Saturday, July 16, 2011

BRITISH SEXUAL RESET: The Return of Good Taste

There just might be hope for Britain. From being the world's richest country to a standard of living equivalent to Taiwan. Quite a slide. The good news: good taste may save them from a freefall after all. But that's usually expected with sane evolution - good taste prevails eventually.

In the last survey done by the British Office of National Statistics (ONS), it turned out only 1 in every 100 Britons labeled themselves as gay, & only 1 in 200 was bisexual. Only 1% gay, that's a far cry from the commonly expected 10% of a population being gay & the majority being bisexual (at least, as projected by previous Kinsey studies, & parroted by latter-day propagandists).

Britain is one of those places where you get the impression everybody could turn gay any moment now considering the intensity of the homophilic campaigns conducted in the media & by political opportunists. One of the best places to do a coming out party with all the feathers waving in the air. In fact, you get the feeling everybody should be experimenting by now- try to be a gender-bender & be fashionable. Hey, if the Glam rockers could do it, if the lads at the Blitz could do it, why not us ? But wait, where is David Bowie? Mick Jagger? Billy Idol? Why are they never seen in the arms of lads anymore? Aha, what about the New Romantics at Warren Street? Why did Jon Moss (the love of his life) forsake Boy George over a goddamn bloody wife & 3 just as bloody kids? Why did Kirk Brandon (also, the love of his life) dump the always dumpable Boy George & took up a wife instead? Why did Gavin Rossdale took up Gwen Stefani over the trans Marilyn even after 5 years of romantic relationship with the latter (which was surely satisfying or it would not have lasted up to his 20's when he should've been in a serious relationship with a real girl already)? The chief trade negotiator of the long Labor years was gay, so for a long time, the British gay youth learned they have no ceiling if they just pirouetted out to their heart's desire. Surprisingly, the reaction of the British gay leaders to the survey was the old reliable bogey line- society intimidated some to reveal their true feelings. 30 years after gender-bending became a British fad, eternal wishful thinking still rule the day: they are still at the point of clinging at straws, still wishfully believing the hordes will come out. Wish harder. They should be wary because in the near future, not now, society will be factored again into the equation. With the expected fall of the Western control of the world economy, the present economic dire straits in Britain will only get worse. I bet there will be a national reexamination of the fall in standards so you would expect further backlash against those who pretended they enriched the human race. The next generation gays are expected to be depleted except for the congenitally outed & the Cyrils (which really wouldn't be able to hide their sexuality) because tighter economic prospects will discourage the less obvious from further endangering their marketability. Political reset.

However, during these times, the culprit is clearly not the old reliable villain Society. The conscience word "homophobia" has simply seen better days. It's actually just a matter of having a better taste.

The figures of the ONS hint of an ongoing backlash. When you try to promo overload something not delicious, you tend to elicit nausea instead. We may also infer that media campaign isn't as powerful as before anymore: there's simply too many distractions, the boys are busy proving their heterosexual credentials playing their computer games instead of paying attention to extraneous noisy propaganda. All those overload campaigns may have turned those already out gays noisier & more visible, giving the illusion of headway, but all it did was inadvertently turned the lives of everybody pathetic instead: at least, Boy George got to taste heterosexual lads when he was young, but with the exclusionary demarcation lines between the sexual orientations made more distinct by the noisy politics, the young British gays now have to make do with mere "nausea-bending" instead- grit their teeth & have sex with each other, that is. Apparently, nobody wants to join them- the other 9% simply ran away.

Ashamed to be lumped with the 1%?

Or just plain good taste?

The most basic feature of life is that it's structurally made up of opposing contrasts, the positive & the negative. Beautiful, ugly. Happy, sad. Delicious, eww. Good taste, bad taste. Of course, there are gradations in between, we can arbitrarily set a spectrum from 1 to 10 if we like, ten being the most beautiful, one being the ugliest. Essentially, even with sex, I look at it from the viewpoint of what is more pleasurable to me: sex with a heterosexual being the most pleasurable, rated 10, while sex with a gay man is the least pleasurable (so unthinkable), rated 1 (or a more realistic 0). I prize the authenticity of a thing, the concentration of its pleasurable attributes, full-strength, no dilution whatsoever, the purity of a diamond. When I wanted a man, I wanted him to be a real heterosexual man, not a clone from the gym or a caricature version. I don't hate the last two, they just never appealed to me.

I sense I have something more in common with the Glam rockers & New Romantics than what I previously assumed. Aha, foolishly get a taste but eventually decide there's a better taste. And better life. The trick is, don't paint yourself in a corner & reinvent your life over it. Be there, be done, goodbye. Clean slate.

The lesson: learn to read the noise. The handlers of Gavin Rossdale thought bisexuality is in so when the guy tried to resurrect his band Bush last year, he finally admitted he had a "one-time" fling with the transvestite Marilyn. He was promptly ignored. Good for him, better hide forever under the skirts of Gwen Stefani, or closer media attention would have zeroed in on why that "one-time" fling lasted 5 years. More like a marriage to some. Frankly, when I was listening to his song "Glycerine", I'm sure he meant "Marilyn". Didn't somebody say first love never dies?

NOTE: If you're wondering how I would rate the British music stars who "experimented" & are now claiming they are heterosexual, here's my take: if they were in a prison, I would've understood, but they had army of girls waiting to fuck them. The fact they still fucked the boys just revealed who they really are. The fact they're not getting any extra incentive meant they were into it ONLY for their sexmate- another man like them. You may experiment when you have no alternative, not when a legion of girls are waiting for you. On a scale of 10, I give them a 2. No, I wouldn't have bothered sucking any of them. My fantasies have a higher standard: a 10, or a minimum 6. I had some of their music. When I wrote this article, I suddenly found myself deleting all of them. Music is sexual fantasy & the singer could be the sour note. Again, just keeping standards of good taste.

True, everybody has a right to his life, but you have a right to your good taste.