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More than twenty years ago, 5 wealthy bisexual young men gangbanged a young Hollywood hustler: each taking him in the ass then coming on his mouth which he swallowed greedily. Somebody filmed that orgy, one in a very large private collection of Hollywood night wonders. The hustler became the singer of a famous rock band & he became a famous ladies' man. However, whenever he met later on any one of the young men with whom he had that orgy, he still went along, this time for free, and he still loved taking it up the ass & swallowing their come. Another actor who was already famous a decade ago when it happened (even far more famous now & who happens to be also a well-known ladies' man), engaged in a torrid kiss with a very old man probably older than his grandfather which led to sex in the wee hours of the morning & without them knowing, they were filmed for posterity.

Nothing wrong, it's their life. Only, they are charlatans. In our quality-conscious consumerist society, we fight for the authenticity of the products we buy in the groceries. How about the products that inspire fantasies? A non-heterosexual actor or singer packaging himself as heterosexual thereby duping the public to indulge in fake heterosexual dreams over him. Why can't any other vegetable oil substitute for olive oil when a gay actor can sell himself as heterosexual to millions? Duping is duping, & a guy you made love to you in your dreams for years then turns out later to be fake has a greater damage on your psyche than a substandard but still edible cooking oil.

I don't hate Gay Libération, in fact, as a former straight boy lover, it's a blessing because it would be easier to separate the candidates of your desire if everybody just labeled themselves correctly, something which admittedly will never occur. Because a true straight boy lover doesn't pick up the first sexy guy who looked straight. But fortunately I am goodlooking enough so more often than not these supposed to be straight guys would be hitting on me before I even began making the first move. In short, easier to eliminate them & faster my exit. Still, I've punched a hundred of them just to get away, that's aggressive some could be. But mostly I stayed away from guys who gave themselves away easy, free & cheap. Why? Read on.

Four years ago, me & my friends made retrospective studies on the supposed to be straight guys we had sex with in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia & Spain. Somewhat scientific because we selected randomly among our favorite lays, a sample of 300 guys in 8 countries who all passed our "girl" test- he could get it up with a girl with no suspicious delayed erective reaction or he had a girl friend or wife, so each one could be either a hetero or a bisexual in the worst case scenario. To be more precise, call it a confirmatory test. It elicited surprising conclusions nonetheless. In analyzing the data, we put more emphasis on the pattern of sexual behavior because sexual identity & desires will find a way to be expressed in time just to realize sexual pleasure, even involuntarily, surmounting self-denials & self-delusions in the process. It turned out what you thought were experimental or exigential, like monetary considerations or plain fun, might be simplistic presumptions. IMPORTANT: No blue-collar guys included in the sample, different psychologies entirely.

(NOTE: The Sexuality Scale is directly proportional to number of unpaid female sex episodes over unpaid male sex episodes during a two-week period. The subjects were observed for varying periods, Group 4 the longest)

1. METAMORPHIC SEXUALITY (Bisexual 4-8 in scale of 10, 10 being Heterosexual, 1 being Homosexual): The cheaper or easier you got him, the more likely the guy is bisexual. All the guys considered for this category turned out to be typical bisexuals: they fired their guns to all genders, not without emotions, though they tended to display their girls publicly. They were frequently picked up again & again by both men & women, both for paid & (mostly) unpaid sex. They love the money & the sex, & they would have less of the sex if they held out too high on the price so they were not only guided by business strategy when they transacted at a particular price. Hustlers, both professional (gay-for-pays) & occasional (student) are included in this category, they start thinking of themselves at first as straight but they learn to enjoy sex with men in time. My German friend Hans did a study on the hustlers of Cologne & Berlin. He only contracted hustlers with girlfriends but invariably (100%) they were already in full erection when they took off their pants upon arrival at the hotel. They were more eager than Hans. Hans looks like the French actor Alain Delon. The normal admiration by a male to a fellow male will be transformed in time into sexual attraction especially if he had the slightest predisposition to bisexuality. The initial repulsion to having sex with fellow males dissipates as he realizes he can have orgasm & not be hit by lightning achieving it, destroying the influence of all the cultural inhibitors in one big swoop. He learns to enjoy the sex, sex is simply physical friction anyway, & in time he prefers doing it with a boy with the physical attributes he tended to admire in one, heretofore asexually. One may call it acquired sexual taste. He'll realize it would tremendously add to the sexual pleasure if he appreciated physically his partner in a very physical act. He may still play mind games but his body & emotions know what they want. In nature, we have what we call metamorphic rocks. Here, we have metamorphic sexuality (it happens, contrary to books). The rock singer mentioned in the beginning also belong in this category.

