Tuesday, August 16, 2011

POLITICAL FACE OF NAUSEA: The B-Lister Kind of All-Male Sex

Britain is hot nowadays. My British friends, Ewan & Pete, both incurable lovers of straight lads, are heartened by the fact there are now only 1% British who self-identify as gay. Ewan joked that the reason I didn't do much manhunts in Britain was because I willfully avoided it being the only country with "Muscle Mary rugby & cricket players" (his words). He challenged me, now that Britain has vindicated itself & shed off its "queasy edge", to make up for my "condescending attitude" by featuring full-frontal pics again. Something which I resolved to avoid when I became heterosexual (I don't suck dicks anymore, while Ewan identifies as straight but mostly sucks straight lads, absolutely ignores gays & plans to marry a girl soon). Well, there's a bit of truth to his joke actually. So I allow myself to be cajoled this time- just to celebrate the return of good taste in Britain, you may be surprised to see dicks here again today.

It's like beating a soon-to-be dead horse but I write about it again to clarify the context: the intensified spotlights on gays, originally intended to promote, actually just repelled most of the men who are into men so they ran away, leaving the 1% alone in believing their own noise. But the coup de grace, the knock-out punch, is just around the corner- the ominous fall of Western civilization & its political pretensions that allowed platforms to over-fantasizing queens. Clearly, one of the unintended consequences of the recent media-centric gay struggles was they elicited nausea instead. We call them the B-lister struggles (we'll explain what a B-lister is later on). A close look at history would reveal that gays even became emperors in previous civilizations & those civilizations eventually fell. Now that gays are noisily insinuating themselves again in the present West-dominated civilization, the said civilization is itself in danger of collapsing (read here). Deja vu? We observed that the increased acceptance of gays is turning out to be a marker of the impending demise of a civilization because it signified, for gays to be accepted in the end, so many other "degenerative elements" have already been fatally accommodated beforehand into the system, irreversibly compromising its optimal operation (in the guise of being democratic, exposing a self-destructive flaw in democracy itself). The B-lister gays now appear to be one of the perennial last straws before the final implosion (the others are politicians who insist on being dumb up to the end). After the expected backlash & the restoration of taste & common sense, back to gopher life once again?

Not my problem anymore. I became nauseated too with the view, but I didn't simply run away, I converted myself into a heterosexual.

Time to reminisce. I remember the first time I became really queasy about sex between gays when I started researching after I first noted my attraction to naked athletes. I found one of the old books written by Christopher Isherwood, one of the early gay activists, where he detailed liberally his sex life with various men who turned out to be mostly gays ( some were mentioned as military men who had no problem shrieking they were queer). I came out of it actually nauseated & not at all sympathetic. It was not the type of sex I was pining for. In a short time, I discovered I could get the kind of straight men I wanted without having to move into gay circles (ok, the best way to get them is flash thousands, not hundreds). I found no need to socialize with outed gays, especially political ones (who needs gay marriage anyway when you can't even have sex with one?) Present gay politics only cater to these types, they expect everybody to be incapable of nausea like them & even have the gall to police others to toe the line, adapt to their bad taste or they will denounce you as homophobic (supposed to be a whip label but which actually became a badge of honor just as long as they were kept away). I found one can best enjoy sex with straight men far away from the gay circuit, the latter just gives a nauseating tinge to a delicious thing like sex anyway. In short, gays have no place in the all-male sex of my life. Lucky for me I found many like-minded friends as company in my manhunts. We were attracted to men, but only to the real men, definitely not to the trying hard to be men. I've documented here copiously my repulsion to the clones, the knockoffs- gays who strive to pretensiously look like straight men complete with bulging muscles, moustache & all (who are they fooling anyway?). Isherwood described his former partner Bill Caskey as treating his sex partners who are openly homosexual as B1 while those who are predominantly heterosexual as A1. Caskey preferred the A1 types, giving tremendous insecurity to Isherwood who ultimately found a fellow B-lister as lifetime companion. You can say the remaining 1% in Britain are mostly B-listers. The others decided they clearly had other options. In Britain, you often hear B1 gays self-satisfied in saying there's general acceptance of being "gay & normal". Probably among their fellow B-listers, or they must be in delusions -otherwise, they would have seen the rest like Ewan & Pete scampering away.

Somebody wrote me he's a former military guy & he actually attached a picture showing a blonde, blue-eyed 6'4" 28 year-old All-American boy from the Midwest. He's a B-lister because he admitted he came out as gay after his discharge. It was only a picture so I didn't know if he had a lisp or if he sashayed, probably not or he wouldn't have been assigned to Iraq. He asked me to tell him if he didn't look like a typical straight guy. He missed the point all along. The fact a boy looks straight doesn't make him as desirable as a straight man if he turned out not to be straight after all. The fact he is gay when he looks so straight makes him even MORE undesirable. The eww factor. Ever thought what it feels like when you bought what you thought was a genuine Rolex watch & it turned out to be a knockoff from China? There's disappointment, then disgust. If he insisted on kissing you, there'd be vomiting too, like what happened when a gay classmate seduced me & I vomited all over his face.

Why is this preoccupation of gay men to pretend looking like straight anyway? Again, who are they fooling when you can see they're exhausted by the effort? They're just corrupting the delicious stereotypes of real men. Reality check: they won't get the same treatment anyway. You can always make copycat bags of Louis Vuitton, but do you really believe these copycats will be respected once their duplicity is uncovered? There's actually this belief effeminate gay men can pass themselves off as effeminate straight men. The effeminacy of gay men comes in a SET of signs: concurrent defects in speech, ambulation, gestures, behavior. You DOUBT an effeminate straight man but you KNOW an effeminate gay man when you see one (the congenitally outeds). But what does it matter really, when he's uncovered as gay he'll be unfit for sex to A-listers anyway. As I wrote before in a previous post, B-lister gays come across as the least potent in their masculinity, like drinking whiskey with no alcohol no matter how big their muscles are. It appears, the potency (& desirability) increases as you go up the bisexuality scale towards the heterosexual end-point. A man is a real man when he is fully-working as a man (this notion gains credence as you realize only 1% fails fully). The world becomes a nauseous place if you started making excuses for the deficients & even gloss over them as sexy just to be politically patronizing.

You know what's wrong with the B-list struggles- they have all the theories down pat but they conveniently forgot the critical part- ultimately, you're fighting to have sex freely with your partner, but what if he makes you puke? You're already miserable from being born a gay man, why make yourself more miserable by swallowing your vomit just to have sex & pretend married just like the heteros? Well, only a few are left desperate enough to have no other option. The funny thing is, as it turns out now, the noisy B-listers comprise the minority of a minority, only 1%. Yeah, Britain is again a sexy place.

Too bad I'm now a heterosexual. Ewan suggested I have a relapse. I wasn't offended, British humor is sexy again.