Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE NON-HETEROSEXUAL NIGHTS IN HOLLYWOOD Part 2: Love Means Never Having To Say You're Nauseous ("The Marlon Brando Syndrome")

Part 1 here

I wonder if anybody even expected that the main enemy would turn out to be nausea.

The fantasy was pointing the spotlight & microphone on gays would lead to more & more "coming out", hordes joyously identifying with them & victoriously joining the bandwagon for their fight. As it turned out, as the latest surveys from Britain showed only 1% now self-identify as gay, all the spotlight & noise just turned off the majority of the men who are into men who stayed away instead of identifying with the crowd. Instead of being inspired, most were nauseated by what they saw, & that's exactly what happened to me early on. It's all down to good taste & common sense really. If you can pass yourself as bi or better as hetero, who would want to be known as the newest Mary in town anyway? And who would want to suck a Muscle Mary when you want to vomit instead? Just gives a clue to the heights of magical thinking indulged in by some daydreamers. To think they even expect you to fall in love while you're already having a difficult time keeping your nausea in check.

I bet the ranks of bisexuals just swelled, & some long-time bisexuals unnerved by the new-arrivals within their midst just upgraded themselves to self-identified heterosexuals. I can also see some clowns wanting to suck a cock but never wanting to give up their claim to the heterosexual brand so they condescendingly call "ignorant & backward" anybody who can see what they really are. Many of these types inhabit Hollywood. They know they won't have a career if they revealed their real sexuality. Of course, all these means nobody wants the gay tag, admittedly the pariah identity. Despite (or because of) the intensive promotions of the last years, nobody wanted to be pigeonholed & looked down to in the end, much less be the object of nausea. Reality check: only 1% remains.

The 9% don't want anything to do with the 1% anymore. Even the playboy rock star who loves swallowing cum or the playboy Hollywood actor who have sex with grandfathers identify as heterosexuals.

In the preceding post (see here ), we presented our little study on the various types of self-identified heterosexuals (where a big portion turned out to be bisexuals in varying degrees of deviance along the homosexual-heterosexual spectrum). How about the self-identified heterosexuals who are tranny chasers & admirers? This is the area where sexuality really has challenged all the accepted definitions. First, there was a small study done by an Italian woman, the aunt of my friend Tomasso, whose husband she learned was a frequent client of a Brazilian transexual prostitute in Rome. It turned out she was helping the transexual legalize her stay when she discovered her husband's secret so the trans prostitute went along with her plan. The Italian woman wanted to be sure of the real sexuality of her husband before she confronted him (her husband had sex with the trans every week).

The test was: what would be the reaction of her husband if a non-trans man was included into his weekly orgy? According to the trans, about 95% of her clients wanted to be fucked in the ass, including the husband. What would happen if in the middle of the orgy, the non-trans man would take over from the trans in fucking the man? So you thought the husband would violently protest the presence of the non-trans man? The non-trans man was a muscular though smooth rent boy who was given a purple eyeshadow & nothing more. If ever the husband thought of him as a trans, it would be for the flimsiest reasons, he could pass more as a glam rocker. He was able to fuck the husband, the latter sucked his cock & had facials (the trans was told to let the rent boy take over after she dismounted). The rent boy with the eyeshadow even joined them with the cocaine afterwards, & he had a baritone voice. Of course, this was a very small sample, it wasn't the best representative of the complete picture. It was more a hilarious example of the sense of humor of the wife who tried to make sense of her predicament with mirth. But it gives you an idea of the extent sexual pleasures are rechanneled so people don't face up to the truth they are less than heterosexual, even if they are far from being considered as outright fags.

Our blog has a transvestite assistant, & out of curiosity, I asked her to check her fans. Like her bosses, only the straight guys work for her. Whenever she chats online with an admirer, she only does so with one with accounts primarily looking for women. Overcompetition for the latter probably drove them to experiment (It should be noted here the tranny chasers, or those who fetishize the dicks of trannies, weren't considered by our assistant as straight enough for her standards). Chats are convenient transitions for horny straight guys to "acclimatize" themselves with a not-so-woman woman before jumping into bed with one. I asked her to look over 20 of her favorites in the last year, the newbies. In a short time, metamorphic sexuality set in as the guys discovered they could get orgasm without being hit by lightning. Our assistant said she was able to fuck them all in the ass on the second date though they all refused on the first date (fucking straight men is her fetish). All sucked her dick & ate her cum on the second date as well. All of them returned for more fucking & cum-eating for the third date but half of them would disappear to hook up with other trannies after that (her friends, who told her they did more of the same); the rest would progress to swallowing her cum later on but eventually all returned to the real women. Their accounts have all disappeared from the tranny sites. If ever you wanted proof of the reversibility of metamorphic sexuality, especially along the bisexual spectrum, it's right there. The 20 were monitored after they stopped seeing our assistant: they are all monogamous to their women & they all listed themselves as straights in their remaining hetero dating site accounts. But these are recent events, not enough time horizon to study them, you never know what the 20 are capable of in the near future. They have shown the extent they could stretch their pleasure points. What would happen if their present hetero relationships fall apart? Was the adventure all transitory or was it a latent thing?