2. BEWARE OF THE FREE (Bisexual 2-3 in scale of 10): The ones you get for free (you meet them because you know their girlfriends or wives; include here your co-workers who are receptive to your flirting) play around with other guys frequently. 80% were seen cruising other men REGULARLY after taking their girls home, the other 20% irregularly, but all of them were into sex with other men as a routine- so don't believe talks on experimentation if they are more than 18 years old. Usually their only female sex partners are their wives or girl friends but play around with various men. They were bisexuals more on the gay side pretending to be heteros. This include the actor with industrial-strength daddy issues mentioned in the beginning.

3. TIPSY SEXUALITY (Bisexual 3-6 in scale of 10): You thought alcohol could convert a straight man? This was an eye-opener because up to this point, I thought alcohol could convert a straight man. Twelve men I dated, all with backgrounds full of girls, were included in the sample for this category, & the study revealed they were busy sexually with other men long after I had them, drunk or sober.Those you scored over a few bottles of beer turned out to have sex with other men regularly when drunk, cruise public parks & adult video stores when sober, especially if they were in their late 20's & older. In some countries covered, boys who were scored when drunk hit more boys more than their girlfriends. Most only have sex with other men when drunk, which turned out to occur very often because they frequent the bars like most men- only they have extra motives. Drinking turned out to provide a good self-rationalization to have sex with other men. They numbed themselves for an unwanted but desired reality.

4. THE REAL ONES ARE REALLY DELICIOUS (Heterosexual 10 in scale of 10): The ones you convinced with some effort & promised something valuable in exchange tended not to have sex with other men afterwards, drunk or sober. It pays to give premium price to the really handsome straight ones because it would be beneath their dignity to lower themselves from the initial indignity by accepting a lower offer later on (because real straight men look at consenting to gay sex as indignity enough so you must give them enough "uplifting"(e.g. material) reason to recover their self-respect, at least in their minds). If they get to enjoy it & become oblivious of their worth, they metamorphose into Category Number 1. Real diamonds should be expensive & treated with care. We're not into converting them to become life partners, just the experience, then move on. Most of them became great friends.

We got 81 % of Number Four, the real heterosexuals; the rest were all bisexuals (most were on the hetero side of the scale midpoint though). But after that little study, we knew who to avoid entirely. It takes practice & money to get it right though. Most of the rest weren't gay but were simply not straight enough for us. But as Greg joked, if ever he gets bankrupt, except for #2, they could be straight enough though he knew they were, strictly speaking, bisexuals- far more preferable than the out & proud, or even the clone, gays, who we considered were unfit for sex. Or you can bring in Eastern Mind-Control philosophies into the discussion- your reality is what is in your mind. If you think you are still straight, that's your reality- for a bisexual, it's not so hard to maneuver. That's the downside of unnecessary "coming out" if you feel it doesn't fit you, you'd be adopting a reality alien to your mindset & personality, more the theories of a bitter intellectual strugglling with his poor self-image after losing his own fight to hide his own homosexuality. Sexuality is only a part of one's personality, just harness the best parts & one's defect shouldn't be the whole basis of his life (again, very easy to do for bisexuals). But that's if he is a private individual & not an actor selling himself dishonestly like a snake oil salesman. Honesty in the marketplace, people.

In the final analysis, we have exacting standards. But that's our reality. Just keeping consistent with the way we live our own lives & nobody else's.

Determining the true sexuality of a man is easy because he's always horny. Within a short period, if he's into sex with other men, you'll get your confirmation. You just have to pay for the high-tech surveillance. My rich Spanish friend tops them all in this regard. He hates to fantasize on actors with dubious sexualities so he had his suspicious crushes checked & documented. He has in his collection videos of probably 10 Spanish matinee idols- they were all bottoms. I love Spanish singers but I mostly ignore the actors.

Of course, the Hollywood stars already have money & women so if ever they have sex with other men, they do it for the men. And they have the gall to sell themselves as heterosexual for the heterosexual dreams of millions. Frankly, in the time of Marlon Brando (which I rate bisexual grade 2 in a scale of 10), the Hollywood switch-hitters & gays could do that because they could just deny it. Not anymore. Words are just too outdated nowadays.

