Sunday, May 8, 2011

GODS OF BULLFIGHTING: Jose Maria Manzanarez & Jose Antonio Canales Rivera

Jose Maria Manzanarez

These days, I'm fascinated with Spain because I can see that it's becoming the laboratory of how the coming economic overlords will influence Europe ( if ever the prediction that the East will trounce the economic superiority of the West before the end of the decade is true, that is).

Spain is becoming more & more a Latin American republic by the day- you know the type, a few pseudo-intellectuals at the top posturing as modern & hombres de estos tiempos while a big swathe of the country is becoming Third World economically (the Spain outside the foreign touristic enclaves, that is). Ask your informed Briton friends how much Spain benefited from its inclusion into the EU & their mouths will bubble (at least, Ewan's does), Spain got the biggest largesse which it used for infrastructures to make itself look modern. Unfortunately, it's not expecting any crumbs anytime soon from the usual faucets, & the crisis exposed how shallow its economy is because it racked up an unbelievable 20% unemployment immediately. It's clear it simply doesn't have the economic muscle to back up its dreams of being modern & all that jazz. So it turned its eyes away to China while its "modern" pseudo-intellectuals are mouthing human rights somewhere else. These types are so bent into being "modern" (however they define that word which they throw around liberally, btw) that they are actually bent on erasing even the things that mark them as Spaniards in the first place. Does anybody outside even believe that the Spaniards are known as modern? Pretentious perhaps, I'll be the first to agree. But does everybody know that corrida de toros are Spanish?

Yup, the toros, because some clowns wanted to be so "modern" they don't want to have anything to do with that "medieval" sport. Modern is acquiring new meanings in Spain- "ridiculous" readily comes to mind, next comes "social climber". In Barcelona, where they banned bullfighting, you can get a university student for 10 euros- no, not the Brazilian or Eastern European sex workers you read about. The locals are cheaper if you have the courage to approach them. Greg got six students coming home from a basketball game at 10 Euros each (he met them while jogging near the university), but because he suddenly developed nausea when he thought every fag in town must have tasted the cheap guys, he didn't dare touch them, he just told them to fuck each other & he just watched. Five years ago, I couldn't get for 300 euros a decent university student & I had to sweet-talk him a lot (probably, they still had money from the EU then). A big discount indeed! That's how "modern" Spain has become.

Reading supposed-to-be serious Spanish publications is becoming more & more like reading their usual prensa rosa- entertaining. The excuse is democracy, being modern (again, the word), & you're supposed to be impressed how free they are in espousing counterproductive propositions which are degrading their country. Autonomy issues, sexuality issues, even the vaunted & delicious Latin machismo (supposed to be not modern... again, the word), etc. All the centrifugal forces aren't helping the country any despite vociferous pretensions of democracy. Because that's just it mostly- pretensions. If the prediction that the Western economy will be eclipsed by the Eastern countries in less than a decade comes true, just to bring itself to reality, I suspect Spain will be the first to return to dictatorship. I bet, give it ten years.

There are three things that I find great about Spain: its history, its music & its corrida de toros. Needless to say, I loved the toreros. Especially this one. I'm writing this piece before I start the second phase of my sexual conversion program tomorrow- the complete desensitization of all my sexual feelings to a man, that is. I can safely say, the last straight man in my mind before I finally subject myself to the procedure is Jose Maria Manzanarez. I regard the torero as the ultimate sportsman, facing death at every appearance just to entertain a few harried souls, doing it as if he's dancing it the way it has been danced for centuries.

Some things you don't entrust to theories or to delusions of a few pseudo-intellectuals. The torero is timeless.

Hep, the last one is fake.

celebrating straight boy Jose Mari:





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  1. Well,you should try to read current events & developments to see where Spain fits in the picture. It is jut not a crisis of one country but of a system,one which Spain points as the one which gives it license to delude itself it belongs to the 21st century. It is delusions which politicians in Spain pretend as modernity which is destroying that system. I discussed Spain in the last 4 articles , you can deduce from there how Zapatero hypocritically mouths human rights but suffer the indignity to be degraded by the Chinese so he can get a few crumbs. Do you think legislations can stop a return to dictatorship if the system is imploding?There are many ways to skin a cat & who said European democracy is the only way, especially that all the major European economies are mpribund? No, not only because of crisis, it has been left behind by emerging economies in the growth race

  2. Frankly, we are well-informed & well-travelled people here, we don't need wikipedia. The danger of doing a blog, living simply with the Joneses, lol

  3. You seem to think a lot about us. That's nice. I suppose that many of the things said above are right. Still I prefer to live in a country where I can eat properly, fuck like a rabitt, marry to another man and it's always fair weather outside, than being so proud and full of oneself and... what else?
    Well I suppose that the treatment given to British children makes them when they grow up not lose a single chance to result hideous to other countries people.

  4. Ola, Castro, where you from? The bloggers are only into straight guys so they are not really impressed if you can marry because that would only mean you'll be marrying another fag. This reminds me of my Dutch friend who one time acted very triumphant because they can marry in the Netherlands so to celebrate his victory, he offered me his gay friend so I can have sex with him. But I told him I don't have sex with gays, I can only get it up if a straight guy is in front of me. That got him into thinking that he went into depression. Soon he left his fag husband then started cruising again the straight boys in Utrecht. The lesson: some, actually most, have taste

    Just saying