Sunday, May 1, 2011

GODS OF TENNIS: Feliciano Lopez of Spain

by Dick of All Dicks & Straight Guy Poster

A few more days & I'll start totally desensitizing myself from all these bounties. It's the second phase of the conversion program. Is it the end of a wonderful adventure that took me to my favorite places in the world hunting the most delicious straight guys? Even now, I can feel the lessening appetite, though there's still one facet which seems to escape me- I still look longer than necessary whenever I see cute guys lounging around with their beautiful wives & cute kids. I haven't overcome my greatest fetish- sexy young dads. They're still delicious. Lol.

Needless to say, I'm still not attracted to gays. Whoever thought that gays can substitute for straight guys are dreaming. But girls can substitute for gays, like I found out from first-hand experience. Not because they are effeminate. In fact, I find fems less repulsive than the masculine types. I can remember the Dutch Pride parade in the Amsterdam canals where so many tough-lookin gays participated that the Dutch press joked it looked heterosexual. Part of the equality delusion. The hope, of course, was if more butch gays appear, the usual stereotypes would disappear (the same hope of the wishful thinkers praying for more closeted athletes to come out). Why, would the typically effeminate gays disappear when more butch gays appear? The likelier outcome is the corruption of the typical heterosexual stereotypes, just like what happened to the muscular types. It has become a private joke among my hetero friends that you know a man is gay when his belly is gym-induced flat. I find masculine looking gays more repulsive because they waste your time when you mistake them for the real thing. Imagine buying a really expensive-looking Louis Vuitton bag then you discover it's a knock-off made in China. Will displaying more knockoffs in Time Square destroy the stereotypes of knockoffs?

Would protests even make knock-offs genuine?

In the US, the gay movement is used by the shallower segment of the liberals (I am a liberal but more on the practical, realist segment) as a battering ram against perceived persistent sexual & religious backwardness. The wrong weapon, even wrong target because of the tenor of the times. It's not a coincidence that the flowering of the gay movements came at a time when all the advanced Western democracies are fraying economically with little prospects of restoring their previous primacy because of weak governments (hampered by the very democratic system they seek to protect), poor prospects of further growth & high debts. In less than a decade, it is expected by experts that the so-called Western control of the world economy will be supplanted by other forces not exactly supportive to all the Western democratic values. All the so-called gains are coming at a time when the system is imploding. A social correction is expected as the new realities exert its effects on people's lives. The economic prosperity facilitated the democratic progress in the West, just were in the pan-sexual orgy-loving Roman Empire or the bisexual Alexander the Great empire. Sexualities have been toyed around all throughout the course of history, but history always corrected itself to seek the usual equilibrium when times become less turbulent.

Religion has been the convenient target but you get the best sex in places where religion represses people's sex lives. The transgressions are what create the special effects why sex is better in Spain & Italy than in the more secular but cold Central & Eastern European countries. Some things are not what they seem, & it's only in the minds of the lazy & the dumb where the not so delicious simplified views of the world thrive. The cultural "dumbing down" as a result of the hell-bent search for so-called equality may have just produced a cultural entropy where everything would become so diluted & banal it would make life so degenerated & boring. It may be cool to posture as a "modern democrat" but you simply can't sacrifice standards just to accommodate all the not so delicious fringes or the system will stagnate, even stand still, just like what's beginning to happen in Western Europe, where in their "progressive" efforts to be inclusive to everybody, they sabotaged themselves in the end, that the system is now creaking nobody is predicting it will recover. The limits of democracy, as we know it, reached? But fear not. Just like what happened to Communism, even if they had to kill millions, equality-induced entropy didn't come because it is not the end of evolution. Mutations (the disparities) are what makes life, & evolution, advance. And exciting.

They have to find other bogey men. Closer to home. Knockoffs will always be knockoffs, & they will never will be delicious. History has always protected itself from not so delicious pretenders.

I featured Feliciano nude before. Here he is in his underwear. The most delicious Spanish sportsman. I featured him again because I just read a Spanish magazine where a certain sexy star recounted her fling with Feliciano- "well-endowed". Straight guys like Feliciano is what this blog is about. I will soon join their ranks. Delusion? At least, a more delicious one. Modesty aside, I am also well-endowed, lol.

If there's anything where Spain leads its Latin brothers, it's in its contemporary music. Not even with their sexy straight guys, the Italians & the French just couldn't match the Iberian sounds. Not as extensive but the best acts are on par with the best from the US & Britain. Most Spaniards seem not to even realize it because its charts are dominated by English acts. If I have to make a Top 10 list of my favorite contemporary acts, five would be composed of American, Canadian, Irish & British acts (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, The Script, Mumford & Sons, Incubus) , but the other five are Spanish. I especially like the fusion of rock with other exotic sounds- flamenco & rumba (Estopa, El Canto del Loco, Chambao & Melendi) & with Celtic music & hard metal, Mago de Oz.

The singer of El Canto del Loco is Dani Martin, the singer with the big dick we showed in a previous article.

Estopa- Me falta el aliento

Chambao- Papeles mojados

Mago de Oz - Gaia

Melendi - Barbie de Extraradio

El Canto del Loco, with Dani Martin - Un Million de Cicatrices

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