NOTE: Last year, my Italian friend made a study on the Italian bisexuals included in the first study. He focused on the behavior of the married ones by then. 30% (about 6) of them have gotten married already & most were not seen hitting boys anymore & were monogamous, except for one who immediately got separated & changed girlfriends frequently. He was mostly seen hanging out with a male friend, more than with his girls. He changed his girls often because he couldn't find among them the love he was looking for, but he was afraid to reveal his true love- all along he loved his friend. He had what we called "Marlon Brando Syndrome"- Brando had a string of wives & girl friends but when he died, he had himself cremated & his ashes were mixed with the ashes of his former roommate Wally Cox & strewn over the desert. Wally Cox was the one he sucked in the famous picture. He finally found the freedom to be with his true love in death? More on this on our next post.

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THE 9% SIMPLY RAN AWAY... (Or Just Ashamed To Be Lumped With The 1%?)

If you've read the preceding article, you may want to read it again. I dictated it over too many time zones to our poster but I found the time to read the blog only now & I found missing sentences which crippled the sense somewhat. I had it reedited. According to the latest government survey, only 1% of the British population consider themselves now as gay, a far cry from the commonly believed 10%, so the missing 9% have stopped identifying with the very visible1% despite the heaviest promotions in the media & other front organizations. It repulsed rather than attracted the other gays so they rather not be associated with the brand. This is the first indication of a backlash against the heavy gay promotions of the latter years & it happened in a very liberal society indeed. The British gender-bending is the model of the current American gay campaign, especially the Hollywood initiatives. In our next articles, we'll extrapolate the British experience to America, which admittedly is generally less liberal, relatively behind in sexuality matters & has a lower nausea level than Britain. Will some smart-alecks in Hollywood be eating their foot in no time?

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BRITISH SEXUAL RESET: The Return of Good Taste

There just might be hope for Britain. From being the world's richest country to a standard of living equivalent to Taiwan. Quite a slide. The good news: good taste may save them from a freefall after all. But that's usually expected with sane evolution - good taste prevails eventually.

In the last survey done by the British Office of National Statistics (ONS), it turned out only 1 in every 100 Britons labeled themselves as gay, & only 1 in 200 was bisexual. Only 1% gay, that's a far cry from the commonly expected 10% of a population being gay & the majority being bisexual (at least, as projected by previous Kinsey studies, & parroted by latter-day propagandists).

Britain is one of those places where you get the impression everybody could turn gay any moment now considering the intensity of the homophilic campaigns conducted in the media & by political opportunists. One of the best places to do a coming out party with all the feathers waving in the air. In fact, you get the feeling everybody should be experimenting by now- try to be a gender-bender & be fashionable. Hey, if the Glam rockers could do it, if the lads at the Blitz could do it, why not us ? But wait, where is David Bowie? Mick Jagger? Billy Idol? Why are they never seen in the arms of lads anymore? Aha, what about the New Romantics at Warren Street? Why did Jon Moss (the love of his life) forsake Boy George over a goddamn bloody wife & 3 just as bloody kids? Why did Kirk Brandon (also, the love of his life) dump the always dumpable Boy George & took up a wife instead? Why did Gavin Rossdale took up Gwen Stefani over the trans Marilyn even after 5 years of romantic relationship with the latter (which was surely satisfying or it would not have lasted up to his 20's when he should've been in a serious relationship with a real girl already)? The chief trade negotiator of the long Labor years was gay, so for a long time, the British gay youth learned they have no ceiling if they just pirouetted out to their heart's desire. Surprisingly, the reaction of the British gay leaders to the survey was the old reliable bogey line- society intimidated some to reveal their true feelings. 30 years after gender-bending became a British fad, eternal wishful thinking still rule the day: they are still at the point of clinging at straws, still wishfully believing the hordes will come out. Wish harder. They should be wary because in the near future, not now, society will be factored again into the equation. With the expected fall of the Western control of the world economy, the present economic dire straits in Britain will only get worse. I bet there will be a national reexamination of the fall in standards so you would expect further backlash against those who pretended they enriched the human race. The next generation gays are expected to be depleted except for the congenitally outed & the Cyrils (which really wouldn't be able to hide their sexuality) because tighter economic prospects will discourage the less obvious from further endangering their marketability. Political reset.

