Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE 9% SIMPLY RAN AWAY... (Or Just Ashamed To Be Lumped With The 1%?)

If you've read the preceding article, you may want to read it again. I dictated it over too many time zones to our poster but I found the time to read the blog only now & I found missing sentences which crippled the sense somewhat. I had it reedited. According to the latest government survey, only 1% of the British population consider themselves now as gay, a far cry from the commonly believed 10%, so the missing 9% have stopped identifying with the very visible1% despite the heaviest promotions in the media & other front organizations. It repulsed rather than attracted the other gays so they rather not be associated with the brand. This is the first indication of a backlash against the heavy gay promotions of the latter years & it happened in a very liberal society indeed. The British gender-bending is the model of the current American gay campaign, especially the Hollywood initiatives. In our next articles, we'll extrapolate the British experience to America, which admittedly is generally less liberal, relatively behind in sexuality matters & has a lower nausea level than Britain. Will some smart-alecks in Hollywood be eating their foot in no time?