Friday, July 8, 2011

BRANDO: The Less Pure Mathematics of Sexual Desire

Marlon Brando did it long ago & he did it flagrantly in front of his co-workers & friends. HE DID IT, he got what he wanted with the sex, he got what he wanted with his career. He didn't have to mouth all those hackneyed lines that he's a victim of society, that he had to hide it because he was afraid of society, that love is love, or whatever other corny things you hear nowadays. All his life, he flashed his middle finger to society. He found no need to wave flags & join delusional marches... he just felt no need to talk about it, it's his bedroom, it's his life. He'd just say he's bisexual (which by itself was very brave) He didn't have to say "Just watch me, I'm not hiding it anyway". It's just the way it was. Which in the final analysis is actually the sane attitude to adopt for a famous actor (or anybody at that) who wanted to preserve his career but be true to himself at the same time.

The big difference was he could get it up with women many times a day, many times a week. In life, that's the critical part- you have to have a redeeming factor to offset your perceived deficits. & in such a big way that they will be buried by it. While Brando was mostly a trade with the relatively fewer guys he shacked up with (though he reportedly sucked truckers at the waterfront at times & became a bottom to some lucky men), the parade of women was so impressive it drowned out the negative repercussions of his homosexual adventurism. During the staging of the play A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE in New York, he had sex with the females he could dip his cock into in the cast, but he didn't hide either his relationship with another male member of the cast, the actor Sandy Campbell. Moreover, he got the part after he got sucked by Tennessee Williams on a beach in Provincetown & got considered for the part because he gained access to theatrical circles by fucking the influential Stella Adler & her daughter.

But the biggest difference was it was a more polite, definitely not primitive, society then. No sectoral politics which was too eager to tag you with labels when you only wanted to have sex. Who said they didn't know who were the queers then? The normal-looking Montgomery Clift & Marlon kissed each other on the lips before the other members of the cast when the former visited him in the backstage of the play... Cary Grant kissed Marlon on the lips in the same backstage... they knew Marlon went to bed with Burt Lancaster... David Niven saw Lawrence Olivier & Marlon kissing nude in the pool while Olivier's wife Janet Leigh was inside (she was fucked by Brando when they did a film)... Pier Angeli arriving to find her then boyfriend James Dean & Marlon sucking each other in the latter's living room... a photo was taken of Marlon sucking Wally Cox (his best friend) as part of his personal collection which was presented by the first wife Anna Kashfi in court as evidence in a custody battle for their child (see pic below), etc. You often hear that the world finally knows the gays now because of the struggles (as if they have been hidden)... it's more enlightened now... nobody is afraid... more modern... nobody is afraid of what society might say, etc. Actually, the noise nowadays could force you to take cover instead. Where are the noises coming from? I once attended one of those talks conducted by gay groups where a bearish type man in a muscle-hugging T-shirt was actually saying "Look at Marlon Brando, he was gay... a man who looks like any straight man but is a gay man like us who succeeded... look what a gay man can do, what we can do, what a gay man who look straight like me can do ..." Actually, he was what they call in France as a Cyril, he believed he looked straight but he's not fooling anybody. True, he didn't lisp & swished, but you could see it in his pinkies which had minds of their own, in his coquettish eyes which looked weird with the supposed-to-look-macho 3-day stubble. He probably could've fooled somebody if he didn't move & just posed. His two companions were effeminate fairies who were delicately chanting "Marlon Brando is gay like us". I concede they could get lucky in getting an erection once in a blue moon with a woman after much massaging but could they do it ON CUE all the time? Many times a day, many times a week? Isn't that the reason why most of the normal-looking malignant gays are forced to come out because they can't fake it anymore with a woman?

Where in the world did they get the gall to compare themselves with Marlon Brando just because he sucked cock every now & then in between fucking all the leading ladies of Hollywood ? I actually laughed so loud uncontrollably I had to get out of the room & leave them forever to their delicate chants of delusions.