However, during these times, the culprit is clearly not the old reliable villain Society. The conscience word "homophobia" has simply seen better days. It's actually just a matter of having a better taste.

The figures of the ONS hint of an ongoing backlash. When you try to promo overload something not delicious, you tend to elicit nausea instead. We may also infer that media campaign isn't as powerful as before anymore: there's simply too many distractions, the boys are busy proving their heterosexual credentials playing their computer games instead of paying attention to extraneous noisy propaganda. All those overload campaigns may have turned those already out gays noisier & more visible, giving the illusion of headway, but all it did was inadvertently turned the lives of everybody pathetic instead: at least, Boy George got to taste heterosexual lads when he was young, but with the exclusionary demarcation lines between the sexual orientations made more distinct by the noisy politics, the young British gays now have to make do with mere "nausea-bending" instead- grit their teeth & have sex with each other, that is. Apparently, nobody wants to join them- the other 9% simply ran away.

Ashamed to be lumped with the 1%?

Or just plain good taste?

The most basic feature of life is that it's structurally made up of opposing contrasts, the positive & the negative. Beautiful, ugly. Happy, sad. Delicious, eww. Good taste, bad taste. Of course, there are gradations in between, we can arbitrarily set a spectrum from 1 to 10 if we like, ten being the most beautiful, one being the ugliest. Essentially, even with sex, I look at it from the viewpoint of what is more pleasurable to me: sex with a heterosexual being the most pleasurable, rated 10, while sex with a gay man is the least pleasurable (so unthinkable), rated 1 (or a more realistic 0). I prize the authenticity of a thing, the concentration of its pleasurable attributes, full-strength, no dilution whatsoever, the purity of a diamond. When I wanted a man, I wanted him to be a real heterosexual man, not a clone from the gym or a caricature version. I don't hate the last two, they just never appealed to me.

I sense I have something more in common with the Glam rockers & New Romantics than what I previously assumed. Aha, foolishly get a taste but eventually decide there's a better taste. And better life. The trick is, don't paint yourself in a corner & reinvent your life over it. Be there, be done, goodbye. Clean slate.

The lesson: learn to read the noise. The handlers of Gavin Rossdale thought bisexuality is in so when the guy tried to resurrect his band Bush last year, he finally admitted he had a "one-time" fling with the transvestite Marilyn. He was promptly ignored. Good for him, better hide forever under the skirts of Gwen Stefani, or closer media attention would have zeroed in on why that "one-time" fling lasted 5 years. More like a marriage to some. Frankly, when I was listening to his song "Glycerine", I'm sure he meant "Marilyn". Didn't somebody say first love never dies?

NOTE: If you're wondering how I would rate the British music stars who "experimented" & are now claiming they are heterosexual, here's my take: if they were in a prison, I would've understood, but they had army of girls waiting to fuck them. The fact they still fucked the boys just revealed who they really are. The fact they're not getting any extra incentive meant they were into it ONLY for their sexmate- another man like them. You may experiment when you have no alternative, not when a legion of girls are waiting for you. On a scale of 10, I give them a 2. No, I wouldn't have bothered sucking any of them. My fantasies have a higher standard: a 10, or a minimum 6. I had some of their music. When I wrote this article, I suddenly found myself deleting all of them. Music is sexual fantasy & the singer could be the sour note. Again, just keeping standards of good taste.

True, everybody has a right to his life, but you have a right to your good taste.

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BRANDO: The Less Pure Mathematics of Sexual Desire

Marlon Brando did it long ago & he did it flagrantly in front of his co-workers & friends. HE DID IT, he got what he wanted with the sex, he got what he wanted with his career. He didn't have to mouth all those hackneyed lines that he's a victim of society, that he had to hide it because he was afraid of society, that love is love, or whatever other corny things you hear nowadays. All his life, he flashed his middle finger to society. He found no need to wave flags & join delusional marches... he just felt no need to talk about it, it's his bedroom, it's his life. He'd just say he's bisexual (which by itself was very brave) He didn't have to say "Just watch me, I'm not hiding it anyway". It's just the way it was. Which in the final analysis is actually the sane attitude to adopt for a famous actor (or anybody at that) who wanted to preserve his career but be true to himself at the same time.