Personally, on our desirability scale, I would rate the tranny chasers/chick-with-dick fetishists as bisexual more on the gay side of the scale. The 20 newbies were just at the midpoint (Bisexual 4-6 out of 10). I could've still sucked the latter but would vomit just considering the former.

When a heterosexual man is made horny by a girl, the main sexual objective is to have his penis penetrate her vagina. What happens when he claims he's attracted to body parts belonging to a man that seemingly look like parts of a woman but without the vagina, would there be enough proof of his heterosexuality as long as he could fuck a girl afterwards? What about if he was fucked, sucked the dick of one he knew was a man & even ate his cum REPEATEDLY over a period of time? What the test on the Italian husband seemed to show was how flimsy the defense in denying one's bisexuality. It's mostly to self-rationalize repressed fears. The husband could always play mind games, the fact the rent boy had an eyeshadow was apparently enough reason to consider him a tranny, enough to suck his cock & be fucked by him, just like what was usually done to a real tranny & vice versa. In an Italian sex forum, the usual rationalization of trans-loving Italian men in sucking the cock of a trans is because they allegedly wanted her to enjoy the sex too. Same rationale with getting fucked. Whatever. But they still self-identify as straight after getting fucked & eating cum.

Such convolutions just show it's really very hard to surrender the heterosexual identity after all. Anyway, they would reason, they could fuck a woman & they have no problems getting it up each time. Precisely, just like the other true bisexuals, but which they mostly refuse to identify with. Tranny chasers content themselves with thinking they are higher than the fags in the hierarchy of sexual respectability, they are still in the team of procreation anyway. Of course, they have all the right in the world to identify themselves with whatever they like. But the big questions are: is it all only about labels? OR DO THE LABELS HAVE SOME USE AFTER ALL?

Before we answer that, here's something that will raise more eyebrows: we're not yet through with the trannies. My friend Greg is also a part-time cross-dresser & he does occassional cocksucking expeditions to adult bookstores & clubs. He made his own study in 2008: the guys he sucked FREE in his Georgina persona were straight (not seen having sex with any man during observation period, only with women). On our desirability scale, they got 10 out of 10. Those he sucked FREE during a one-day test period in his male self were mostly gay. He couldn't extend the test period because he was vomiting excessively already. Rated 0 in the desirability scale.

The common denominator of all those wanting to identify themselves as heterosexual is they can get it up with women consistently. The fact they do it with "chicks with dicks" on the side is beside the point to them, they're not fags who surrendered because they can't fake it anymore with a woman. Though some gays can make it with girls sometimes, spontaneous erection is not consistently forthcoming, & that's the most common reason for a forced coming-out. That's also one of the main reasons why we considered them as unfit for sex: they come across as the least potent in their masculinity, like drinking whiskey with no alcohol no matter how big their muscles are. It appears, the potency (& desirability) increases as you go up the bisexuality scale towards the heterosexual end-point. A man is a real man when he is fully-working as a man (this notion gains credence as you realize only 1% fails fully). The world becomes a nauseous place if you started making excuses for minor deficiencies & even gloss over them as sexy.

But what for are the labels, & where is the woman in all of these considering she's turning out to be the key reference point of male heterosexuality? The labels are important for the woman (& everybody, for that matter) to locate herself in the scheme of things. Marlon Brando had a string of girlfriends & wives but when he died, he had himself cremated, his ashes were admixed with the ashes of his former roommate Wally Cox, a self-identified heterosexual, who died in 1973 yet but Brando kept his ashes. Following his wishes, their ashes were strewn over the desert. What he was unable to achieve in life, he got in death. Brando must be happy now for eternity- but what did he leave behind? Broken families, broken wives, broken children. A self-identified heterosexual has all the right to call himself whatever he wants but the woman must be sure she is not a mere reference point of his sexual identity but the real love of his life. All the while, his husband may be called a playboy by society while he changes women, including her, to shore up his self-respect. Brando admitted to his psychologist co-star Kim Stanley that he had a string of sexual relationships with women after an intense relationship with a man, just to prove to himself he's not a queer. Women may end up as supporting characters, not the leading lady, in the life of any man who has what we elected to call as "Marlon Brando Syndrome". The emotional focus of his life may lie in the hidden aspects of his sexuality, not on the parade of women seen by everybody. The right labels could have precluded everybody from proceeding with the wrong assumptions which destroyed lives in the end.

That doesn't make Brando a fag, however. For all the noise, fags couldn't get it up for those many women. He should just have used our scale: Bisexual more on the gay side of the scale. At least, there could've been forewarning to everybody. Or if he were still alive, I could've recommended the proper sexual conversion therapy to get rid of the gay side.

Btw, the Italian woman divorced her husband. Not because he was bisexual but because she felt nauseated kissing him from then on. Again, the magic word that brings sense to the world: nausea.