck gay cocks just because they threatened to commit suicide. All kinds of people commit suicide due to varying reasons, why should he lower his sexual standards just to placate one kind? All kinds of people are bullied for many reasons, why hypocritically single out on gay bullying when you can censure the act of bullying for any cause instead? Making them special projects just encourage the B-listers to prance where they're better off not prancing
because everybody else has as much right to have a better view. Why should Ewan be censured publicly as homophobic just because he's not hiding the fact he abhors gays who insist on being sexual attractions, what about his right to enjoy only beautiful & delicious things? For him, sexually they really don't matter an iota at all. The drama is bandied as a fight for rights but it's more a blatant attempt to dilute the pleasure standards of a sector which no doubt will always be marginalized because, as it is coming out now, they repel more than they attract even among men who are into men themselves. 1% is indeed a very lonely, & irrelevant, number.

30% are people with color so you pay attention. But will you create social conflict & mess around your institutions like marriage just to pander to the caprice of 1%? I don't believe in naming gay civil unions as marriage for many reasons, foremost is you'll just be aggravating yourself by wasting more energy formulating explanations that John got married not to a woman but to Fred. Why not just invent another term for gay marriage like "strong-stomaching", for example: John got "strong-stomached" with Fred because he could stomach having sex with him. More practical, closer to the truth. Because many men who are into men, like Ewan now & me before, couldn't stomach having sex with the likes of either Fred or John, & we actually still find it more sensible to marry a woman & raise a normal family instead. Because we can. Only 1% are just being stubbornly over-acting when it's better off they just have their tantrums in a corner & not aggravate everybody else. The good thing is, if it's only 1% in Britain, it must be even more delicious now in places with lower nausea level like America. Times are a-changin'. Would it be nice to have a temporary relapse & enjoy the new scenery? No luck. Unfortunately, I'm hooked to vaginas already.