The big difference was he could get it up with women many times a day, many times a week. In life, that's the critical part- you have to have a redeeming factor to offset your perceived deficits. & in such a big way that they will be buried by it. While Brando was mostly a trade with the relatively fewer guys he shacked up with (though he reportedly sucked truckers at the waterfront at times & became a bottom to some lucky men), the parade of women was so impressive it drowned out the negative repercussions of his homosexual adventurism. During the staging of the play A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE in New York, he had sex with the females he could dip his cock into in the cast, but he didn't hide either his relationship with another male member of the cast, the actor Sandy Campbell. Moreover, he got the part after he got sucked by Tennessee Williams on a beach in Provincetown & got considered for the part because he gained access to theatrical circles by fucking the influential Stella Adler & her daughter.

But the biggest difference was it was a more polite, definitely not primitive, society then. No sectoral politics which was too eager to tag you with labels when you only wanted to have sex. Who said they didn't know who were the queers then? The normal-looking Montgomery Clift & Marlon kissed each other on the lips before the other members of the cast when the former visited him in the backstage of the play... Cary Grant kissed Marlon on the lips in the same backstage... they knew Marlon went to bed with Burt Lancaster... David Niven saw Lawrence Olivier & Marlon kissing nude in the pool while Olivier's wife Janet Leigh was inside (she was fucked by Brando when they did a film)... Pier Angeli arriving to find her then boyfriend James Dean & Marlon sucking each other in the latter's living room... a photo was taken of Marlon sucking Wally Cox (his best friend) as part of his personal collection which was presented by the first wife Anna Kashfi in court as evidence in a custody battle for their child (see pic below), etc. You often hear that the world finally knows the gays now because of the struggles (as if they have been hidden)... it's more enlightened now... nobody is afraid... more modern... nobody is afraid of what society might say, etc. Actually, the noise nowadays could force you to take cover instead. Where are the noises coming from? I once attended one of those talks conducted by gay groups where a bearish type man in a muscle-hugging T-shirt was actually saying "Look at Marlon Brando, he was gay... a man who looks like any straight man but is a gay man like us who succeeded... look what a gay man can do, what we can do, what a gay man who look straight like me can do ..." Actually, he was what they call in France as a Cyril, he believed he looked straight but he's not fooling anybody. True, he didn't lisp & swished, but you could see it in his pinkies which had minds of their own, in his coquettish eyes which looked weird with the supposed-to-look-macho 3-day stubble. He probably could've fooled somebody if he didn't move & just posed. His two companions were effeminate fairies who were delicately chanting "Marlon Brando is gay like us". I concede they could get lucky in getting an erection once in a blue moon with a woman after much massaging but could they do it ON CUE all the time? Many times a day, many times a week? Isn't that the reason why most of the normal-looking malignant gays are forced to come out because they can't fake it anymore with a woman?

Where in the world did they get the gall to compare themselves with Marlon Brando just because he sucked cock every now & then in between fucking all the leading ladies of Hollywood ? I actually laughed so loud uncontrollably I had to get out of the room & leave them forever to their delicate chants of delusions.

Delusion is the final graveyard of intellectually dishonest sectoral politics.

As I wrote before, sex is delicious, & people will always find a way to enjoy the delicious things, despite what society may say. Society is a convenient villain to the shallow propagandists but it wasn't really a showstopper. Even then, if they felt like it, they did it, they enjoyed it. In the 1940's, Marlon went to Paris & started his long sexual relationships with two predominantly heterosexual French matinee idols (both known womanizers), Christian Marquand & Daniel Gelin, & they didn't bother to hide it (it's the publicist's job to pay off the tabloids). Marlon eventually named a son Christian. Truman Capote reported he saw Marlon's foot was openly caressing Daniel's crotch below their table in a cafe in Paris. Daniel was the Tom Cruise of France then & just divorced the first of his three wives. Daniel Gelin said in an interview that the group of Frenchmen into which Marlon had stumbled was a "hot jazz generation" who had emerged in the closing months after the Nazis were run out of town. "We didn't just enjoy too much alcohol at night, we also overindulged in cocaine & heroin. Our main goal was not drugs but sexual freedom. That's where I stood when I first met Marlon, who seemed to want to be completely free sexually. Often the sex of our partner for the night didn't matter, and why should it? We were more concerned that the object of our affection for the night be good in bed and not whether they had a vagina or a penis. Both a penis and a vagina can bring sexual satisfaction if put to the right use, don't you agree? It was a new era in Paris, and all of us, including Marlon, were eager to break the sexual taboos imposed on us by our parents and a restrictive society. For example, I urged Juliette (Greco) and Brigitte (Bardot) to try lesbianism, but they had no interest"

So the French hot jazz generation antedated the Beats & the Hippies which later captured the attention of America & the world. It should be noted that Gelin, just like the Beats' Jack Kerouac, another self-identified heterosexual who experimented with his sexual orientation, fell into further descent later on, battling with alcoholism & drugs, even had multiple suicide attempts.

