Sunday, August 7, 2011

THE BEATEN GENERATION PART 2: The Marker of the End of a Civilization

by Dick of All Dicks & Straight Boy Poster

Part 1 here

Increasingly, I have this creeping feeling that all our recent posts on the fast diminishing number of self-identified gays in Britain (now only 1% of the population) have just proven the growing irrelevance of one of the biggest political polemics in the Western world in the past years. Because the political system (& civilization) that allowed it to be a hot topic is in danger of becoming irrelevant itself- & that is the bigger news which might turn more irrelevant the already fast becoming irrelevant gay issue. As the economic picture turns murkier from America to Europe, more & more are forced to face the gnawing reality- how long will the Western Democratic system itself, which championed individual rights, last? If the predictions by some experts in the last World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland come true- that the Chinese economy will be twice as large as the American economy by 2030 & the Chinese economy will be the biggest in the world before the decade is through- will anybody even believe Western democratic principles if the West loses out? Would the plight of the remaining 1% of the population who identify as gay be even countenanced long enough by the 99% who would suddenly find themselves deprived of the luxury to pretend they could still posture as high-thinkers amidst their shrinking lifestyles? They were supposed to be progressing forward with their more sensitive & enlightened take on life- but why are they poised to slide down a semi-Third World existence instead? Were all the increased sensitivity & enlightenment amidst the lowering of societal standards to accomodate all the rabble (in the guise of equality) just to prepare them for a harder life instead? Does becoming equal mean becoming poorer & cheap?

Curious. If you look at history where gays became emperors & leading scholars in the ancient times, why did those civilizations vanished at their moments of glory? Why are all these supposed-to-be increased sensitivity to gays in the West occurring at a time when the Western civilization which ruled the World for the past millenium is itself in danger of collapsing?

Is the increased sensitivity to gays a MARKER of the demise of a civilization?

I'm too liberal to be even dare to think of the similarities in the script of that ancient morality play Sodom & Gomorrha, but I couldn't help it, the coincidence is just bafflingly close...

How many deaths at Kent State ended the countercultural revolution of the latter half of the 20th century? How many would it take for a Tien An Men at the Washington Mall? Will anybody even bother to come when they would rather find their next meal?

Anti-gay? Bigot? Backward? Politically incorrect? Not really. Just a more realistic view of world events...