Friday, April 22, 2011

SPANISH REFLECTIONS: Real Madrid, Barca, Quim Gutierrez, Dani Martin & Rafael Nadal

It will be like this for a while. Occasional but substantial postings.

Last year, I sucked about 61 straight guys (43 of them Europeans, 12 of them were Spaniards), all solicited. After the first phase of my sexual conversion program, it never occurred to me my sexual life would turn 360 degrees. By this time of the year, I would have had traipsed the world & have sucked 20 just as spectacular straight guys already, just as I've been doing for the past decade, but look where I am now: I just jammed at the Costa Brava with my Spanish friends together with my new girl friend during the first part of the Holy Week before transferring here in Italy. Well, only one of my Spanish friends, Cono, knows of my previous sex life. It's our national secret, & he was surprised of my progress. He wished me luck, & since I have no more use for his surprise gift, I'll just share them with you- some exclusive pictures. For a change, just to spice up the blog, we'll feature Spanish actors. Right below.

So how was my first Holy Week in decades? After 15 years, I attended my first Catholic mass. Nice to reconnect. We are now in Rome, but we heard Barcelona lost to Real Madrid, 2-1, in the Copa del Rey match in Valencia. No matter. There's always a next time.

In about a week, I'll formally start with Phase Two of the program. Pretty soon, some things won't be bounties anymore.

Quim Gutierrez

I was not into Spanish actors much, weird considering I was into Latin guys. Mostly, you don't get the real man vibes of the Italian actors, even of the more liberal French. A big part of the big Spanish stars are already in their thirties, but aside from reported dalliances with their leading ladies (publicity?), their sexual histories are unknown, they resort to the old trick of claiming protection of their privacy. Who said their sexual preferences are irrelevant- what about the danger of people ending up with false fantasies? Everyone is strict with the authenticity of the ingredients of products in the shelves these days, why should products which generate fantasies be exempted? An actor seducing women & straight boy-loving men just to get them to watch his movies but have gay sex at night seems like a charlatan to me. If he only wants to be an actor as most hypocritically claim, he shouldn't be posing naked in promos. Seems like toying with the psyche of millions. It's a selfish way to advance pretensions of being an artist on the expense of people's feelings. It's called using other people, intellectual dishonesty, even injustice. An artist doesn't have a license to hypocrisy.

Sometimes those who have something to hide eventually can't stand the fame. Nacho Vidal, the Spaniard who was once the biggest name in straight porn,left at the height of his fame. Rocco Siffredi, the discoverer of Nacho in a sex show club in Barcelona called Bagdad, revealed in his autobiography, Io Rocco, that Nacho is both into girls & boys. Not as straight after all. He's not the only one with sexual secrets in the Spanish scene as my friend Cono, who has the money & connection to nose around, discovered.

One good thing about Spain, they usually show the dicks of their actors. We have exclusives here (at least, according to Cono), that's why I decided to feature actors for the first time. Well, fortunately, my favorite young Spanish actor, Quim Gonzales, isn't shy in proclaiming his love for girls. He's a real man alright. I first saw him in a film called Azuloscurocasinegro & I had Cono send it to me whenever a new one appeared. And he's got big guns, as you'll see below.

I was given about a hundred photos Cono got from a friend in Chueca, the WeHo of Madrid. Frontal nudes from films & theater, all Spanish actors. We'll start with some which came from a theater play some years ago. There were frontal shots of Quim. You'll see other actors in the pictures but Cono can't guarantee their heterosexuality so we won't identify them, we only put names to pictures featured here if they were confirmed heterosexuals. The others are either rumored as bisexual, gay or plain unknown. The legendary straight boy lover that he is, Cono is the type who, when he becomes a fan of an actor & he has doubts, would want to be certain this was really hetero so he won't be wasting his time fantasizing. Like in the case of a certain actor. In the period documented by the investigator he hired, the actor had sex with guys. Cono hissed thru gritted teeth: "Que asco! El es una hermana!" (lol).


Just an intro to illustrate the tricks in the sizes of the dicks of the guys in one scene where all the actors briefly (30 seconds) went frontally nude onstage. They look fluffed. The pic above shows the natural cock of the guy below, as taken from a previous play. Below, you can see this actor fluffed to the point just before the semi-hardened cock was about to rise. Cono opined that the actors must have just been stimulated upon seeing each other's cocks. Possible, but all the actors had semi-erection except for one who walked around frontal for a long time later on the stage (problem of maintaining his fluffed state, it would shrink before the audience's eyes). I have a problem with fluffing actors' dicks in stage play nudity. Isn't stage plays the venue for honest emotions & intentions? Fluffing is faking, & that sets off the tone of falsity in the whole thing.If an actor is ashamed of his small dick, how can we trust him to be all-out honest with the emotions the audience is experiencing with him? His new character hasn't completely taken root, his old ego is still conscious of his small dick.

Below, this one is almost in half erection, the shaft is so engorged the prepuce (skin) was pulled away from the corona (crown of dickhead). It's clear that it's a small dick when soft (see next pic). Again, lack of honesty.

The semi-erected dick above, when soft, is only about 1 1/2" as could be seen from the bulge which clearly shows the dickhead (taken from a TV show where the actor appeared), below

Below, same dick as the two above but taken from a different angle.The semi-hard dick seems shorter because its erection angled the dickhead towards the left, away from the camera so only the upper half of the shaft was silhouetted.

Above, left: Quim Gutierrez

Above, Quim's large dick in full-view

Above, Quim's in side-view, notice the girth, seems engorged a bit (fluffed?)


Dani Martin, with Alejandro Sanz: Volvera

Dani Martin & his former band El Canto del Loco are the biggest names in Spanish pop rock. For me, he happens to be the sexiest rocker anywhere. His dick is so big the microphone he uses in his concerts is as big as his dick. What is sexier than that? Plus his voice which sounds as if he's on the verge of orgasm complete the delicious illusion.



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