Brando was said to have been very active in his homosexual dalliances in the early 40's, 50's & 60's but he became more & more heterosexual in his later years. He came out eventually with an autobiography before he died which was virtually sanitized of his homosexual adventures (the autobiography was instructive of how his mind worked, why he did unconventional things). Like all the aging rebels, when the front has all quieted down in their twilight years, they cared only of what future generation would eventually think of them in the end. Just like all the other gender-defying pioneers like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, etc.

A friend commented present gay politics are detrimental to the normal-looking benign gays & bisexuals, & are designed mainly for the perceived welfare of the malignants, especially the congenital types & the Cyrils. The former groups can function normally in any kind of society if they have some iota of brain, including the present one, but they suddenly found themselves suffering from collateral damage. Not only is the social scene now less delicious because they are lumped socially with people they don't even relish socializing with (much more when they're heckled as homophobic ), but the landscape has been marred by these types, pulling everybody down to their taste levels when posing like heterosexual men onstage, baiting all to indulge in false fantasies of delicious real men, but swishing like swans when the camera is off. The purer the gold, the more precious it is. Anywhere else, an imitation product is cheap (how hard is it to pose like a real man?)- would intellectually dishonest sectoral political noise be enough to reverse the natural urge to enjoy the genuine things in life? Would everybody put up with the substandard fantasies long enough? I wrote before, once upon a time, the Soviets killed millions because they dreamed there'd be no poor, no rich. They thought universal belt-tightening was Utopia, until they awakened one day they've been fooling themselves all along. The world is still full, more than ever, of poor.

Reality test: do you really believe a fairy or any malignant gay for that matter will ever be treated with the same respect as the heterosexual campus jock? Do you really believe a garbage collector will ever be given the same respect as Donald Trump? Do you really believe a 1 will become a 10?

It's not cruelty or any of those hyped angst, it's just the way it is. Would life be delicious if 1 is equal to 10?

1. Brando Unzipped, Darwin Porter
2. Brando: Stories My Mother Taught Me (autobiography), Marlon Brando

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SALIVA VS. SPERM: The Last Love-Boys


When I first read the poem HOWL in the late 1990's, I was not impressed because it kinda felt hackneyed already considering the times. But it was shocking in the 1950's & generally considered as a landmark in the fight for free expression. Looking at it now, it appears it was more the political implications of his work which created the celebrity of Allen Ginsberg because if you strip his poems of their shock & sexy contents, I actually find them run-of-the-mill. Of course, like Paris Hilton later learned, it's the notoriety that counts in the end. Shock them, & if your name skyrocketed from the pack, just let the media & good event management (it was a time of turbulent change so get more political, which he did) take care of the rest, the lesser names will fall in line & hitch their stars to you. Typical American bandwagon show will follow. I actually find many of the works of the younger poets who flitted around him more interesting, like Anne Waldman, Jim Conh, Randy Roark, Marc Olmsted, etc. I have to be honest, circa 2011, I am not a fan of Ginsberg's poetry (some of the poems strangely were better in the French translations). But I am an avid student of his way with straight boys.

During his younger years, he got the straight guys because he didn't shy away from mingling with them. He wrote about sex with straight guys into his extensive journals. In all his interviews, he talked about his love for sex with young boys & he always managed to insert the adjective 'straight' somewhere in the conversation. He wrote a book of poem which he called "Straight Hearts" but never for a not straight heart. Apparently he wrote about & craved after gay sex with a straight man. He drifted with the macho crowd of the San Francisco Hippies, Hell's Angel, the fraternity boys who sponsored his lectures in the Midwest & flirted with the straight writers who sought his help or company. He was successful in recruiting some to experiment like Jack Kerouac but he angered some like Hunter Thompson who he helped when the latter was just starting (you never know what happened in the beginning because it's obvious Ginsberg was into calling out favors). But you can gauge the hatred of Thompson because when Ginsberg died, he wrote the elegy which was read by Johnny Depp when he didn't bother to attend:

...a dangerous bull-fruit with the brain of an open sore and the conscience of a virus...

