Saturday, June 25, 2011

THE BEATEN GENERATION , Part 1: The Politically Incorrect Future

I mentioned it here before. The talk in the last World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland was that come 2030, the gross national product of China will be more than $70 trillion but the US will only have half of that, just more than $30 trillion. It is predicted that within the decade, China will surpass the US in wealth. Let's just bury our heads in the sand, go on with the party & pretend it won't come true? Or is it even politically incorrect to ask that?

The ignorant may say things will be the same. Western democracy, the champion of individual human rights, will survive. But will it? Wouldn't its defeat be the ultimate proof that perhaps the system inherently overreached, that it developed the tendency to overfantasize so much that it's now imploding? Could any system really soar if it's dragged down by the lowering of standards to its components due to so-&-so political vagaries, while all these are fighting for an equal berth in the control seat? Why should it be beaten when earlier generations, supposed to be primitive, uninformed & not modern, made it fly high?

It's my current preoccupation. All throughout history, you read about changes of civilization. Probably as hubris of the moment, falsely believing their time will infinitely march on in an irreversible linear forward trajectory, every citizen of each lost civilization fought for their moment in the sun believing they at last could control their destiny. But alas, there were forces greater than their delusions.

What about today?

Poor who remain poor anyway (even after millions have died & are dying from numerous economic equality struggles).

Blacks who should be joyous now that they have a Black President but most are poor- they are the poorest ethnic group by color, beaten by late arrivals- & at a time when the country is beaten economically, & in danger of being clobbered totally, the economic Messiah, who should inspire the collective confidence, must come from the least economically successful group .

Whites who prefer to wallow in their guilt for creating wealthy civilizations & pretend it's high-minded to be the reverse snub, the new elitism is to care for anybody you think are less fortunate so you'll feel you are really fortunate & they are really unfortunate. If you don't care you are not fortunate because you don't care for the unfortunate, then you are really unfortunate.

Malignant gays who want to be treated equal - the impossible dream (really, will Greg stop from vomiting if he drops his straight boyfriend & suck a fag?)- & so generalized behavior repression must be the politically correct thing to do, the nauseous must be acceptable because, they say it's the 21st century thing to do. Of course, no fear, the great military machine will attack China. Who knows, the Chinese soldiers will die laughing upon seeing the gay soldiers attacking them?

Yep, there is equality when everybody drops down to the pit.

Or is it politically incorrrect to even hint a warning?

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