Tuesday, July 26, 2011


More than twenty years ago, 5 wealthy bisexual young men gangbanged a young Hollywood hustler: each taking him in the ass then coming on his mouth which he swallowed greedily. Somebody filmed that orgy, one in a very large private collection of Hollywood night wonders. The hustler became the singer of a famous rock band & he became a famous ladies' man. However, whenever he met later on any one of the young men with whom he had that orgy, he still went along, this time for free, and he still loved taking it up the ass & swallowing their come. Another actor who was already famous a decade ago when it happened (even far more famous now & who happens to be also a well-known ladies' man), engaged in a torrid kiss with a very old man probably older than his grandfather which led to sex in the wee hours of the morning & without them knowing, they were filmed for posterity.

Nothing wrong, it's their life. Only, they are charlatans. In our quality-conscious consumerist society, we fight for the authenticity of the products we buy in the groceries. How about the products that inspire fantasies? A non-heterosexual actor or singer packaging himself as heterosexual thereby duping the public to indulge in fake heterosexual dreams over him. Why can't any other vegetable oil substitute for olive oil when a gay actor can sell himself as heterosexual to millions? Duping is duping, & a guy you made love to you in your dreams for years then turns out later to be fake has a greater damage on your psyche than a substandard but still edible cooking oil.

I don't hate Gay Libération, in fact, as a former straight boy lover, it's a blessing because it would be easier to separate the candidates of your desire if everybody just labeled themselves correctly, something which admittedly will never occur. Because a true straight boy lover doesn't pick up the first sexy guy who looked straight. But fortunately I am goodlooking enough so more often than not these supposed to be straight guys would be hitting on me before I even began making the first move. In short, easier to eliminate them & faster my exit. Still, I've punched a hundred of them just to get away, that's aggressive some could be. But mostly I stayed away from guys who gave themselves away easy, free & cheap. Why? Read on.

Four years ago, me & my friends made retrospective studies on the supposed to be straight guys we had sex with in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia & Spain. Somewhat scientific because we selected randomly among our favorite lays, a sample of 300 guys in 8 countries who all passed our "girl" test- he could get it up with a girl with no suspicious delayed erective reaction or he had a girl friend or wife, so each one could be either a hetero or a bisexual in the worst case scenario. To be more precise, call it a confirmatory test. It elicited surprising conclusions nonetheless. In analyzing the data, we put more emphasis on the pattern of sexual behavior because sexual identity & desires will find a way to be expressed in time just to realize sexual pleasure, even involuntarily, surmounting self-denials & self-delusions in the process. It turned out what you thought were experimental or exigential, like monetary considerations or plain fun, might be simplistic presumptions. IMPORTANT: No blue-collar guys included in the sample, different psychologies entirely.

(NOTE: The Sexuality Scale is directly proportional to number of unpaid female sex episodes over unpaid male sex episodes during a two-week period. The subjects were observed for varying periods, Group 4 the longest)

1. METAMORPHIC SEXUALITY (Bisexual 4-8 in scale of 10, 10 being Heterosexual, 1 being Homosexual): The cheaper or easier you got him, the more likely the guy is bisexual. All the guys considered for this category turned out to be typical bisexuals: they fired their guns to all genders, not without emotions, though they tended to display their girls publicly. They were frequently picked up again & again by both men & women, both for paid & (mostly) unpaid sex. They love the money & the sex, & they would have less of the sex if they held out too high on the price so they were not only guided by business strategy when they transacted at a particular price. Hustlers, both professional (gay-for-pays) & occasional (student) are included in this category, they start thinking of themselves at first as straight but they learn to enjoy sex with men in time. My German friend Hans did a study on the hustlers of Cologne & Berlin. He only contracted hustlers with girlfriends but invariably (100%) they were already in full erection when they took off their pants upon arrival at the hotel. They were more eager than Hans. Hans looks like the French actor Alain Delon. The normal admiration by a male to a fellow male will be transformed in time into sexual attraction especially if he had the slightest predisposition to bisexuality. The initial repulsion to having sex with fellow males dissipates as he realizes he can have orgasm & not be hit by lightning achieving it, destroying the influence of all the cultural inhibitors in one big swoop. He learns to enjoy the sex, sex is simply physical friction anyway, & in time he prefers doing it with a boy with the physical attributes he tended to admire in one, heretofore asexually. One may call it acquired sexual taste. He'll realize it would tremendously add to the sexual pleasure if he appreciated physically his partner in a very physical act. He may still play mind games but his body & emotions know what they want. In nature, we have what we call metamorphic rocks. Here, we have metamorphic sexuality (it happens, contrary to books). The rock singer mentioned in the beginning also belong in this category.