Then this: this is being hyped by gay activists as the first gay marriage- an open relationship between Ginsberg & a predominantly heterosexual Peter Orlovsky, ten years his junior, & who had heterosexual relationships with girls outside Ginsberg's bed while Ginsberg continued flirting with other straight guys. They mentioned loads about a vow in the relationship but Ginsberg was into vows long before that - he did that (where they had to stare eye to eye & make a vow) twice with Neal Cassady, in New York & on their way to the Texas home of William Burroughs, & each time Neal went along with making a vow of their connection "forever", merely to "humor" him, as Ginsberg commented later in hindsight to his biographer. Orlovsky has a family with psychotic history & he wasn't spared later on. In time, he had alternating periods of lucidity & psychotic behavior which made him unable to strike on his own & became dependent on Ginsberg. They actually lived apart from the late 1980's up to Ginsberg's death in 1997 but the increasingly unbalanced Orlovsky was permanently dependent on him & was always darting in & out of his flat in New York, the city where they lived after San Francisco, where they met. It is said that the dependent Orlovsky wanted to marry & have a child at some point but Ginsberg refused, until the psychological rollercoaster made it a moot point later on. From the Hunter Thompson & Peter Orlovsky's case, you can see here the contradictions in Ginsberg's personality: many testify that Ginsberg is a kind teacher, but it appears he's a cold steel when it comes to his sexual desires. We shall see how cold & calculating.

He always had young boys whom he picked up all around. In the 1960's, the time of 'free love' experimentation (which I imagine he was among the prime instigators) accounts were filled with his "best times" among the Hippies of the West Coast until he sought geographic taste variation & embarked on fraternity-sponsored reading tours of campuses around the Midwest & beyond where the frat parties afterwards gave him opportunities to score (an example of his routine: in one reading in Kansas, Ginsberg disappeared upstairs with a frat boy 20 minutes into the party ostensibly to check on the boy's poetry & they never returned). In the 1970's, one ready recruiting ground was the Summer Writing Program of the NAROPA Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colorado which he helped found in 1974. The school followed the Beat philosophy of experimentation with your comfort level be it in drugs, lifestyle or sex, so for the next three decades, it was a natural hunting ground for Ginsberg to seduce what came to be called "Allen Grinsberg's Boys", & every summer, many straight boys experimented with him in the Socratic tradition. It ensured him a source of boys up to his death (in effect, you might say he designed Naropa to be a convenient replacement for the dried up "free love " scene of the Hippies, though in a smaller scale, but with a convenient altruistic cover). If you study the Beat history (& its sibling, the Hippies), you'll immediately notice that at the core beats Ginsberg's homosexuality. The sexual orientation experimentation mainly started with Ginsberg seducing Jack Kerouac & Neal Cassady, & subsequent Beat reiteration try to recreate that seduction as key to entering the circle & establishing creds especially if one is a sexy straight boy. For decades, Ginsberg used it as a tool to get his boys at Naropa, just like he did with the Hippies & the fratboys earlier in different pretensions. Everything he did (be it historical, educational or political) was practically tailormade for his sexual desires. Is anybody surprised why Ginsberg divulged openly & frequently in interviews what he had done sexually with the straight Kerouac & Cassady when they were supposed to be his friends? The flashing subliminal message to the gullible straight pretty boys:Be like Kerouac & Cassady, give me your cocks! Thus, the ghost fraternity of Kerouac & Cassady-inspired straight boys got sucked throughout the land. It's not his homo-explicit poems which prepared the ground for his conquests because those were mainly read by gay boys which were mere last resorts. It was his first love, Jack Kerouac, whose novel
On The Road became Bibles to horny restless straight boys, who attracted the boys to the cause long after Kerouac's turn to be sucked.