Delusion is the final graveyard of intellectually dishonest sectoral politics.

As I wrote before, sex is delicious, & people will always find a way to enjoy the delicious things, despite what society may say. Society is a convenient villain to the shallow propagandists but it wasn't really a showstopper. Even then, if they felt like it, they did it, they enjoyed it. In the 1940's, Marlon went to Paris & started his long sexual relationships with two predominantly heterosexual French matinee idols (both known womanizers), Christian Marquand & Daniel Gelin, & they didn't bother to hide it (it's the publicist's job to pay off the tabloids). Marlon eventually named a son Christian. Truman Capote reported he saw Marlon's foot was openly caressing Daniel's crotch below their table in a cafe in Paris. Daniel was the Tom Cruise of France then & just divorced the first of his three wives. Daniel Gelin said in an interview that the group of Frenchmen into which Marlon had stumbled was a "hot jazz generation" who had emerged in the closing months after the Nazis were run out of town. "We didn't just enjoy too much alcohol at night, we also overindulged in cocaine & heroin. Our main goal was not drugs but sexual freedom. That's where I stood when I first met Marlon, who seemed to want to be completely free sexually. Often the sex of our partner for the night didn't matter, and why should it? We were more concerned that the object of our affection for the night be good in bed and not whether they had a vagina or a penis. Both a penis and a vagina can bring sexual satisfaction if put to the right use, don't you agree? It was a new era in Paris, and all of us, including Marlon, were eager to break the sexual taboos imposed on us by our parents and a restrictive society. For example, I urged Juliette (Greco) and Brigitte (Bardot) to try lesbianism, but they had no interest"

So the French hot jazz generation antedated the Beats & the Hippies which later captured the attention of America & the world. It should be noted that Gelin, just like the Beats' Jack Kerouac, another self-identified heterosexual who experimented with his sexual orientation, fell into further descent later on, battling with alcoholism & drugs, even had multiple suicide attempts.

Brando was said to have been very active in his homosexual dalliances in the early 40's, 50's & 60's but he became more & more heterosexual in his later years. He came out eventually with an autobiography before he died which was virtually sanitized of his homosexual adventures (the autobiography was instructive of how his mind worked, why he did unconventional things). Like all the aging rebels, when the front has all quieted down in their twilight years, they cared only of what future generation would eventually think of them in the end. Just like all the other gender-defying pioneers like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, etc.

A friend commented present gay politics are detrimental to the normal-looking benign gays & bisexuals, & are designed mainly for the perceived welfare of the malignants, especially the congenital types & the Cyrils. The former groups can function normally in any kind of society if they have some iota of brain, including the present one, but they suddenly found themselves suffering from collateral damage. Not only is the social scene now less delicious because they are lumped socially with people they don't even relish socializing with (much more when they're heckled as homophobic ), but the landscape has been marred by these types, pulling everybody down to their taste levels when posing like heterosexual men onstage, baiting all to indulge in false fantasies of delicious real men, but swishing like swans when the camera is off. The purer the gold, the more precious it is. Anywhere else, an imitation product is cheap (how hard is it to pose like a real man?)- would intellectually dishonest sectoral political noise be enough to reverse the natural urge to enjoy the genuine things in life? Would everybody put up with the substandard fantasies long enough? I wrote before, once upon a time, the Soviets killed millions because they dreamed there'd be no poor, no rich. They thought universal belt-tightening was Utopia, until they awakened one day they've been fooling themselves all along. The world is still full, more than ever, of poor.

Reality test: do you really believe a fairy or any malignant gay for that matter will ever be treated with the same respect as the heterosexual campus jock? Do you really believe a garbage collector will ever be given the same respect as Donald Trump? Do you really believe a 1 will become a 10?

It's not cruelty or any of those hyped angst, it's just the way it is. Would life be delicious if 1 is equal to 10?

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