Friday, June 3, 2011

GODS OF BULLFIGHTING: Sebastian Castella of France

Life sure works steadfastly in its mysterious ways. I will be a father soon. No, not with my present girl friend. In my last trip to Paris early this year, my French friend Yves introduced me to a classy sweet girl, & the four of us (with Yves & his wife) drank off till the wee hours of the morning. Me & my partner ended up having sex without protection. The girl didn't want to bother me with the news, but Yves learned of it eventually. I will have a child with a French pout soon.

Mysterious the ways of life. But I fell in love already with my present girl friend, & it's a little sad I can't give my first child a normal family. More baffling is that I even have to wrestle with these kinds of dilemma today. Just a year ago, I was single-mindedly hunting straight guys in the most delicious cities of the world, & here I am now, on a completely different trajectory. & I couldn't be happier, I've escaped the rut.

I haven't sucked a boy this year, & I have no more desire to do so. My previous sex life is behind me. I may find a little guilt because, there I was enjoying all the spectacular straight guys who could only be fantasized by most gays who have to grit their teeth & make do with types who would make me nauseous to even just whiff, but here I am, leaving all that & reinventing myself as your usual heterosexual Joe- doing it only with girls, having kids, enjoying my heterosexual friends who have no idea at all of my previous deviations. Clean slate. Curiously, a part of me sees it as now a shameful part of my past, but I am now really getting into the right groove, & here lies the value of this blog- without me intending it to be, it has become a journal of my renewal. I started it out as a prank out of boredom in a rained out manhunt vacation- who would have thought, that while it celebrated the sexiest heterosexual men in the world, it would chronicle my sexual renewal instead? It took two years of publishing naked straight men before I saw the way out. But at least, I saw it.

I removed the email ad in my Profile for the meantime. Many tried to send more pictures, probably to try to convince me to be more regular with the blog. I have enough drafts waiting. I just haven't made a decision what to do next after the recent developments in my sexual life. I'm not in a gender propaganda war here. I don't have to because things are moving out of the hands of everybody anyway. One good thing about writing a blog is you can explore things before they become trendy issues. Because that has become the main drawback in Western thought progress- you have to gather enough critical mass of opinion before anything gets seriously tackled. & it may be too late then. When Bush started the Iraq war, you could hardly hear a dissenting opinion because nobody wanted to expose himself to prevailing sentiments (which could be manipulated easily btw). Everybody was waiting for everybody else before they could make the first move though they knew things weren't like what the event manipulators wanted them to believe. Until the bodybags started arriving, & everybody was hypocritically lambasting anybody else before fingers of blame started pointing at them for being complicit, for their cowardice. This blog touched the implications on the gay movement of the likely replacement of Western economic supremacy by the emerging economies before the decade is through. Three things: 1) the politics of the likely economic overlords emphasize communal rights over those of the individual- what is best for Joe may not be good for the society, & as you can see from their present communities, homosexuality is seen not good for the society, 2) you can hear some British "intellectuals" gloat that as long as all the democratic rights written in English are read, democracy is safe. Wrong. If you read communist literature, you can't help but yearn for a communist Utopia, but after the fall of communism, is anybody even interested to long for communism? If the present Western control of civilization falls, all the democratic literature written in English will go the same way. Who would believe losers? 3) the economic arena will be tighter- the lesser marketability of gay men will ultimately bring them back to the start of the historical cycle. Most likely, all the Western human rights movements will become mere romantic footnotes? What do you think?

We often hear that phrase being in the 21st century, the current delusional mantra you often hear spouted by wishful thinkers about how blurring the lines of what is beautiful from what is nauseous is the natural path of evolution (contrary to what is happening in nature, btw). My reaction? LOL! First, prevent the above civilization change scenario, but how, aside from the war drums of NATO which can't seem to win in Afghanistan or even to dislodge Khadaffi. It was hilarious then, but I'm beginning to give credence to the American general who said the Dutch lost Srebrenica because of the gays in the Dutch military who didn't have the balls to defend the refugees.

My German friend Hans told me I'm the first to look at the gay movement in terms of the likely change of civilizations. Right, you read it first here.

I would like to thank the friendship of our poster. His views on politics started me to include politics in my readings, he's deeper than most of the paid hacks in the media nowadays. So you thought he earned from the ads in this blog (whose rights I gave to him lock, stock & barrel)? He sent me the checks, I flushed them down the toilet. All I could do for his integrity. To think, his girl friend Delilah, our erstwhile writer, just broke up with him. Reason? It was the poster himself who told me: erectile dysfunction. He can't form lasting relationships with women, not because he's gay. There are other things sexual that takes its toll to relationships.

Mysteries of life. At least, he's straight. Be joyful of the crumbs.

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