Very curious things about the original Beats: you'll find the heterosexual men of the group who tried sexual experimentation dying early & broken (Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, dead in their 40's) while the gay ones lived to old age (Ginsberg in his 70's, Burroughs, 80's). Lucien Carr, the heterosexual guy who killed a gay man who made an attempt on him & stayed away, outlived them all. It's easy to see who thrived better in that kind of culture ( Not to mention that the sexuality of the most celebrated Beat character, the self-identified heterosexual Kerouac, has been compromised forever because of the many posthumous biographies that came out claiming his repressed homosexuality, all of which started because of Ginberg's persistent seduction. He left the scene by the mid-60's & voted Goldwater. If that isn't a signal he broke away with his past, I don't know what is).

Of course, you have to be really amazed with the love-boys of Ginsberg, especially in the 1990's because he was already in his 70's then. If they self-identified as heterosexual, they were not only breaking the taboo on homosexual sex but something more amazing- having sex with a 70 years-old is strong stomach stuff. Try getting naked with your friend's grandfather then kiss & embrace the just as naked old man in bed then actually manage to get horny & come in the process so you can let him drink the elixir of youth he's after. And that's besides other things he craved which he graphically mentioned in some of his interviews: something to do with his behind & the boy's behind, etc. Frankly, I'm wild, but this is. .. I'm out of this paragraph, lol.

The lesson in Ginsberg's way with straight guys was simple, strike on the straight but disadvantaged guy. The drunk or high one (he said he got Kerouac when the latter was drunk), the starting writer/musician (flirting which leads to non-verbalized, or otherwise, quid pro quo), the wide-eyed (the impressionable love-boys he got from NAROPA, the frat boys in the Midwest, neighborhood boys,etc), the psychologically-deficient (like Peter Orlovsky). His style was not expensive because while he became a celebrity, he had no celebrity money that could maintain a normal straight guy with his wife & kids for long if ever the guy agreed to be a permanent kept man (he had aspired cheaply with Orlovsky but in luckless circumstances & with just as luckless results). So he had to be fast on spotting the cheap opportunity that his celebrity brought him. Which to his credit, he did. In the end, he settled with the Socratic model: meet young boys, whatever wisdom he had in exchange for their youth. Saliva vs. sperm.

The love-boys...

Why was I suddenly interested with the love-boys? The other day I tried to read some of the backlog emails not expecting a new email would arrive because I 've already removed the email ad. But somebody must have memorized it- & right there, a long email about the love-boys. I doubted if I could publish it but just a few clicks in the Web & voila- they were variously called as Allen's Boys, boyfriends, young lovers, love-boys, etc. A few calls & I got confirmation & documentation. They were relationships not hidden by Ginsberg & actually talked about openly to the many people who flit in & out of his apartment & liberally described as young lovers in the media so I find no legal impediment to feature them. But I can foresee what Ginsberg failed to care about in being very public about it: the boys in middle age may regret what they've done. But their stories are already there & little magic has been done to their careers so far despite the sperm they shared in exchange for the saliva of the old man. Perhaps they need the notoriety which pushed the latter's career in the first place? I haven't decided, I'm going to do it democratically, me & my friends will vote on it & after they've read this, let's see.

It's easy to see the gist of Ginsberg's sex life: stoke the passion of nonconformity & the angry boys will be all too willing to prove their creds for the fight. It was straight boy's sperm that served as fuel to the liberation changes in the last 4 decades, ironically even gay liberation. Ginsberg started his sexual history with really womanizer straight guys. In the 1990's when it was harder for him to score because of his age, the rise of conservatism, AIDS & gay liberation, he still aimed for boys with girl friends. But did they turn out all as straight desires?

Pending Part 2, We Get To Meet The Last Love-Boys of a 70 year-old man 14 Years Hence

NOTE (July 6, 2011)
It's almost mandatory with contrived legends that you take everything in blind faith (or better still, a grain of salt perhaps). But more often than not, your first hunch might turn out to be right after all. The most striking thing about the sexual history of Allen Ginsberg with the 'alleged' straight guys is something seemed not to tally with what you've read about psychosexualdynamics. Perhaps, because it was a time when Gay Liberation hasn't taken hold yet & any straight-looking guy is, thru sheer wishful-thinking, deemed straight unless he came out. Perhaps, that's the beauty of Gay Liberation for a straight guy lover, it's easier to separate the grain from the chaff. For a supposed-to-be straight guy giving it away free & easy should always ring the loudest alarm bell, be it with Ginsberg or anybody else. Some of our friends helped to check out the sexual history of the last love-boys. Conclusions: if you want genuine straight boys, better stick to the guys who don't give it away free & easy. We decided it's useless to publish a Part 2.