Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delicious Spain, Aun Delicioso, Despite Pretentious Zapatero

El Mundo: Jose Maria Manzanarez

Spain is one of those European countries which might default any minute now. It has an unbelievable 40% unemployment among its youth population. Its unpopular Prime Minister, Zapatero (I don't even bother knowing his first name), is a pretentious self-styled progressive leader who vigorously postured as champion of social justice as if he invented the term- he found it more important to push through the capricious B-lister gay agenda over & above more serious projects which could have saved the majority of his countrymen from extreme hardships now. He cheapened the sexy Spanish macho soul, now he destroyed them physically with economic depression. He blames the world economic crisis for his woes, dishonestly forgetting that his country is the only European country with leaders stupid enough to create such an unbelievable level of unemployment. The problem with pretentious democracy Spanish-style: you have these pretentious leaders posturing they are modern-thinking & big on social justice but too stupid to create viable policies, so when the world coughs, the country gets pneumonia. Why, economic welfare is not a more critical part of social justice? All his pro-B-lister gay policies, which benefited only a miniscule segment (the B-listers) of an already miniscule gay minority, just prepared the mindset of millions of young unemployed to be sucked cheaply by the cheap gays who see Spain as the new cheap paradise...

As my A-lister Spanish friend Coño hissed while wrinkling his cute nose:"This mono has the gall to turn Spain into a cheap gay bar ..." Our friend Greg got six Spanish chavales for ten Euros each but he just asked them to fuck each other because when they arrived later in the room, he found just thinking of all the cheap gays who must have sucked the poor boys made him nauseous so he didn't even bother touching any of them. He just watched & he thought they were used to it already because they were really good in fucking each other. To think they were supposed to be students & were straight. Coño is irritated because Spain is now filled with gays of all types of cheapness, & cheapness is all around.

The lesson: not all men who are into men are cheap. Most have taste actually. They don't need pretentious social justice comics like Zapatero to enjoy delicious men. Zapatero wanted to pretend Spain was modern but he turned Spain into a third-rate male brothel of unemployed youths instead.

So was Zapatero saved by playing up to the B-lister gay propaganda? In the last elections, all the major autonomous areas controlled by Zapatero's Socialists were voted out of office. He'll soon be a faded nightmare but he has done his damage. Democracy is not only for pretend-to-be-modern slogans but most of all, to ensure most of the people really live decently.

Que barbaridad! Que asco! Lol.

But forget Zapatero. Enjoy a delicious Spaniard, our favorite, Jose Maria Manzanarez.

Revista Glamor: Jose Maria Manzanarez & Nieves Alvarez