2. BEWARE OF THE FREE (Bisexual 2-3 in scale of 10): The ones you get for free (you meet them because you know their girlfriends or wives; include here your co-workers who are receptive to your flirting) play around with other guys frequently. 80% were seen cruising other men REGULARLY after taking their girls home, the other 20% irregularly, but all of them were into sex with other men as a routine- so don't believe talks on experimentation if they are more than 18 years old. Usually their only female sex partners are their wives or girl friends but play around with various men. They were bisexuals more on the gay side pretending to be heteros. This include the actor with industrial-strength daddy issues mentioned in the beginning.

3. TIPSY SEXUALITY (Bisexual 3-6 in scale of 10): You thought alcohol could convert a straight man? This was an eye-opener because up to this point, I thought alcohol could convert a straight man. Twelve men I dated, all with backgrounds full of girls, were included in the sample for this category, & the study revealed they were busy sexually with other men long after I had them, drunk or sober.Those you scored over a few bottles of beer turned out to have sex with other men regularly when drunk, cruise public parks & adult video stores when sober, especially if they were in their late 20's & older. In some countries covered, boys who were scored when drunk hit more boys more than their girlfriends. Most only have sex with other men when drunk, which turned out to occur very often because they frequent the bars like most men- only they have extra motives. Drinking turned out to provide a good self-rationalization to have sex with other men. They numbed themselves for an unwanted but desired reality.

4. THE REAL ONES ARE REALLY DELICIOUS (Heterosexual 10 in scale of 10): The ones you convinced with some effort & promised something valuable in exchange tended not to have sex with other men afterwards, drunk or sober. It pays to give premium price to the really handsome straight ones because it would be beneath their dignity to lower themselves from the initial indignity by accepting a lower offer later on (because real straight men look at consenting to gay sex as indignity enough so you must give them enough "uplifting"(e.g. material) reason to recover their self-respect, at least in their minds). If they get to enjoy it & become oblivious of their worth, they metamorphose into Category Number 1. Real diamonds should be expensive & treated with care. We're not into converting them to become life partners, just the experience, then move on. Most of them became great friends.

We got 81 % of Number Four, the real heterosexuals; the rest were all bisexuals (most were on the hetero side of the scale midpoint though). But after that little study, we knew who to avoid entirely. It takes practice & money to get it right though. Most of the rest weren't gay but were simply not straight enough for us. But as Greg joked, if ever he gets bankrupt, except for #2, they could be straight enough though he knew they were, strictly speaking, bisexuals- far more preferable than the out & proud, or even the clone, gays, who we considered were unfit for sex. Or you can bring in Eastern Mind-Control philosophies into the discussion- your reality is what is in your mind. If you think you are still straight, that's your reality- for a bisexual, it's not so hard to maneuver. That's the downside of unnecessary "coming out" if you feel it doesn't fit you, you'd be adopting a reality alien to your mindset & personality, more the theories of a bitter intellectual strugglling with his poor self-image after losing his own fight to hide his own homosexuality. Sexuality is only a part of one's personality, just harness the best parts & one's defect shouldn't be the whole basis of his life (again, very easy to do for bisexuals). But that's if he is a private individual & not an actor selling himself dishonestly like a snake oil salesman. Honesty in the marketplace, people.

In the final analysis, we have exacting standards. But that's our reality. Just keeping consistent with the way we live our own lives & nobody else's.

Determining the true sexuality of a man is easy because he's always horny. Within a short period, if he's into sex with other men, you'll get your confirmation. You just have to pay for the high-tech surveillance. My rich Spanish friend tops them all in this regard. He hates to fantasize on actors with dubious sexualities so he had his suspicious crushes checked & documented. He has in his collection videos of probably 10 Spanish matinee idols- they were all bottoms. I love Spanish singers but I mostly ignore the actors.

Of course, the Hollywood stars already have money & women so if ever they have sex with other men, they do it for the men. And they have the gall to sell themselves as heterosexual for the heterosexual dreams of millions. Frankly, in the time of Marlon Brando (which I rate bisexual grade 2 in a scale of 10), the Hollywood switch-hitters & gays could do that because they could just deny it. Not anymore. Words are just too outdated nowadays.

NOTE: Last year, my Italian friend made a study on the Italian bisexuals included in the first study. He focused on the behavior of the married ones by then. 30% (about 6) of them have gotten married already & most were not seen hitting boys anymore & were monogamous, except for one who immediately got separated & changed girlfriends frequently. He was mostly seen hanging out with a male friend, more than with his girls. He changed his girls often because he couldn't find among them the love he was looking for, but he was afraid to reveal his true love- all along he loved his friend. He had what we called "Marlon Brando Syndrome"- Brando had a string of wives & girl friends but when he died, he had himself cremated & his ashes were mixed with the ashes of his former roommate Wally Cox & strewn over the desert. Wally Cox was the one he sucked in the famous picture. He finally found the freedom to be with his true love in death? More on this on our next post.

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